tagSci-Fi & FantasyHouse of Ill Repute

House of Ill Repute


A cold Nevada desert is the last place you want to be stranded in the middle of the night, but that's exactly where Sasha and I found ourselves on our first trip together to Las Vegas. Sasha had always wanted to go, and even though I knew the dangers of decadence the city promoted, I figured what better person to lose control with—Sasha.

The night air was too cold to just sit in the car. To this day, I don't know what went wrong with that car. It just up and died on that dark moonlit Nevada highway. Sasha and I decided to walk to the next town, which we thought was about 10 miles away. Not a single headlight on that long road could be found. Only the stars and moon lit our way.

After a few miles of walking, we finally saw a pair of headlights behind us. As the headlights approached, we jumped up and down and waived our hands about for the car to stop.

As the car passed by us, we could tell that it was a limousine. The sleek black limo raced past us without stopping. We were pissed off at first, but further down the road we could see the limo's red breaklights. The car was stopping and backing up toward us. As the car drove backwards and stopped parallel with us, the back tinted dark window slowly descended. Out of the windows, the sweet smell of marijuana escaped like a Cheech & Chong's movie. Two beautiful women peeked their heads through the window, and said agreeingly, "Oh, yes. They'll definitely do."

Sasha and I had no idea what that meant, but we were so tired of being stranded, we were up for anything that wasn't outdoors. The chauffeur's door opened, and out popped a huge Samoan man with a Bola hat. He came around to the side of the car, opened the passenger door, and said, "Get in."

Sasha and I didn't argue. When we sat down in the car; we were looking directly at the two women who sat across from us. A plexi-glass partition separated Sasha and I from them. They asked us if we wanted to smoke with them. Of course, we said yes.

The tinted window behind us descended, and the big Samoan handed Sasha and I a tightly rolled joint and a lighter. Was this heaven?

The tinted window ascended without the Samoan saying a word. The car began rolling down the highway, to where we knew not.

Sasha took a toke from the joint, and she blew the smoke into my mouth. I sucked it in, and enjoyed the rush. With our lips so close together, one of the girls on the other side of the plexi-glass said, "Oh, Veronica, these two are going to be hot."

"What are you talking about," I asked.

Sasha interrupted, "what he means to say is thank you for picking us up. We don't know what we would've done without you stopping for us."

Veronica was pale skinned with wavy dark black hair and cherry red lipstick. Her cleavage shown like two white moons over the top of her ball gown. The other girl was dressed significantly different. Her hair was hidden underneath a straight haired, shoulder length white wig. She had a black leather cap on and a latex black body suit. She smoked her joint from a long stick, like in those movies from the 40's and 50's.

Veronica said, "you two look exhausted. Why don't you take a nap? We've got a long time before we get to the house."

Sasha and I whole-heartedly agreed even though we had no idea what "house" we were going to. We cuddled in each other's arms and stretched ourselves out in the crushed, red-velvet seats of the limo.

After what seemed like an hour or so nap, my eyes slowly opened to see the girls' side of the limo filled with smoke. The plexi-glass kept the smoke on their side. Through the white smoke, I could make out lots of motion. Sasha continued to sleep. All of a sudden, the girl with the white hair peered through the smoke and put her face up to the plexi-glass and smiled at me. She was naked on all fours, and she was licking a red lollipop, looking at me, and laughing. I looked beyond her, and I could see that Veronica was performing oral sex on this woman.

I wasn't sure whether to wake Sasha up or not. My cock was getting hard as the white-wigged woman stared at me while Veronica serviced her backside. The white-wigged woman motioned for me to come closer to the plexi-glass. I lifted Sasha's head out of my lap and crawled toward the woman. She licked her lollipop and pressed her red lips to the plexi-glass. She wanted me to kiss her lips. I kissed the plexi-glass where her lips were. She reared back and laughed.

I sat back next to Sasha in a bit of a daze. I wasn't sure what the hell was going on, but one thing was for sure, It was going to be interesting. Sasha began to come to. While Sasha was waking up, the smoke began to clear only to reveal Veronica and the white-wigged lady sitting next to one another fully-clothed.

"What are your names?" I asked.

"I'm Veronica, and this is Erika."

Sasha asked, "Why is there lipstick on the glass?"

Erika said to me, "Why don't you tell her."

I certainly had no secrets from Sasha.

