House Aurenthin


"One try, Headmaster," High Priestess Panijat said with a hint of derision. "Let us hope you are potent enough so far from Lolth's proper altar."

"I will succeed, High Priestess. I wager the Spider Queen never needed to provide us with instructions on how to procreate."

"You border on insolence, Headmaster."

The Valsharess lifted Her hand, silencing them both, as She stepped forward to stand at Jelani's lolling head, making eye contact with Taneous. He stared once again at those sandy-yellow eyes and felt bumps rush to rise along his skin.

The things She has Seen...

His Queen Herself took hold of the sorceress with whom he was supposed to breed, silently giving Her approval and final blessing as She made sure the sedated sorceress wouldn't fall. He felt Her tug at his aura, encouraging him to kneel and lift the fine silk gown, exposing Jelani's equally smooth and tiny smallclothes currently in style at Court. He had to admire how they echoed and accentuated her curves, so stark white against her flawless, dark skin.

"Pull them down," his Queen instructed him softly, and hearing that command and the subtle undercurrent in Her tone caused his cock to harden when he least expected it. Until that moment, he'd anticipated stroking himself for a while before being ready.

Now the Headmaster eagerly tugged and slipped the underclothing off Jelani's hips and let them fall to her ankles, smoothing his hands up her legs to settle her skirt above her waist, finally nuzzling his nose and mouth against her pouty netherlips and inhaling her musk. The young sorceress wasn't completely dry; she had come here initially under the impression that she might have opportunity to mount the Royal Consort. Apparently she had been looking forward to it.

By Royal decree, however, he would mount her instead, and these two elder females were here to bear witness that he used the right hole and that he was the sire. No delaying or forcing multiple engagements by practicing anything other than the breeding position, either. No opportunities for Jelani to mount someone else. This would be quick. At least Jelani smelled good to him.

Taneous flicked his tongue out and tasted her, sucking to help moisten her up a bit more. He heard a muddled moan from Jelani but she didn't move. He half-expected either the Valsharess or Panijat to tell him to hurry but soon enough he realized they were studying his aura with the unconscious Daughter of House D'Shea. The Valsharess was making sure he was enhancing things correctly; the High Priestess was observing how it was done at all. She was too young to remember.

With a last kiss to Jelani's wet labia, Taneous stood up and pulled his robes over his head entirely, setting the heavy things aside at the leg of the table and kicking off his sandals. He now stood naked in front of Panijat for the first time, and her crimson eyes raked over him with a bit of covetousness she dare never show the Valsharess directly.

With a private, mental smirk for the Priestess and a last, respectful nod to his Queen, the Headmaster stepped up behind the young sorceress and pried the cleft of her bottom open with one hand, guiding his erection into place with the other, and pushing.

He nudged partway in, pulled out a bit, then finally sunk deeply in to seat himself inside the unconscious female. Her body clutched him in reflex and an unintelligible sound escaped her throat as her head flopped to one side, but Taneous had only to look up and lock eyes with his mysterious Valsharess, and he was soon thrusting hard and deep into Jelani's breeding hole while he stared at his Queen's beautiful, exotic face.

He'd start and finish where his cock sought release; he was already potent, he knew. All that mattered now was what he and his Queen did with Jelani's aura.

Slowly open her up, merge with her, impregnate her in one coupling using all magic at our disposal. Try not to break her while we make an equally magical child for the Valsharess.

Whether Jelani willed this or not didn't matter; the Priesthood and the Valsharess would be watching her after she caught. They would take care of her as the sorceress D'Shea would eventually give birth to his replacement.

Unless it was female. Then he would be tasked to try again.


"So I hear House Chenir won over House Sil'tren," Batula Aurenth'sareci said as she walked with her older sister, Treya, and the grubby pech slaves digging up their mushroom patch.

"So what?" Treya replied. "So the numbers change, what, seven levels above ours? Nine? And we stay the same? Peh."

"Well," Batula responded a bit uncertainly. "I thought at least one of us should be up on current politics."

"Why? If we aren't fighting in the other House's army, and the Valsharess isn't pulling Her own to decide the bickering for them, what should we care?"

The younger sister bit her bottom lip, trying to muster the courage to speak it. She couldn't quite. Not yet.

