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House Hunting


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Bent over the kitchen island boredly flipping through a fashion magazine, Pam Blake absently ran her foot up her calf. The 36 year old real estate oversaw a show home of a new luxury subdivision, with prices ranging from $500,000 and up, Pam found few takers even in this aggressive housing market. Part of the reason Pam agreed was that most of the homes she showed were cookie cutter, generic, "McMansions".

The 5'6" blond, with a 'Princess Di' hair style, had that well maintained appearance one would expect from a real estate agent in the upper middle class suburb. Trim figured, Pam had a mature yet sexy look. For todays open house, Pam wore her favorite outfit of tight black, mid thigh mini skirt with a gold silk blouse. Accessorized with heels, black stockings, suspended by unseen garter, and gold bracelets ringing each wrist. Her manicured fingers were adorned with Italian gold rings and an enormous "rock" of wedding ring. Married 18 years with two children in high school, Pam felt age creeping up on her.

Worried about fading looks, Pam spent several hours a week in tanning booths, beauty spas and aerobics classes. For her 34th birthday Pam also gave herself the present of breast implants. Over night the very full C cup, went to a DD, at $2,000 a piece, Pam felt it was a good 'investment'. Pam knew what a flash of thigh and low cut blouse could do for her home sales, especially with affluent single male buyers common to her market. Her daughter, a very liberal and 'natural' high school senior forshamed her mother for her vanity.

Dulled by the lack of visitors, Pam decided to close up the show home an hour early. Pam made her way around the 10,000 square foot, fully furnished show home, locking up. On the front lawn she pulled open house sign from it's stakes. As she walked back to the house, Pam heard a car door close behind.

Pam turned as a short muscular black man strode across the freshly sodded lawn. Pam felt a twinge of intimidation as the stocky man approached. He wore glasses and flashed a heart melting smile at her.

"Excuse me ma'am. Is this home still open for a viewing?"

"Uh...why yes." Pam stammered seeing the mans gold rings,Rolex and Mercedes which he stepped from. The bobbles he wore impressed Pam. She realized she might have a prospective buyer, not just some guy looking to kill time on a Sunday afternoon.

"I am the agent for this subdivision, my names...." Pam was cut off by the sturdy black man.

"Pam Blake." He smiled

"How did you know?" Pam asked nervously.

"Your name and picture are on the sign." The man said, pointing at the lawn sign which she still held.

Pam's face went flush with embarrassment.

"I can be so ditsy sometimes." Pam turned on sales persons charm, knowing how men responded to her. Manipulative, sure, Pam would admit to that. But she didn't loose any sleep, it was an ends means to a means .

She gave her hand to him, " And you are?"

"Jerome Stevens."

"Please to meet you Mr. Stevens, shall we go in?"

Inside the marble floored foyer Pam went into her rehearsed narration of each room as they went through. She rattled off square footage, construction details and custom features of the "McMansion". A hint of perfume lingered in her wake, caressing Jeromes olfactory senses. Pam flashed a smile and ran her fingers through her hair to add a touch of sensuality to the sell. Again, an ends to the means.

As she thought about it,' It's not like I'd sleep with a person to sell a home.'

Pam and Jerome relaxed enough to make small talk as they finished the walk through. As Pam paused to demonstrate the custom lighting in the media room, Jerome take a look of Pam's body.

Her blouse stretched under the weight of her breasts. Jerome could see just inside the buttons to the creme and lace beneath.

'Damn nice tits!' He thought, licking his lips.

As the lights came up and the blinds opened Pam said to Jerome.

"You understand all the other homes in this subdivision are sold. This show home is that last one we have?"

Jerome nodded, "Yeah, I know. Nice, very nice."

"I'm glad you like it. Alot of care was put into it."

"I'm sure it has." Jerome thought, knowing she did not get his comments were about both her body and the home .

The pair then moved to the grand staircase. Walking up behind Pam, Jerome next got an eye full of her firm 'cakes'. Licking his lips out of habit, Jerome savored the wiggle right at eye level.

"So Mr. Stevens."

"Call me Jerome."

"So, Jerome, what do you do for a living?"

"Ha," Jerome chuckled," You don't recognize me?"

"Should I?"

"I'm a running back for the major league football team in the city."

"Really? You're an athlete, that's great. I'm sure my husband would know you." Pam said, with a shade of disingenuous interest in her voice.

As they arrived at the top landing, Pam gestured Jerome towards the upstairs bedrooms and study. Like Jerome earlier, Pam now stole a view of his compactly powerful body. His polo shirt stretched by his thick neck; and jeans, just a bit to tight in the rear showed his powerful muscular bottom as he walked away.

