House Aurenthin


Beliza nodded and started pushing her pants down her hips, first one side then the other, with one hand. His eyes were drawn to her well-trimmed crotch and he inhaled slowly to try and catch a whiff as she opened her thighs. He was such an animal.

"Do they live solitary or in social groups?" she whispered, turning around to put her back against him and sit in his lap.

Her pants were around her knees and the bare, smooth skin of her backside replaced her hand in rubbing through his own trousers. Jaush encircled her waist with an arm and held her close and steady, bracing himself as he lifted her briefly to pull his own trousers over his ass and she helped him get them down just far enough. Finally, they were relaxed as he held her with both, well-toned arms, sniffed and nuzzled the back of her neck while she slowly shifted her hips, his erection trapped between her soft thighs as she rubbed her own moist slit along his pole.

"Well?" she asked, teasing him as she prevented an attempt to worm his way inside her.

"Huh?" he drooled.

She smirked. "Drakes. Solitary or groups?"

He inhaled quietly as she writhed. "Both. Depends on the drake."

"What have you seen most often?"

"Groups. A parent with young, or a grown pair or three."

Beliza didn't figure her scent wafting out like this for whole marks was a good idea out here, so she reached down to push the head of the Aurenthin male's prick into her cleft. Boldly, he claimed more depth the moment he felt her surrounding him and swallowed his own groan as he probed deeper.

They'd have to be as quiet as possible, but Beliza knew she would allow this lowest, distantly-and-barely Noble male to hump himself to climax and spurt inside her once again. Without barriers or punishment, until she could see and smell the white cream dripping down her dark thighs. Certainly the taboo of it stiffened her nipples like nothing else ever had in that luxurious prison for centuries, but there was also the mystery about which he knew nothing himself.

What had House Aurenthin and House D'Shea used to be to wind up like this? That question asked while feeling his phallus squeezed tight inside her already made her flush with pleasure as easily as the thought of being "soiled" by an "unworthy" male.

Ha! He can't be so unworthy if he is exactly what the Valsharess is trying so earnestly to keep apart from Her invented Sorceress House.


Jaush had not spoken false. While he led her to drakes, a few glimpses before they retreated, and two attempts to steal their food and weapons. They did indeed know how to laugh, but it was only when they were seen, caught in the act dragging something of the Drow away. They would swiftly disappear as if by magic, melting into the silent shadows.

*Well, you asked to see some, sorceress,* Jaush signed with bemusement. *Now what?*

Beliza had no answer, really. She still had no plans for her own future—a first in her entire existence—and she didn't plan for it to be long. Jaush certainly seemed to carry a degree of luck around with him, but how long before it would run out and something the two of them couldn't handle trapped them? That was basically for what Beliza waited.

*Do you wish to return to the City, Jaush?* she asked him, the flow of her hands completely neutral in the question.

He noticed and eyes her with curiosity and suspicion. *I could take it or leave it. Why?*

*I do not expect to make a full life out here,* she signed bluntly. *I haven't the experience, I know this, though I plan to make a good showing with the magic I command. I will die 'free' and no Duergar or scavenger party will take me alive. You may return to the City any time, you need not stay with me or take the same risks with me.*

The younger male eyed her with growing amusement, and she wondered what he found so funny?

*The upper Houses love their drama, don't they?* he said, shaking his head, and she wanted to strike him though he kept signing. *Believe, sorceress, that I'm enjoying this. I've never wandered the Underdark with no purpose before, certainly not with one who makes the really important parts so easy: drawing water, calling fire, mending clothing and boots and tools. And for a Noble, you don't complain about the blisters and the work much. If you've got no plans, let's keep going. That's just as well with me.*

Beliza couldn't decide if she should be insulted or grateful. Later on, given how wet she was when his turgid prick once again slid in between her thighs, she decided it didn't matter.


The two Drow lasted longer in their aimless wandering than anyone back home would have wagered. That was because, as Jaush put it, their exploration was "aimless," not "clueless." It had been about half a year, her younger male estimated, and they had each suffered their share of attacks and injuries and close calls, but none yet which had ended their life for them or seen them enslaved by another race. As long as they did not become both complacent and out-numbered, or fight between themselves, the Drow remained free to travel the Underdark as they saw fit.

