tagLoving WivesHotwife and Cuckold Ch. 03

Hotwife and Cuckold Ch. 03


As I sat downstairs listening to Tanya's moans from upstairs, I started to have serious questions about whether I made the right choice. It hadn't been real until now. Even though she had met up with Austin and they had hooked up, I hadn't seen it or been involved until now. I couldn't get the picture of Tanya's face, or how her body was grinding on him in this fervent, out of control fashion. She had completely embraced it. As I thought about it, I had embraced it too. I enjoyed blowing Austin and putting his cock into Tanya. I had never been so hard or had cum as hard as I did after that.

As sat there thinking about it, I felt the tremendous urge to watch again. I snuck back upstairs. The door to the room was slightly ajar.

They had changed positions. Tanya was now reversed: she was still on top of Austin, but with her back to him. What I noticed immediately was how sweaty she was. It was dripping from her body and her hair was drenched. She wasn't moaning as much, and she was fully fucking Austin now, all the way down on him and all the way out. It still looked like this small girl with this huge man. I could tell she was getting tired -- but she seemed to be driving herself more physically than I had ever seen from her sexually.

No one noticed me there. I couldn't help but start to jack of again. I stood in the hallway, masturbating -- this time, edging myself as I watched.

They suddenly stopped as Austin pushed Tanya off him and flipped her on her back. It was this casual move, like it was so easy for him to do it. Tanya did exactly what he wanted, with her eyes glazed but staring at him the whole time. Again they didn't even acknowledge that I was there.

Austin got on top of her and pushed her legs up straight in the air, and rubbed his cock on her pussy, as she put her hands on his hips, holding him back. He slowly worked his cock into her. This was clearly more intimate now: As he did this, they both stared at each other. As Austin separated Tanya's legs, he lowered his body onto her. Because of his size, her head faced his chest. He again started whispering to her -- slowly fucking her. He had his chin on the top of her head.

Tanya started to cry again, while kissing Austins' chest. As she did that, he really started to fuck her intensely, rotating his hips in circles and rolling his hips back and forth.

I couldn't help it. I came again but continued to watch. They were fucking like they were a couple. They were holding hands. They talked to each other in low whispers as they fucked and moaned. They kissed and stared at each other. Tanya kept sobbing and mumbling.

Austin slowly started fucking harder. Until now, he was slowly pumping, back and forth, back and forth, in this regular, continuous stroking. Now he was more aggressive -- I could tell he was starting to feel himself getting ready to cum. Tanya was trying to hold him back from fucking her too hard -- she had her hands on his hips, trying to prevent him from going all the way it.

As he kept fucking like this, Tanya suddenly gave in. She stopped holding him back and started to really grind on him. Then they both suddenly came together, at the same time. Austin started moaning that he was cumming, and Tanya sobbed. It was something that I had never seen, ever. He didn't pull out but came inside her. They both seemed to not care. I could see the bed starting to really get wet from the cum leaking out of her.

As they both started to come down from their ecstasy and started to slow down -- they both looked at each other and seemed to release all this emotion. Austin smiled and laughed in relief, and Tanya laughed and cried at the same time. They hugged and kissed. As they did this, I opened up the door and sat on the side of the bed again. After about a couple minutes, Austin rolled off Tanya. As he did, Tanya cuddled up next to him, wrapping herself around his leg and nestling her head in his chest. They looked at each other and kissed, again, not saying anything to me.

I felt like a third wheel at this point. I quietly got up and went back downstairs. I sat down and essentially was numb. I didn't feel terrible or amazing. I felt, defeated. Like I had given in. I sat there and just stared at the wall, replaying what I had just saw in my head over and over again.

After about 10 minutes I heard the shower turn on. About a half hour later, both Austin and Tanya came downstairs: Austin was fully dressed, Tanya was in her robe. They were holding hands, with Austin leading Tanya.

Austin grinned at me but didn't say a word. I sat there but couldn't really say anything. As Austin approached the front door, Tanya wrapped herself around his waist.

"Please text me?" as she said that, she choked up a bit, the emotion welling up in her ever so slightly. "Of course. You need to stay over my place this weekend." Austin briefly looked my way, again with a slight smile.

"I will, I will. Please just let me know when and I would love to come over. I'll do whatever you want." Again, she sobbed just slightly.

"Oh, I know. I have plans for us." Austin grinned again and looked at me again. I couldn't look him in the face -- I glanced down.

Austin leaned down and kissed Tanya. She wrapped her arms around his neck, standing on her tiptoes. He slightly picked her up off the floor, wrapping his arms all the way around her. After their kiss ended, he continued to hold her up off the floor, as she laid her head in the crook of his neck and sighed. I heard her whisper in the smallest voice "Thank you".

Austin put her down, kissed her forehead, and then made his exit.

