tagSci-Fi & FantasyHouse of Adelaide Ch. 02

House of Adelaide Ch. 02


*Still getting the hang of this folks... so bear with me...

"Your highness there is someone here that insists that they have an audience with you." King Darvus of the ruling clan Aremus blinked twice at his trusted assistant as he slowly rose from between the thighs of his most favored concubine. Alora sighed and attempted to draw him to her by tightening her legs around his waist and pouting, she needn't have bothered Darvus doubted that he would be going anywhere.

"Are we under attack?" he asked.

"No sir.." Paul had the good grace to blush and look embarrassed.

"Are my sons, dead, dying or injured?"

"No sir...."

"Is it my wife?" he cocked a brow, because they both knew that Lyn would never call on him. She had done her duty by giving him four healthy sons and a beautiful daughter now she was up to her own devices. If Darvus was not confident in his own good looks he might have felt a bit insulted.

"No sir..." Paul never got to finish.

"THEN WHY ARE YOU INTERRUPTING ME??!! I DON'T CARE WHO IT IS THROW THEM OUT!!!" Paul flinched in the face of Darvus' anger but he had known his highness too long to be entirely intimidated. The young woman's matter appeared to be urgent and he had already resolved upon seeing her that he would help her any way he could.

"Your highness, if I may, please listen," Paul fell on one knee, a position he had never been in until now and at the sight of it Darvus quieted, "There is a young woman outside, she seems hurt... and possibly frightened," He knew it was a lie she was hurt but most certainly not frightened, "All I'm asking is that you listen to her please majesty and if possible offer some assistance?" he asked, and dared a glance at Darvus.

"So you're telling me that I am being disturbed in the middle of the night for some unknown woman you claim is hurt? Take her to one of the servants!! Get her cleaned up and then get her out!!" he turned his attention once more to Alora but unfortunately he had already lost his erection. She sent him her most seductive smile and started turning...

"Your majesty please... I'll never ask anything of you again..." Darvus turned to Paul the expression on his face was that of the temporarily stunned. Paul was more than a servant, he was a trusted friend and to hear him beg meant that the matter was of grave importance... at least to him. Darvus sighed and in the back of his mind he remembered his father's lecture about making friends of the servants. They tended to forget their place.

"Fine I'll see this woman Paul if only to shut you up," he removed his semi erect penis from Alora's greedy mouth with a resounding pop and a groan, "Don't worry sweet go to your rooms and I'll summon you when I get back," he looked at Paul "This shouldn't take long." Darvus took the nearest robes he could find and made himself decent. He was still a fine specimen of a man even in his late forties. His dark mane hung loose to his waist and while not as tall as his sons at six feet, he was just as muscled and sturdily built. He turned and followed Paul out.

"Thank you your m majesty!" Paul stammered something he only did when he was incredibly nervous. As they neared the throne room he cleared his throat and continued, "There is something you should know..."

"What is it?" about to part the curtains Paul turned.

"She is an insignificant." By then Paul had already opened the curtains and there she was at the foot of the dais. For a moment Darvus could only stare speechless at the sight of her. She appeared so small, dull, dead and broken. She wore a filthy under dress that had definitely seen better days and a ratty old cloak that only partially hid her face. She held her left hand to her chest and it appeared to be either sprained or broken. What he could see of her face was mottled with cuts and bruises. As he entered she bowed but never raised her eyes toward him. She looked like death itself, cold and nearly unmoving.

"Thank you your highness for giving me an audience." Her voice was soft and melodic and Darvus could have sworn that he felt a cool breeze envelop him.

"Don't thank me thank Paul now explain to me why I have been disturbed!!" he couldn't keep looking at her, there was something beyond her obvious injuries that unnerved him and he wondered if all of the undesirables in his kingdom were thusly treated, it was a thought that somehow disturbed him.

"Yes they are your highness and worse..." she appeared to answer him and for a moment he could only gaze at her in silence, there was definitely something about her that unnerved him.

