Hotel Room Fun


We arrived at Martina's hotel room about 10pm and she opened the door. We didn't have long as she was only over here from Spain for tonight. We went in, the room was quite small and dark, but had a good sized double bed and a small private bathroom, tiled in fake white marble. I crossed to the window and looked down over the car park fringed by tall trees. As it was on the third floor it was very private. I heard a 'click' behind me and turned to see Martina locking the door before opening a bottle of champagne and pouring two glasses. She smiled broadly and handed one to me.

"Nervous?" she asked, sounding nervous herself.

"Yes." I confessed.

She took my hands in hers. "Lets relax before you go and have your bath and I get ready in here."

Martina led me to the bed where we sat and sipped our drinks slightly awkwardly, neither knowing quite how to go from here. The one time we had been together before I had passive while Martina did everything. Now, it seemed different. If anything, I thought, Martina looked even more gorgeous after removing her trousers and sweet shirt to reveal that she was wearing a sheer translucent black mini dress with what was obviously matching bra, panties, suspenders and stockings underneath.

As I sat staring at the outline of his large cock Martina placed a soft palm on my knee, stroking my thigh gently as his hand rose up my leg towards my eager cock. I stroked her cheek with my fingers.

"Just a minute, darling." Martina whispered as she rose slowly, my fingers trailing down from your cheek and back to rest momentarily on your thigh as you then walked across to the bathroom. My hand rose up the back of my thigh to squeeze your arse as you passed me, and you could see my excitement from the growing bulge in my trousers.

You entered the bathroom and closed the door. Breathing out in an attempt to control your excitement, you turned towards the toilet and, raising your skirt, you slipped your panties to the floor and sat down. You couldn't go, your excitement was too great, but you took the opportunity to take further precautions. You had already lubricated yourself 'down there,' but seeing the look on my face, you took a tube from my handbag and liberally applied more. You stood, pulled up your sexy black panties and flushed the unused toilet, then stood in front of the sink to straighten your clothes and do your make up in the large mirror on the wall.

You were pleased with your choice of clothes for tonight. The mini dress was tight across your shoulders and chest and between it and the skirt hemline; your stomach was smooth and flat. The skirt of the dress had been a stroke of genius. It was tight and hugged your buttocks, its length barely covering them. You had worked hard on your legs and they were now smooth and tanned.

As you finished your make up and was giving it a final check you heard the door behind you opening. I slipped silently into the bathroom behind you. You did not turn around. You did not need to because the mirror showed you the whole room in reflection. I was smiling and you saw that I had undressed right down to a pair of my wife's sexy black panties. You drew in your breath sharply. It seemed like a long time since we had been together and you ached for more than we managed last time.

You dropped your eyeliner on the marble top and, watching Martin in the mirror, felt his hands lightly hold your upper arms. You saw me lower my head and felt my warm lips brush against the nape of your neck as my fingers stroked the smooth skin of your torso, over your dress. You tipped your head on one side and, crossing your arms over your chest, leaned back against my warm body. I kissed your cheek and my arms slipped tighter around you. In the mirror you watched as his right hand moved upwards over your top to seek your small, hardening nipples while his left hand moved in tiny but increasing circles across your lower belly. You could smell my aftershave and just a hint of sweat. It was very arousing.

You opened your arms to allow my hand to fully explore your chest, and reached behind to caress my waist. In the mirror you watched with eager anticipation as my left hand moved down to press against your upper thighs through the soft sheer dress.

You wriggled your buttocks against my groin and I moaned under my breath as my hardening cock wedged between your cheeks. My hand descended to the hem of your dress and, lifting it gently, I started to tease and caress your cock until it stood rock hard protruding from the top of your panties. As Martin's hand rose you watched in the mirror, entranced as the curtain of your dress was raised to slowly reveal your well-filled black panties beneath. Martin must have seen it too because his urgency suddenly increased and my hand moved up the length of your throbbing cock to the waistband of your panties, were I started to tease your trapped helmet with my fingers until you were leaking precum copiously.