"Yeah. I want to hear this," Veronica said with an evil grin.

"Okay," I said carelessly.

"Sasha, I woke up from my sleep, and when I awoke, Veronica was licking Erika's ass. Erika was staring at us, and when she noticed I was awake, she kissed the plexi-glass."

Erika said, "Is that all?"

I wasn't sure what she meant.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

Veronica followed up," What did you do when you saw us?"

"Oh," I said. I was starting to think these girls were trying to challenge my and Sasha's relationship. "Erika motioned for me to come to the plexi-glass and kiss her, so I did."

Sasha smiled a bit and said, "Oh. That sounds cool."

Veronica and Erika were taken aback by Sasha's reaction. I think they were expecting Sasha to be disappointed.

Veronica said," Well, Erika, these two are obviously more advanced than we thought. We're going to have to let them in. They need to see the house."

"Yes," Erika said. "You've passed your first test.


Veronica and Erika led us through the large oak door of the large cobblestone estate. I couldn't imagine what part of Nevada had old oak trees and lots of overgrown bushes, but at this house, the overgrowth lent a mysterious air to the castle-like home. When we walked in, Sasha and I were in awe of the cathedral-like ceilings outlined in gold with paintings of angels and various naked people on the ceilings. The cast-iron chandelier was centered in the middle of the lounge with burning candles as its light source. The wax dripped over the sides of each candleholder into black, rounded, wrought iron plates underneath each candle.

A well refined, elderly gentleman greeted the four of us at the door. He was obviously a butler.

Veronica said, "Jennings, take these two and have them properly dressed."

"Yes, madam. Come with me please."

Sasha and I followed Jennings, and we waived goodbye to Veronica and Erika.

Jennings showed us into a small hallway that had a shower and two very large closets. He opened the doors to each closet and said, "Madam, you may find what you are looking for here. Sir, you may find what you are looking for here (motioning to the opposite closet). If that is all, I will leave you now."

Sasha said, "No, thank you, Jennings. I think we have everything we need."

Jennings exited.

After we shared a shower, Sasha and I were like two kids in a candy store. There were so many sexy clothes. I settled on a very dark red, almost black, coat with a black bow tie and white shirt. My pants were of the same dark felt material as my coat. The outfit was quite stunning. Just because the night was so weird, I decided to slick my hair back with some gel that was in the bathroom while Sasha put on her sexy, low-cut red dress. I could tell from the slit in the back of her dress, she was wearing fishnet black hose. Sasha rarely wore high heels, but she found some slender black high-heels that made her much taller than usual. I fantasized briefly of her legs in the air as I pumped her full of my cock. Sasha put her hair up so that none of it touched the back of her neck. She also wore a black-felt choker that was made of the same material as my suit. We were looking good and plenty excited.

We began our adventure through the house.

The first room we came upon was a group of people dressed in white tuxedos and top hats with white masks on their faces. Even the women had white tuxedos on. They huddled in a group around a table. Sasha and I were dying to see what they were huddled around. Even though we were not dressed like all of the people in the room, they paid Sasha and I no attention. We approached the group so we could see what they were gawking at.

As we approached, we looked down on the table, and to our amazement, we saw a woman with flowing black hair, piercing black eyes, and black lipstick. She was wearing black latex boots that went above her knees, and she was wearing black latex gloves that extended beyond her elbows. That was all that she had on. She lay back on the table as everyone watched.

Sasha and I couldn't believe what we saw next. The woman was being fucked repeatedly by a machine with a black dildo strapped to it. The machine seemed robotic as it pushed and pulled the dildo in and out of the woman's vagina. She yelled and moaned in ecstasy as the group looked on. Sasha and I were enthralled. We watched for a long time, but our curiosity to see the rest of the house was too strong. We left.

The next room we entered had a grand staircase leading upward. Along the crushed red-velvet carpet that ascended the staircase were half-naked women in costumes being fucked by men with awesome bodies. The men had costume horse heads while the women wore elaborated masks and feather-headgear and skimpy, glittery bras. The women looked disinterested in being fucked. As Sasha and I ascended the staircase barely touching the couples, the women would reach for us and touch our bodies. We were in shock as we watched the women being screwed by the sweaty animals.