"I also heard the Sisterhood took every male from Matron Kilgari," she said instead. "They say she was hiding two mage sons behind her Second Daughter at her estate, and the Valsharess punished her by claiming all her sons entirely. The two mages went to Headmaster Renalous, of course."

Treya rolled her eyes. "Again, so? We don't have much to do with mages anyway. Can never trust 'em with anything, brown-nosing, thieving ferrets."

Batula swallowed, feeling her body flush with confused fear, and she waited for her older sister to change the subject again.

Just tell them. Tell them you can make fire just pointing and thinking about it!

But no one else in her family could do it. She had no tutor, not as the other Noble Houses did. What was she going to do? Sooner or later she'd make a mistake...

She had wandered a bit from Treya counting peches when she smelled something odd. Like a humidifier spore. Looking carefully into a nearby crevice, she figured that was the source.

Something rare in there for our healer's potions...Mother will be pleased.

Leaning in, a strong, gloved hand abruptly landed on her shoulder as someone stepped out of the shadows beside her, and another dark form stepped out in front of her from the crevice. Hands smothered her mouth and grabbed her, pulling her out of sight. Batula struggled and tried to scream for her sister, but three bodies including hers now filled the crevice with very little extra room, and they held her tight. The young Drow was pressed stomach-first into the stone wall, her captors She smelled sweaty leather and felt the cool metal of a blade at her throat.

"Surprise, cutie," another female Drow whispered in her ear.

Batula flushed in pure fear, and the Red Sister slowly inhaled the scent at her neck, grinding something oddly firm into her buttocks—Another sheathed dagger at her crotch?—before whispering again.

"So...have you told anyone yet?"

"Think carefully," the other Red Sister whispered, reaching forward to clutch at Batula's front, shoving a strong hand roughly between her thighs as she also brought their captive's hand up, palm against the stone.

She whimpered, and her hand shook as she signed, *Told anyone what?*

"About that little instinctive spell you stumbled on,* the Red Sister behind her said. "Told anyone at all?"

Her heart slammed into her ribcage—she knew the other two females could hear it—and she signed, *No! No one!*

"Think she's lying?"

"We'll find out if she is sooner or later. Just depends if she wants more family members to disappear or less. Here, lift her dress, an' get me wet."

The hard ridge lifted from between her buttocks, and the more submissive Red Sister did exactly as ordered, pulling Batula's dress up to expose her legs and backside to the air and kneeling to do something with her mouth on the other Red Sister. Batula could only imagine the one tonguing the leader's crotch, but she didn't understand what that that intended to accomplish. Everything was happening to quickly for her to fully absorb it.

"Whatcha think, Batula? Anyone around who could gossip to others about you being a mage?"

Something hard, smooth, and very wet slipped between her thighs, nudging her slit and Batula squirmed, making noise against the hand still covering her mouth. She barely had time to understand the thing was a fake phallus and the Red Sister intended to shove it into her before that was exactly what happened. A sharp, pinching pain forced a loud squeal into her throat before she could stop it; her pussy was burning as the Red Sister grunted and thrust into her.

They all smelled a hint of blood all of a sudden, and the dagger at her throat hadn't nicked her. Batula grunted at the purely uncomfortable rod prodding her guts; it was a bit slicker now though it wasn't because the young mage was aroused.

"Fuck me sideways," the kneeling Red Sister murmured. "I don't think she's fucked before, Hanna."

"First time for everything. Virgins don't last long around here anyway. But let's get back to my question, cutie."

Batula was staring at the stone, seeing nothing. She couldn't even remember the Red Sister's question. She felt a punishing thrust trying to force her to remember.

"Well? Anyone who can gossip at House Aurenthin about you doing magic if you just disappear? If they're there, we'll find them, and if they tell anyone else in the meantime, we're coming for them, too. We'll do this before we kill them, Bathy. Better tell us the truth now."

She shook her head, shaking, in shock, but at least able to sign, "No one! No one!"

Thank Goddess she hadn't told Treya just now!

