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Hotel Room Treat


Helen and James had decided to go away to Bath for Valentines day and stop in a hotel for a few nights, while James had got his wife some sexy lingerie to celebrate the special day, Helen was unsure what to get for her husband.

Helen enjoyed dressing up for James and he certainly liked to see his wife showing off her sexy body in a number of different outfits and costumes, with this in mind Helen plotted a surprise that would be perfect for their valentines holiday.

The lovers awoke on Valentines day in each others arms and as usual the sight of his beautiful wife had caused James to become excited, Helen feeling a familiar bulge against her delightful cheeks rolled over and kissed James on the lips while locating his manhood with her right hand.

Helen asked, "Would you like to have a valentines treat now?"

"Yes please" James responded as Helen's hand began to work its magic on his shaft. She leant over and planted kisses on his chest while the lovely movement of her hand caused James' breathing to intensify.

Helen's kisses began to move down James' body, as she moved over him he was further stimulated by her delicate hair and magical breasts that were also in contact with his body. Helen moved on to her husbands right leg kissing with her mouth and caressing with her breasts from his thigh to his toes before moving on to his left foot and making her way up his left leg.

When she got to the top she continued towards his manhood and proceeded to place kisses to James' utter delight onto his now ready to burst erection. Helen then positioned herself so that she could use the fingers of her right hand to massage the tip of James' member, use her left hand to caress his balls and so that her mouth was perfectly places to kiss his shaft.

Using her mouth Helen rolled a condom onto James before taking him into her mouth. The feeling of Helen's mouth on his manhood was a wonderful experience for James and Helen expertly carried on kissing and sucking on him while massaging his balls with her hands.

This combination of stimulation was of course having its effect on James who with the attention of his wonderful wife was about to burst, his toes began to curl and he felt the wonderful sensation of his satisfaction being sucked out of him by his loving wife.

It was now turn for James to give Helen her present. She unwrapped a lovely matching red lace bra and thong, which by a wonderful stroke of luck would fit perfectly underneath the red velvet scoop-necked top and short black denim skirt that she had brought to wear during the day. As an extra treat Helen has also brought some dark black hold up stockings to wear as well, which she knew would drive her husband wild.

Having spent a lovely day wandering around the delightful Georgian city of Bath they returned to their room at the Hotel. It was almost time for Helen to execute her perfect surprise, she knew that the ideal moment would be when James came out of the shower so she suggested that she shower first which she did and as James entered the shower it appeared to him that his wife was just getting ready as normal by showering first and then putting her make up on while it was his turn in the shower.

As soon as James had left the room Helen began work on her plan. The first thing was for her to leave her husband a note. Secondly she slipped into the outfit that she had brought with her, grabbed he props, ensured that her coat covered her completely, put her mobile into her pocket and slipped out of the room.

There was only one thing that she couldn't have brought with her but she was sure that if she asked nicely at the bar she could get hold of it. Checking once more that her coat was fully concealing her Helen headed down to the hotel bar and sure enough the barman was able to supply her with what she required and she headed back upstairs.

James finished in the shower, dried himself, put on his dressing robe and entered the hotel room. To his surprise there was no sign of his sexy wife but a note was on the bed, which read.

"To James, may darling husband. Please give me 2 rings on my mobile when you are ready for your Valentines day present. Love from Helen."

Intrigued James grabbed his mobile and gave Helen 2 rings. Feeling her phone ring twice Helen was relieved that the corridor was empty as she slipped of her coat and knocked on their room door.

Hearing a knock on the door. James asked, "Who is it?"

To which a familiar voice replied "Room service, sir"

James opened the door to the wonderful sight of his wife dressed in a black and white French maids outfit with matching hat, apron, gloves and stockings with a tray on one arm containing an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne and 2 glasses.

"Your wife has ordered champagne sir, may I bring it in?" enquired Helen.

"Yes please." Responded James moving aside to allow his wonderfully dressed wife to enter the room.

Helen entered the room and placed the tray down. "Please can you grab my coat sir while I pour us both some wine," she said as she opened the champagne bottle.

James looked outside the room to seeing his wife's coat on the floor picked and up and returned to the room shutting the door behind him. Helen had now poured 2 glasses of champagne and approached James giving him a glass before wishing him "Happy Valentines day James. How would you like to drink champagne off me?"

James replied "I'd love to!"

"I'll be in trouble if I spoil my uniform so would you mind me getting undressed sir?" Helen enquired and without waiting for a reply began removing her blouse and skirt leaving her looking stunning in the bra and thong she had been bought earlier finished off with her gloves, stockings and hat.

Helen approached James, slid her arms round his neck as they passionately kissed before James effortlessly picked her up and laid her on the bed. He then picked up the champagne bottle and poured it on to her beautiful breasts.

The feeling of chilled champagne on her breasts made Helen's nipples look even more beautiful and the bubbles in it started to stimulate her senses, she put her hands behind her head and surrendered herself to her husband who began to drink from the nicest glass that he had ever had the privilege to drink from.

As James' tongue gently caressed her chest Helen began to feel her chest swell with pleasure, when he also began to massage her with his fingertips her breathing intensified. James picked up the champagne bottle and poured some on her tummy before proceeding to lick it off while using both of his hands to massage her now heaving chest.

James reached for the champagne bottle again and poured some champagne into her lacey stocking tops which were soon being sucked dry.

Helen then felt a tickling sensation as chilled bubbly champagne was poured onto her love mound but the warmth of James' kisses soon restored the erotic sensations to her body, as he continued to stimulate her she was tempted to let him kiss her to satisfaction but longed to feel him inside her and asked "Can I go on top?"

"Of course you can sexter" was James' response.

James laid on his back and Helen climbed on top, guiding him into her. As their bodies moved in unison her breasts were perfectly placed for one of them to be kissed and the other one caressed while James' other hand was free to massage her sexy stocking clad thighs.

The delight of making love to her husband soon sent Helen into ecstasy and her back began to arch as her body filled with satisfaction. Wanting to give her husband as much pleasure as possible Helen kissed him and invited him to "Please take me doggy style".

She then rolled over onto all fours and guided James inside her.

James loved the wonderful deep love making that the position offered and he pulled himself deeper using Helen's lovely hips. Reaching behind her Helen massaged James' balls. The tender touch of his wife was just what James needed to explode with pleasure inside her.

Feeling her husbands satisfaction inside her once more Helen lowered herself onto the bed, allowing James to stay inside her and give his love juice the best chance possible to reach their goal.

Once they had recovered and got dressed it was time to head out for a romantic meal which would probably be washed down with a few drinks and no doubt some more love making when they returned to the Hotel Room later that night.

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