Pam stared admiringly at his healthy body.

'Nice ass guy!' She thought.

From the three bedrooms, Pam directed Jerome to the spacious master bedroom suite.Opening the door to suite Jerome exclaimed.

"Damn now this is a bedroom!"

Pam laughed, "I'm glad you like it."

The rugged athlete toured the cavernous master bedroom with cathedral ceilings, French doors, private deck and hot tub. Like a child, Jerome flopped back onto the king sized bed.

" I like this place, the furniture is great. I don't know anything about decorating, does it come with the house? Who decorated it?"

" Well I decorated it. And yes the furniture could go with the home if you seriously wanted to buy the home." Pam replied flattered.

" I do. My girlfriend and I need a bigger place than our condo."

Jerome sat up on his elbows looking around the room.

Pam for her part just looked at Jeromes muscled body lain over the burgundy comforter. Wondering what he looked like out of the clothes that clung tightly to him.

' He must look sculptured god.'

A woman with an always overt sexuality and yearning to be near good looking men, Pam had strayed from her other wise happy marriage on several occasions. Looking at Jerome, Pam wondered what it would be like. And with the curiosity urged on by popular culture myths, Pam focused between Jeromes thickly muscled thighs at his prominent bulge. She saw a pleasing outline pressing against the jeans.

'My my.' Pam purred to herself. It was a very distinct and thick outline that curled in his pants. Not realizing it, Pam was caught staring.

"You always look don't you?"

"What?" Pam replied in surprise as Jerome caught her furtive glance.

"Yeah, you women always look our crotches now. We know. We know what you're thinking" Jerome wryly smiled.

"Always wondering how big is black?"

Flustered by Jeromes bold comment a hot flash came over Pam, nipples stiffening, pushing against the silk of her bra and blouse. Still she stood there, afraid to answer back.

Jerome saw Pam's nipples through the material. He'd gotten to her. His lips curled with a crooked smile.

Pam emerged from her verbal restraint, not wanting him to get a leg up of this teasing tet e tet. Stepping closer, hands on hips.

"Listen big boy. I sell houses, I don't play with boasting boys pretending to be men. But I've been playing these games my entire life. You wanna play, I'm game! " Pam goaded Jerome on.

"What? Don't play me baby." So used to women recoiling from his masogonistic growls, Jerome was taken aback by her brashness.

Jerome sat up on the edge of the bed as Pam slunk forward, hips in an exaggerated swagger.

"C'mon you started it." Pam folded her arms. " I'm no nieve girl you pick up at dance clubs, Mr Big Black Football star with the fancy car and big wad. Show me yours and I'll show you mine."

Pam questioned what her acid tongue had gotten her into. She wasn't going to back down now. She was going to ride this roller coaster for all it had. Standing like a stern teacher, Pam tapped her foot.

"Well I'm waiting, or are you all talk? Hmm.." Pam looked him head to toe.

" You are only, what, 5'6"? How big can that thing be...tiny? Maybe all those steroids shrunk it?" Pam wiggled her pinkie

Gauntlet thrown, Jerome untucked his polo, "I came to buy a house baby. Now it looks like I'm gonna get me some. Be warned, this thing only comes out to be used."

Pam's pulse raced as she watched Jerome toss away his shirt. His upper body was a mass of rich dark skin and slabs of muscles. Still she remained poker face. Undoing his belt Jerome showed his black silk boxers and tree trunk like thighs.

Pam eyes were glued to tented silk as Jerome dropped the boxers. Before her, Pam saw a thick veined throbbing. She was enthralled with impress.

"Well damn Jerome, there is enough there to make a horse blush." Pam looked up at Jeromes face, smiling. Pam admitted to herself that he was big, and being the first black man she'd see naked, it was impressive. However, she didn't want to "deflate" his ego by telling him she had seen bigger.

"Runs in the family baby."

Jerome had met her challenge and Pam had to make her mind up. Go forward in this sexual game or back out.

'Fuck it!' She thought. She was going to get the most of this one.

Pam slapped Jeromes broad chest, pushing him onto the bed, cock slapping loudly against his muscled stomach. Pam kicked off her shoes, dropping to her knees she grabbed Jeromes thick cock. It stiffened further, bending upwards to her lips. Her hot breath tickled his head. Pink tongue darting out to taste the slit as she squeezed his rigidity, veins a bulge. Pam swirled the cock head like an ice cream cone, down the shafts under side with a slight curl to her tongue. Pam snugged the bloated vein in that curl while licking up again.

