Hotwives Ch. 02

byDonna Williams©

HOTWIVES II by Donna Williams ((Read the first part of the story in "Hotwives" first))

I was now a hotwife, Vicky was a pseudo hotwife, and John was a sissy, cock sucking cuckold. Everyone got what they wanted, if not more!

* * *

Once John had fallen asleep, Dave and Rick left as we had planned. When John woke that morning, he found me in the shower. "You want to join me?" I asked.

"May I?"

"Of course. Could you scrub my back please?"

We proceeded to shower without bringing up last nights activities once. I could tell by John’s hardon that he never did get to cum last night, but he said nothing.

As we went to get dressed, John noticed his male attire hanging on the rack. While dressing we talked about casual things, like what needed doing at home. Once we had everything packed, John left a tip for the maid.

"I need to stop and pick up a few things to make dinner tonight, before going home," I informed him in the lobby. "Could you take these home and start the laundry?" I asked handing him my bag. "I’ll take our dresses to the cleaners."

He looked around to see if anyone heard me say ‘our dresses’. He then responded, "I’ve never done it before. I don’t want to mess it up."

"Just read the tags on the clothes and follow the instructions on them and on the detergent. Hand wash all the lingerie in Woolite and hang it to dry. I need to check out now. See you at home," I said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

I guess he was feeling the frustration, because I heard him mutter to himself, "What am I now, the maid?" as he walked away.

* * *

As I pulled in to the shopping plaza to buy groceries, I noticed a uniform store along side the cleaners. In the front window was a maids uniform like those worn at the hotel. I then recalled John’s utterance about being the maid. I turned in the dresses with the cleaners and then stepped into the uniform store.

"May I help you?" asked the lady at the counter. "I don’t know. I was nearby and the maids uniform in the window caught my eye. I thought I’d take a look at it."

"Fine, take your time. There are more over along that wall," she said pointing to the racks of maids uniforms."

As I was browsing, she came along side. "Are you in the service industry?" she asked.


"Well these are for the service industry. You know, hotel and motel maids, and the like. Those over there are for the household servants."

"What’s the difference?" I asked.

"Mainly the material. These are more rugged, due to the work the maids perform. They have to stand up to some rigorous work. Those have a more feminine looking material, so the maid looks nice when serving the household."

"I see."

"So, are you interested in the service industry or household uniforms?"

"The household ones, I guess. I really just came in to look. Seeing the uniform in the window clicked with something my husband said this morning, and caused my curiosity."

"What’d you do, ask him to perform some task you usually perform, and that caused him to ask if he were the maid?

"It’s come up before, I take it? With other ladies stopping by?" I asked.

"Yes, and it pisses me off every time I hear it, pardon my language. They just don’t think before they speak. Sounds like they think of the wife as the maid. I’ve sold a few uniforms to wives because of it though, and they weren’t the ones that were going to end up wearing it. If you know what I mean?"

"I’m beginning to get the picture." I responded. "Well, lets see what you have over there, then."

* * *

"Honey?" I called out. "I’m home! When he appeared I again gave him a kiss on the cheek. I informed him, "There’s groceries in the back seat, could you bring them in please?"

Once he had brought in all the groceries, I started putting them away. He didn’t ask if I need any help. Once I was done, I gathered everything I thought I’d need for dinner. Then went to find John. He was in the living room reading the paper.

"Did you have lunch?" I asked.

"I’m not hungry," he answered.

"Well, suit yourself. After last night I famished." Boy, that remark didn’t help his attitude any. "What’s stuck in your crawl?" I asked.

"What do you mean? Nothing is," he responded.

"I don’t know. Seems ever since we checked out of the hotel, you’ve had a little attitude. Is it because I asked you to do a little laundry? How’s that going anyway?"

He threw the paper down. "You want to know?" he asked. "Last night, when I hadn’t achieved an orgasm, you said you’d help me, but I had to do what you said. I did everything that I was told to, but you didn’t help me get off. Then, in the shower this morning, you noticed my boner but just ignored it. Now, you’ve got me doing maids work by washing the clothes!" he huffed.

"I guess you didn’t learn a thing from last night," I angrily responded. "Orgasm denial is part of being a cuckold. It’s not about what you want. As the cuck, you’re supposed to be happy for the hotwife, and get off on seeing her fucked by a real man.

And is that what you think of me?" I asked.