Martin's cool fingers deftly found the top of your panties and even more deftly slipped inside. You felt and watched as my silk covered hand descended across the sensitive, smoothly-shaved skin of your lower belly and deep between your thighs. My large palm, strangely warm compared with the coolness of my fingers, cupped the base of your cock and balls. You felt weak and leaned more heavily against me as I gently ran my fingers over your aching genitals, caressing them. Your eyes closed and you felt a warmth of lust and pleasure wash over you. To your surprise you felt yourself becoming harder than you ever thought possible under my soft touch as I toyed with your baby-smooth tightening testicles and painfully hardening cock.

You reached behind and fumbled for my panties. Through the nylon, my erection felt huge in your hands. You found the waistband and after a struggle, slipped the waistband below my balls and grasped my thick cock in your hand. God you thought he must be really horny, as Martin hadn't felt this big last time! Martina thought," my hands are not large, I know, but I can barely close my fingers around his cock. Your knees went weaker still and your body began to tremble with yearning for my body.

As if sensing this, Martin's left hand dived deeper down between your thighs until his long middle finger found the rim of your anus. You gasped in pleasure at my touch. Pushing further down, my fingertip slipped easily into your anus and in the mirror you saw a puzzled look on my face as I discovered the lubrication and realized the lengths you had gone to prepare for me.

"Martina?" he asked.

You blushed a deep red. "I wanted to be ready for you." you replied. I kissed you again on the neck and gently withdrew my finger.

You watched in the mirror as, without a word, I placed my hand between your shoulder blades and pressed. You obediently bent forward over the sink, your hands grasping its edges, mini dress clad bottom presented flagrantly to me. I hesitated then, almost in slow motion, lifted the back of your dress right up and laid it along your back. You felt slightly cooler air on your bare, exposed buttocks and imagined Martin looking down at your pale cheeks cut with the taught suspenders and the black thong passing between them over your anus, made even more sensitive by the abrasion of the silk and Martin's welcome invading finger.

Martin's hands grasped the waist of your panties and pulled them down to rest just below your buttocks. The sensation of cool air on your now exposed anus was wonderful. You felt very vulnerable but at the same time very excited. Your leaking erection, freed from the panties, slapped against your lower stomach.

I pushed your stockinged feet further apart with my feet and your sense of vulnerability increased. My hand began to massage your cock and balls again from behind and you heard yourself moaning softly. A single finger invaded your willing anus and you pressed against it, your eyes never leaving Martin's reflected face in the mirror. Your body was crying out for me. There was a pause and you watched as I released you and pulled down my panties to my knees. Oh God! It's going to happen now! You thought.

The sight of my released erection shook you. No stranger to my cock, you had never seen it so big or me so excited. My eyes were fixed on yours as you felt the thick head of my cock being positioned against your anus. Your knees began to tremble in anticipation and fear and you gripped the sink harder, waiting for my first stroke.

You did not have to wait long. With a grunt, I heaved my body forward as you held yourself as still as you could and with a 'popping' feeling the head of my thick cock broke through your resistance to enter your ring. You and I both felt your greedy sphincter tighten around the ridge behind my cock head. I paused and you breathed again as I let you get used to the thickness of my cock. Although you thought I felt simply enormous within you the feeling was wonderful.

But the pause was only short as the vision of you bent before me in sexy underwear and the smooth tightness of your anus had pushed me beyond the realms of conscious control, the sensations in my cock had now taken control of my mind and body. I slowly increased my pressure again more firmly and you closed your eyes and breathed out slowly as inch by welcome inch, I embedded myself in your welcoming body. My throbbing erection was stretching you as never before and you felt warm, whole and fulfilled as my erect cock sank its full length into your welcoming pre-lubed arse. Your own erection immediately softened as your feminine side took over and your body opened for your lover. The stiffness of my cock deep in your arse melted all resistance of your body to our first lovemaking; your sphincter gladly opened to receive me and pulsed as though trying to milk my cum as my massive bulk reached its limit, you felt with joy the roughness of my pubic hair against your cheeks as the wide base of my shaft stretched you wider than ever before. You felt the warmth of my thighs pressing against the back of your own. Your hands, still gripping the edge of the sink, relaxed a little and you opened your eyes to see my reflection in the mirror before you. My eyes were fixed on yours.

