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House Aurenthin


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. (c) Etaski 2016.

This story stands alone, but will be most meaningful for those reading my series "Surfacing" as this is an origins story for some important characters. When I consider both the intended impact and the spoilers, I would say this story fits snugly right in between Chapter 36 and Chapter 37 of Surfacing. Read at your own risk.

Appropriate tags for this story: Some early scenes of non-consent by evil characters; male and female bisexuality.

House Aurenthin


The City was in chaos.

They're trapped! Janel Ja'Prohn updated through her mass missive. Anyone who's gone into the Sanctuary isn't coming out.

Did Tryc's team at least manage to kill a few Draegloth, if not all of them?? her Commanding Matron asked.

About half of them sprouted wings when they clashed, Matron, and then they bolted outside. Reports say their Priestess-Mothers weren't able to control them.

What about Wolina?

The Drider Mistress hasn't been seen, but the Driders are engaging our army as we speak.

The Matron Ja'Prohn gripped the hilt of her sword. So were Fadele's Sisters. Lolth fuck a pick-axe sideways. So their strongest ally had incoming flankers on three sides. I need to warn the Blade Singers about the Draegloth but I'm not in range. I have to draw back, Janel.

Wait! Tell us what we are to do, Matron!

She ground her teeth. If Taneous isn't going to help us inside the Palace, we must leave him there and meet up with Matalai'ko. We take as many of them down as we can on our way out. No tactics barred.


Fadele felt that moment the fighting turned desperate. Damage control and intimidation, deliberation and strategy...that was long past. Now they were just trying to get out with Driders and Draegloth pouncing on them, stunning and poisoning and paralyzing.

Capture who you can alive, Fadele, the Valsharess instructed.

The Prime Sister saw one Blade Singer picked up by winged Draegloth and pinned on a ledge far up so he could rut with her in relative safety. Did she count as "captured" alive?

Heh. She's certainly taken.

Too soon Fadele had to turn from the beguilingly spread and thrashing legs as demonic hips thrust savagely between them. Those leathers had to be torn to shreds; maybe there were claw marks all over her ass as well.

Bah. Lucky prick.

The Blade Singers might have the most potent, traditional magic, but she and her Sisters had the Abyss, their numbers, and all their fun, little surprises on their side.

Whatever traitors were alive once captured were going to wish that they weren't.


The moment Y'shir's Daughter lost her weapon and fell—trying to hold in her intestines as the Drider Mistress prepared to strike again—signaled disaster for their House.

"Ssshhhow usss where he isss!" hissed the contorted hybrid, eyes yellow and milky as she seized the sides of the rebel leader's head, intending somehow to rip the information from out of her skull after it was cracked. "Where he hasss taken the othersss!"

"Leave him in peace, Wolina!" she gasped, calling on the last of her reserves to cast the spell that would kill her for sure, and hopefully take out the Drider Mistress.

Blade Singers, cover their escape! Stand a hard line!

Then their leader was gone, and the entire House would never meet up with their fabled Grandsire.


"We should destroy those records," the Prime said.

"Absolutely not, Fadele!" the High Priestess protested, staring directly into the eyes of the hardened warrior. "You may like to sweep up evidence of your failures, Sister, but there is far more worth in these records than there is in your pride!"

The younger Drow narrowed her eyes at the Priestess of Lolth but otherwise kept her face like stone, her eyes next shifting to the Valsharess and she bowed her head.

"My Queen. If it is as You've Seen, that it is too late to find the traitors, then these scrolls will only serve to confuse and mislead future Priestesses and Elders. If You do not want us to remember, best not keep reminders lying about."

The Prime spoke straightforward and plain, as if there should be no doubt which was the clearest path. As usual, and to Her Prime's greatest irritation, High Priestess Panijat wanted the path to their future to be as murky as possible.

"Again, no," the other said. "The traitor Houses were all broken and rounded up, yes, but they still possessed the largest concentration of mages in their bloodlines—"

"Yes," the Prime said with cool derision, "we noticed that a century ago during the battle you conveniently watched from a balcony. The mages were exactly how they managed to rise and challenge our Queen in the first place."

