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Hotel Romp


It was a cross-country road trip, a chance for Mary to leave her stress-filled job and grad school behind. At least for a few weeks. Worried about going on a road trip alone, she convinced her brother into going with her, promising to pay for gas. An incentive hard to pass up, Kent agreed. And so the trip was planned and began. June was hotter than expected, many places reaching record temperatures as the sun scorched the earth. A few days into the trip, with windows down and music drowned by the wind, Mary slowed outside Kansas City, spotting a hotel advertising a price too hard to pass up.


"Sounds good to me." Kent was sick of sitting, wanting to stretch his long legs. He squirmed uncomfortably. "Wanna get pizza this time? It'll be cheaper than the places we've been going."

"Sure. I'll have to stop at an ATM."

Slowing to stop in the parking lot, the heat was unbearable. Kent and Mary rushed in the hotel to make reservations.

Bringing in the last of the bags, Kent sat down on the bed nearest the door. Mary had begun digging out her bathing suit, preparing to spend the evening in the pool. Kent laid back, enjoying the cool A/C that pumped out from the wall. Mary tossed her bag on the other bed and went to the bathroom to change. Kent checked his watch.

"What time do you want to eat?"

"Call in half an hour? By that time I'll be cooled off. I'll try to be back in an hour or so. Here's some money."

Kent grabbed the tossed roll of cash and placed it in his pocket. Pizza in an hour, an hour to read a book, a relaxing vacation. Kent grinned happily.

The pizza arrived just before his sister and Kent set aside his book, turning on the television. Mary came in; tossing the towel that had been drying off her hair onto the floor.

"I'm going to take a quick shower, yo. Go ahead and start eating without me."

"No problem. Already am." Kent grinned and scarfed down a slice of pizza. After eating, his sister came out of the shower, already dressed for bed. A towel wrapped around her head like a turban. She sat on the far bed, munching on pizza and watching the TV. Kent grabbed his pajamas and announced he was taking a shower.

"Big day ahead of us tomorrow...more driving."

"Ugh, don't remind me." Kent grimaced. "If I have to ride much longer in that car, we'll have to amputate my legs."

"Ha! Then you'll be a normal height."

"Har har." Kent grabbed a towel and headed into the bathroom.

As Mary ate her pizza, she watched the television, not really paying attention. She thought about the plans for the next day, where to stop and when to stop. She hadn't noticed the bathroom door opening slightly. A mirror hung directly across from the bathroom door, the reflection giving her a clear view of inside the bathroom. Kent was showering, the shower curtain blocking any view of him. Mary suddenly noticed the door slightly ajar and the sight that could quickly become embarrassing and rose to shut the door. Just then Kent turned off the water and pulled the shower curtain back, stepping out of the shower. Mary quickly averted her eyes, but not quickly enough to keep from noticing Kent's ball sack swaying as he dried off. Her heart pounded as she sat back down and pretended to watch television, glancing cautiously toward the reflected sight. Sure enough, Kent's balls swung and his flaccid cock followed. Mary tried not to look anymore, unthinking and staring intently at the television, her eyes wandered one more time, sizing up her brother. She sometimes watched an occasional porn online and had only had sex once. She thought he looked a little small, but those balls certainly weren't! Kent had begun dressing and after brushing his teeth, stepped into the hotel room. He saw his sister watching television and wondered if he could read a few more pages of his book before calling it a night. His sister didn't even glance at him as he stepped out.

"Decided on what we're doing tomorrow?"

"Hm? What? Oh, no. I mean, yes. I think. It's a surprise."

"Oh." Kent raised his eyebrows. His sister seemed out of sorts, flustered.

"Well, guess I'll read a bit, then head to bed."

"Okay. Yeah, that's fine. I'll turn off the TV."

Kent grabbed his book and slid under the covers. He turned on the lamp nearby and began reading. Mary stood up and went to the bathroom. She shut the door and while brushing her teeth, she tried to clear her head. She felt, strange, confused and uncomfortable. Her heart was still pounding and she didn't know what to do. She thought about taking another shower, but knew that would lead to questions. Instead, she took her time getting ready for bed, hoping her heart would quiet down and she could soon reason again.

Coming out of the bathroom, Mary glanced at her brother reading his book. She grabbed her own book and slid into her bed.

"What time you want to wake up tomorrow?"

"Seven? Eight?"

"Let's do eight."


Silence. Kent shut his book and turned off his lamp.



Mary kept reading, or pretending to read. She was feeling better, calmer. She told herself it was merely an accident, and it couldn't be avoided. She nodded to herself and closed her own book, turning off her light.


"Hey Kent."

"Hey Mary."

"Could I ask you a question?"

"Umm...sure?" Kent wondered what the heck his sister would be asking him that made her so awkward.

"It's sorta personal."


"Um... have you... have you ever had sex?"

Kent's eyes shot open and he cleared his throat.


"I know it's really weird me asking this, but, well, I just wondered..."

"Huh, well. Um, well. Yeah. With Kate."

"Oh, yeah. I figured. But. Um, what was it like."

"Sheesh, Mary. This is ... so unlike you. I don't know. Good?"

"I know, it's just, well. I've, I haven't had much experience. Just once ... with Jake."

Kent was wide awake, his eyes trying to make out his sister. He started to think this was some sort of prank. His sister never talked about sex, at least to him. Nobody in their family ever talked about sex, ever. It always seemed to be a taboo topic that was avoided at all cost. Kent was sure this was some sort of joke.


