tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHotel Window Adventure

Hotel Window Adventure

byjay hanspard©

Missy sat on the edge of the bed and took a deep breath. She knew she was about to expose herself again, and the mixture of excitement and nervousness was intense. She was already naked, no reason to prolong the inevitable. She was in a hotel room, an average hotel room in an average hotel. A large curtained window covered one end of the room, the vanity counter at the other end; the bed was about half way between. The vanity was a large well-lit mirror; the mirror went all the way from wall to wall and up to the ceiling. The vanity counter had a sink, and Missy had put all her lotions and such on it. The only thing out of the ordinary on the counter was a small two-way radio.

The radio had a small red button which when pressed let out a light buzz. The radio was integral to the plan. Missy was to slightly open the curtain and wait for the radio to buzz. Her husband Jay was sitting in a car with the other radio. When the right guy walked by the window, Jay would buzz the radio and Missy would start the show.

Jay sat in the car for close to 20 minutes before the right guy came along. The traffic outside the room was not heavy, but that was perfect because he didn't want to ruin the show when it started with an unexpected visitor. The guy looked like he was about 30. He was wearing a shirt and tie, probably a salesman of some sort, or a manager of some sort at a convention. His walk was tired; he'd had a long boring day.

Jay hit the button, and Missy heard the soft buzz on the radio. She was glad that she wouldn't be able to see the guy watching her; it made her slightly less nervous. She walked over to the curtain and parted it about six inches. The walkway outside the room was dark, Jay had loosened a bulb. This would allow the voyeur to be unseen in the darkness, but watch everything inside the room.

Missy sat down on the stool at the vanity and reached for the bottle of lotion. Outside, the man almost walked by the window, but the sight of a busty naked woman stopped him cold. He looked around to make sure no one was watching, and looked back through the window. Missy heard another buzz on the radio which confirmed that they had a voyeur.

She squeezed some lotion out of the bottle and spread it across her shoulder and chest. Her breasts more than filled her hands, and she gave them extra attention. Every time she swept her hands across them, she made sure they swayed back and forth. She applied the lotion to her stomach and tops of her thighs before turning it up a notch.

She stood up and squirted more lotion out on her hands. She bent over at the waist and put one knee up on the stool. Standing on one leg with her rear in the air, she started to apply the lotion to her ass. She rubbed both cheeks, taking plenty of time so that the show would last. After a couple of minutes of that, she parted her legs and liberally squirted a stream of lotion beside the inside of her ass. She slid her middle finger up and down her slit and ass. After rubbing the lotion in, she took her middle finger and made a couple of passes over her hard clit. She could have orgasmed, but she held off. It was time for the grand finale.

She reached into a bag under the vanity and pulled out a large red dildo. It was nine inches long and quite thick. The base looked like balls. Missy took some lubricant and applied it to the shaft of the dildo. Outside, the man was vigorously rubbing his crotch while watching the show. He thought he was going to lose it when she started giving the dildo a lubricant hand job. When the toy was all lubed up she placed it in the middle of the stool and squatted over it. She could feel the large head pressing up against her opening, and she felt a rush when it popped inside. She slowly made her way down the nine inches until the balls made contact with her clit. She was filled.

She sat up straight and applied more lotion to her breasts. With every movement of rubbing her tits, the balls of the dildo slightly rubbed her clit. All the sensations combined with the knowledge of having a watcher was too much, and she came fiercely. After the orgasm washed over her, she stood up and bent over the vanity. Like a sword swallower removing a sword from a throat, she began removing the dildo. It seemed to slide out forever until the large head popped out.

Now completely relaxed, she quickly turned on her heels and looked at her voyeur in the eye. She knew he was there; Jay would have buzzed if he'd left. She walked up to the curtains and pulled them shut. She was ready for Jay to come in and finish the evening.

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