tagInterracial LoveHouse of Fantasy - Amy's Story

House of Fantasy - Amy's Story


When Amy's friend Linda told her about the House of Fantasy it was with a beet red face and came only after a lot of liquor and a fervent promise on Amy's part not to reveal anything that Linda said. For their wedding anniversary, Linda's husband had taken her there so that she could experience sex with another man since he'd been the one to take her virginity. The encounter had assured Linda that she'd made the right choice and that she absolutely didn't need sex with anyone else to know that her husband was the man for her, but it had still been an incredible gesture and show of trust... it had also opened up several avenues for other fantasies which they didn't need the House to fulfill. Linda even confessed that they were talking about trying anal sex.

Now none of that was Amy's cup of tea, she didn't have a husband or anyone else who would want to watch her with another man. Amy was only 29, but she had been single for awhile, content to play around with whoever caught her eye. Her last serious relationship had ended three years ago when she realized she was still feeling distinctly unfulfilled. And while Linda had never come right out and said it, Amy knew that Linda had always wondered, even if she had never expected to be in a position to know, what sex would be like with another man.

Amy had decided that what she really needed to fulfill her was a man with a giant dick. She loved men, she loved their equipment, and yet every encounter just left her more and more unsatisfied sexually. It wasn't that she wanted a relationship either, she'd been in several relationships with perfectly wonderful, loving, caring men that she had cared quite deeply about... but somehow sex with them had never been completely satisfying either. For awhile she thought there was something wrong with her, but then a few weeks ago she'd had a one night stand with a larger than average man. He'd been hot, demanding, and she'd practically worshiped his long, thick staff. To date, that had been the most satisfying sex she'd had.

So maybe she'd have to check out this House of Fantasy. Linda's experience had come as a reference from her cousin-in-law or something who had also been single at the time and apparently had had a great experience. This might be perfect actually. She could get with a guy, guaranteed to have a giant cock just like she wanted, and see if it really did satisfy her the way she was hoping. Totally safe, both physically and emotionally.


The Dragon Lady pursed her lips when she saw the request. It wasn't their usual, normally the House of Fantasy provided scenarios, not requests for physical dimensions. On the other hand, the House also relied on word of mouth and repeat customers for business, rather than advertising. And it wasn't as if the House couldn't fill the request. Thoughtfully she scrolled the email again. There was something more behind the words written, a desire that perhaps wasn't being admitted. Maybe a desire that wasn't even known.

Not her problem.

But she did have a reputation to maintain. She dialed the number of her largest employee.

"Yes." His deep rich voice purred through the phone.

"Would you be willing to take on a vanilla scene?"


"I have a request for very large male equipment."

A note of amusement infused his voice now. "Is that how she phrased it?"


"You think there's something more there."

"Possibly. All I have is the email. Either way, you'll more than fulfill her expectations."

"Fine. I'll do it."

There was no need to say goodbye before hanging up. The Dragon Lady responded to Amy's email with the usual attached client forms.


Amy fidgeted nervously, sitting on the edge of the bed in the House of Fantasy. She had arrived early and so now she had nothing to do but sit and wait for the promised fantasy-fulfiller. Fiddling with the hem of her skirt, she wondered again if this was a good idea. Being here, in this gorgeous room that looked like something out of a romance novel's description of a bordello with lots of red crushed velvet and silks, dark wood and mirrors, she felt quiet naive and silly. Like a giant cock could really solve all of her problems. On the other hand, it was worth a try right? Looking in one of the mirrors she adjusted the low-cut shirt over the swell of her breasts, checking her honey-blonde hair and making sure there were no mascara smudges beneath her green eyes. For some reason she felt like she was about to go on the most important date of her life, and if that wasn't silly she didn't know what was.

When the door opened and the man stepped in, he nearly took Amy's breath away. It wasn't that he was gorgeous - although, he was, with smooth dark skin like ebony, close cropped hair, sexily muscled naked upper body and beautiful chocolate eyes - or that he was particularly bigger than her - he was only a few inches taller than her 5'8" and muscular but not overwhelmingly so - it was that somehow he managed to project himself beyond his physical space. It was like there was an aura around him that seeped from his pores and made him seem larger than life.