Of all other creatures that challenged them for space and resources as the ex-matriots moved with appropriate alertness through one territory after another, the dark-colored drakes were the only ones that seemed to enjoy tracking Jaush and Beliza over long distances without always engaging them. There were at least five that the Drow recognized as individuals, from among the first group they'd bothered much closer to the City.

*It's because you tried communicating with them,* Jaush suggested one evening. *Maybe that spell was wrong. Maybe you promised something without realizing it.*

Beliza only sighed to herself, as baffled as he was by the animals' behavior.

There were a few lighter-colored groups of drakes they had seen since which were more territorial and hostile—and less intelligent—and they would disengage entirely once Beliza and Jaush left them uncontested ownership of the area. The darkest drakes seemed to wander between areas as much as the two Drow, and they were many times more curious than their lighter cousins.

Even odder, these specific, winged lizards had managed to filch enough food from the Drow to annoy them, but the beasts never took all of it. It was as if they consciously avoided single-minded gluttony or any actions which would leave the travelers starving. Or they were taunting before doing something extremely disastrous. The two Drow never rested in reverie at the same time regardless, but if they'd ever been tempted to do so, the lingering, playful dark drakes were ample reason for them to resist.

*I've tried engaging them again,* she said. *They always vanish.*

*You're not exaggerating on that,* Jaush commented. *I am certain they actually are transporting themselves somehow. They are there one moment, and then they are not.*

The sorceress narrowed her eyes at him, but she had been privately thinking the same thing for some time now, even as she sensed no explicit mage being used. Interesting that the mundane commoner could tell with enough repetition and observation.

*Interesting ability,* Jaush added.

*Understatement,* she signed with a smirk.

The Drow would never hear them coming if that was their goal; it would be a simple test of reflexes should a drake simply appear beside or atop a Dark Elf, whether it could dodge a blade through the side or wing, or an explosive burn to the face. Thus far, the beasts had not tested that.

From there it was weeks later—enough that even Jaush had lost count— when they unintentionally got too close to a race with tentacles attached to their faces, that at least one of the drakes did something other than stalk, spy, and steal.

...Jaush...! Beliza cried silently when something she could neither see nor sense struck him down. She only knew he fell clutching his head and that the three gaunt mages drifted eerily toward her next. She stared at their clawed hands, felt something on the edge of her thoughts—she imagined it had the same feeling as a Priestess's enchanted blade hovering at the throat of an altar-sacrifice—when the air sucked at itself right beside her.

This was it, then. They wouldn't escape this time. What torture did these Abyss-spawn have in store for her...?

The burst of air was loud and thumped against her like a solid wall and she stumbled, falling next to Jaush to cover him with her body. She didn't know why she did that, except that she got one last whiff of his scent.

"Fire!" a little voice squawked in Drow. "Mage fire!"

Beliza gawked lifting her head; she saw the black drake filling a stretch of skin beneath its chin to taunt capacity and release it in one blast, knocking the mind-mages back before they had sat up again.

All three of the other tentacle-mages were down.

The sorceress was galvanized into action and scrambled up to cast her most powerful fire spell, pouring every drop of her will into it. "Furamil ioshen!"

The firebird engulfed them, caught them up within its belly, set them on fire. She maintained its radiance. She had to make sure they were dead, even if she had to hold her breath against the stench.

Oh, Lolth, what are they?!

The drake nosed Jaush persistently with the small horn on its snout, the repeated jabbing soon making the Drow groan in protest.

"Go," the drake muttered. "Go. Must go."

Trembling, Beliza knew the beast was right. Those three can't have been alone. They would be tracked, especially with so much light, heat, and stench to trail back to its source. She grabbed an outstretched arm to pull Jaush to sit, working to get him across her shoulders the way he had taught her.

