tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHour Glass Ch. 03-04

Hour Glass Ch. 03-04


Chapter 3

We have been enjoying each others company and chit chatting about trivial things as he takes his time rolling down my thigh highs, popping out my tiny red painted toes.

We are so comfortable together it is as though we have known each other all of our lives.

He takes me by the hand once again and we walk over to the hot tub. As the jets are shooting out the bubbles of steamy relaxation, we slip in and he pulls me onto his lap, my arms around his neck, we re-immerse ourselves in the delightful kissing that I will surely long for, the rest of my life.

I feel his penis come back to it's full potential, pushing against my hip and I turn and straddle his legs with my knees on the seat his erectness in between our tummies.

Reaching down and gently stroking it, he lifts me up and ever so slowly inserts his throbbing member into my waiting cavern. Inch by blessed inch, I am filled to capacity, taking deep breaths as I am reveling in anticipation.

He reaches around and places his hands on my bottom and very gently at first he lifts me up and down with the bubbling water flowing all around us. I am completed consumed with rapture as the waves of passion over take me.

I find myself with my upper torso between the rails of the stairs and the side of the hot tub as I lose myself with total abandon to the delirious pounding. Multiple orgasm is completely an understatement. I never would have believed that such heights could be reached.

With a sexual type of guttural growl he also achieves his ultimate climax. Laughter fills the room as we untangle ourselves from the unique positioning that we had found ourselves in. He holds me close once again as we take in the aura of the moments past.

When we had regained the strength to stand, he passes me a large fluffy terry bath robe and we step out onto the Italian marble floor. I am finally taking in my surroundings. This is a huge room. I cross to the window and take in the view. I love New York City. The intensity of it all! The sparkling lights shine on for miles.

I hear him speaking on the other side of the room and see that he is on the phone, he hangs up and comes up behind me and wraps his sinuous arms around me as we admire the view.

This is another moment that will forever be burned into my very being. Not only is Dave the sexiest man alive but he is the most - warm, tender and caring man that I have ever met.

For just a moment I have this wave of melancholy. I am going to have to leave at some point. I push this dreadful thought to the back of my mind as turn my attention to the man that I adore.

"You must be starving, I know that I am and we need to keep up our strength," he says with that to die for smile and laugh.

"I could definitely eat something," is my reply. Not being able to stop myself from dropping the innuendo. Giggling with light hearted laughter, something that I haven't experienced in years.

"I would like to take a quick shower. Do you want to join me or would you prefer some time on your own?" he asks.

"I need just a moment and then I will happily join you," say I.

Another daydream is going to come to fruition. Clearly I have had way too much time on my hands!

"Also do you have any bottled water?" I ask. With a firm kiss on the lips we go into the kitchen.

Dave tells me, "The bathroom is over to your left."

I drink deeply of the water bottle as I walk over to the bathroom and shut the door behind me. So many thoughts racing though my head...I am completely nuts! I want to laugh and cry and scream!

I am doing this crazy little dance. Kicking up my heels as I'm singing, "I just can't get enough," my arms flailing around.

Quite the picture, if there was video camera in here, this would have been completely embarrassing but, I really couldn't help myself.

Chapter 4

As I open the door to the bathroom he is standing just outside waiting for me. He strides over to the glass shower stall and turns on the hot water.

It is such a beautiful bathroom, all marble and glass. There must be fifty candles around the room and we light them all. The steam quickly creates this mystical feel, other worldly even.

He unfastens the belt on the terry robe I am wearing and coaxes it off hanging it on a hook just on the outside of the shower. He then does the same with his own and we step into the shower together.

We take turns washing and massaging each other and find ourselves in another serious lip lock and he is totally standing at attention once again.

He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around him as he slowly guides me down onto his waiting shaft. He is so strong, he makes me feel weightless as he very purposefully manipulates me up and down.

We eventually end up against the back of the shower wall with the water spraying down his back. The sexiest photo that I never got to take imbedded in my mind.

Climax comes to us both again and I just can't take my eyes off of him as his body is rocked with passion.

After a bit more showering we towel off and he tells me, "Wait for me. I'll be right back."

He brings me one of his button down shirts -- giggling I put it on, it is to my knees.

We walk back out into the main room just in the nick of time as the room service has just arrived.

We share a wonderful meal together. Shrimp cocktail, filet mignon perfectly cooked, baked potato and julienne style vegetables, followed by these lovely dark chocolate truffles.

We eat heartily and he pokes fun at the fact that I ate as much as he did -- "You are a very passionate woman, even with food."

"My next greatest passion is cooking," I tell him. "What I wouldn't give to be able to prepare a meal for you."

"You already have prepared a meal for me," he states again with that laugh.

More deep breathing.

He tells me, "I am a sucker for great Italian food."

Here is a wish that will probably never be fulfilled but I am okay with that. One never knows, does one?

We are simply enjoying each others company. Dave is such a down to earth man. We have both suffered though out our lives. This is probably why we can communicate on the level that we do. Heart to heart. Souls talking to one another. Completing each other.

Totally different lives, but the pain of life leaves open wounds. Until they are scared over with the love from another like soul. My wounds are being licked clean.

We walk out onto the balcony and take in the night air. Gazing up at the stars, we start up a conversation about spirituality.

He states that, "I have read a lot on the subject. Would you like to see my collection in the library?"

The penthouse has a library. It turns out that there is a quite extensive selection of books on the subject.

It seems as though we are on the same path of seeking enlightenment. Dave sits down on the leather chair, behind the large mahogany desk as I tug on the binding of one that interests me.

I sit on the desk beside him, my feet dangling, just close enough that my right thigh is within millimeters of his left hand. Unable to resist he begins to tickle my toes and caresses my calf, such long fingers on such incredibly soft hands.

Insatiable appetites, the fires are reignited, like last nights coals with a ready piece of kindling.

Taking my hands Dave draws us closer together, bending down we kiss very deeply.

He stands at that point and slides his hips between my thighs, because of his height I can feel his erection pressing against me.

Kissing with such passion and desire, time disappears and we are transported through a dream. I am floating on a cloud as he escorts me to the waiting king size bed in the next room.

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