Just when she had started to breath again, getting ready to get to her feet and put out her hand to introduce herself, he spoke. The rich, deep bass of his voice went straight to her knees and she wanted to melt into the floor like a gooey puddle of chocolate... and then let him lick her up.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Amy. My name is Quinn."

When he said her name it was like having the breath knocked out of her. This man exuded sex, like heat that was wrapping around her and flowing over her. The intensity in his eyes as he looked her over made her feel vulnerable and naked even though she was fully clothed. Her hands clutched at the edge of the bed as she tried to get some control over herself.

"Nice to meet you," she managed to gurgle out. God she sounded like an idiot. A slow smile spread over his face, and somehow the intensity of the situation relaxed, and Amy felt like she could breathe again. He reached out his hand, and she stood to shake it, but her knees weren't quite up to holding her weight yet and she ended up with her hand in his while she was on the floor in front of him on her knees. A deep blush hit her cheeks as she looked up into his startled face.

"I'm so sorry," she said. "I'm not usually this clumsy."

"No need to apologize," he said. "Although since you're down there..." The playfully lascivious look he gave her was enough for her to regain her confidence - and her brazen naughty side.

"Are you saying we might as well just jump into things?" Amy grinned up at him.

"Whatever you'd like," he replied. "You're the one running the show." There was something about the way he said that last sentence, a flatness to his voice, that made her feel like he'd much prefer to be the one running the show. And didn't that just get her motor going.

Amy teasingly put her hand directly on his crotch, and then jumped when she felt the thick hardness behind his jeans. The movement was somewhat painful on her knees, but she was too distracted by the monster hiding in his pants to care.

"Oh my god," she said, the words out of her mouth before she could think about it.

"Would you like to take a look?" The intense aura was back in the air, hanging around her. Feeling almost hypnotized, unable to look away from his crotch, Amy's tongue flicked out to lick her suddenly dry lips. She nodded her head, not trusting her voice. "Undo the button."

Sliding her hand up, Amy's fingertips grazed the bare skin of his stomach as she tugged at the button.

"Now the zipper."

Moving as if in a dream, she pulled the zipper down and made a noise low in her throat as it sprang free... Holy crap. He wasn't even fully hard yet. She knew because it grew another inch in front of her amazed eyes.

"Grip me with your hand."

Almost trembling with lust, Amy wrapped her hand around the thick shaft, her fingers barely making a circle around it. Then it pulsed in her hand and swelled, and her eyes got very big as the tips of her fingers were force apart by his incredible girth. It rose in front of her to its fully erect height, the length of it bumping just below his belly button.

"Holy crap," she whispered. What had she gotten herself into? Quinn was bigger than she'd ever imagined was even possible. But she wanted it... yes, as the hot, heavy rod pulsed in her hand she knew that she wanted it.

"Lick me," he ordered. Without thinking her tongue was out, her body leaning forward, her free hand bracing herself on his hip as she licked up and down the incredible length of him, her little pink tongue sliding across that expanse of dark cock. God how would this fit inside of her. Her tongue slide up the shaft and to the mushroom head, a giant knob that flared out from his stalk. Licking around it and then sliding her tongue across it, she swept up a drop of pre-cum hanging from his pee hole, before exploring that sensitive area with the tip.

A slight indrawn breath was the only reaction she got from him.

"Suck me."

There was complete confidence in his voice that she would do as he said, despite the fact that she wasn't even sure he would fit into her mouth, and it got her hot, hot, hot. Handling his long meat, she opened her lips as wide as she could and began to try and get him into her mouth. It was a tight fit, and incredibly hard not to graze his sensitive skin with her teeth, but somehow she managed. Slobbering over his dick, she could feel how wet and needy she was. And yet... somehow being on her knees in front of him, trying to get as much of him into her mouth as she could, was sexier than the foreplay she'd been imagining. Although she hoped that eventually he'd get his hands all over her.