"Too many of them are dead or lost to us," the Priestess continued passionately in the face of her rigid adversary. "We need these records still, for a time at least, so we can look more closely at those who remain."


"To be sure we don't snip off the strongest magic we can salvage, Prime Sister. That is my duty, if not yours. Out of the mages come our future generation of Lolth's Priestesses. None of your crop of passably magic-sensitive warriors can fill that vital role, therefore you have no say."

Fadele bristled visibly. "I dare claim you haven't been doing dung on that for all this time we've been hunting them in the Underdark, Priestess, while you all sit cozy in your worship rooms."

"Had I known about these records earlier, Prime, I would have been!"

The Prime had her expression reined back before she again looked to the Valsharess. "My Queen?"

Ishuna lightly traced her fingers over the tattered scrolls, so recently pulled from Her personal library by Her own hand. She ignored the bickering though She listened to the arguments. Yes, her High Priestess hadn't known about these scrolls; Panijat had her own set within the library in the Sanctuary, open to the Valsharess any time She wished to step in. Ishuna did so on a regular basis so She knew precisely which differences Panijat had spied just now.

It was only this moment, the waking after her Dream Walk, when the enormous black wing drew up to block her Sight looking down some of the Underdark's deepest paths, that Ishuna knew She now had to give up the search. That had been the sign She sought. This had to come full circle; try as She had, the break in their population could neither be prevented nor recovered. Y'shir had taken the secrets of Blade Song with him when he'd joined House Ja'Prohn in the rebellion. It was now quite clear why he'd delayed taking an apprentice in the century leading up to that battle.

Her sole consolation was that She now knew House Ja'Prohn and their allies would never make it back to the Surface as they hoped. They would not upset the balance, would not tempt the Deathless servant who once had been Her own family. The Underdark would never let them go.

Xala, Ishuna thought, considering family who had been much older. Glad We are that you did not live to see the day your House cut Us so deeply. Only they could have caused a successful Break from the Path.

Now She must consider the formal records of the City; what to teach the newest crop of Priestesses, Red Sisters, and Nobles. Their numbers were finally recovering from heavy losses, and there would be a lot of children coming of age at the same time in another few decades. Certainly stories were still handed down by the elder survivors of the war, but those would fade with time and a little help from Lolth.

One larger House had been not only splintered but on the bottom of it all this whole time. They suffered the blame from the City as a whole for the treason, preventing the swift recapture of the deserters, though by order of the Valsharess, both Sisterhood and Sanctuary worked together to make sure they weren't attacked in a coup.

"Someone must be on the bottom," She'd told her closest advisors shortly after the bloodshed. "We will continue to choose which House that will be. It will not change unless We wish it. We shall also choose from among them the next Drider Mistress."

At the time She had ignored the Prime's reply to that, Her most loyal Sister not quite asking outright why the Queen didn't seem to care who was the First House.

Now, back with Her advisors once again, Ishuna pondered the House which had lost the most in the rebellion—not just the Blade Song Master Y'shir Matalai'ko but their Matron, all their status, resources, trade agreements, Noble children and fighters alike. They had been living practically in the slums this last century. Now that Y'shir was gone for good and Ishuna knew the traitors would never reach the Surface, She must decide how to salvage what She could, Her way.

"House D'Shauranti must be split up," She murmured. "As they have failed to train a new Blade Song apprentice, this House may not have both powerful warriors and sorceresses in their Noble line and among their House Guard. D'Shauranti shall now be two Houses, warrior or sorceress, and We shall keep one weak while bolstering and annexing the other."

The Prime nodded her chin, her cold eyes already contemplating further abductions and imprisonments as means of control, while the High Priestess tapped her fingertips together, just as swiftly considering methods of persuasion and intrigue in the central City.

"Allow the Priesthood to bring any sorceresses who becomes known to Court for an extended time, Valsharess," Panijat began. "We can slowly change their thinking. We must remove the sons with mage potential as well."

"We already have an idea for this," Ishuna murmured. "A tower to train them for Our purposes, away from their families."