When we reached the top of the staircase, we saw many doors. We approached a room and went inside. We were amazed to find a room filled with more men with incredible bodies. When we peeked into the room, we saw a group of about 10 or 12 young men having an orgy. This house seemed to cater to everyone. We were amazed because we had never seen guys fucking before, but this was not the room for us. We approached the next room.

The next room was a bit sexier. The room was red from top to bottom and had nothing in the room but a seesaw. We looked inside and watched as a dominatrix stood in the center of the room commanding her two slaves to ride the seesaw. Two beautiful women were on each end of the seesaw going up and down respectively. Upon further review, each seesaw seat was endowed with a crystal-colored dildo, which was firmly implanted inside each of the beautiful women. As they went up and down on the seesaw, they moaned from the fucking.

Sasha and I almost drooled. We were so happy we were there. This was beyond our fantasies. When we left that room, we headed down a long hallway. A sign on a door said "Dark Room." Naturally, Sasha was curious. We entered.

When the door closed automatically behind us, the room was a pitch-black dark hallway. We stood there trying to feel our way around. I reached back for the door, but there was no doorknob. We walked forward feeling the wall to guide us. We held hands as we walked together down the dark hallway. Suddenly, camera flashes began flashing to the left and right of us. They seemed to come from everywhere. We were blinded by the flashes and were disoriented. Then a strobe light began flashing and strange music began to play. We looked at each wall, which was glass-plated. The rooms behind the walls were separated like a wax museum. In each room, people laughed hysterically as they were fucking. Each room had a different scene. One exhibit was a woman dressed in a school girl outfit being paddled by a man. Another had two women giving a man a blowjob who had a python wrapped around his neck. Another had a man tied to a cross near the glass window, and a dominatrix was jacking him off. He came on the glass wall right in front of us. It was getting way too bizarre and making us feel a bit uncomfortable.

Suddenly, the strobe lights ended and we were in the dark again. We were so disoriented, and our minds had been fucked with so much, we held each other tight. We walked further because we didn't want to go backwards. Up ahead, we made out the dim purple lights of a room lit by blacklights. On the walls in neon graffiti were words spray painted like: fuck, hot sex, worship, trash, bitchfuck, kiss, etc. The neon purples, greens, oranges, and yellows were becoming more pronounced. As we rounded a corner, we saw a woman in an orange spike-haired wig with neon orange lipstick. Her breasts had neon green swirls painted on them, and she wore a neon yellow dildo and neon yellow high-heels. We could not see any of the rest of her body. She had another woman bent over a neon orange and green barrel. The woman on the barrel was painted white with a short neon blue wig. She was submitting to the woman in orange.

We passed through that room back out into a hallway. The next door we came to had our names written on the door with two stars on the door. We were taken aback that our names were on the door. Jennings must have gotten our names from our wallets when we were taking a shower.

We couldn't help not to enter a room with our names on the door. When we entered, all of the walls of the room were black except for one wall, which was mirrored. In the center of the room was a long table that was attached in the middle of a circular wheel. We walked close to the chrome wheel. I spinned the wheel just for kicks, and the cushioned table spun upside down on the wheel. This was a great sexual device. Also, a trapeze hung from the ceiling. Also, a lit chrome curio was on the back wall with many sexual devices.

All of a sudden, a voice came over the intercom.

"Reach inside the display case and attach a dildo to the table."

Sasha and I were turned on. We walked to the curio, and there lay a black dildo that appeared to screw into something. I removed a section of the table, and there was an insert for the black dildo. Sasha attached the dildo to the table.

"Now, handcuff your lover to the ropes extending from the ceiling."

Neither of us knew whom the voice was speaking to, so Sasha grabbed the handcuffs from the curio and handcuffed my arms to the trapeze. My arms were raised in the air, and could only move my feet.

"Now, do what you must," the voice said. "Whip him."

Sasha walked over to the curio and grabbed a whip.

"Turn around," Sasha said.

I turned my back to Sasha. She lightly tapped my ass with the whip.

"Take his clothes off and whip him," the voice said.

Sasha removed my clothes so that I was totally naked. She ripped the shirt from my body since I was handcuffed. With my ass exposed, the voice said, "Make him red."

Sasha hit my bare skin with the whip. It hurt a little, but I was so turned on I didn't care.

"Hit him again," the voice said.

As the blow came across my ass, I yelled.

"Talk dirty to him," the voice said.

"Do you like that?" Sasha asked.

"Yes," I said.

"Are you a big strong man?" she asked.

