tagIncest/TabooHottest Girl in the World Ch. 02

Hottest Girl in the World Ch. 02


It had been two days since me and Sera first fucked by the pool, and I still could not keep my hands off her. At least five times a day we had hot, porn star sex. My dick would turn to granite when I simply looked at her and it would drive me crazy until it was relieved somehow.

That morning I woke at about 6 AM. Sera was cuddled next to me, still asleep. We were both naked and the sheets were on the floor. When I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and I looked down and saw Sera cuddled next to me, her head on my chest, my dick started to harden. My God, she was so hot. The blonde, shoulder length hair, the perfect tanned skin, and her well proportioned breasts all made the perfect woman. I gently slid her off me, not wanting to wake her, and I went to the bathroom. I didn't want to wake her for my own sexual need, but I had to relieve myself. I went inside and started jerking off with Sera in my mind and in only a few seconds I was shooting semen down the toilet.

A few hours later she woke up and came up behind me while I was on the couch watching TV. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my neck.

"Hey sexy, an early riser, huh?" she said.

"Just for today, I guess," I replied.

"Let's go to the beach today. It's perfect outside."

I thought about it. I had no plans other than fucking her some more, but I did want to get out of the house.

"Sure, why not?" I said.

I went to my room and got the smallest pair of shorts I had, so if I got a hard on, my cock would hug close to my body and wouldn't show as much. I didn't bother with a shirt and just got a pair of sandals. I went to the den and Sera was already there, wearing a skimpy blue bikini. Once again, my cock started to harden. Just one glance and my heart was racing. The top showed three sides of her magnificent tits, while the bottom went down in a really low arc towards her crotch. I shifted my penis so it wouldn't show so much and we left.

When we got to the beach, it didn't take long to realize Sera was drawing a lot of attention. We were holding hands and walking by the water, and every guy we passed turned there head. Not just that, they stood and stared. They would forget whatever they were doing, turn around and stand there with their jaws dropped. I even took the time to notice the bulges growing in their shorts when she passed them. They couldn't believe how hot she was either! Heck, even some girls would stop and stare! I would try to tease them by occasionally running my hand across her tummy and put my other on her ass, just to say "Sorry guys, this one's mine!" Or maybe so they would think, "Wow, this guy is so lucky he gets to bang that!"

And to top it all off, they had no clue that this angel I was fucking and in love with was my cousin.

When we came to a large formation of rocks, Sera stopped walking, turned to me and kissed me passionately on the lips. I returned it while running my hands across her back and letting them rest on her ass. We did this for about three minutes until my cock started throbbing in my shorts. I was so horny, I had to relieve at that very moment. The area wasn't so populated where we had walked, and the rocks would shield us from everybody if we got between them.

"Come this way," I said and pulled her with me. We went over the rocks until we were surrounded by them on three sides and the ocean was in front of us. Immediately, I pushed her against the rocks and started kissing her neck. She giggled and wrapped her arms around me.

"Greg, you are one horny boy aren't you?" she said as she laughed.

"Oh God I'm so fucking horny!" I screamed out as I went down to her shoulders. She reached behind her and untied her top and let it fall to the ground.

"Come on Greg, play with my titties," she said.

I cupped one tit and and sucked on the nipple like a baby on a milk bottle. I used my other hand to massage her other tit. Sera threw her head back moaned as I continued my assault on her breast. God, I would do anything for these tits. Just touching them sent waves of pleasure through my young body. I sucked on her nipple until it poked out like an eraser, then I went to the other one. Just by putting my mouth on her tits, my cock grew at least another inch and ripped the elastic band of my shorts. They would have fallen off if my erection had not held them firmly in place. I moved down and licked up and down her perfect tummy, then I laid her on the sand with an animalistic fire in my eye. Lust had completely took over. I grabbed the sides of her bottoms and pulled them down her legs. Sera giggled as I struggled to get them untangled around her feet. When they were off, I dove tongue first into her pussy. This was not for her pleasure, this was my need. I needed to taste her pussy. I needed to satisfy the burning lust in me. I stuck my tongue in as far as it would go, while rubbing her clit with my thumb. Sera cried out with pleasure as I tongue fucked her.

"Ohh Greg, that feels so good! Oh yeah, suck me dry!"

I brought her wetness into my mouth, then sucked on her clit to get the juices really flowing. She cupped her tits and cried out.

"GREG, I-I'M GONNA CUMMM!!" She exploded in my mouth, her juices gushing in a tidal wave. I sucked in what I could, while the rest ran down my chin. When she came down from her orgasm, I pulled my head up and grinned with her secretions on my face. I quickly removed my shorts and got between her legs again. Quickly I pushed my cock into her tight pussy. Since it was so wet, it didn't take as long to get all the way in. It felt like heaven to be there. I brought my head down and we kissed passionately. This girl, the hottest girl in the world, was laying on the beach with my cock in her vagina. Just this fact had me in a state of euphoria. I drove in and out of her mercilessly, while also letting out an animalistic growl. I was on fire, and not gonna last long. Sera moaned and screamed so loud it hurt my ears. My balls slapped her ass with a firm and steady rhythm. My cock had grew so long I could feel it go inside her uterus. Oh man, what this girl does to me! I placed my hands on her tits and held them there. Sera let out another ear-piercing scream.

"JESUS, I'M FUCKING CUMMING!!" she howled. Her pussy juices ran down my shaft and splashed off as I smacked her ass back and forth. My balls clenched tight and I shoved my dick inside her as far as it would go. Waves of pleasure hit me like a flood and for a moment I was so high I thought I saw God. I shot at least fifteen long strands of sperm into her uterus, with Sera screaming louder with each shot. My cum boiled out of me with such intensity it shook both of us. When I finally subsided, I pulled out of Sera and collapsed to the side. My dick, now an angry red color, was still hard as a rock.

We laid there for about five minutes then we got dressed and went over the rocks. When we got to the other side, it looked like the entire beach had gathered to that one spot. Everybody broke out in applause. All the guys clapped and cheered for me. We both blushed and walked past the crowd. The guys I walked past congratulated me and patted me on the back. Me and Sera laughed and giggled and blushed as we continued past them.

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