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House Arrest


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Audrey Reynolds cried as the monitor was clamped around her ankle as she sat on the dining room chair. Her eighteen-month sentence for possession of a controlled substance began today. In this case, several doses of a certain psychedelic that she had brought back with her from college that she had slipped into the cellophane wrapper of a cigarette pack. Audrey had carelessly left the pack out in the open on the console of her car during a DUI checkpoint.

Her father, James, stood over her wearing a blank expression.

"Audrey, you should feel lucky that you're not going to jail." James rubbed his daughter's shoulder lightly as she slumped in her chair.

"I know, Dad. I'm so sorry!" She began crying again, turning to her father and wiping her tear-streaked face in his flannel shirt.

The technician from the monitoring service finished the adjustments to the device then left some paperwork about the monitor before leaving. Actually, the thing was considerably smaller than James envisioned it would be. It was about the size of a man's sport watch and didn't look too cumbersome at all.

Audrey's sentence was fair in her father's eyes: eighteen months under house arrest with no outside privileges. Aside from having to report to her case manager every 60 days, and medical appointments, she was confined to her home. Thankfully, Audrey had no criminal record and had just graduated from university with honors. The judge considered these factors as well as the fact that he knew Audrey's mother who served as a prosecutor in his courtroom for ten years prior to her death last year after losing her battle with breast cancer.

James and Audrey had a difficult time adjusting to the loss of their beloved wife and mother. Audrey had drifted her senior year in college but was somehow able to maintain her grades despite getting involved with a wilder group of students who liked to party. Perhaps if her school was closer to home, James would have noticed the change in her personality and would have been able to intervene.

James and his deceased wife, Deena, had raised Audrey to be a strong, independent woman. Curious, yet cautious, and remarkably intelligent. James could recall only a couple of grades that dipped below an "A" in her entire academic career.

When Deena passed away, Audrey sought to escape the sadness by any means possible. Partying and sexual promiscuity were the two outlets she seemed to gravitate to immediately. James felt her interest in these wild activities could also have something to do with her being so uninterested in anything other than grades in high school and for most of college. He figured that she had gone through a period of rebellion. After graduating, she moved back in with her father and two weeks later, she was busted.

"What now?" Audrey looked up at her dad as he stood next to her.

"Now, you serve your sentence. Audrey, there's more to this than just the legal issues. I am also restricting you from having any friends over that you have met in college, or any that get high. They could require you to submit a urine sample to test for drugs at any time."

"All my friends from college are too far away to visit. Besides, I wasn't really close with any of them."

Audrey broke into tears again. This time, her father leaned over to hug her tightly.

"I love you Audrey." He rubbed her back lovingly before standing up.

"I have some suggestions as to what you can do during your time at home, and some mandatory chores that you will be responsible for."

Audrey was wiping her eyes with the bottom of her T-shirt.

"What do I have to do?"

"You will clean the house, organize rooms, prepare meals for us, work on your resume...we can create a more detailed list together. I will also be sure to keep you in books and anything else you might want to pass the time."

"Okay, Dad. That sounds fair." Audrey stood up and hugged her dad again.

"I want you to appreciate how fortunate you are to have your life, and that you're not serving your sentence in jail." James pulled back and looked his daughter in the eye.

"I know, Dad. I know I'm lucky, I really do."

Audrey looked down at her ankle monitor and shook her leg to check its tightness and weight.

She told herself, 'It's not that bad. Dad's right, I'm really fortunate.'

James watched his daughter disappear down the hallway and into her bedroom. She took after her mother in so many ways. She had her mother's long, toned legs, straight blonde hair, and deep blue eyes, but her narrow waist, perky breasts, and perfectly curved butt reminded James of his sister. Audrey was a beautiful young woman. James always thought she looked like an elf princess; like one of the elf women from the Lord of the Rings. Audrey loved his description of her and used to ask that he invent bedtime stories about his "elf-princess" as she fell asleep. James loved his daughter and despite her current setback, he was still very proud of her.

