Hotel Spycam

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In and out, Julie expertly brought Sherrie higher and higher. Every time Sherrie was about to cum, Julie eased off the vibe and backed it out. She let Sherrie rest for a few seconds and then started back in again.

"God, honey, I'm so hot, bring me off now. I need it. I'm ready, honey. Please," Sherrie begged her lover.

Julie teased two more times and then eased the vibe in all the way, making sure the top nestled right against her clit. She held Sherrie’s mound tightly against the vibe with her other hand.

The pressure and the buzzes were too much. Sherrie exploded with a loud scream. She quickly choked it off and groaned through her clenched teeth. Julie never eased back on the vibe this time. The orgasm blew through her lover’s body in shattering waves.

"Enough, enough, Oh God, aaahhh," Sherrie moaned.

Julie turned off the vibe, but left it buried deep in Sherrie’s tortured pussy as the last waves rippled out from her love tunnel and her throbbing clit.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God," Sherrie continued moaning. She had never cum so hard from a toy in her life. Yea, she liked toys and used them from time to time, but they had always been a quickie substitute for the real thing. Julie had shown her a whole new world of pleasure from these little plastic honeys.

Julie slid the vibe out of Sherrie’s pussy with a slurpy noise and a last twitter of pleasure. She lay down beside her lover and licked the vibe clean of all its juices.

Outside, Sam slipped into the custodial closet right across the hall from Sherrie's room. Now that he was here, he started having second thoughts. What he was about to do could get him fired, or jailed, or both. How could he just walk in on these two women and expect them to invite him to the party? They would scream for security for sure and there would go his future, his life, and his videos. Better to just content himself with his cameras. If he hurried back now, he could catch the rest of the night live. But then he'd be giving into his fear.

A brilliant idea hit him, or was it madness? He'd walk in on the women, yes, but he'd be stark naked, as naked as they were. Maverick liked that idea, Sam noticed as he looked down. His raging member threatened to punch a hole in his jeans. Yes, that was it. If he went naked, they'd see that he only wanted to party with them. He had heard Sherrie talk of men. She didn’t hate men; she just found pleasure with women as well. Sam figured Julie was the same. This was just a lark for her. So he wouldn't be busting up a relationship.

Sam busily stripped in the closet. He thought if worse came to worse, he could run back here, grab his clothes and maybe still get away. After all, the women weren't going to follow him naked. Their clothes were all over the floor. He decided this was not going to be a bad thing. This was going to work. He felt the fear, but he was going to do it anyway. It was only a few steps across the hall, his master key would let him in and he'd stand in the entryway and wait for a good time to show himself. His mammoth erection throbbed with arousal.

Meanwhile, back in the bed, Sherrie picked up Mr. Intruder. The plastic felt soft, yet firm, supple, inviting. She got an idea. "Julie honey, how about if I use this on you first? I think if I got comfortable being in the driver's seat, then I'd be ready to swap it with you later."

Sam darted across the hall, slid the key into the lock and quietly opened the door. The two women were talking and from the sound of it, they were getting very excited, not paying attention to anything but each other. Sam stood in the entryway, which was angled from the bed. He could see everything, but unless they turned completely around, he was hidden from view. He slowed his breathing and gripped his cock.

"Honey, your wish is my command. Let me help you strap it on. I’m sure he's really quite friendly once you get to know him. At least the guy at the store said so." Julie quickly buckled the toy around Sherrie’s waist. From the back, a small strap went up through Sherrie’s crack, much like a thong bathing suit. "There honey, you now have a ten inch cock. That was the biggest one they had. Let's lube up and you're ready to go honey." Julie greased the shaft and put a little on the clit buzzer at the top. She handed the control to Sherrie. "You're driving honey, just turn this thing on full blast and go for it. You're going to get a treat from the buzzer too."

Julie let Mr. Intruder invade her pussy. She took it all the way to the hilt so that the clit buzzer was firmly in place. "I'm ready. Now, you go girl," Julie whispered. "Ride me like a horse."

Sherrie turned on the vibrator and cranked it up full. Immediately, she felt the buzz against her own lovebud and then she started riding Julie. The massive dong took some getting used to, but she learned the rhythm. It was kind of like riding a man, only in reverse, the way it must feel to him. This thought sent shudders up and down her spine, or was that the fantastic sensations from the clit buzzer?

Julie arched up and down in a kind of rolling motion, taking the mammoth dildo deep into her pussy. The buzzer caught her every time on the down stroke as Sherrie caught on and started fucking faster and faster. She had never had a toy like this, or done a thing like this, but she learned fast. The two women rode each other hard to a high pitch. Sherrie fondled Julie’s tits with her hands. The buzzer sent them both higher and higher as Sherrie rode her lover.

Sam had a good pumping action of his own going while he watched this sensational show. He worked his cock hard and moaned softly as his own orgasm neared. He wanted to hold off until the women had their cums, but he didn't know if he could do it. Finally, he forced his hand away and let his raging cock bounce up and down in the air as he made fucking motions in time with Julie’s ride.

"Ooohhh, baby, I'm losing it. I can't hold much longer. God, this feels so hot. I'm cumming, honey, Aaahhhh," Julie growled as her sensations cut off coherent speech and she let out a long moan of intense pleasure.