In the meantime, having him in her mouth was one of the most erotic things she'd ever experienced. There was no room to move her jaw up and down, but the look in his eyes as he watched her try to slide her lips down her shaft made her insides quiver. The beauty of her pale hand against the dark skin of his hip turned her on too. Amy had always loved sex with darker skinned men, the contrast between them was so lovely and erotic. His hands brushed over the top of her head, fingers cradling the back of her skull and tangling in her blonde hair, and she moaned low in her throat.

If he wanted to bend her over and do her now, she'd take it and she had no doubt it would be the hottest sex of her life.

Instead he began to move slightly, helping her take more and more of him into her mouth, until his cock hit the back of her throat... and he was barely halfway in. Amy shuddered and gagged as he came up against her gag reflex, and he withdrew a little. Then, as if he had somehow measured the length to which she could take him, he began to thrust in and out forcefully, always stopping short of her gag reflex. Feeling him move in and out of her mouth, using her, was so hot, she reached between her legs to rub herself under her skirt. The wetness of her pussy was incredible, more wet than she'd ever gotten during foreplay unless a guy was eating her out.

She'd definitely never been this wet before while giving a guy head.

Quinn's eyes narrowed as he saw her hand sliding under her skirt and Amy froze. Did he not want her to touch herself? She immediately removed the offending hand, somehow even more turned on, and the expression on his face changed to something more speculative.

And then she had no time to think anymore as he pulled her head off of his dick and scooped her up against him, one arm tight behind her lower back, the other hand cradling the back of her head as he pressed his body against hers and their lips came together. Amy felt like she might explode as he kissed her, passionately, deeply, and she fairly melted into that puddle of goo right in his arms. It was a good thing he was so strong, because her knees had given out on her again, and the only thing only her up was his arm around her back and the fact that her hands were clutching at him - although they wouldn't have enough strength to hold her up without his help.

They moved towards the bed, Quinn's steps sure-footed while her own stumbled. This man made her into the biggest klutz. But it didn't seem to matter to him, his kissing was just as expert, just as involved as her own. They fell onto the bed and he pulled her on top of him. Amy kept her mouth locked on his until she was forced to relinquish the kiss, because he was pulling off her shirt. The touch of his hands on her bare skin made her insides sizzle. Taking the time to finally adjust herself on top of him, Amy moaned as the thick rod of his dick pressed along the length of her pussy through her panties. She rubbed herself up and down it, slightly frightened of how thick it felt between her lips.

Releasing her breasts from the bra, Quinn covered the creamy globes his hand and his mouth. Amy slowed her movements so that she could enjoy watching him. Every squeeze of his fingers sent a new jolt of pleasure to her pussy, and the feel of his teeth tugging on her nipple made her groan low in her throat. The aching heat between her legs was becoming overwhelming. Tilting her body upwards, her legs extending, she tugged her skirt and panties off of her, getting naked. She couldn't wait to have him inside of her.

He kept playing with her breasts as she positioned herself above him, using her hand to point his thick, black cock straight at her pussy. The muscles in her legs strained as she had to hold herself up a lot higher to get into that position than she'd ever had to for any other man. For a moment she was sure the he was too big, that she wouldn't be able to do this... but her legs were about to give out and it was now or never.

The dark length of him was glistening with her pussy juices, which was good because she found - once she got the head of him pressed against her - that it was going to be a very tight fit. She gasped and groaned, wiggling a little as her body protested the major stretching. That was when the screaming in her leg muscles finally won and she ended up sitting on him, several inches of him forced into her body all at once.

Amy let out a small cry as his hands caught her waist, holding her in place. The thick girth inside of her ached, he was so wide... so big... the inner walls of her body squeezed, trying to push the invader away, trying to retain their original shape. After a minute or two she adjusted and she nodded her head at him, leaning forward to rest her hands on his chest. He didn't take his hands away from her hips, although he let her have her way as she pushed down further onto him. Oh fuck... her head fell back and she panted.

So. Fucking. Full.