Jeromes hands wide enough to one hand a basketball, now palmed the back of Pam's blond head. Lips around the tip, Pam drew into her mouth Jeromes hot shaft. Methodically, Pam drew the most out of Jeromes fat cock, head bobbing, tongue rolling. Pam nestled her head deep into Jeromes crotch taking in his masculine aroma.

Jerome watched Pam go at it. She was almost buiness like in her efficiency of sucking cock. His buttocks clenched trying to hold off a a building cum. Her fingers torment Jeromes scrotum with her French manicure.

"Ungh, oh god baby! I'm gonna cum!"

Jerome tried to stop it but her skill was too much for him to take. After only a few minutes, Jerome's bulk constricted. Jerome came, and came in several long surges into Pam's ready mouth. It had been a while since Pam had taken a man that large into her mouth, willingly swallowing his load. She pulled away, licking her lips with wry smile on them. Jerome had begun to sweat.

"Got to ya, didn't it baby." Pam said standing, leaning to his face.

"Gonna kiss me baby?"

Jerome turned his head away. She laughed.

"Thought so."

Pam putting on her heels started to leave the room.

"Where are you goin?" Jerome asked.

"You got what you want? You are going to buy the house?"
"Yeah." Jerome said nervously." But..."

"But what? If you are planning on buying this house then, I guess we'll be seeing more of each other before the closing. Won't we?" Pam winked at Jerome.

Jerome sat, cock flaccid dripping onto the new carpet, bewilderment on his face.

A lithesome Pam made her way down the grand staircase. Retrieving a bottled water from the fridge, she swirled the cold liquid in her mouth. Smiling, Pam wondered.

"What have I gotten myself into?"

Pam Blake arrived home, her head in a daze, immediately alighting herself to her private bathroom, while her husband Jeffrey was settled in his den watching Sunday night baseball. A sweet steam filled the bathrooms air, as Pam ensconced herself into the scented bath. She lay neck deep in the rose perfumed water, her eyes blinking through the steam curling up from the filled tub.

Pam welcomed the warm water enveloping her naked body, mind occupied with the strange and exciting events of the day. Closing her eyes Pam rested her head on the end of the tub imagining Jeromes impressive muscular appearance that was branded into her memory.The taste of Jerome still lingered on her lips. Her large breasts broke the soapy surface as Pam savored the warmth wrapping most of her body. Body positioned, Pam settled in for the hours long relaxing soak, an hour that Pam smiled realizing would not be spent passively. Pam pressed the rubberized buttons controlling the water jets of the whirl pool tub. Jets of warm water flowed around her torso and between her thighs which opened to allow water to gently lap at that intensely sensitive place between them.

Body soothed and aroused, Pam fumbled for an object concealed under a terry cloth towel on the tubs edge. A purple rubber phallus appeared in Pam's grip. Owning the impressive toy for several years, Pam had never found a need to use it. Extramarital consorts usually provided her a sexual release, but tonight she was forced to seek solace in the artificial 'member'. Pam drizzled a slick gel over it's purple head, spreading over it's veiny length, warming it. She stared at it, recalling with lust how Jerome's cock responded to her skillful touch and mouth. She smirked.

Dipping the dildo through the foam, Pam ran its hardness along her stomach and between her tanned breasts. Down to her belly button Pam let it wander, and finally to that expectant mound. Pam slipped the hard, wide head inside herself. Body welcoming the full pressure nudging deeper inside her. Pam slowly guided the rubber phallus deeper still, almost burying it to it's scrotal hilt. Pam's body heightened, squeaking against the tubs bottom as her legs spread further apart.

"Yeah baby that's the way." Pam whispered to the imagined lover floating in her head.

As her hand pulled and pushed the dildo in and out of her pussy, building speed, Pam was knocked out of her masterbatory pleasure by a knock at her bathroom door.

"God damnit, who is it!?" Pam shouted.

"Mom, telephone." Layla, Pam's daughter, said timidly through the door.

"Who is it!? I told you I didn't want to be..." Pam snapped.

"It's client mom, a Mr Stevens?"

Pam sat up, water churning, heart pounding. With a splash Pam pulled the toy from between her thighs, leaving it to float to the bottom of the tub as she leapt from the milky colored liquid. Water sheeted the hard wood floors as a soaked Pam reached for a terry cloth robe, racing out the door to her bedroom, nearly knocking Layla over.

Pam hurriedly closed up the robe, hair damp from the humidity, as she reached for the phone while shooing her daughter out of the room.