As Tanya closed the door, she paused for about 5 seconds before turning around to face me. As she did, we both stared at each other, not saying anything. Her face had a matter of fact look to it, like she was preparing to tell me how things were going to go from now on.

I tried to beat her to the punch. "Well -- I really hope that was good for you T. I -- I just want you to be happy and I love you." I felt tears coming up in me, but I forced them down.

Tanya let out a small sigh. "Well it was pretty intense wasn't it?" She smiled and grasped my hand. "I'm glad you didn't freak out. You did exactly what I wanted, and you ARE making me happy. This has been really tough for me, but I feel like I can tell you this: I think Austin made me cum for the first time ever. When it happened the first time, I felt so guilty. I didn't think I should be able to feel this way, that it was wrong." Tanya sat down on the couch and continued.

"I also had these intense feelings of wanting you to be involved. I wanted you to see how I was feeling, how amazing it was for me." She choked up just a bit but regained her composure.

"But today was really perfect. I wanted you to watch us. I wanted you to suck Austin's cock. I hope its ok I'm saying this? I honestly wanted all of it, and this time, I was able to fully relax. You knew what was going on, I felt safe, and I wasn't as nervous the first time."

She grabbed my hand and looked at me very gently, the emotion on her face evident. "I want this to continue David. I really need it to continue. I want to explore where this could go, and I want you to continue to do what you are doing. What we did today, I want that again."

She looked intently, almost pleading with me. Her emotions were making me emotional as well. I could feel the tears in my eyes again. I didn't know how to handle this, but I felt more love for Tanya now than I had in a while. I know that's an odd thing, but it's true.

I finally worked up the courage to speak. "You don't think less of me because I sucked Austin, do you?" I felt my voice quiver as I said it.

"No! Honey no. I actually think it's one of the most loving things you have ever done. I know you did it for me, that you want me to be happy. When you took my panties off, it honestly felt so amazing: I think when you did that, I accepted the fact that you were really doing this for me, which I think is the most selfless thing anyone has ever done for me."

I gripped her hand. "Thank you for saying that. It's true, I never thought I could do it, but when we were all upstairs, it just felt right. I knew that this was what you wanted."

Tanya cuddled next to me, putting her arms around me. "I'm so glad we can talk about this. I think this could really take our relationship to the next level. And I still think you're sexy and I still want to have sex with you!"

Even though I had masturbated twice, I felt my cock stir. The idea of sex after she was with Austin was intoxicating.

"You mean, right now?" I asked.

Well, I'm a little sore, so maybe not sex right now, but if you wanted to go down on me, I wouldn't stop you!" She opened up her robe, revealing her tanned legs and shaved pussy.

As soon as she said that, my mind locked in on the fact that I would be eating out her pussy with Austin's cum still in it. She didn't have to say anything else. I got down on my knees and knelt between her legs. She pulled her robe back, spreading her legs wide. I gently started licking her clit and pussy, sticking my tongue into her. I could taste the mixture of their cum, and I lapped it up. Tanya sighed and had her eyes closed, as if she was in another place. I continued, gently sucking on her clit, licking circles around it, and going back and forth between her pussy and her clit. I could tell her pussy had just been fucked, and as i licked and sucked, I fantasized about her and Austin, him fucking her. I also kept thinking about what it was like to suck Austin's cock.

I was fully hard again, but I was focused her Tanya. As I licked her, I kept watching her face. Eventually she opened her eyes and looked at me as I sucked and licked her. As she looked at me, I felt this urge to speak -- so I did. "Honey I will lick you pussy after you are with Austin every time if you want that."

"I do. I do want that. I want you to continue sucking Austin and licking my pussy and watching us. I want to you to help me fuck Austin, help me grind on his cock. Can you do that?" The honestly in Tanya's voice was very apparent.

"Yes honey -- I'll do anything you want. I'll suck Austin's cum if you want." I panted as I spoke.

She smiled. "That's good D, that's very good." Tanya slowly pulled her legs together, obviously having enough of me eating her out.

Over the next three months, Tanya and Austin became a couple. She would usually stay at his apartment on the weekends, and about once a week, he would come over to our house, and I would suck his cock hard, getting him ready to fuck T. It became more regular, like something that was expected. Several times, I sucked Austin's cock until he came, while Tanya kissed him and whispered to him about how she wanted me to suck his cum. At first, it was difficult. He came a lot, and the first time I gagged big time. Tanya and Austin both laughed -- which resulted in me laughing too. However, over time, I felt like I was getting better at it. And I actually enjoyed it. I didn't need to have sex with them, I really liked helping them have sex. I would sometimes hold Tanya's hand or foot while they fucked.

Tanya and I had sex a few times during this time period. However, things were different. Our sex was more loving, caring, but not aggressive, pounding sex. I could tell she was a tiny bit looser, but not in an excessive way. I found myself thinking about Austin and her as we fucked, fantasizing about them fucking or me blowing him. When I did that, I almost always came very fast. Similarly, when I masturbated, I always thought about them fucking, which made me cum in like 5 minutes.