"Shall I start fucking you, Martina?" I said. You were surprised by the crudeness of my words, but they aroused you even more and you nodded.

"Say it!" I commanded.

"F.f...fuck me, Martin!" you croaked. I smiled lustfully.

Slowly, I began to move in and out of your arse. You felt a dreadful emptiness as I withdrew, followed by gut wrenching joy as I thrust back into you. You panted in time with my thrusts and as my pace gradually increased, your pleasure increased with it. The sounds of my body slapping against yours grew louder, my balls colliding with yours on each inward thrust and you heard yourself panting and moaning, small, high pitched grunts escaping your throat. You looked into my face in the mirror and saw it screwed up in pleasure. My pace quickened and you began to feel friction within you as the force of my penetration grew.

You looked up in confusion to see if anything was wrong. Before your eyes, an animal-like anger seemed to grow within me as my excitement increased. You began to feel a little frightened, completely exposed and at the mercy of this powerful, lustful man. Suddenly you felt Martin's movements change. My thrusts became much harder and more violent and I began to grunt loudly with each thrust. It began to hurt you.

"Martin!" you protested, but to no effect. My grunts were loud and sharp now and my thrusts fast.

Through eyes clouding with tears of pain but still some pleasure, you saw in the mirror my face now hard, screwed up with lust as I lost the last remnants of any control. To try and protect yourself, you leaned further over the sink, your forearms now resting along its edges, your hands grasping the taps to brace your body against my onslaught. I was quickly reaching a shattering climax. My face was a picture of pure animal lust as I used my powerful thigh muscles to drive myself into you each time, over and over again.

You bit your tongue as new sensations began to flow through you. Martin's thrusts lifted you onto your tiptoes every time I drove my hard cock into your arse and your head banged into the wall with each blow. Your arse burned with friction as the lubrication began to fail. A hot wet feeling spread outwards from below your anus, along the inside of your thighs and up into your stomach. You looked down between your legs and realised that despite your soft cock, the repeated pounding of your rectum and prostate had made you cum. Semen was dripping from your swaying cock into the panties around your thighs.

Still I hammered into you. My hands now gripped your hips and as my climax finally hit me I shouted incoherently out loud. My final thrusts lifted you bodily from the ground, impaled on my thick, hard erection as my balls tightened ready to cum, your stockinged feet lifted clean off the floor. You felt torn open, helpless and abused.

At last to your relief my passion broke and with an extra deep push that lifted you several inches off the floor, I began to cum as deep inside your arse as possible, your body twitching as you felt cascades of semen filling your arse, and running in long sticky streams down the inside of your thighs. My erection throbbed deep within you, as my balls emptied themselves.

Martina lowered her feet to the floor as my erection gradually softened. You tried to take your weight on your legs but they trembled too much. As Martin silently pulled his now flaccid cock out of your ravaged arse and turned away, your knees gave way and you sank into the puddle of our cum on the bathroom floor, panting for breath, after the best fucking you had ever received.

Martin turned away and started washing his cock over the side of the bath as I sat there in a pool cum on the cold marble floor with more cum leaking from my stretched arse. I saw my black panties were soaked in cum and my cock started to get rock hard, as I looked at all the mess.

Martin looked with lust at my hard cock and helped me to my unsteady feet facing the sink. He pulled my soiled panties down as he ran some warm water into the sink. He then gave me a quick but thorough wash, paying particular attention to my cock. The fell of his warm soapy hands gliding all over my hard cock and pulling the foreskin back was exquisite, but all to soon he rinsed my cock and dried me.

When Martin had finished you were disappointed that I suggested that you go and lay down for a while to recover, while I washed your panties and put them on the towel rail to dry. So you unsteadily took a hand towel with you and placed it under your arse in case of leakage on the bed.