"Go Layla, this is a business call!"

Pam was consumed with whoever was on the phone and so Layla left her mother, cutting through her private bath. Appearance wise, Layla was her mothers antithesis, crafting an earthy, natural look. Layla streaked purple and pink tints into her long wavy, dirty blonde hair. A long printed "Hippie" dress covered her tall, curvaceous body. With an oval face, uncomplicated by make up, smooth with youth, Layla exuded an eccentric beauty that appealed to the eccentric young men which she surrounded herself with in high school. In her senior year, Layla spent most of her free time with the drama club or art club, or poetry club, or singing with chamber choir.

Gingerly walking the water slicked floor in her hemp sandals, Layla heard the faint whispers of Pam. She felt a knot churning in her stomach. For several months now, Layla had been expressing her dislike of her mothers appearance and behavior, almost on a daily basis. The dying of her hair blonde, wasn't so bad Layla thought, playing with the purple strands on her head.

'Those implants', Layla frowned, 'are disgusting.'

However, Layla did look down at her more than adequately curvaceous chest, smiling.

"Mom had to pay for what I was born with."

To Layla, Pam's vanity was troubling, because of what it signaled to her. She was no longer a nieve little girl who thought her mother was the most beautiful woman in the world. Now a woman herself, Layla saw the way men looked at her mother, and the way her mother looked at those men. Suddenly all her mothers actions weren't so innocent. All these changes lead Layla to conclude one thing. It broke her heart to think such things about her mother, but the idea of the hurt of her dear lonely father wrenched her heart even more. Layla sat, unconsciously listening to her mother, thinking only one thing.

'Mom must be cheating on daddy.'

Sitting on the counter, mind preoccupied, Layla rubbed her lips while watching the foamy surface of the tub water break. On the murky bottom, she glimpsed something purple. Layla leaned forward, blowing the suds from the waters face to see something unmistakable to her 18 year old eyes.

"Oh my!"

Nervously Pam picked up the receiver as Layla disappeared into the bathroom.

"Hello, Jerome? Is it about the h-house?" Pams nerves caused a breathless hiccup to escape her lips. Her pussy tingled with the residue of pleasure that just escaped her.

Pams hands and voice trembled as he talked, " W-well that is a bit unusual."

Jeromes exotic charm already working on both her mind and body.

"All right Mr. Stevens," Pam played back with the formal language, " How about 8 o'clock tonight?"

As Jerome hung up, Pam laid back on the silk covered bed. A wicked grin on her face as she stared up at the ceiling. The idea of seeing him again just a few hours after secretively sucking him dry thrilled Pam. An added bonus was the fact that his unsuspecting girlfriend would tour those same rooms, hear those same words, but not knowing the secret memories they would elicit from Jerome and her.

Pam got up and raced into her long walk in closet. Her icy eyes searched the racks for something to impress both Jerome and his girlfriend. Scrambling through suits and dresses, Pam checked the time to see she only had fifteen minutes to get ready.

Layla sat with awe focused on the purple dildo which she retrieved from the tubs bottom. Bigger than any cock she's seen before, it filled out her soft hand so seductively. After unconsciously stroking it, Layla recoiled in disgust, tossing it back in the tub with a splash, realizing where it had most likely been when she'd called on her mother.

Layla slipped near the thick paneled door to eavesdrop on her mother, the faint mumbles of whispered conversation barely audible.

" 8 o'clock," Layla repeated her mothers words.

"She's going to show a home now?" Layla puzzled.

It did not make any sense to the bright young woman, in the summer before her freshman year at college. It seemed to Layla that this was her opportunity once and for all confront her mother with her suspicions. Better yet, Layla thought, she'd follow her mother and catch her without a doubt, in her extramarital rendezvous. Layla rushed from the bathroom, to her bed room retrieving her car keys, waiting by the door, listening and watching for her mothers exit.

At three minutes of 8, Pam raced out the door without so much as an explanation. Following a moment behind, Layla.

Extinguishing her headlights before turning the corner, Layla parked her compact convertible along the curb. Ahead, her mothers Jag parked in the driveway beside a silver Mercedes.

Butterfly's a live in her stomach, Layla rested her head against the steering wheel.

"What am I doing!?" Layla pondered, looking up to see lights all over the home come on. Peering across the dark street, Layla saw Pam standing on the front walk way with short wide black man and a elegantly poised woman of equal height. Layla began to rethink her suspicions. Still, Layla waited for her mother and the couple to go inside before getting out of the car.

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