"The Sisterhood can help with this, Valsharess," Fadele spoke up, straightening her back and crossing her arms. "Though I'd suggest the change must be among all Noble sons, or they will see the pattern against House D'Shauranti."

Ishuna nodded once, able to imagine the Prime Sister being quite effective collecting all the magical sons of the Nobles. Perhaps it was time for this change as well, to separate the males from the females even more, as they would only distract Her best Drow which remained to keep back the threats of the Underdark. Separation would prevent further confusion to Her daughters, to choose between their Queen-Mother and those they mounted. Selfish as males were as a whole for female attention, so dependent on it as they were, they would have to be put in their place. The Drow could not afford another war among themselves in the Underdark, and Ishuna had not missed the explicit fighting over Taneous and Y'shir as it all came down.

Panijat smiled now at Fadele for once. "Over time, one House will simply be martial at best, while all the best mages will be under our direct control."

"Then the 'mage's' House is just temporary," the Prime said with a smirk. "Sooner or later it's got to disappear."

"Agreed," the Priestess said.

Quite a rarity to hear that.

Ishuna could see the plan coming together quickly. She already knew which male mage she would choose to be Headmaster to this new crop of children: the sole defector from House Ja'Prohn, Her Royal Consort Taneous. He would inherit any male mage surprises who might show up in the bottom House; they now destined to be nothing but fighters and mundane healers.

She pulled out a fresh sheet of parchment at Her desk, drawing her standing advisor's full attention as She wrote with elegant script at the top of the parchment, one name on the left hand side.

House D'Shea.

Ishuna considered the other name, and it came to Her so abrupt and clear, She wrote it down on the right hand side without second-guessing it.

House Aurenthin.

Yes. Hidden in plain sight.

"We shall keep both of these records, Prime Fadele," Ishuna commanded, just to be clear to her stubborn Prime.

"Yes, Valsharess."

No hesitation or bitterness at all. Good. The Prime was the example of what they could accomplish without males dragging them down. Again.

"Come closer, both of you, and let Us sort this out."

With a few strokes of Her fiberstalk quill, Ishuna created a new genealogy from which they would work for the future stability of Lolth's City.


Fadele's heart pounded from the thrill of the catch as she wrestled the young, Noble-bred fighter into a hold she couldn't break. The Prime loved the way the other female's leather-clad backside rubbed and writhed against her mound as they struggled, soured only by the thought that the youth wasn't afraid enough. Not yet.

Yet if some pathetic male's pole was sliding up in between your cheeks right now, sweetmeat, you'd be livid with fear and indignation.

She'd been chasing this slit for most of the cycle through the borderlands, aided by the borrowed Draegloth herding her to where the recruit couldn't go too far away from the safety of the Great Cavern. Fadele was satisfied enough that this one had the speed and toughness to be part of the Sisterhood, but now the elder Red Sister wanted to see how the girl handled humility.

The Prime only hated having to use the Priestess's sons to really break them down.

The youth wanted to cry out as the Draegloth appeared and the two of them stripped her of her pants; she wanted to scream, but she didn't. She stayed silent in the Underdark.

Noting that as a mark in her favor, Fadele could enjoy every expression of horror and denial on the young face as she held their new Sisterhood toy by the front end, arms and torso in a lock, her sweet mouth close enough to her crotch to fuel her desire as the Draegloth took care of the bottom end.

"No...!" the young female whispered, trying to look behind her but she couldn't see past the Prime's muscled thighs. "Please, Prime, stop him! I submit!"

You bet your netherhole, you will, Aurenthin slit.

The recruit's face grimaced and her mouth opened in a silent scream as the demonic male trust into her cunt first, but the Fadele knew that was only to get it a little wet with a handful of thrusts. With a nod from herself, the demonblood held her new novice down and slowly, humiliatingly speared her purple star with his pointed cock, drawing out how long she would feel taking all of that length. He quivered with the joy finally pressing his bushy white crotch-beard flush against her sweet ass. The recruit was so tense, Fadele imagined how stretched and full and wide open she felt right then.

The Draegloth waited for the Prime's signal like a good boy before he drew back and stuffed his cock up inside the Aurenthin fighter again. Before long he sped up, reaming that tight hole until he was eagerly rutting it like the brute he was.