In contrast to Audrey's petite size, James was large and burly. A few inches over six feet and just under 210 pounds, James was a large, muscular man. Audrey called him her "Daddy-bear" growing up as he had a lot of hair on his chest and, at that time, wore a beard. James had dark blue eyes and thick brown hair that he kept cut short. He was a handsome man.

James owned an insurance agency with thirty employees. His office wasn't too far from his home, and he could work out of his home office if he was needed to help Audrey with anything. James would typically work from home a couple of days a week just to keep Audrey company, and on the days he went in to the office, he tried to come home early. He had done well to maintain his business, even after the death of his beloved Deena.

Over the next two weeks, James and Audrey settled into a routine. They had created a detailed list of things she could do to pass her time, which she posted on a small bulletin board in her room. She was also making progress on the various projects that her father had for her.

One of the routines that was quickly established was watching movies. James and Audrey began to watch movies together, a couple of times each week at first, then every night, and sometimes during the day when James stayed home from work. While Audrey was at school, James had converted the den at the back of their home to a media room. He hung dark, thick drapes over the windows, bought a large, HD TV with a sound system, and had purchased a big, comfortable couch stretching across the room in front of the TV. It was a movie watcher's paradise.

After a busy day at work, James came home to a quiet house. He saw that Audrey had already eaten and guessed that she was most likely in the media room. He entered the room and must have startled Audrey who jumped in her seat on the couch as he came in.

"What's on the marquee tonight, Princess?" James settled down on the couch with his daughter.

Audrey was scrolling through the browser, using the Internet feature on the TV.

"Umm. Well, I've been searching on the Internet for information about gardening so I haven't checked yet," she replied, sounding slightly nervous for some reason.

"That's a great idea! There's all kinds of room out back where you can grow vegetables and still be within the boundaries of the monitor." James looked down at Audrey's ankle.

"That's what I was thinking." Audrey switched the TV back to cable and was now searching movie titles.

"How about 'The Graduate'?" She opened the movie title on the screen.

"Ok. I haven't seen that in a while." James stretched his legs out in front of him as Audrey curled up on the other side of the couch.

They typically turned all the lights out when they watched a movie, but tonight Audrey kept the light on near her end of the couch. James noticed Audrey was wearing extremely short shorts and thought it unusual that she was curled up in such a small space at the end of the couch. She normally sat closer to him and laid her feet on the coffee table. She sat quietly through the movie and didn't appear too interested in it. James caught her looking at him several times as he sat on the couch, but didn't say anything to her about it.

After the movie, Audrey went to bed and James decided to check out what websites she had discovered about gardening. He wanted to get her started on her new hobby right away. He couldn't imagine what it must be like having to stay inside twenty-four hours a day.

James used the television's keyboard and track pad to navigate through the history of the web browser that the TV uses. He was puzzled because he couldn't find any gardening sites.

"Hmm. Lingerie, body lotion...what's this? 'Hung Boyfriend'? What the hell?"

James was talking to himself, as he explored Audrey's browsing history. He clicked on the last webpage and was directed to a porn site. James's heart began beating faster.

'That would explain her change in behavior. No wonder she was curled up in a ball. She was looking at porn and feeling guilty about it!' he realized.

James wasn't angry with his daughter. He understood how difficult it was to be alone. He had struggled with loneliness as a result of losing his wife and before that, the loss of intimacy six months prior to her death as a result of the chemo. Over the year, he had learned to stay away from pornography as a general rule. It brought him nothing but more longing and frustration with his being alone. While his wife was undergoing chemo therapy, the last thing on his mind was sex. Once she passed away, it took a while before he felt sexual, and turning to porn to relieve his pent-up sexual tensions, only caused him to use it excessively, and to want a real relationship, something he just wasn't ready for yet. As a result, he now only used it a couple of times a month and tried to view only soft core images, in an effort to keep it under control.

