tagNonHumanHouse For Sale

House For Sale


The old house had sat empty and for sale for many years. She stood on the porch talking to the realtor as she got the code for the lock. The lock hung from the knob and had the key inside it. She hung up and unlocked the door, she opened it as it creaked as she went inside.

She walked in and looked at the large living room. She turned and looked in at the large dining room. She then went to look at the other rooms. She was a sexy twenty five year old woman. She had brown hair and a great body. A nice ass, nice set of perky tits, and a great outfit showing it all off. The outfit was skin tight, holey jeans showing off her tan legs and the jeans showed her ass nicely. Her top was tight, low cut and showed her flat belly and cleavage. She was liking the house and went up stairs. He woke up and sniffed, he smiled as he smelled her perfume.

Geanie got upstairs and looked room by room. He floated up and found her sexy ass in the master bedroom, she was taking pictures on her cell. She looked at the picture and saw the faint ghost figure in it. She snapped more as he was getting closer. She was kind of freaked out. Geanie went to leave as the door slammed shut and she jumped. She grabbed the knob and tried to open it. It wasn't going to open, not even as she kicked and punched it. Her cell fell to the floor and broke.

She bent over and picked up her cell as he floated behind her. He smiled and put his hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy hard. She shot up as she got startled by the feeling. She looked around and then at her cell. It was broken, she slid it into her back pocket. He liked what he had felt and smiled as her nipples had hardened from the rub.

She went to the window and looked out as he stood behind her skinny body and reached around her. He undid her belt without her even knowing he did. He pulled it off of her skinny waist and smiled as she kept looking around the silent neighborhood. He looked at the nice ass and lifted the belt. he swing it and smacked the little ass as hard as he could. Geanie screamed and fell to her knees in pain. She had tears running down her cheeks as she held her ass cheek. He laughed and put the belt around her neck and used it as a collar for her. She grabbed the belt as he used it to pull her across the floor. She kicked and struggled as she gasped for air.

He held her to the floor as he tore her tank top off. Her nice, bare tits was out in the open. He smiled as he squeezed and teased her hard nipples. He sucked them as she struggled. He had her under control as he pulled the belt choking her. He released some as she stopped the struggle. Then her jeans were pulled off showing her pink thong. He pulled them off revealing her nice shaved pussy. She felt the ice cold hands force her legs open as he went down and ate her out.

Geanie closed her eyes as he sucked and tongued her pussy. She wiggled around as her orgasm grew. He was loving the new pussy in his house. Then it happened, her orgasm hit and her cum ran out of her and he kept sucking the tight pussy. He then lifted her ankles to the air and rammed it deep into the pussy. Her back arched as he broke into her body. He had the tight little pussy and was fucking her harder than she ever had it.

She never had such a large cock inside her and it was pounding her hard. She took it as he was making her body his. The belt was used as it intensified the orgasm. Her cum poured out and onto the carpet as he laughed. It soaked in a nice puddle around her ass.

Outside a car pulled up and parked. The realtor got out and was there to meet Geanie. He pulled it out of her pussy and then slammed it up her ass. She was to worn out to fight it as he hammered her tight little asshole. He was giving her a hell of an anal rape. He had won her over and then reentered her wet pussy and began fucking it again. He was really giving to her as she arched her back. He smiled and grabbed her hips as she lifted her ass off the floor and he was really deep. She squealed as her cum poured out to the floor.

He held her firm ass cheeks as he fucked her harder and faster making her body over load. She began to shake as the biggest orgasm she ever had hit her skinny body. Geanie was like a vibrator on his cock as she shook. He kept pounding her as he watched her tits bounce up and down. He was about to finish her. Then she fainted as he exploded inside her and overfilled her tight pussy. He smiled as he dropped her to the floor. He looked out the window and saw the woman on her cell. He smiled and went to the naked body on the floor.

He tied the belt to the door knob on the closet door. He lifted her head and looked at the red lips. He decided to orally rape her. He shoved it in and out of her mouth. She was sucking as he shoved it in. Then he filled her mouth and pulled out to fire a wad off into her face. The cum sprayed her face and dripped onto her nice tits and belly.

He went downstairs as the sexy realtor walked inside. She was the woman who was selling the house he had built many years ago. She looked around the down stairs as he eyed her tight black slacks and nice ass. She had on a skin tight white blouse showing some cleavage. She stood thinking where Geanie was. She placed her booklets and folder down on the stand as he wanted her.

Mellissa was new to the house business.. She was about thirty, blonde and very sexy. She stood waiting on Geanie for a while. She got bored and went upstairs to look. He followed her up smiling at the nice ass.

"Geanie? Where are you?" She said loud. "It's Mellissa, we talked on the phone." She said walking towards a bedroom.

She opened the door and walked in. She looked around as the door slammed behind her. She spun and tried to get the door open but he had jammed the lock. He grabbed her hair and tossed her to the floor. Mellissa sat up as he shoved his cock into mouth and fucked it. She was forced to suck it as he tore her blouse off showing her white, lace bra. Then he removed the bra and let her d cups out.

He felt her firm tits as tears ran down her cheeks. Her eyes widened as he began to fill her mouth with cold cum. He released her head and she fell to her back. He ripped her slacks off and revealed a white thong. He ripped it off shoving her nice looking pussy. He began to lick and suck her warm pussy.

He teased her clit as she got turned on. He slid the large dick into her and began fucking her as she screamed for help. He laughed as her pussy opened up easily. He pounded her hard for a while and flipped her over. He pulled her hips up and held her face to the floor as he got deeper.

She moaned as he pounded her hard and fast. He was enjoying the realtor pussy and he had her moaning loud. He was fucking her silly as she had cum dripping from her nice pussy. He smacked her ass as she squealed. He smiled and spanked her as she got off more. Mellissa felt the sudden rush of ice cold cum in her pussy. She fainted and fell limp as he pulled out. He smiled and pulled her to the master bedroom.

He tied Mellissa wrists to the closet rod with her bra. He shoved Geanie's thong into her mouth and laughed. He did the same to Geanie. He looked at Geanie's unconscious body and fucked her again for fun. He filled her again and left. He went back to the basement and went back to sleep. He had fun with the two women in his house. Eventually the two women bought the house and lived there together with him. He fucked them all the time, he even got a few of there friends for extra fun.

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