Almost a year ago, in her soft life within the Palace Court, she would not have been able to do this, but she was much stronger now from living in the wilderness. She found herself looking for and making eye contact with the drake, something the beast was waiting for, apparently, and Beliza could almost swear she recognized that perky, concerned expression.

"This way."

The drake scuttled in one direction and spread its wings to take off down one of the smaller tunnels. Beliza mentally shrugged and whispered a small enchantment of added endurance to get her started after it at a good clip. She didn't have time to second-guess or wonder why the beast had revealed itself only in dire circumstances. Maybe she was being led straight into a tentacle trap, but that would be a terribly long way and an extended wait for a curious little thief who just got three of the monsters cooked alive.

Eventually, her spell wore off and Beliza stumbled, forced to set Jaush down before she dropped his head onto the stone. She gasped for air, trembled in exhaustion and fear, and wished her companion was awake to find them a good place to hide.

"Here," the drake whispered, showing her a hidden crevice that took them off even this ragged path.

Hooking her arms beneath Jaush's pits, she clutched him to her standing almost straight up and dragged him with her, fretting about the heel marks left behind in the fine dirt. The drake slithered over and started mussing them up with belly, tail, and wings to make any mark indistinct.

Amazing...what are you doing, little beast....?

Helping. What does it look like?

The sorceress bit back a gasp at the unexpected response. She had thought she was alone in her mind. Was this some ill aftereffect of the mind-mage attack?

No time to wonder, the drake reprimanded her. No stopping. Protect mate and young.

Young? Her stomach went cold. Oh, fuck me...

The drake nodded, showing teeth in a grin. Watched plenty enough of that to recognize breeding, mistress.


*So....* Jaush signed hesitantly, and long after the threat and the crushing headache had finally receded and even he was convinced they weren't being tracked. *It's female?*

Beliza nodded, looking forward to the scouting drake who had been hanging around ever since jumping into the fight on their behalf. Or...more her behalf, from what little she understood.

*Does she have a name?*

*Not one I can pronounce even in sign. We've agreed on 'Ilka' for now.*

*Why is she here? Where did she come from?*

*That group of five that's been trailing us? They're led by the siring male, he's teaching them how to survive before they go off on their own.*

Jaush looked around the darkness. *Are they still following us?*

*Probably. Ilka came out to help after you were struck down.*


*I don't know exactly. She's only said she heard me louder than the others when I tried that communication spell, though I thought it failed. Over the months she's somehow absorbed our language and we can share thoughts.*

Jaush's mouth twisted. *That's not possible...*

*Isn't it?* she challenged. *It's magic, and I've done things I wasn't expecting before.*

The male frowned but remained silent for a while, thinking. He was thinking more in general just living with her and her being willing to answer his questions without belittlement or impatience. She encouraged it, and they had worked out several problems better this way.

*Why did the 'mind mages' attack me first?* he asked. *You are the mage. Everyone knows to take out the mage first.*

*Maybe they didn't,* she said. *I've never even heard of such creatures before, and you haven't either. You were the only one with obvious weapons out. Maybe they assumed you were the threat, and that was their mistake.*

*Lucky us,* he commented. *But you hadn't been suppressing your aura when they surprised us. They should have seen it.*

She shrugged. *They didn't.*

*Some 'mages.'*

*It's just a term,* Beliza protested. *I don't know what they are, but all three could attack in ways similar to the rare Duergar mind-mage, only moreso.*

Jaush shook his head. *We've avoided all Duergar. They're dangerous but luckily don't like to go far out of their territory.*

*I know. But according to witness reports I read, some of them can move or throw objects with their will alone—and it's not magic as far as the wizards have been able to determine—and they can overcome the will of another, like some of our mind-bending spells.*

*But it's not magic,* Jaush repeated. *So they aren't mages and they couldn't see your aura.*

She shrugged helplessly. *I never studied the grey dwarves deeply. There was probably more to know, the Queen's been archiving the area around us for centuries.*

*Doesn't do us good now.* His eyes hadn't stopped scanning for danger, his ears alert for changes that weren't part of Ilka's flying or perching. *So I guess it's the three of us now? Ilka is staying?*

Beliza nodded but then turned away and bit her lower lip, reminded again that she still hadn't told Jaush that she had caught again this damned soon. She'd been foolish many times, caught in the heat and throe of lust and desire...but... But it wasn't supposed to happen again this soon! This was why she timed her escape from the City this way!