"What exactly is it that you wanted?" he made a point not to ask about her condition, it never paid to dwell on all the troubles of insignificants, everyone had their part to play and he had enough trouble with the nobles. They were always complaining. More than likely she had been beaten for her insolence.

"I have come to beg a boon of my King," Darvus snorted, "I am Adelaide of Unna," the king appeared slightly shocked he never knew that clan Unna had a daughter, "and there are others like me. Other insignificants in far worse positions and we are treated no better than servants." She never raised her voice, the tone never changed but the room grew decidedly colder.

"So I take it you've come to "plead the case for the insignificants"? Every good Uzian knows that we all have our part to play be that noble or...servant." He cocked a brow and dared her to argue with him.

"Your highness that may be true, but what kind of king in what kind of kingdom allows any of his people to be treated no better than lowly animals?" Paul held his breath at her question and almost anticipated a shout from the King of treason instead Darvus surprised him.

"What kind of King indeed, so what exactly are you asking?" He now sat on his throne both intrigued and disturbed by the young woman.

"Some decree of protection, a compact perhaps and a haven for all insignificants that choose to accept it." She stated simply.

"You ask for much woman!! And what exactly do these insignificants do when they get to this supposed haven?! Rule themselves?! I will not have my people growing lazy and useless, even for their own protection!!" he had risen from his thrown and was advancing upon her. "And who exactly will run it and monitor them? Something tells me none of the nobles would be willing!!" She lifted her head only slightly and answered him.

"I will."

"You?! Why you're nothing more than an insignificant yourself with probably little to no education!! And you're trying to convince me to put you in charge of an entire section of the population!! Ha Ha!! Woman you must be mad!!" He looked at her in disbelief; the woman could not take care of herself far less anyone else.

"I can and I will your majesty if only you would give me the chance to prove it. There are those educated insignificants out there and I will find them and they will be our teachers and contrary to what you might think I am not without my own forms of education." She said it with such quiet dignity that Darvus could not help but believe her.

"Darvus give her what she wants." He turned and on the dais stood Lyn, his queen.

"Have you all gone mad? I should just hand over to the insignificant anything that she wants? The folly of this idea might endanger the entire kingdom!! For all I know they might get it in their heads to sprout the insignificant army and then where would we be!!"

"Oh hush Darvus you know as well as I do that we could crush them without thinking!! She's not asking anything that a GOOD king wouldn't consider for his own people!! I see the way they treat those people even if you and everyone else choose to turn a blind eye to it!! At least they should be given the option to be something a little bit different even the lowest of servants have that!! And none of them have magic so they can't use it!!" he had never seen her so passionate about anything, not even him.

"So what do you propose that I do?" he asked, leveling his dark gaze on his queen. She was a sight to behold with her flame red hair and porcelain skin, all the men of the Aremus clan seemed partial to the combination.

"Give her her compact. Then you can give her Nubus estate to house all that accept it because I no longer have need of it. In a year's time check on them to see if they have progressed or if they are failing and then perhaps you can rethink your decision but at least give them the chance Darvus. I am tired of seeing them suffering!" Lyn's eyes turned toward Adelaide and between the women seemed to pass some silent form of communication despite the fact that the girl never even raised her head.

"Thank you so much your highness you are far too kind." Said Adelaide on a bow and it escaped none of their notice that she winced slightly upon straightening up.

"Don't thank her yet I haven't decided!" he started pacing broodingly, "You girl are nothing more than a child! You haven't even reached you eclipse!!"

"I am far older than a child majesty I have nineteen summers. I just never had an Eclipse."All in the room were silent since they knew what that meant. Until eclipse she could not mate which meant no family and certainly no children.

"Fine miss!! You have one year to prove yourself once this compact is made!! I won't grant you clan status since that would be asking too much of the people to accept, even from the king!! The insignificants forming a clan? Even I wouldn't believe it!" at that the queen snorted, "So there you have it!! But know this; you will get no further help from me or any of the other nobles that I can assure you!! And Lyn," he turned to her, "this one is certainly not free for you either."

