tagLoving WivesHotwife Awakening Ch. 01: Honeymoon Pt. 01

Hotwife Awakening Ch. 01: Honeymoon Pt. 01


This is a true story. Names and places changed or negated.

Warning: I'm not a writer so if you want to help me please do!


Brad and I were college sweethearts, and we finally tied the knot. We had just gotten married and were on our way to our tropical honeymoon. The day couldn't get any better (or so I thought).

Brad was always my dream husband. If I was Barbie then he most certainly was my Ken. I had always been loyal and faithful to him. I had never even considered cheating on him but I guess something changed.

I was in the airplane bathroom changing out of my winter clothes (from Canada... Eh) and into my beach attire. A white bikini under a white summer dress that had such perfect contrast with my long black hair. The low cut dress showed plenty of my perky C cup breasts. The bottom of the skirt riding high on my long legs and just barely covering my little round booty. I am a fitness nut. Up every morning at 5 am to hit the gym before work to keep my body toned. Especially for my wedding day, I had worked extra hard just so I could look perfect in my dress.

I made my way back to my seat just as the plane was landing. When we got to the resort my husband decided to try and help the bell boy with our bags. He has always been the absolute nicest guy. Always helping people when he can. So anyway... I went to check out the lobby. The resort was a high rise and looked more like a building you would see in the city rather than at the beach. The lobby was stunning with a very modern yet rustic design and a giant waterfall in the center. I started looking around at all the different shops surrounding the waterfall when a man bumped into me.

He must have been pure muscle because it felt like running into a wall. My hands and breasts pressed up against his chest. I froze there for a moment and just looked up at this perfect man. About 6' ft tall with wispy black hair tucked behind his ears. I just looked up and gazed into his brown eyes... Frozen. He apologized to me and put his hands on my arms like he was comforting me. It felt like we were like this forever when suddenly i snapped back to reality. I stepped back letting my fingers draw down his torso as I reluctantly removed my hands from him. Panicked at the way it was feeling I turned away and rushed to find my husband. Stopping midway to take a glance back at him to see him still staring at me. I gave him a little smile as I brushed my hair behind my ear. He blew me a kiss and I turned and continued the search for my husband. He was just finishing up at the front desk. Our bags were nowhere in sight so I guess the bell boy had taken them to our room. I grabbed his hand and demanded we go to the beach.

My husband had this already planned out and told me that he already has a spot picked out. We made our way about 10 minutes past the main beach to a secluded cove, where a cabana was waiting for us. It was so romantic. We laid out in our cabana sipping on cocktails before going swimming. The water was perfect and crystal clear. The day just kept getting better.

When we finished up at the beach I decided to strip and put my dress back on because my wet bikini was giving me a bit of a chill. My erect nipples poked though the fabric of my little white summer dress as it clung to my slightly damp body. The cool breeze blowing under my dress was refreshing. I don't normally go commando so it was a interesting sensation that I have rarely experienced.

We made our way down the beach and back to the hotel. My husband had made a reservation for dinner so we needed to clean up and get ready. When we got to the elevator we noticed a big crowd waiting. The other two elevators were out of service for some reason. When the elevator arrived everyone piled in. My husband and I got pushed to the back until I felt myself pinned up against another person. I turned to apologize and there he was. My mystery man from the lobby. He looked at me and blew me another kiss and I responded with a wink.

The elevator doors began to close and everyone reorganized themselves so we were not all squished. My husband was to my left, holding my hand and my mystery man was directly behind me. My ass was still pressed into him and I had no way to move forward so I just accepted it. I turned to look at him again and he just gave me a smile. I could feel a bulge pressing between my bare butt cheeks, covered only by a thin piece of fabric. It got so hot all of a sudden.

I looked at the elevator buttons and it looked like almost every one of them was lit up. We were near the top of the building so this was going to be a long trip.

"Ok this hot guy's dick is going to be rubbing up on you for the next few minutes. You can hold it together Lindsay," I thought to myself.

The door had only just closed when I felt a finger tracing up the back of my thigh. I knew who it was and my body shivered with delight.

"Are you cold sweetie?" my husband asked.

"Ya. My dress is still a little damp," I said.

Elevator voice: "2nd floor."

It was only the second floor, but it already felt like a eternity. My mystery man's finger was at the bottom of my dress and didn't show any signs of stopping. I felt a second finger and then a third as his hand just reached the sharp turn at the base of my ass. The elevator doors began to close again. Still frozen.

His finger spread out as his whole hand began to cup my smooth butt. His hand just resting on it before giving it a gentle squeeze.

Elevator voice: "3rd floor."

This man was touching my bare ass while I'm standing right beside my husband and I was going crazy with excitement. His bulge growing and pressing into me more and more. His hand expertly massaging my ass. And it was only the third floor.

"Ok, Lindsay, you need to stop this! You are a married woman," I thought to myself.