Sherrie was right with her and for the first time, both women climaxed at the same instant. Sherrie pushed the dildo deep into her lover and pushed her own clit tight against the buzzer.

For what seemed like an eternity, both girls grimaced in an orgasm so powerful, they couldn't scream, couldn't moan; they could barely breathe.

Sam stepped forward at this moment. He saw Julie’s nipples so hard and big. And Sherrie's were equally as majestic in testimony to the thrills running through both women's bodies. He saw Sherrie reach feebly for the buzzer control.

Sherrie’s eyes were glazed over, but she realized that she had to turn the thing off, before they both died of intense orgasm. She was passing out and couldn't do it. Julie's hand dropped to the bed. It looked like she had already passed out to Sam.

Sam quickly stepped over and grabbed the remote from Sherrie’s limp hand. He turned it off and heard a huge exhale from Julie. She hadn't been breathing. Never had Sam seen such a climax as this. He had heard women tell of times so intense they faint for a second or two, but he had never witnessed such a scene.

Julie breathed deeply, groaning as Sherrie fell forward onto her lover's tits. Sam just stood there. They still hadn't realized that anyone else was in the room. Amazing. This just might work. He was after all helping the two women come down. He eased Sherrie off to the side. This allowed the dildo to slip out of Julie's pussy. Julie cried out softly as the pleasure toy left her. Good, she was waking up, Sam thought.

Sam stood there, not knowing what else to do. Julie’s eyes fluttered open and she saw him. Much to Sam's amazement, she smiled and looked down at his cock. Maverick dripped in anticipation and actually bounced up and down as if saying, "yes."

Sherrie followed Julie’s gaze and also smiled. "What... what are you doing here?" she asked.

"I heard some noise from outside and thought something was wrong. I let myself in and found you two passed out. Neither of you could turn off the vibe, so I did it."

"A plausible story, except do you walk around the hallways naked?" Sherrie chuckled. "I think you've been spying on us."

Sam blushed at the closeness of Sherrie's observation. He decided to feel his fear and go ahead anyhow. "Yes, I have been watching. I thought you might want a third member at your little party. So I came over and here I am. I'll leave if you want."

"No. No, don't leave," Sherrie, said sitting up in bed. "Definitely don't leave. I see your credentials and think it'll fit in nicely around here." She smiled and licked her lips, never once taking her eyes off of Sam's rampant erection.

He fondled it for her, showing off just a bit, raising it up so they could see his huge balls, pulling it to the side for a profile shot. He skimmed the love juice off the tip and licked it for them.

"Sherrie, if you want him, then take him. He's gorgeous alright, but I'm too fucked out to play anymore right now, unless you want a blowjob, buddy?" Julie perked up, not being one to turn down sex, even when exhausted.

"Nope, he's mine. I need to feel the real thing inside me right now. You can suck him when I get done fucking his brains out," Sherrie said. She motioned for Sam to join her in bed. Julie moved to one side, definitely planning on getting a good view.

Sherrie took Sam deep inside her throbbing pussy. It ached some from all her previous workouts, but she knew he would give her a good round.

Sam was more than ready. He started fucking full blast. He tried to slow down the pace, but his raging cock wouldn't hear of it.

Julie whispered, "Poor men. They finally get where they want to go and then they shoot their wads in seconds. Well, maybe I can help you out some, honey." Julie pushed Sam over and out of Sherrie’s cunt. He looked horrified. "Lie down honey," Julie ordered, "Let Sherrie do the driving. She’s had some good practice. You just lie there and try to hold your load for a minute or two." Julie laughed. "I'll help you keep your mind on other things."

Sherrie quickly mounted Sam, thankful for Julie's intervention. She knew that Sam was going to pop in a second, long before she got hers. But now that she was on top, she could pace him.

Julie made the job easier, by straddling Sam's face. "Now, sugar, lick my honey pot and focus your attention on what's in your face." Julie faced Sherrie and proceeded to fondle her tits and French kiss her.

Sam couldn't believe his good fortune. He was getting fucked by a beautiful woman and licking the pussy of another one at the same time. His cock throbbed and responded well to this situation. The sensations were powerful, but nothing to worry about. He felt he could keep control forever. Yes, this was much better than a handjob in front of his computer.

The two women went to town on their newfound toy. Sherrie rode Sam easily, bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm. She actually experienced little ones but knew that a bigger one waited while she tongued Julie's tits.

The three of them rode this way for several minutes, far longer than Sam had dared hoped, but Julie's pussy was getting too hot. She had to let loose and when she did, love juices gushed down on Sam's face. This orgasm inspired Sherrie to finish off as well. She let go with a dynamite blast and clutched Julie tightly just to keep from falling off.

Sam knew what was happening and so did his cock. Maverick erupted in a huge geyser that creamed Sherrie’s pussy and flowed out the sides. All three of them climaxed over and over with titanic waves. Finally, the two women finished off and fell to each side of Sam. His cock slipped out of Sherrie’s pussy with a loud slurp. It was still half hard. Sam pumped a few more drops from his softening erection with his hand. He was far from done. He realized that he had two or more blasts left in him. He knew there would be more to cum, but for now, the girls were totally drained. He'd have to let them rest for a while.

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