Lyn could tell from the look in his eyes exactly what he wanted. She would give it to him willingly; it had always been willingly he just didn't need to know that.

The compact called the haven the House of Adelaide after its founder. It stated that their group would never gain clan status and had a right to protect and defend themselves. They could be educated in any art, or subject that they could find acceptable tutors in. They would remain unobtrusive and a special stipulation made by Adelaide herself required that they should cover themselves. They could work and were in fact encouraged to do so in order to support themselves and contribute to the kingdom. They would be given no assistance and no donations, anything they had they had to get themselves. They could not perform eclipses on their women or dawns if there were men whatever state they arrived in they would have to remain that way whether or not they reached physical maturity which essentially made them a convent. Very few insignificants ever had the privilege of a dawn or eclipse ceremony. Their house would have to make an annual report to the king and remain loyal to his rule however they were able to decide amongst themselves their own internal leadership.

Adelaide could scarcely believe that she had done it. Everything Lakaska had shown her in her vision had come to pass and she could tell that the goddess was not through with her yet. She had literally fought and clawed in order to get this far. She could no longer claim the clan of Unna since they had thrown her out, quite viciously at that. Still now she had a home as did all others like her if they wanted it, even if today it was a crumbling mass of rock set up on a deserted hill. One day she knew it would be far grander. Lakaska would surely help her.

"Before you leave," it was King Darvus, "How exactly did you get in here?" It was a question that even Paul wanted answered.

"I came in through the front door your highness." Was her answer and as each turned to argue with the other about the likelihood of this she faded into nothingness.

In a darkened alleyway on the rougher side of town Adelaide materialized. There were probably thieves about but she was not afraid; they could not take advantage of her. She had spent her first few nights here after being thrown out praying until she had had her last vision. As she lay down on her filthy pallet she allowed this one to engulf her.

In the royal bedchamber a few hours after Adelaide left Lyn entered to find Darvus waiting for her. She had taken a few minutes to prepare herself despite the fact that she knew he would be anxious, he was always anxious. It had been over a month since their last time together. She had donned a gossamer shift and lightly scented herself with lavender. She had also left her hair loose for the main event because she knew that he would prefer it that way.

She stood at the entrance and he just looked at her for a long moment and then he beckoned her forward. She approached him slowly aware that the candles that lit this chamber both highlighted and hid her. She appeared mysterious to him, a goddess. Her hair and skin appeared to glow and the teasing glimpses of her nipples and mound only served to further inflame him. When she was within reach he simply grabbed her and flipped her over onto his bed. The bed that by rights they should always be sharing, if not for his penchant for his other women but tonight these things didn't matter to her he was hers for as long as she could bear it.

He rose above her and shed his robes; he was as magnificent as ever. He was tightly muscled with a light sprinkling of curly black hair across his chest and down past his navel which led to one of his most impressive assets. His cock stood proudly erect at nine inches and slightly curving. The tip was an angry purple and already weeping for her. She had a burning desire to reach out and touch him but she knew she shouldn't, Darvus has always been all about taking the lead when it came to their lovemaking. His hair hung long and loose and as he leaned in towards her it came down around them like a dark curtain. His dark eyes seemed to be sparkling at her.

He reached for her shift and tore it from her. She had to stifle a gasp because he always found ways to startle and overwhelm her. He was so much bigger than her it would be almost too easy to hurt her. The thought only added to the thrill of it. He ran his hands over her face and trailed his fingers down toward her already puckered pink nipples and toyed with her. She wished that she could stay in this moment with him forever and pretend that they were truly meant for each other. She could pretend that they were truly mates and that look he was giving her was meant solely for her and wasn't the same one that he gave to the others.

He dipped his head and attempted to devour her left breast and Lyn moaned and reached for him trailing her fingers through his hair and slowly down his back. He turned his attention to her right breast and Lyn could feel her slit weeping for him. He was looking at her and whispering something but her mind refused to focus on anything other than the sensations that he was creating within her.