"Good enough," the Red Sister grunted, seeming to feel true pleasure in what she was doing. She fucked her captive like a male would, Batula understood that much easily enough, but with no respect whatsoever, she was just using her hole. The Red Sister even seemed to reach a climax, pulling out quickly enough to allow her Sister to have a turn. She was wearing a fake phallus, too. Batula groaned in dismay and they pulled her hair harshly before a strangely warm, very realistic, fresh cock entered her sore hole.

"Shut up, mage. No one asked you."

"Part of the wrong House, so we're going to take you somewhere you can't cause trouble."

I don't understand... she thought, enduring the second rut as her fingertips seemed to go numb from fear.

What would become of her? What did she do other than be born a mage?



It is time. At last, it is time.

Beliza D'Shea was ready to die, and she didn't want to do so at Court. Once she had decided upon those two things, the prospect of entering the wilderness had dropped its oppressive, looming curtain and she had decided on the last act she would ever attempt. She did not even have to succeed; the fear of failure had prevented her from taking action too many times already.

Well. Not just the fear of failure. The fear of suffering as well.

The fear of suffering is always worse than the suffering itself, she reminded herself.

Someone had told her that in reverie, and she believed him. Someone wise. Someone yet older still than herself and she had made it just past four hundred, which was no small feat within the Valsharess's official House at Court. Her Mother hadn't lived this long, neither had her Grandmother.

But then, her elders hadn't made as many concessions as she had, as far as she remembered. With no land to call their own and no single Matron to lead them, the "Sorceress House" still possessed quite a lot of status within the Palace itself not unlike the Headmaster of the Tower but still well below the Priesthood and Sisterhood.

House D'Shea was small but perhaps a little too arrogant, often acting as the mediator or objective third view in disputes between the landed Houses which didn't erupt into a coup. Advisors to the Queen, more or less, with a long, but fuzzy history of being both feared and shunned by the other Noble Houses for reasons no one seemed to remember anymore.

Keep your allies close and your adversaries closer, Beliza recited.

The only one to whom that saying hadn't seemed to apply was the Valsharess Herself, untouchable and untroubled by the slum or the fringe whispered to be looking for ways to cause civil unrest. With the massive power of the Sisterhood and the Priesthood standing directly in the way and enforcing Her Will, and with the Wizard's Tower and the Sorceress House on auxiliary support, not even an alliance of the top three Noble Houses could challenge the Queen, let alone some dirty underground black market. Likewise, the Noble houses desperately wanted to keep what they had so they did most of the grunt work in maintaining the status quo.

"The fringe make a good, continuous source of slaves and sacrifices," High Priestess Kian drawled in her personal quarters within the Sanctuary, "captured by their own actions and broken in the dungeons before being made useful, nothing more."

Yet Beliza would depend on these "fringe" to escape out of the City, and now the sorceress knew—and knowing would be her death sentence regardless—that the saying most definitely applied to the Valsharess. More than anyone, it applied to Her.

Only a few marks later, Beliza stood within a transport circle well outside of the Palace, one built in secret over the last few weeks and miraculously well-guarded. Her heart pounded as she waited for a Red Sister to step out of the shadows with a smirk, but this didn't happen. Jaush of House Aurenthin was there instead. As he told her he would be. His head was still attached to his shoulders and no female enforcer holding him at knifepoint, proof that Beliza was still just out in front of the schemers within the Palace.

*Help me destroy the circle,* she signed without even a formal acknowledgement, safely removing the most unstable rune first, and the much younger male took no insult as he messed up all her careful work without much idea of what he was doing.

There. The Sisterhood could not follow her directly; they would have to work a little harder for her hide.

*This way,* Jaush signed, amazingly silent as he led her out from among all the debris. *Let's get you changed. And remember to breathe, sorceress.*

Beliza waited for that last-moment betrayal, expected it fully and ready to embrace it should it come. Jaush would only have done what he needed to live and try to escape once again into the darkness, though if the Red Sisters had already turned him against her, then there was little chance he would live much beyond her. Regardless, she understood his view, short as it may be.

The sorceress walked in new territory four marks later using her own two feet, the slum barely paying her attention as her clothes were smelly, ratty, and drab like theirs and she kept her magical aura almost viciously suppressed. Jaush made contact with many, signed his way past them in some cases, and called on a few favors of his own with which even he was tense could fall through, even as he put up a confident front for her.