I mustered all the strength I had and turned back to look at him, praying the word "Stop!" would come out of my mouth. Just as I turned to him, I felt his pinky finger brush my slit. My body trembled and all I could do was bite my lip. You could tell by the expression on his face that he just figured out that I didn't have any underwear on.

"I can't wait for dinner,' said Brad.

Still biting my lip I snapped my head towards my husband.

"I heard it's one of the best restaurants in the area," said Brad.

"Me too," I said while trying not to whimper. My mystery man's finger was simply tracing gently over my labia.

I gave the man one more quick peek and then turned my head forward. Who was I kidding. My body was in control and it wanted his hands all over it. There was no fighting it, so I might as well just enjoy it.

Elevator voice: "4th floor."

I guess my lack of rejection was the green light for my mystery man because his hand slid down my ass and between my legs. I was already so wet that his fingers were slick as soon as he touched my slit. He rubbed up and down between my folds. Parting them and working his way to my clit. He began making little slow circles on it. My legs were weak and my entire focus was on not making any noises. I gripped my husband's hand tightly as I felt my mystery man's thumb begin to penetrate my opening, while his other finger kept making rhythmic circles on my clit. My husband looked at me and I know my face was flush with ecstasy. I panicked and said the only thing I could think of.

"I love you!"

I leaned into kiss him. My lips wanting more than a simple peck, I pulled him by the arm towards me and slipped my tongue in his mouth. I don't think he realized but this was my "I'm about to cum" kiss.

Elevator voice: "8th floor."

My orgasm was building and elevator was emptying. We had space to move and separate but I stayed glued to my mystery man and my husband beside me. I don't even think Brad noticed he was there. Our kiss continued as my orgasm began to explode. I tried to keep my convulsions below my waist as I began softly moaning into my husbands mouth.

I pulled away from the kiss completely flustered.

Elevator voice: "12th floor."

My mystery man's hand just focused on fingering me now, trying to milk everything he can out of my orgasm, my hand still gripping Brad's.

I had lost all control and I needed more.

Elevator voice: "14th floor."

"Ok baby, this is us," said Brad.

"Oh shit baby, I forgot I need to get some razors from the shop downstairs. I'll be right back, ok?" I said

"Ok honey, but don't be long."

"I won't."

The elevator door closed with only me and my mystery man. I couldn't wait anymore and I bent over right in the elevator and lifted my skirt over my ass. My mystery man knew exactly what I wanted as he pulled his perfect, giant cock out of his shorts.

I wasn't even thinking at this point. It was all lust. I completely forgot why I was even at this resort, or that I had just gotten married. All I knew was I needed this man to fuck me. I re-positioned myself and accidentally pressed all the buttons on the top five floors including mine.

My mystery man positioned himself at my entrance and tried to slowly tease me but I was having none of that. I needed it all now. I pushed myself back onto a cock that was probably the size of my forearm. I impaled myself on him and began bouncing my ass off his pelvis. He grabbed my hair with one hand and my waist with the other as he took back control of the situation. He pulled me back onto him forcing every last inch inside of me. The elevator doors opening and closing, but luckily nobody there.

My mystery man then spun me around and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around him as he shoved his magnificent manhood back into my wanting pussy. He leaned my back up against the mirror of the elevator so my face was facing the door. Pushing deeper and harder every thrust, he knew exactly what I wanted. I was going to cum again! I was so close. The door began to open again. This was my floor! I saw an arm appear! Oh my god, I'm fucked! My heart's stopped followed by the most powerful orgasm of my life. My whole body convulsing on my mystery man's dick. Moaning uncontrollably, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck me!" The door opened all the way, lucky to see a man that was not my husband. I was still cumming as he looked at me and smiled and said, "I'll catch the next one." Just as my orgasm began to level off, I felt his seed beginning to shoot into me. This pushed my orgasm even further as each pulse of his cock timed up with the pulse of my body. I kissed him deeply as he held me on his cock.

Elevator voice: "Ground floor."

He quickly let me down and I pulled down my skirt, trying to make myself look as presentable as possible. The doors opened and my mystery man kissed me one last time and then left. I stayed in the elevator completely mesmerized by what happened.

Out of breath and a mess, I once again made my way up the crammed elevator.

"Hasn't even been twenty four hours as a married woman and I have already cheated," I thought to myself.

It was the most amazing experience of my life.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/28/19

Well Written

The story was very well written, but your picture on your bio page, wow, BEAUTIFUL, thank you for your submission.

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by TxHotwifehusband03/16/19

Hot Story

Thanks Charlotte for a very sexy story. I enjoyed it and wish my wife would fuck a guy in the elevator and tell me all the juicy, orgasmic details.

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by Anonymous01/13/19

it's all about

.....the imagery. Some stories allow the reader to create that image in their mind's eye, one of the strengths of writing over video, as the reader can make any image they choose in the pallet of theirmore...

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by Anonymous12/08/18


nice story bro ignore the haters keep writing lots of us love this

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by Sexybeast889908/22/18

Great story

I loved your story. Well written!

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