"What do you mean, what I think of you?" he asked

"I do the laundry all the time. Do you think of me as a servant? Your maid?" I asked, rather loudly. "I do the cleaning, and cooking. What do you do? I’ll tell you what, I’ve set out the makings for dinner, you can cook tonight!"

"I’m not hungry," he responded.

"I didn’t ask if you were hungry. If your not going to eat, I’ll just ask Rick over."

"I’m not the maid! I’m not cooking for him!"

"Oh? I think you had better. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes if I ask him over and you haven’t done as I asked. As for being the maid, I can fix that too!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"You’ll see," I said. I walked over and picked up the phone, pretending to dial Rick. I watched John fidget. "Hello Rick, Donna here. . Me too, thanks. . .John? Well . . "

"Ok, ok, I’m sorry. I’ll cook."

"Hold on a minute Rick, John wants to tell me something." Looking at John, "Are you going to drop the attitude?"


"Are you going to do what I say?"

"Yes, yes anything. Just don’t ask him to dinner, please?!"

"Fine. There’s a bag in the trunk of my car. Go get it and take it into the bedroom. You can open it then. You’ll know what to do with it then. Well go on."

I watched him go out, then return and head into the bedroom. As he reached the door, I said into the phone, "Well, I’ll talk to you later Rick. I gotta go help Vicky with something." And hung up the phone.

By the time I reached the bedroom, John had the uniform out. "You want me to put this on, don’t you?"

"Of course!"

"How long have you been planning this?"

"Just since this morning. I heard what you muttered when you left the hotel. Then when I got to the cleaners, I found this uniform store right next door. I wasn’t sure I’d go through with it, until your little rant earlier. Think of it as fate, your fate. I’m going to get my lunch now. Put it on, all of it, and report back to me," I instructed him.

* * *

I had just finish my lunch when John came into the kitchen. "Turn around, so I can see how it fits," I instructed. "Very nice. Is it comfortable?"

"I guess."

"Well either it is or it isn’t. Which is it?"

"OK, it’s comfortable."

"I thought you were going to do away with that attitude? You need to show a little more respect. The sales lady said you’d need some instruction, to be a proper maid. She offered to come by and teach you. You want me to call her?"

"No, please, this is embarrassing enough."

"You should be thankful. They had other uniforms, like the hotel maids wear, and they are made for durability, not comfort."

"Thank you for my comfortable uniform, Donna."

"We can’t have that, Vicky. You need to address me as Mam, not Donna." The sales lady sure was helpful.

"Yes Mam," he replied.

"Very good. We’ll discuss some other proper deportment later. Now, how is that laundry coming?"

"I’ll check Mam."

"You might as well do the laundry from last week while you at it. Strip the beds and do the sheets too. Put a fresh set of sheets on, while those wash."

"Yes Mam."

As he was doing the wash, I changed into some grungies, and handed him the clothes I had been wearing. "These too, Vicky. I’m going to go out and mow the lawn." That was normally his job. He used to always comment about the husbands who let their wives mow the lawn. Called them wusses.

"I can still do that, there’s no need for you to."

"I don’t mind," I said. "Besides, I don’t want you to get your new uniform all sweaty. It’s the only one you’ve got. Now, you just do the maids work, and I’ll take care of the man’s work," I stated, while heading out to the garage.

* * *

After mowing the lawn, I felt invigorated. I took a good long shower and changed into something nicer, but casual. I noticed my grungies were still on the bathroom floor.

"Vicky?" I called.

"Yes Mam?" she responded when she caught up with me.

"Why are my dirty clothes still on the floor? Have you finished all the laundry?"

"No Mam. I’ve another load to do, and the lingerie is still soaking." "Well put those things with it. Might as well get it all done."

"Yes Mam."

"I expect you to be a little more diligent in the future. How’s dinner coming?"

"I haven’t started it yet, Mam," he answered.

"Don’t you think you should get started? The roast is going to take a while to cook, you know. You have to cook it slow so it will be tender."

"I’ve never cooked one before, could you show me how?"

"Well, I’d hate to see a good roast ruined, so I’ll be in to teach you in a second. Now get back on the laundry. I think the lingerie has soaked enough. Wash it out, then rinse it good, in cold water. Once you’ve rinsed it, take it out and hang it on the line."


"That is what I said."

"Yes Mam."

