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Hotel Tryst


It's a hot summer evening, and I open the hotel room door. It's cold, so cold my nipples are hard and aching, and I barely resist the urge to pinch and roll them between my fingers.

It's been a long day so I strip naked and slide onto the cool sheets with a smile, imagining you're already there with me. I'm daydreaming about the feel of your skin, the way it tastes when I slide your cock inside my mouth.

I want to touch myself so badly but I want to wait until you're there, and I'm so wet I can't think straight. What I need is a shower to cool down and get patient again.

I start it up but turn the water to warm, and when I step in it's so relaxing my muscles loosen up. It doesn't help, the heat and steam only make me wetter, and the feel of the water beating down on my sensitive nipples is driving me crazy.

I hear you at the door and a wicked smile crosses my face. I want you to see me, I want you to watch me. I lean back against the wall and brace my feet, legs spread wide. I cup one hefty breast with one hand, pulling the nipple, and with the other I stroke over my swollen clit until the bathroom door opens.

When I see your shadow I slide a finger deep inside my pussy, and when I rub my g-spot the pleasure makes me gasp. I want to close my eyes and savor it, but I want to see you watching me.

You pull back the curtain and I pull my nipple harder and stroke my finger deep inside and back out. You watch me quietly and I can see it's been a long day, and all I want is to spoil you.

"Come on in," I say and with a small smile you start to strip. I watch every move and it gets me so hot I slip another finger inside and start to rub my clit with my thumb as I move.

I'm close, very close, and when you're inside you reach for me but I move back. I don't want to lose control just yet and I easily could. Instead I smile and reach behind you for the bar of soap while you let the warm water sluice down your own body.

I lather my hands up well and stroke the foam over your neck and shoulders, feeling the lines there, the texture of your skin on my fingertips. Your hands reach for my breasts and though I want you to play with them desperately I just can't handle it.

"Relax," I say, and soap down your arms. I bring my hands your hips then and try to ignore your erect cock between us though all I want to do is drop to me knees and taste it. Instead I stroke the soap over your stomach and chest until you're nice slippery.

I move my hands to your back and I have to move so close that my breasts touch your chest. It feels too good and I rub my nipples there, enjoying the slipperiness. Just when your hands begin to rise again I slip my own onto your butt and cup both cheeks firmly.

I'm close enough now that half your soap is on me, and your hard cock slides against my bare pussy, slipping with ease against the foamy bubbles.

Before I give in those sensations I drop to my knees. I stare at your cock and lick my lips, wanting desperately to taste it but I want to tease you. I want you just as hot as I am, so I ignore it for the moment.

I start at your feet and slowly side the soap up your legs, moving with such care that you know where my hands will end up, and I can see by the tension in your body you're almost as close as I am.

I gently run my soapy fingertips over your sac just to hear you gasp softly and your cock twitches heavily. I close my fist around it and you almost sigh, but bite your lip instead.

I thought I could tease you even more but I can't. I stroke you quickly, once twice, again, and then I reach my limit.

"I want you to fuck me," I say and stand up. I don't wait for your answer I just turn and plant my hands on the shower curtain rod.

I know to stand on my toes because of your height, and when I do you slam home. I'm wet and you're slick but I'm still tight and it takes me a second to get used to it. I groan in pleasure and that's when you begin to move.

I pushed you too hard and you slam in and out, stroking my g-spot as you go. I'm close, so close and I get impatient. I slide a hand against my pussy, my fingers stroking my clit in your rhythm, and I come hard.

It's so intense I scream and you keep moving through it, and it feels like it lasts forever.

Still when I come down I want more, and though we're both panting you're more tired than I. "Bed?" is all I say.

"Oh, yeah," you say, almost laughing.

We don't even stop to grab towels, you just follow me back into the hotel room. "Lay down," I say, and when you do I feel a dark thrill inside.

You expect me to face you but I don't want that tonight. I turn away from you and lower myself onto your cock. I feel your hands on my ass, spreading me, watching your cock slip inside.

I'm swollen and more aroused than I've ever been, and when I move it's slow and deep. I rushed the last time, now I want to feel every inch of you.

With each stroke you slide against my g-spot and I climb higher, tightening around you. You need it faster, harder, and your hands on my ass urge me on.

I bend over and grab your legs and use my hips to pump you hard, and you fill me hotly. I want to feel you come but I'm closer, and I come again, screaming, shaking with the force of it.

When I'm down and realize you didn't come with me, and I throw a naughty look over my shoulder. "I want you to come on my tits," I say and you groan.

I pull off you and sit down, lowering onto my back as you climb to your knees. I watch you stroke your cock once, twice, and then you're between my legs, sinking into my pussy. I'm still aroused enough that it feels incredible, but I'm too tired to come again. Instead I want to feel your come on me, so I brace my feet on your calves and move with my hips in your rhythm.

I grab your ass and force you to move faster until we're both breathless. Suddenly you pull out and I'm desperate for it. I watch you stroke yourself and then you come.

I feel the hot jets of it spill over my breasts in time to your rapid breaths and I wait until you're done. I lock my eyes onto yours as my hands caress my breasts, rubbing your come. "Rub them with me, please," I say.

You do, pinching my nipples as we go, and we rub until my nipples feel stiffer than ever and the cum is almost dry.

Tired, you collapse next to me on your back. I stretch with a yawn and stand up as you ask "Where are you going?"

I stop and smile. "You got me all dirty I have to take another shower. You can come on in if you want," I say, and I hope you do.

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