tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHour Glass Ch. 05-06

Hour Glass Ch. 05-06


Chapter 5

Sitting at the foot of the bed, a very nice selection of music is playing in the back ground. I make out Led Zeppelin's "Rain Song". I am amazed that so many of my most favorite smoldering songs are playing on Dave's favorite i-tunes play list.

We are melting together, devouring each others kisses like the starved animals that we are.

I crawl my way up to the pillows and he makes his way to the center of the sheets. He lays down in front of me pulling my Venus mound onto his hungry mouth, as he licks and probes I am moaning feverishly. I lay forward still straddling his skillful tongue and take his anxious cock into my mouth.

Starting with the tip, rotating my tongue around and around, sliding it in and out of my hot moist mouth. Paying a bit of attention to the opening and then sucking it deeply back in again, with a rapidly increasing rhythmic pattern he soon sprays his love juices.

Very shortly after, I follow suit and achieve a furiously powerful orgasm. His lips are dampened with the proof as I slide off to one side.

He turns around so that we are facing the same way and rolls me over onto my stomach, draws me back by my hips onto my knees and enters me from behind.

One climactic triumph after another, and then he flips me once again and with my ankles by his neck, he leans in and kisses me as long and forceful as his rod inside of me.

We move with such fluidity that I have a hard time distinguishing where one of us ends and the next begins. I am totally astounded that he has such stamina. He has had such complete control over me, I am powerless in his care.

No, there are no maps needed.

Dave lays down on me, with his hands under my buttocks and as we reach our ultimate climax together, the uncontrollable tears start to flow.

Both happy and sad tears coming out at the same time. I am aware that I will never again have the opportunity to lay with him this way, to share what we are sharing now. It is almost too much to bear.

It is unspoken but we know what we feel for each other is true. He holds me close in his loving arms and as I drift off to asleep he is humming very softly "Free Love". It is understood.

Chapter 6

When I awake I find myself alone in his room. A little message is jotted down on the pad by the phone on the night stand. "Ammy, please wait for me to return. I promise I won't be too long."

I take a note of the time of half past nine in the morning. Clearly I was quite a satisfied woman. I never sleep in and this was sleeping in for me. I get out of bed and find a hot pot of coffee waiting for me in the kitchen.

I take a cup into the bath and enjoy a long and luxurious shower. After toweling off, I put on some make up. A bit of gel borrowed from Dave and I am good to go. What to do about clothes was a quandary as I hadn't packed anything for the occasion.

Just about this time Dave strides back through the door of the penthouse laden with packages.

"I took the liberty of picking out some things for you," he says with a bouncy tone in his voice.

He lays out an ensemble on the bed before me. A sweet little purple sweater, a pair of jeans, a matching purple bra and thong and a pair of socks. He gives me a minute to myself as he shuts the door behind him.

I nervously try the clothes on. He did well with the sizes and I rejoin him in the living room. I do a little modeling of the outfit that he had purchased. He looks pleased.

Knowing full well that I now must say goodbye to my beloved Dave, he comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my torso and nuzzles into my neck, taking in the moment.

As he takes a half step backwards he slips a chain over my head. I look down to see a lovely little puffed gold heart that rests just between my breasts.

I am fighting the emotions that are filling me and I have to go before I won't be able to.

"It was my greatest pleasure sharing this time with you," he whispers in my ear. "I will never have another woman who understands me the way that you do."

He turns me to face him. We stare into each others eyes as he continues, "I have to tell you, just between us," with a wink, "that people on the Depeche Mode Message Board wonder whether I personally ever visit the board. The answer is yes. Daily, whenever possible, Mother's Eyes," with that unforgettable smile lighting his face.

"You really write very emotional and thought provoking poetry on the expressions thread and I was praying that you would come to the Hour Glass signing. My prayers were completely answered."

For the last time that he holds me in his arms he sings to me, in his delightful baritone voice.

Wicked game, by Chris Isaak. "The world was on fire and no one could save me but you....."

With one last sweet kiss on my lips I step into the elevator and back to my reality, all the while with a heaviness in my heart but love filling my soul. I know that I am radiating with a glow that I was missing before. With a warm smile I think to myself, Now, I can die happy...

(Until they meet again) The End

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