* * *

After I taught him how to prepare the roast, I handed him a cook book and told him he could find the recipes for everything else in it.

"May I say something?" he asked.

"Of course. What is it?"

"I could have changed and then mowed the lawn. You didn’t need to do it for me." I couldn’t figure it, last night didn’t emasculate him, but this did. Must be worried the neighbors will be thinking like he thinks. Yes, he definitely needs an attitude adjustment.

"Well, maybe I’ll let you do it next week," I commented. "If your so set . . ."

"Yes please?" he interrupted.

"You shouldn’t interrupt!"

"Sorry Mam."

"As I was saying, since you’re so set on it, I’ll just have to get you one of the more rugged uniforms."

"I can’t mow the lawn in a maids uniform. Outside where everyone can see me?"

"Well, you can’t mow it inside," I chuckled at my joke. "The uniform won’t hinder your ability to mow the lawn. Besides, the windows need cleaning also. That’s the Maids job, so you’ll need the uniform for that too. Anyone that sees you will wonder when we got a maid, or think we’re being uppity. If your worried anyone will recognizing you, how could they? They’ve never seen Vicky before. And you know good and well you look completely different from my husband, John. If you’re so concerned, we could bleach your hair blond, cut it into a short pageboy style, or cut it all off so you can wear different wigs. But wigs will get awful hot in the summer."

"Are you punishing me for last night?"

"Punishing you? What ever for? I didn’t really want to have sex with Rick, but once I did, I enjoyed it. Besides, I figured turning you into a sissy cocksucker would have been punishment enough. No, I wasn’t going to bring up last night at all. It was your attitude this morning that brought this on."

"I’m sorry. How long are you going to punish me for that?"

"We’ll see. Now, shouldn’t you be preparing the rest of tonight’s dinner?"

"Yes Mam. I’ll get right on it Mam."

* * *

He did a tolerable job on dinner, but being a new maid clearly showed when he set the table and served it. I had to correct him a few times, but went easy on him because I wasn’t entirely sure of the correct proprieties myself.

The next morning, we got up and dressed for church. Went to one our favorite diners for brunch with a few friends afterwards. Once we got back home, John headed for the couch to read the Sunday paper. He usually reads the comic pages first, then if he’s still awake, move on to the sports.


"Yes dear?"

"I need to go to the book store, do you want to come along?"

"No thanks, I just want to read the paper."

"OK, see you in a bit." "Bye."

I figured I’d let him take a little time to himself early on. I had planned on giving him some detailed instructions on proper maid decorum, etiquette, and propriety, but I’d never had a maid before, so didn’t know all the rules myself. Thus, I was off to the bookstore to find a book or two to help me, us, along. His training would commence when I got back.

* * *

"May I help you?" asked an assistant at the bookstore.

"I’ve been looking for a book about maids, but can’t find anything," I responded.

"What about maids in particular are you looking for?"

"Oh, proper uniform wear, proper etiquette, how to set a table for and serve a dinner or party, that sort of thing."

"Well we have books that show proper place settings for various occasions in the How To section, but I’m not aware of anything in particular dealing with maids. I’ll do a keyword search on our database to see what might be available. Don’t they go to classes to learn that sort of thing?"

"I reckon most do, but my maid hasn’t had any training, and I was hoping to find something useful here. Plus I’ve never had a maid, and want to make sure we do things properly, you know? Wouldn’t want any mistakes in front of guests!" I giggled.

"Here we go," she remarked as the screen on her computer displayed a few titles. "Oh my!" she exclaimed, then giggled.

"Something the matter?" I asked.

"No, nothings wrong," she replied. "Except that we don’t carry any of these books. Judging from their titles, I can see why!"

"Why’s that?"

"Well, there’s one called ‘Sissy Maids’ and another called "Male Maids and their Mistresses," she laughed. "Can you believe that? Men as maids?!"

"Well, why not? A little equality, eh?" I responded.

"Can’t you just see them, in a girly maid’s uniform, curtseying to their employer?" she laughed again. "Would seem awful humiliating to me."

"Yes, but once you’ve humiliated them into wearing the uniform, you can make them follow your orders with little to no trouble at all." I replied.

She looked over her glasses at me, inquisitively asking, "Sounds like your talking from experience?"

"Well . . .not much, but some. That’s why I’m looking for books."

"Right, the books. Well you could probably get these off the Internet. You want me to print the list?"