James found himself now searching the porn site for an interesting video. He discovered one about a large-breasted realtor showing a client an expensive home. The scene didn't take long to get to the sex and now the couple in the video were fucking in the living room. It had been a while since James had masturbated, and he found himself rock hard in a matter of seconds.

Rather than return to his room, he decided to just take out his cock and start stroking. Audrey had already gone to bed, so he felt it was safe. It felt incredibly good to touch himself on the comfortable couch in his media room. The huge, 80" screen was much better than watching it on his 15" laptop like he used to do. He'd never thought of using his TV to watch porn, it was an awesome improvement.

After a few minutes of stroking, James decided to watch a different video. He found another one about a wife who was cheating on her husband with her father-in-law. The story was a long and sensual one. James pulled his shorts down to his ankles and began pumping his big dick during one of the hotter scenes.

Earlier that evening, Audrey was only barely able to click off the porn site before her dad walked into the media room. She was rubbing herself through her shorts and didn't hear him come home. She had an ongoing fantasy about having her way with a big dick, something she had never experienced in her life. The sex she had these last two years since losing her virginity was with men who were seriously lacking between their legs. As a result, she preferred porn videos that featured more well-endowed men.

Audrey also had an ongoing fantasy involving her father. One where she imagined he had a big dick and she could have access to it whenever she wanted. As a result, living with her dad now that she was an adult, was triggering all sorts of sexual thoughts within her; and being trapped in the house every day with no social life, having only her dad to interact with, was driving her absolutely crazy.

Audrey was barely able to make it through "The Graduate" without touching herself since her dad interrupted her before she could cum. In her bedroom, she was able to get naked and pull up the video on her computer to finish what she started before previously being interrupted. Audrey liked to rub her clit with her middle finger until she was just about to cum, then she would plunge two fingers into her tight, shaved pussy as she shook through her typically powerful orgasms...just like she did a few moments ago.

Feeling relaxed and satisfied, she became thirsty and quietly left her room for the kitchen to get some ice water. As she approached the media room, she could hear a strange, dialogue coming from the TV. It sounded like a soap opera, dull and poorly delivered. The flickering glow was the only light emanating from the dark room. She assumed that her dad had fallen asleep and some melodrama was playing on the TV as he slept.

She approached the room from the darkness of the hallway and was about to fully enter when she saw his head from the side, upright, and alert. Before she could say anything, she peered around the door frame to where she could clearly see the rest of his body sitting on the couch against the wall, visible from the door.

Audrey quickly brought her hand up to her mouth in an effort to control her reaction.

'Oh my God, Dad is watching porn! Holy Jesus!' Then she looked a little lower, 'He has his dick out! Oh...my...God! Yes! It's huge!' To say Audrey was impressed was an understatement.

She became absolutely giddy upon her realization that her very straight and responsible father was watching porn and that he was fantastically well-hung.

'I never imagined that the first big dick I ever saw in person would be my dad's!' This discovery caused all the years of fantasy about her dad, which involved him having a big dick, to come to life. Not wanting to risk being caught, she decided to turn around and get a drink from her bathroom sink instead. Laying in her bed, she fell asleep fantasizing about what it would be like to have sex with her father.

During the week, Audrey kept to a regular routine. She didn't want to fall into a pattern where she slept during the day and was awake at night, so she rose at the same time as her dad and made him breakfast every morning. After this, she normally took a shower, picked up around the house, cleaned, and read. In the afternoons, she would use the treadmill in the sunroom, write, explore the Internet, and watch movies. She enjoyed her days most of the time, and going into her third week of house arrest, she rarely found herself too bored. Today was different. She was struggling with her efforts to put her father's large penis out of her mind and was having a difficult time resisting the urge to masturbate thinking of him.