On a Monday after she had stayed at Austin's, Tanya mentioned she wanted to talk.

Over the past couple months, Tanya really had started to look and act much sexier, which was obviously a result of her connection with Austin. She openly flirted more. She was clearly more confident in her sexuality and seemed to use it regularly. She regularly kept her pussy shaved. She regularly wore anklets, and started to wear spade anklets, which made me wonder if she was interested in other men -- namely, black men. She had started to regularly wear very tight leggings, so tight that you could usually see the slight outline of her pussy, which she would wear with short shirts. Overall, her relationship with Austin had put her in a much better mood all the time.

"D, do you have time to talk about Austin?"

I nodded yes. Over time, Tanya had become very open about her and Austin. I had told her that she should be fully honest with me. So when she mentioned she wanted to talk, I knew it had some sexual reference. I also had become much more compliant to Tanya's sexual needs. Anything she wanted, I would do.

"I just wanted you to know that I've started to hang out with Austin and his roommate."

I wasn't surprised. I had a feeling that she was interested in other men, and I had just been going with the flow. She had flirted with several men while we were out to dinner last week, right in front of me. Several of the men were somewhat taken back.

I tried to respond in a non-confrontational manner. "Just so I understand, are you having sex with Austin's roommate? Is this something new?"

She smiled slightly. "I just figured you would be ok with it. He's actually very nice, and not pushy at all. If you want to meet him, I'm totally fine with that!" She again smiled ever so slightly.

I honestly was starting to not like this. I enjoyed what was going on with Austin, but I had no idea who this other guy was. I didn't really have a lot of control over the situation, but I went ahead and voiced my concern.

"I don't know honey. Are you sure about this? I don't know who this guy is, I've never met him."

Tanya's body language seemed to suggest she didn't like what I was saying. She folded her arms and she frowned. "Look, like I said, he's a nice guy. He works in town -- he's not in school at the University. I honestly thought you would be ok with this. I mean, you want me to be happy, right? We're together, right? I mean, I haven't left you, even though you like sucking cock. Most women would just take off, especially if they were getting laid the way I am. I'm just saying, I might enjoy seeing what other men are like. I never really did that when I was younger, and now, I can do that."

Tanya's words hurt. It seemed like if I didn't agree with her, she would get more pissed off. I tried to diffuse the discussion.

"Look I didn't say you can't. I was just suggesting that it might not be the best idea. But you know best. So, can I ask again -- have you already had sex with this guy?"

Tanya continued to keep her arms folded. "Well I'm not sure that's any of your business. But if you must know, yes. I mean, Austin is fine with it, so I don't know why you wouldn't."

I continued to probe. "Can you at least tell me what happened? I'm still your husband."

Tanya laughed. "My cock sucking husband. I mean, you like it D, admit it. I can tell, you like sucking cock, so just embrace it -- like I enjoy being fucked by athletic men. Fine, I'll tell you what happened. We were all sitting around having a drink, and Austin was telling James about you -- how you found him online, and acted like you just ran into him a coffeeshop."

I tried to not show any emotion at all, but I felt my eyes get bigger. I quickly recovered.

"Didn't think I knew about that huh? Oh, I've known the first time Austin and I met. That's a key reason why I started letting him fuck me. But in some odd way, I'm so glad you did it."

"Anyway we were all sitting around, and Austin was talking about you, how you set me and him up, and how I've been needing to cum for a long time. We all had a pretty honest discussion about my needs. James was very open about wanting to show me what it would be like to cum with him, and how he could help to educate me. It's funny, I have no problem anymore talking about that with men. So he did. I guess I should say they both did! I had my first real threesome, and I can tell you -- it was amazing. I thought I had experienced everything, but I was wrong."

Tanya leaned in to me, like she was telling me a secret. "They tied me up. Gently. And then they both fucked me everywhere. I mean everywhere."

She looked happy to tell me. She smiled and crossed her legs. She looked at me, waiting for my response. I didn't say anything. She continued.

"So, this is something I think I'm going to continue, fucking them both. It's really ironic that, for the longest time, this is what YOU wanted. And actually, I would have done that with you and Austin, but I never EVER thought you would actually take me up on the idea of sucking Austin's cock."

"So, here's the deal: If you want to be involved, and you wanna watch and suck James' cock, I'll ask him. I'm not sure he will be down with it, but if you want that, OK. Otherwise, I'll continue fucking them and whoever else."

Tanya seemed pleased with herself. She seemed happy, almost relieved to say what she was saying. He eyes almost sparkled as she said it. And I felt like I had no options other than saying yes.


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It was good until he started sucking cock!!

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I think this and the prior two stories in this series are very well written, show real emotional intelligence and are incredibly hot! The author really captures the cuck-hotwife-bull dynamic

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I find that people that don't like cuck stories...

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Another chapter please

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