Eventually the path gave way to wilder space, rough, dark, and lacking in sentient auras and significant upkeep, before she began to believe that Jaush hadn't betrayed her back into the hands of her keepers, and Jaush himself wasn't being followed by his contacts. Still walking free after six marks, her back and legs gloriously tired from climbing boulders and crouching through low passages, the dark anticipation in her chest turned to something just as tight and frightening.

It made her eyes water.

*Sorceress?* Jaush asked when he noticed. *Do you need a rest?*

*I think so,* she admitted. *Where is a safe place?*

He smirked a bit. *None out here, but we can hide, cover our tracks, and hope nothing finds us. If it does, we can fight it off or get eaten or captured.*

She nodded. What else could she expect as a docile broodmare having wandered out of her stable? Every cycle would be unpredictable and unrecognizable from here on out, and there may be very few cycles left for her in any case. That must have been acceptable, or she would never have tried this.

*Jaush,* she gestured for his attention after they had found that place to rest. *I must tell you now, I must tell someone. House D'Shea is a false one. It is made up of mages stripped out of other lineages.*

He understood her but the statement didn't excite him. Baffled, he shook his head. *Such intrigue isn't useful to me, sorceress, and 'secret' or no, it makes sense. The Valsharess draws upon other lineages to create the Sisterhood and the Priesthood and the Tower, does She not? Not to mention Her military. What's one more organization groomed to be loyal to Her?*

*I believe your House—Aurenthin—was the first one She culled for mages to make House D'Shea,* she said bluntly. *That is as far back as I have ever been able to track our Name. I believe we arose out of the lowest House. Yours.*

He frowned. *Okay?*

She exhaled silently. *Think! If it started with your House, then Aurenthin used to be powerful! You were intentionally made powerless, the magic removed entirely and all your tutors moved elsewhere. House Aurenthin was a threat to the Queen.*

Jaush grinned with that youth-charm of his. *Well. Now that makes a certain amount of sense. So are you saying you and I are related?*

*Distantly at this point,* she signed, her lips pursed. *Long enough ago to mean we are strangers now.*

His eyes dropped over her, appreciative and insolent. *I could consider that a good thing.*

Beliza felt her whole body flush in irritation and an inconvenient arousal. This one, this boy, had no mage's aura to speak of, though he was still a trueborn Drow. He possessed the expected sensitivity to magic, the ability to "call" magical items to answer his will—if done correctly—but not much more. It was oddly fascinating to her instead of contemptable; mainly because he had managed to fool so many Priestesses with enough wit and non-magical resources to prove without a doubt to D'Shea that the powerful Sanctuary underestimated those "beneath" their notice.

Beliza had never really spent much time around any Drow but mages before meeting him by chance. At least in theory it was chance. Or luck. She wasn't sure she had ever been able to tell the one from the other.

*So what were you looking for during your time in the Sanctuary?* she asked him yet again.

Jaush shrugged. *I found it. Moot now. Where do you want me to take you?*

Her palms were sweating a bit; she rubbed them on her scent-masked pants before signing her answer. *Deeper this direction. I found records of drakes with intelligence.*

*Drakes?* he repeated with a wry, disbelieving smirk. *You risked everything to get out of the Sanctuary, out of the City, with nowhere to go except to sit and taste what real freedom in a rock nest...and you want to look for those thieving, jabbering lizards?*

Beliza's temper flared and she lunged for Jaush in the tiny space, pushing him up against the stone and cupping his crotch to get his attention. She had it; he met her eyes, wide, surprised, and...delighted. His cock swiftly stiffened in her palm. Whatever spice and nuance there was in mounting a "free" slum-Noble like Jaush, Beliza had decided that she enjoyed the taste of it. Maybe because it was entirely her choice, and his. No one else's.

That, and their match was absolutely deplorable.

"Yes, I seek those 'thieving, jabbering lizards," she whispered without voice, neither of them blinking. "And I see you know more about them than I do."

"Mmn," he cooed, his prick pulsing once as he glanced once more out into the wilderness. "Maybe."

"Any more than you've said? They steal things and they chatter?"

"Little hoarders, all of them, sorceress," Jaush whispered, unable to keep from smiling as she stroked him with a firm grip. "And they understand taunting laughter."

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