It felt like he was in her belly, on his way to her throat, so impossibly deep in her. As she sank down even more, her thighs spread apart farther to accommodate the broad girth that was plunging deep into her body. Working herself up and down, Amy looked down at the erotic sight of his black shaft, glistening with her pussy juices, as it moved back and forth in her body. It looked far too big to be inside of her... and yet it was.

She moaned and rocked back and forth, the strain in her body lessening as her arousal and the intense pleasure began to take over her senses. Quinn kept playing with her breasts, tugging at her nipples, making her pussy even more wet and squishy as she rode him. Getting him all the way inside of her made her feel breathless, as though his cock was somehow crowding out some of the space in her lungs. Rising up on her thighs, she slammed downwards and let out a small shriek as he filled her up completely, ramming into something deep inside of her that seemed to make her vibrate, her body quivering on top of him.

Quinn moved beneath her and she began to hump him, moving slowly as her muscles groaned and protested the abuse of being opened so far. He was deeper inside of her than any man had ever gone, and as she rested her pale hands on his dark chest she felt dizzy with the incredible sensation... the tip of him was pressing against her cervix and it hurt and it felt so good and she didn't know if she'd ever find this kind of erotic high again.

"Oooooh fuck, you're so big..." she moaned, her thighs shaking as she lifted herself up again, and sank down, her inner muscles feeling like they were peeling apart to accommodate him. With his hands on her breasts, Amy started to bump and grind on top of him, gasping and groaning with every movement as her pussy began to enjoy the intense stretching, as her orgasm began to build inside of her.

It took longer than she'd thought it would, although he felt fantastic and the foreplay had gotten her so hot. She couldn't move quite as roughly as she wanted to, the length and girth of him preventing her from completely letting loose on top of him. But when his fingers closed down on her nipples, pinching and twisting the tender buds, pain shot through her body and went straight to her pussy. Amy howled and clenched down in response, throwing her head back as her delayed orgasm shuddered through her. The pull on her nipples, rocking her back and forth on top of him, increased her pleasure as she spasmed and rubbed, the friction of her clit against his pubes and the feel of him bouncing back and forth inside of her was intensely wonderful.

But when she came down from her high... there was still something missing. That indefinable space that was still empty, something about the sex was still incomplete, even though he should have been big enough to satisfy her. Even though he was more than big enough to completely fill her. Amy felt like screaming in frustration, her body still craving.... something.

Below her Quinn saw the frustration.

"Not enough, baby girl?" he asked.

Amy shook her head, feeling hollow, despite the fact that he was still large and throbbing inside of her. "It's not you. It's me. I don't know what's wrong with me."

"I think I do."

His words made no sense, but she was flipped over onto her back and he was outside of her so fast that it took the breath out of her and she didn't have time to think. Suddenly her pussy was empty and she was quivering beneath him. Quinn suddenly seemed like the primal carnal creature that had first walked into the room, she couldn't take her eyes off of his and her lungs didn't feel like they could draw in air... his very presence sucked her in and held her.

"Put your hands above your head."

Slowly, trembling, Amy took her hands away from his chest and put them above her head.

"Spread your legs. More."

Quinn crouched over her like a dark panther, her body stretched and vulnerable beneath him. Despite the fact that she had just had an orgasm, Amy felt every nerve in her body hum.

"Don't move. Stay in this position."

Amy groaned as his finger stroked down her breast, circling the swell of it. She felt incredibly vulnerable and more turned on than she'd ever expected. Normally she hated it when people told her what to do. Why was this so hot? His finger made a trail around her nipple, still tender from the pinching he'd just been giving it during sex, and she whimpered, her back arching up to increase the contact. Quinn's lips descended on hers, his tongue burrowing into her and covering her gasp as he gave her nipple a sharp pinch.

It was the most forceful kiss she'd received in her life and she was loving every second of it. She didn't even realize that her hands were moving until they were touching his head. A sharp slap to her breast made her nipple throb.

"I said don't move." Quinn's voice was a deep sexy growl and Amy immediately put her hands back above her head. "If you can't stay still then I'll tie you in position."

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