Hotel Windows


This is a true story, I love to show and this only started a lifetime of fun with others watching me.

It was late November and snow covered the ground when the heater in the house broke. So with no heat and it was freezing after a call to the insurance company, we found a hotel and when there for the night. After about three days and nights in the hotel it got boring. My hubby was working 12 hour shifts and I spend most of my time watching TV or sleeping, not much else to do for fun in a hotel room all alone. Or so I thought.

I had watched some movie on cable, it was pretty hot and so was I. I even started playing with myself under my skirt while I laid on the bed but not to completion, I wanted to wait for my husband to come home then I would attack him. The problem was that my hubby was not due home till 7pm and it was only 2 in the afternoon. So I stood up looking out the window, our room was on the first floor and some guy from the hotel was picking up trash in the parking lot out side. I had the curtains part way open since the early morning and this guy was right around the widow. it accrued to me he saw me playing with myself. This got me even more excited.

It was winter time so he was dressed pretty heavy so I could not tell if he had a hard on or not. So I figured if he didn't I would give him one. I started walking around the room after the curtains where drawn open fully now doing odds and ends. rubbing my tits and bending over showing my bared backside. When I pulled my tits out of my shirt to turn to the window he was at the other end of the hotel by the stairwell. I couldn't believe it, I left my shirt open and walked out the door to the stairwell it was all glass inclosed. I walked up the stairs to a landing and saw across the way no more then 30 feet was a gas station. there where construction workers parked there for lunch or something two trucks one with three men, the other with two.

The younger boy was still picking up trash and looked my way as he cleaned the parking lot up. My blouse was wide open hanging over my bra less tits I had an audience and I liked it, I was getting hotter but the minute. The door locked behind me only hotel guests could come into the stairwell with there room keys, so I figured I was safe from the construction guys. I stood at the window a full length window of glass and started to feel myself up my tits where rock hard plus it was cold in the window so my nipples where rock hard. I had the attention of the boy I knew, but I wanted all there attention. The guys in the trucks and anyone in the gas station.

I was enjoying myself a lot feeling my tit's though my shirt but it wasn't enough, so I pulled the shirt open and showed the young boy my tits. A full blown shot of my 40 D's. His eyes looked like where about to pop out of his head as he stared up at me. I smiled seeing the look then the shirt came off and throw to the steps. I started to pinch my nipples and groan. I was loving it, I wanted more. So I lifted the skirt and fingered my pussy. yes I sure was soaked, the wetness was started to drip down my thighs. With that motion I saw the guys in one truck pointing my way as I smiled back to them. This feeling was so hot to know I had four sets of male eyes on me watching me play with myself. I reached back and un hook the snap and let the skirt fall to the floor and threw it with the shirt I was fully nude in front of the guys, all of them. I guess the ones set in the truck told the other truck because I had all of them watching me now.

I pushed my tits and pussy against the cold window it gave me a rush and even left a mark where my pussy was dripping to the window. I was grinding it to that window hard and it felt good. I had to get off now I was aching. As I laid on the steps spread eagle and finger fucked my self for them all, I played and had four fingers inside me as I grinned for all to see. I was so hot and excited, it took me no time to get off for them. I loved every minute and even got a cheer and applause as I finished.

I hadn't realized it but as I was cumming there where moans down below in that stair well. The young boy was at the bottom of the steps watching me his cock in hand jerking off as I came he knew the others where there watching and it excited him as well. He walked up the stairs cock in hand and looked at me, I was a bit scared but it also turned me on the see this young stud with his cock fully hard knowing I was the one that got it that way. He said" so you like to put on shows aye. Why don't you show them what you do with a real man. " He walked closed to me and shoved his cock in my mouth, oh he tasted so sweet he was leaking drops of pre cum all over the head and was throbbing as I felt that long shaft sliding down my throat. The guys in the truck where already trying to get into the stairwell, but the lock kept them out all they could down was watch and stroke as I deep throated this guy. Then he groaned and wasted his load all over my face and tit's. A big thick load of spunk filled my mouth and ran down my tits all the way to my pussy. He got dressed and took my clothes with him I was left nude in the stairwell with nothing but my room key he did throw my way. I walked down to the main hallway where my room was and peeked out it was empty, so I walked to my room now halfway there two men stared to walk from the front desk. I thought oops im caught now but all they did was stop and stare as I went into my room with a wave there way.

Now later I will tell you about the next day with my new stairwell friend.

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