"How long has it been Lyn?" he asked softly but before she could string two words together his face hardened and he flipped her over. A stinging slap to her pert ass immediately brought her to her senses and simultaneously made her even wetter.

"I asked you how long has it been!!" he shouted it this time and she was ashamed that this was the part that she lived for. She knew the answer correct answer was too long but once again he didn't need to know that.

"Over f four w weeks..." she stuttered and tried to stay focused despite the fact that he was rubbing her ass with his right hand and fingering her slit with his left.

"Really?" she imagined him looking at her with a raised brow and then, "Count them off!" and he proceeded to spank her with his bare hands. His slaps hurt but he interspersed them with kisses and licks to her heated behind and all the while she tried to keep herself from coming. Soon it was over and he flipped her back over but when she looked at him his attention was taken by the sight of her glistening hairless slit.

He kissed a path toward her pussy and proceeded to devour it. He threw her left leg over his shoulder and ran his tongue from her clit to her puckered anus. Lyn cried out from the ecstasy of it. He nibbled her clit and sucked it into his mouth all the while inserting two fingers into her hole and timing his thrusts to his furious licks. In no time she was coming and gladly he drank all of it. When he lifted his head he favored her with his darkest grin and Lyn was more than willing to return the favor.

She made him lean against the head of the bed and as she knelt between his outstretched legs Darvus was once more struck by how her flame red hair aroused him. She licked his cock from the base to its angry purple head and slowly she began to swallow him all the while gently playing with his balls. Darvus was in no mood for slow and sexy he wanted it fast and dirty. He grabbed the back of her head and as soon as she got comfortable he proceeded to fuck her mouth almost savagely. Lyn could taste him all the way to the back of her throat and there were a few moments where she felt like gagging but she recovered and continued to keep up with him. Soon he was coming and she did her best to swallow every drop of it.

He pulled out with a plop but didn't give her any time to recover. He flipped her over and had her ass up before she could even protest. He teased her clit a bit and then he slowly entered her. That was the only thing slow and gentle about it. Then he was furiously fucking her and between her gasps and moans she could hear him telling her how wet her slit was and how tightly she held him. Lyn felt like she was on fire and her power sought to reach out to his, she was a lesser flame daughter, but somewhere along the line a natural barrier stopped it. There were still the sensations of their flesh wetly slapping together so the innate disappointment of that moment could be shoved aside and filed away, always, for later.

He continued to furiously ream her seemingly oblivious to the power disconnect and later when she analyzed it she realized hat it would always be easier for him; he had had far more experience with his multitude of lovers. She could feel herself coming and lost all ability to think, the fact that they were not truly mates didn't matter, his other women didn't matter, and neither did the fact that this would be the last for a long while once again. She was completely lost in the moment and in him. Soon she could feel his seed flood her and for a small moment she felt complete and could almost pretend.

As his member softened he pulled out and slumped to the bed dragging her with him. They both took a few moments to catch their breath and then she got out of bed and shakily turned to him, all the while attempting to don her tattered shift.

"Satisfied?" she asked though she already knew the answer, nothing ever satisfied him and that was simply the way of things.

"Not nearly," he answered and with eyes still shining her ordered her, "Come back to bed." She looked at him and for a split second she considered it. In the end she just couldn't. As she clutched the edges of her shifted together she looked at him her dark and handsome king.

"Too bad Darvus," she answered, "I think that's more than enough. See you... whenever." She turned and walked out then because if she stayed she would not be able to overcome the temptation he presented.

As Darvus watched her leave he was tempted to force her back to him but he didn't. It had always been this way between them even when he first took her at her eclipse and knew that she would be his. They were not truly mated, yes, but then again so few today really were. All he had known was that from the moment he saw her he was overcome by the knowledge that she would be his queen. He had not been wrong she had given him fine children and was an excellent partner. He just could never understand what motivated her, why she kept herself away from him or the pleasure he could provide her. He sighed and reached for the cord beside his bed to summon Alora. He would be finishing the night with her.

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