As she was preparing lunch for herself, she recalled the brief glimpse she had seen of her father. She was happy she got to see a little of that side of his personality. He was always so proper, so solid; he had been a perfect father to her growing up. As she continued thinking about what it was that he could have been watching, she thought about taking a break after lunch and watching a video while her father was at the office.

'Being under house arrest makes me so horny!' Again, thoughts of her father popped into her mind.

After cleaning her dishes, she turned the TV on in the media room and selected the browser option from the menu screen. She remembered the video she was watching yesterday, and wanted to return to it so she opened up the history feature to find it. She was surprised to discover that her father had been to the very site she had watched, only later in the evening.

She smiled, "So, James, looks like you discovered my video before you started watching one of your own." Audrey was talking to herself as she explored her dad's activity. "Hmm. Interesting. He watched my big dick porn, then went on to watch a couple of others."

Audrey selected a different video that showed two well-hung guys having sex with an older woman, supposedly one of their step-moms. It was hot, but she preferred videos where the female actress was younger and more closely resembled her. Before she could find another, she thought she heard the garage door open and quickly turned off the TV.

That night, after watching their movie, James was last to go to bed again, and decided to check on his daughter's web activity. He discovered her threesome video.

'Wow! This is dirty.' He thought.

James didn't need to look for another video as this one was good enough for him to watch for a bit. He slid his pajama bottoms and underwear down to his ankles again and began rubbing his cock. As he watched the video, what turned him on the most was knowing that his Audrey had watched it. He began imagining his precious daughter with her legs spread, fingering her pussy as she watched the graphic video. His train of thought was in conflict with the content of the video, so he entered a search phrase into the search bar, "young blonde with older man." The results were overwhelming. James scrolled through video after video of young, skinny blonde-haired women having sex with men old enough to be their fathers.

James felt a strong wave of excitement move through his body. He had never fantasized about his own daughter in any way prior to that night. Now, as he watched a video of a young blonde woman servicing an older man, he could not avoid being bombarded with thoughts of Audrey. He felt fearful and anxious for some odd reason and decided to go to bed before he took this fantasy any further. He had no clue that Audrey was checking on his browser history much the same way he was checking on hers.

After fixing breakfast for her dad, Audrey made him some coffee and placed it on his desk. James had a home office toward the front of the house that he used whenever he worked from home, and would typically work in two hour spurts, taking breaks in between. Audrey knew that once he closed the door that he would be in there for a while. Last night, she noticed that he stayed up after she had went to bed. She wanted to see what videos he watched.

Audrey was intrigued by the recent discovery that her father had watched porn videos. This thought had become a minor preoccupation yesterday and even more so today. She found herself very eager to explore what was on his mind, sexually, last night after she went to bed. Her thoughts were turning her on and her fantasies involving her dad were becoming more elaborate. She was beginning to feel like she should act on them.

She quietly entered the media room, turned on the TV, and muted the volume. She sat nearer the door than she normally did just to make sure she could hear him approach and that he didn't walk in on her unexpectedly.

'What did he watch last night...let me see...oh! He watched my video...and...oh my God! He searched for young blonde and older man videos...Daddy!' Audrey watched some of the videos her dad had watched the night before, then quickly closed the video before she was discovered and left the room to sit at the kitchen table. She thought about what she had just seen and came to the obvious conclusion that he was looking for content that showed actors who resembled himself and Audrey. Her physical reaction was immediate. She was so excited that she became unusually wet.

'Is Dad fantasizing about me? I should explore this to see what happens.' After checking on her father as he worked in the office, Audrey left the kitchen for the media room again. 'So, dad's pulling up my history and watching what I watch...well, Daddy, let's see what you think of this.' Audrey smiled to herself as she entered the search phrase "father and daughter." Audrey quickly opened a video of a petite blonde woman, probably no older than nineteen or twenty, asking her father about sex. The video was hot, and Audrey wanted desperately to watch more of it, but decided that it would be too risky. She turned the TV off, now that the evidence was planted, and headed to her room.

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