"Yes," I said.

"You're not so big and strong now are you?" Sasha asked.

"No, I'm not."



"That's right. You're a helpless man, now. I am in control of you."

I loved for Sasha to talk to me like that. My cock was getting hard. Sasha noticed this.

"Turn around," she said. "Let me see that hard cock."

I turned around.

Sasha walked over to the curio and lit some candles. She brought one of the lighted candles near me, and waived it in front of my hard cock.

"Are you going to do anything I say?" she asked.

"Yes," I said.

Sasha tilted the black candle as if to pour wax on my hard cock.

"This is my cock," she said. "Do you like my cock?"


"I think I like it better when it's a big black cock."

I knew Sasha was implying that she was going to pour the black wax on my cock. I was helpless, and now, my cock was truly hers. She tilted the candle over and the black wax came oozing down like rain onto my stiff cock.

"Well, we've got the big and the cock; we're just missing the black'" Sasha said.

I screamed as she poured the hot black wax up and down the shaft of my cock. The wax covered my cock until I had a large black protrusion disseminating from my body.

Sasha laughed as I screamed.

She walked over to the table and sat on top of it and began touching herself with her wet fingers. She stared straight at me as she began fingering herself. If I could have gotten free, I would have jumped all over her.

When Sasha got herself wet enough, she positioned herself on top of the black cock protruding from the table. She slowly rode it while she looked into my eyes.

"God damn I love big black cocks," she said. "Do you like to see me getting fucked by a big black cock," she asked

"Yes, I love it," I said.

As Sasha rode the cock, the door to the room opened, and in walked two voluptuous women. It was Veronica and Erika. They were dressed in short black wigs, with black, shiny, latex lingerie. They stood tall in their black latex high heels, and they emitted immense power with black dildoes protruding from their groins. Veronica held two three-foot long strands of chrome anal beads in one hand and a bottle of clear lube in the other. Erika held a black double-dong in one hand, and a shiny black assplug in the other.

Veronica said as they entered the room, "Oh, don't mind us. Keep on riding. Your lover seems to like it."

Sasha was confused at what the two women were doing.

Erika approached me from behind, and licked her fingers. She grabbed my wax cock in one hand and began to slip her free fingers in my ass.

I was helpless.

"Get this shit off," she said, as she pushed the black wax from the shaft of my cock. While she removed all of the wax from my cock, she very quickly inserted the black butt plug inside me.

"Ow, god damn it!" I yelled.

She didn't apologize. She said nothing. Meanwhile, Erika walked to the side of the room. She pushed a button, and when she did, the mirrored-wall began to rise. As the wall raised into the ceiling, Sasha and I could see a large group of people in seats watching us. We were the performers in Veronica and Erika's next sex act.

Erika said nothing as she walked to Sasha. Erika bent down on her knees and without even asking permission began to lick Sasha's pussy.

Veronica approached Sasha from behind and massaged Sasha's breasts. She turned Sasha's head to her and began kissing her. I stood by helplessly as the two women began to take Sasha.

Sasha was getting off on being licked, massaged, and kissed all at the same time. Erika sucked on Sasha's vagina lips. Sasha loved it. She slowly grinded her body on the black dildo as Erika licked her. Veronica licked her fingers and slipped them inside Sasha's ass. Veronica then grabbed the lube and began massaging Sasha's ass with it.

"Ride that cock on your knees," Erika said.

Sasha got on her knees and began riding the cock. As she did, Erika stood in front of Sasha and placed her black strap-on in Sasha's mouth. Sasha began to suck her cock, while riding one. Veronica approached Sasha from behind and slowly slipped her cock inside Sasha's ass. Sasha was completely filled. She was being fucked within an inch of her life, but she loved it.

I looked on in amazement. I looked out at the audience, and they could not keep their eyes off of the girls. The black cock in her mouth muffled Sasha's moans. Veronica began pumping Sasha's ass faster, and Erika grabbed Sasha's hair and forced Sasha to suck her. Sasha was so excited that she came. Her body was glistening from all of the sweat. She rode the cocks faster and faster. She was like a machine. Veronica had trouble holding Sasha's ass; she was moving and convulsing so fast. Erika pulled her cock out of Sasha's mouth, and a creamy white substance exploded all over Sasha's face. At the same time, Veronica pulled her cock out of Sasha's ass and exploded all over Sasha's back.

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