"Sure, thank you."

"No problem. Say, I know, maybe, no, the library is closed today. Wait, do you know the antique book store over on Lexington? I bet, if anybody had such books, they’d have some outdated guides."

"I hadn’t even thought of that. You’ve been a great help!"

"My pleasure. Maybe you can tell me how the training went, next time your in?"

"We’ll see. Thanks again."

I found the one book on dinner planning that included information regarding proper table settings, in the How To section as she had suggested , purchased it, filled out a customer/employee survey form praising the assistant, and headed over to Lexington Blvd.

* * *

"Man, haven’t they heard of the alphabet?" I was wondering. The books were in no particular order, but at least they were grouped, pretty much, according to content.

It took a while, but I did manage to find one with a very long title: ‘The Servants’ Guide and Family Manual: With new and improved receipts, [microform]: arranged and adapted to the duties of all classes of servants: housekeeper, cook, lady’s maid, nurse, housemaid, laundrymaid, dairymaid, butler, valet, coachman, groom, footman, and gardener. Forming a complete system of domestic management, from the most recent and authentic sources, aided by numerous private communications. To which is added an appendix of lists, rates, and tables, and other useful information.’ Published in London in 1830. It appeared to be a first edition. Another I ran across was on uniforms, that dealt with various types of ensembles, and the time of day each was to be worn. I figured that they should give me a good start. And I still had the list of books that I might be able to find on the Internet. At least the titles had peaked my curiosity. So I made my purchases and headed home.

Yep, just like I figured. He was sound asleep on the couch. "John! Hey John, time to wake up!" "Huh? Wa’fo?" he groggily responded.

"Well, sit up, and I’ll tell you." Once he had gained some of his senses, I informed him, "I picked up some books that we need to read."

"Why do I need to read any books?"

"Well, last night, when you served dinner? You made a few mistakes, but I knew you were trying so I didn’t say anything. So, I got some books to help you be a better maid!"

That woke him up. "You’re serious?"

"Yes, now I want you to go change into your uniform. It’s time for your lessons!"

"Why do I need to wear that? I can read just as easily as I am!"

"Attitude, for one. If you were in uniform you wouldn’t be questioning me now, would you!? And the training is not just reading, you’ll need to practice to make sure you get it right. No more arguments, now. Go change."

He returned a bit later, and stood before me. "OK, first, I want you to fix your pony tail into a feminine style. Gather it higher on the head instead of at the neck." He did as instructed. "Much better. Now, I want you to go back to the bedroom and put on the bright red nail gloss, and the matching lipstick."

"May I ask why Mam?"

"You shouldn’t question my orders, you know, but in this case I’ll explain. When you are performing some of the tasks necessary for your training, the flash of red, as you move your hands around, will serve to keep you focused on what you’re doing. As for the lipstick? It simply matches your polish. Hurry back!"

"Yes Mam."

Upon his return, I led him into the dining room. "Here you go Vicky," I said, handing him the book on table settings. "I want you to sit here and go over the introduction to learn the terminology and then skip to the section pertaining to dinner. When you’ve read those sections, I want you to set the book aside, and see if you can set the table properly. Once you’ve set the table, you can look at the book again to see if you got it right."

"Yes Mam."

"Don’t dally. I expect you to learn quickly. After all, your hair’s not blond, yet!" I giggled. "Oh, and Vicky? There will be a test."

"Yes Mam."

As John sat down to read, I grabbed an ice water from the fridge, and headed back to the living room to do a little reading myself. As I passed the dining room, John sat hunched over the book, and appeared to be intently reading.


He looked up, "Yes Mam?"

"That is not how a lady sits. Get your chin out of your hands, elbows off the table, and sit up straight!"

"Yes Mam, Sorry Mam." he replied, as I turned away.

Turning back, I said, "Oh, and Vicky, the maid always stands when his Mistress enters the room or is addressed by her."

He immediately stood, "Yes Mam. I’ll remember Mam. Thank you Mam."

"This is so cool," I smiled to myself.

* * *

The ringing of the silverware and clatter of the dishes informed me of when John started his hands on practicing. Afer a while the noise faded into the background, as I became engrossed in what I was reading.

"Excuse me Mam."

"Yes Vicky?"

" I believe I am ready to be tested now, Mam."

"Tested? Oh, right. OK then, I’ll be right there."

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