As Martina lay there with her eyes closed in a semi – euphoric state, she couldn't believe her cock was hard again as she had already cum and as you thought about it you realised that your cock was twitching in time with your heart beat in anticipation of what might follow.

Your naughty sexy thoughts were disturbed when you heard me enter the bedroom and ask "Martina, you fancy another glass of champagne while we recover?" You opened one eye as you nodded an affirmative and felt your cock jump as you saw my cock was still rock hard.

I took the bottle from the ice bucked and poured two glasses, which I placed on the bedside cabinet, as I lay down beside you. After a few minutes of inactivity you slightly opened one eye to peak, without me knowing, and saw that I was on my side and had my head supported by my bent arm as I stared at your twitching cock

You decided that because I had been nervous of your big cock to just keep your eyes shut and keep your cock twitching as you waited for me to do something. After a few minutes you felt me moving and had great difficulty in keeping your eyes closed as you waited to see what I was going to do.

As you lay there with your mini dress around your waist revealing your big, hard, throbbing cock surrounded by taught black suspenders going down each side to your stockings I took a mouthful of champagne before turning so my face was directly over your cock.

Then after a moments hesitation I placed my hand around the base of your cock pulling your foreskin back in the process and lifted it till your exposed knob brushed my lips. I then slowly slipped my lips down your cock as far as I could go as my tongue played around knob and the underside of your cock.

You felt as though you were in heaven as your knob slowly slipped passed my warm wet lips. But when your overheated knob hit the ice-cold champagne still in my mouth. Your eyes flew open and you groaned in pure ecstasy as your cock jumped in my mouth and started pulsing as your precum started pouring out to mix with the champagne. I carefully sucked in a little air into my mouth, which caused you to groan loudly as it caused the champagne bubbles to massage the whole length of your rigid leaking cock.

You now reached for my cock and gently pulled me into position for you to suck my cock into your velvet mouth. As you sucked my cock in as deep as you could, I swallowed the champagne cocktail and started sliding my mouth up and down your aching cock as you proceeded to do the same to mine

After a several minutes of this treatment to your cock you suddenly pulled my eager cock from your mouth and said "STOP, or I will cum!" I slipped your cock from my mouth and said, "Keep sucking my cock and I will!" As I said this I pinched the base of your cock quite firmly to physically stop you cumming and started just teasing your sensitive shiny purple knob with the tip of my tongue as I very delicately licked up your leaking precum and continued to tease you.

You groaned again as your mouth went back to work on my cock and my tongue working so daintily over your now supremely sensitive knob caused your toes to curl as you tried successfully not to cum not realising that my grip on the base of your cock was stopping you.

I then without you knowing changed my technique on your knob. I was still teasing your knob with my tongue but now I didn't lick off your precum, I let it build up till it was leaking down over your smooth shaven balls.

Then without warning I turned straddling your waist, without letting go of your big cock and lowered my arse until I felt your wet knob against my anus. I then moved used my hand to move your cock around to get my ring thoroughly lubed with your precum. Then I slowly lowered myself onto your cock until your knob slipped past my ring, which snapped tight around the base of your knob. I stayed there till my arse got accustomed to your leaking cock before slowly sliding down and down and down till I had to remove my hand and felt your balls wedged between arse cheeks.

For a first time it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be, especially considering how long your cock is. The pleasure from your cock deep in my arse made me forget the slight discomfort your cock caused by stretching my virgin arse. I couldn't believe the feelings it caused as your long cock slid slowly in, it felt as though you were going so deep it would end up in my throat.

I sat there looking at your smiling face as I was getting used to your cock. After a while I slowly lifted up till only your knob was inside my arse and then slowly back down again. I couldn't believe the horny full feeling it gave me. After doing this a few times I was happy that my arse muscles were stretched and lubricated enough with your precum to start fucking myself with my girlfriends cock.

I reached forward and lifted Martina up by the shoulders till without me having to say anything she slipped my cock into her mouth. As I held her there she reached back and pulled the pillows down under her shoulders to keep her mouth at the right height for my cock.

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