"And it wasn't even really good. He was a bit of a douche."

"Heh. Yeah."


"Do you think ... do you think you could show me?"

Kent's heart began to thump. "What? Could I show you what?"

"I mean, we don't have to do anything, I just wondered if you could show me what it's like."

"What ... sex is like?"


"But we don't have to do anything?"

"Yeah, just kind of show me."

It wasn't that Kent was disgusted by the idea. Lately, he had thought his sister pretty attractive, though he thought that was because he hadn't had a girlfriend for a few years. But he certainly hadn't ever thought about any of this! He flipped on his lamp. His sister had propped herself on her elbow and looked at him, her face bright red. Suddenly she looked away.

"I'm sorry, I'm ... jesus I'm sorry."

"No, no. It's okay, it's just that ... well this is really weird for me, you know?"

"Yeah, I totally know. It's really weird for me, too. It's ... I saw your cock."


"The bathroom door had opened partially and I saw you drying off through the mirror. It's just I feel so weird right now, you know?"

"Yeah, it's fine. Wow." Kent rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling. "Um, heh. So what did you think?"

"Your balls are huge."

Kent blushed, "Ha, yeah, well they tend to shrink a bit when I'm going at it."

"Let's see."

Kent blushed harder. "Jesus. Um, ok." He pushed back the covers and slipped down his gym shorts. Mary got up and sat on the side of the bed. "Wow. Those look big."

Kent grinned. "Thanks." He pulled back on his cock so his sister could see his balls better.

"So, how does this all go down?"

"Um, well, with my ex-girlfriend, she used to start with a blow job." Kent felt his heart pounding. "You can mess around with them if you want."

Mary touched her brother's balls, massaging them gently. She moved her face closer and suddenly licked her brother's dick. It seemed to jump upright, blood pumping into it. Kent stiffened. Mary grinned and engulfed the cock in her wet mouth. Her hands continued to massage her brother's balls and she heard him gasp. Looking up at him, she continued to lick and bob on her brother's cock.

"Shit, woah. Ok, I'm gonna cum if you keep that up."

Mary gave his cock one last lick. "What happens next?"

"This." Kent pushed his sister backwards onto his bed, and straddled her. He pulled off her shirt, releasing her small braless boobs. He bent over to lick one, then the other. His hands moved down and slowly slipped off her shorts and then underwear. He kissed her slowly, moving downwards until his mouth stopped and breathed on her slit. Mary tensed, breathing heavily. Then he wormed his tongue into and all around her pussy. His hands began to massage her butt, her back and her breasts. She moaned gently at first, her breathing starting to become ragged. "Oh my God, please, oh my..."

Kent dug his tongue in deeper as Mary gripped his head, her fingers tearing at his hair. She suddenly shook, her legs tensing and trembling as an orgasm ripped through her. Kent licked a few more times then sat up. Mary half-laughed, grinning in delight. She felt amazing and wanted more from her brother. Her brother grabbed a bottle of water from the night stand and drank some, handing the rest to his sister.


"Do you have a condom?"

"Um... I don't know. There used to be some in my bag."

Kent went to his bag and from the side pocket, pulled out a few condoms. He ripped one open and rolled it on.

Mary tossed the empty bottle on the floor and pushed her brother back onto the bed. His erect cock glistened in the condom and she straddled him, rubbing her slit on and over his cock. Then she slipped his cock in slowly, moaning as the shaft slowly filled her. Her brother was a little bigger than her first lay. She leaned forward, grasping her brother's wrists and pressed them above his head. Her brother was breathing heavily, staring at his sister and her small boobs bouncing as she rode him. She bent and kissed him, jamming her tongue into his mouth. Kent pulled his arms loose from his sister and grabbed her ass, massaging her.

"I'm gonna cum."

His sister suddenly stood up.

"Not yet. I want you behind me. I've only seen it in movies."

Kent grinned. He stood, trying to think of anything other than what was presently happening. He wanted to hold off as long as he could, but knew it wouldn't be much longer. He knew he hadn't the stamina of a pornstar, but he wanted to make this night a good one. His sister seemed to understand the wait and went to grab another bottle of water. She drank and handed it to him.



Mary hopped on the bed, going down on all fours. She wriggled her ass and her brother smiled. He went behind her, gripping his cock and guiding it into her slit. She moaned as his cock went in, looking back to see her brother behind her. He began slowly, trying to hold off the climax as long as he could.


Kent bit his lip, and started slamming into her, occasionally slowing and speeding up. He gripped her hair gently, pulling slightly back and Mary gripped the comforter and pressed her face down. She moaned loudly, pushing back against him.

"I'm gonna cum."

His sister nodded. Kent suddenly sped up and then, releasing her hair, gripped her ass while pushing her forward onto the bed. He pressed himself as far as he could into her and came. He shuddered, breathing heavily, his body sweating. It felt amazing, buried deep in his sister. She had stopped moaning, but her body writhed against the sheets. Her back glistened with sweat.

Kent pulled out and gingerly pulled his condom off.

"On me." His sister flipped over, leaning back on her elbows. "Pour it on me."

Kent dripped his cum over his sister's breasts and down her stomach. She played with it, rubbing it around and sticking her finger into her mouth.

"Taste's weird."

"Yeah?" Kent suddenly smiled. "This whole night was weird."

His sister smiled back, licking more of his cum off her fingers. "This road trip is sure going to be interesting."

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