Watching the other female face, showing every change and tick and eye-widening surge of sensation, hearing her whimper or choke on a gasp, the Prime was intensely jealous of the Draegloth. The Priestesses and Nobles might be satisfied directing males to humiliate other females on occasion, but the Sisterhood should have something more. Something no one else in the City had in their direct control, which would terrify anyone.

Fadele didn't just want to hold her would-be rivals down as they got fucked by someone else, and she wouldn't wear those stupid-looking contraptions some female slaves wore for their mistress, giving them a fake cock they could neither feel nor control.

The Prime wanted to be the one fucking her girls. Not only did she want them to feel her mounting and claiming each of them, she wanted in turn to feel these would-be elites' holes spasm and tighten around her as they struggled. Most importantly, she wanted to be able to get off on it.

"Prime...!" the recruit pleaded, her ass raw by now as the Draegloth snorted and huffed, preparing to soil her back passage. "Oh, P-Prime!"

That's it. That's exactly what you should be saying now.

Only that precious, breathless squeal should be to acknowledge exactly who would be leaving her hole gaping. This wasn't enough.

Nonetheless the Prime panted softly and dry-humped against the younger female, nearly climaxing right there, but only fucking nearly. She'd need to force the slit to suck her cunt later back at the Cloister. She wouldn't get all tangled up in her leathers exposed out here. Lolth, damn it...

As the Draegloth growled low and spurted deep inside her recruit's asshole, Fadele had an idea. She would talk to Taneous in the Wizard's Tower. She'd given him enough quality young blood of his own already over the last century, more than enough! He could return her a favor.


Here, sorceress, let us drink.

One time out of ten, after enough practice with the simplest of cantrips, that would actually work. It was one of those tricks beginner mages played on each other all the time and soon grew out of. It should be far too obvious for any seasoned wizard or sorceress, yet the Headmaster of the Tower still used it on occasion. Usually because his guests were always looking for something more complex and powerful on his home turf.

Taneous grinned as the attractive female mage actually followed his lead and tilted back her head, holding the tiny cup to her lips. The fluid poured between her full lips and she swallowed.

Now if only she doesn't—

Her eyes widened as she realized what she'd done. She immediately turned from him, putting a finger down her throat to force a retching. Taneous sprang forward and gripped her wrist to pull it from her throat and clutched her to him to straighten her up. He kissed her temple, pressed his aura out at her, searching to entwine them. Now he would draw out a spell much more complex, and begin the binding.

Calm, sorceress, be calm. This is decreed. It will be better if you don't fight me. You'll remember only that you accepted the gift. You are ready. Only remember that you are ready.

She grew lax, unable to hold herself up, and Taneous placed her belly down and bent over the table in his greeting room. She groaned, pawed drunkenly at something, anything within reach, but he hurriedly pushed the scrolls they'd been looking at out of her grasp. Those wouldn't help her stand up again anyway; nothing would. Not for the next few marks at least.

Absently he rubbed at the silver ring on his finger with his thumb, willing his Queen to become aware of him.

I am ready as well.

Within moments, both the Valsharess and the High Priestess arrived inside his transport circle, stepping out from behind the wall to enter the scholar's greeting room. Their eyes landed on Jelani D'Shea and back on him. He merely waited, keeping his eyes down and his hands lightly on the sorceress's warm back.

"You need more from this than my seed in the right place, My Valsharess?" he asked, already knowing the answer; it was more for the High Priestess's benefit.

"You recall how to overcome Jelani's aura, Headmaster?" his Queen asked,

Taneous looked down at the sorceress whom the Valsharess had chosen, admiring her shape and her bottom through her gown. He held her steady to keep her from sliding off the table when her legs finally gave out and she relaxed utterly. He could feel just that small bit of drugged blur as he focused on the sound of her heart and the subtle wave of her aura. She'd feel something of what he felt, which would be pleasurable, but she wouldn't remember much, if anything at all.

"With her unconscious, it will not be difficult, my Queen. There will hardly be any resistance."

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