Nonetheless, when the young male sought to pleasure her once again, she didn't turn him down. It wasn't as if more cream in her cunt would somehow make her even more pregnant.


It was months later, when Beliza would soon have real trouble keeping her appetite and her sore breasts secret from Jaush, that they finally found a wild cave garden.

"Garden" was only another term, as no sentient being had designed or tended it, but it was one of those places in the Underdark where an abnormally high concentration of lichen, moss, fungi, and various rare plants—all with their accompanying little animals who were the actual tenders of the garden. Such places didn't tend to last long before something discovered it and stripped it of all its resources, and the remoteness of these hidden places was the only reason they existed at all.

Beliza's first thought was where she could identify something that might cause her to miscarry. Any number of them could be poisonous enough to do the job, but knowing which toxin wouldn't outright kill her while still putting her body under enough strain to expel the passenger in her womb, without any resources or prior knowledge on such things...?

Yeah, good luck with that, as Jaush would say.

Then there was having to recover afterward, depending on Jaush and Ilka for too long, leaving them all vulnerable. Poisoning herself now might be worse than simply carrying on, but sooner or later the balance could shift. She was becoming more and more afraid, despite her iron resolve not to show it.

Just tell him, Ilka reprimanded her for the fourth time that cycle. You can't hide much longer, and would need other Drow, a potion maker, to safely reject breeding now, yes?

Beliza knew that was true. Given her purpose at the Palace, despite all which had distracted her from it until recently, the sorceress now knew that the Valsharess and Priestesses had a vested interest in keeping such potion knowledge or contacts out of her easy reach. Her, and any in the bloodline of House D'Shea.

Now she didn't know what she could do except suffer and starve and eventually miscarry anyway in the wilderness. Would slow and inevitable be better or worse than quick and harsh? Without knowing if she would survive either way, it was a terrifying decision to make and she hadn't been able to make it yet.

Her dream had been right. The fear of suffering was the worst, but she couldn't see at the moment how she could avoid it. Now Ilka was right as well; Jaush would know soon. He was observant, he had already commented on how hot her breasts felt to him the last time they'd coupled.

It's not fair, she thought. I was supposed to have ten years before chances of catching again. This wasn't even a year.

Feel pity,
Ilka acknowledged. But don't drown in it.

Beliza sighed. The drake was an astute but annoyingly blunt "second voice" to her own more practical thoughts. Very well. I will tell him.

Maybe talking would help, though Beliza didn't figure talking would help summon the amount of food she'd need eventually if they went on like this.

Remember, you'd been ready to die when you left the Palace, Ilka said. This is still the case, yes?

Beliza blinked, her mind sweeping over the many adventures she'd had already, the things she had witnessed and learned. The conversation with her companion, authentic both because no one was watching her and because he hadn't been beaten into not even trying to think...

And now this extraordinary connection with a small, magical creature.

No, she answered with a touch of anger at her own attitude. I'm not ready to die.

Ilka grinned showing teeth again. Good.

They set camp that eve near the garden, though not in it. Welcome as it was over barren rock, neither Drow nor drake would rest down directly among potentially venomous insects or small creatures, nor breathe in the vapors and spores of unknown plants and fungi. There was a time after eating where both of them were awake, before one rested while the other kept watch. They often conversed then, sipping magically purified water, going over recent mistakes made or observations, though rarely plans leading them forward more than a cycle or two, unless they were near some settlement which may or may not trade with them.

Beliza reflected on this rather large mistake before saying anything, wondering if she could even have resisted the temptation for pleasure out here alone but for one Drow male over two centuries younger than her. Maybe she should have been extra careful and only taken him in her non-breeding orifices...

*So,* Jaush signaled, catching her attention, *you seem like you have something to say.*

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