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House of Three


Author's Note:

This story could easily fit into a number of categories. Namely, Group Sex or Anal. I've chosen Loving Wives, because the struggles that take place would mean nothing without the vow of marriage being at the crux of it.

If you are a devoted fan of my more romantic works or my BDSM novels, you might not like this story. This one is sex first, love on the side. A stroke story with a pulse.







I guess there's some lesson to be learned from this story that can be summed up neatly in a single axiom. Like, "be careful what you wish for, you might just get it", or "two wrongs don't make a right", or some bullshit like that. Looking back, I just shrug and think to myself, Shit happens.

The thing is, if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't change a damned thing. I don't feel one ounce of regret over initiating this whole sequence of events that resulted in one couple's divorce, two men's fantasies fulfilled, and three happy fuckin' people. For me, once I got my mind wrapped around it all, it became one long hard-on. Fuck what anybody else thinks.



One: One Crazy Idea



"Why the fuck do you always root against my boys?"

"Because it's the Yankees. Everyone who isn't a fan roots against 'em."

"I'm living in the wrong goddamn state."

"You just figuring this out? How long have you lived here, 10 years?"

"Since college. Too damn long." An uproar came from the patrons at the bar. "Fuck! I can't believe he's still pitching. I can't watch this."

Jack lifted his beer mug from the counter as he swiveled his barstool to face the other direction.

"So how are you and Kelly making out these days?"

Kevin shrugged and took a swig of beer before answering. "About the same."

"Sorry to hear that. You still talking about divorce?"

"She hasn't brought it up again after that one time, but nothing has changed."

"What does that mean?"

"We're still not, you know..."


Kevin chuckled; he didn't exhibit the same level of bluntness as Jack. "Yeah."

Jack shrugged. "Everyone goes through dry times. We went two weeks without, once."

Kevin shook his head. "We haven't done it in two months."

Jack nearly spit his beer out, then choked down what he had in his mouth. "You fuckin' kiddin' me?"

Kevin shook his head.

"And you put up with this?"

"I don't have a choice. I tried."

"She frigid or somethin'?"

Kevin half smiled at Jack's upstate New York accent. It was more pronounced when he drank. "No, that's the part that hurts. I caught her in the bathroom with a, uh, vibrator, the other day. She was reading some book on her Kindle."

"When Em reads that shit, I am guaranteed to get laid."

"Well, Kelly didn't want anything to do with me afterward."

Jack frowned and swiveled back toward the bar. He avoided looking up at the television screen. He could already guess by the cheering in the room how bad his team was doing. Instead, he focused his attention on his troubled friend.

Nearly eight years earlier, Jack hired Kevin to paint the interior of an add-on his crew had just built. Kevin fashioned himself an artist, but to pay the bills, he offered his skills to general contractors in need of freelance painters.

Despite their differences in general demeanor, they became fast friends. And then best friends. Kevin was the only person other than his wife that Jack confided in. It was just the way he was raised.

Growing up near Buffalo, Jack had been raised to be tough-minded and self-reliant. It was rare for him to talk about feelings, especially his own. And other than the casual gripe about his baseball team or the weather, he never discussed his own problems. This was probably the biggest complaint from his wife, Emily, though being raised in a similar environment to Jack, she'd never say so out loud.

But that didn't stop him from being a good listener. Much to the credit of the general earthiness of New Yorkers, Jack could identify with his fellow man. Pain was real to him. It made sense and kept people humble. It was this trait that drew workers to his business. And created lifelong friends like Kevin.

"How long has this been goin' on?"

"A year, maybe. I don't know, maybe even longer than that."

"Everythin', you know, workin' right with you?"

Kevin laughed and nodded his head. "Yeah, man, I'm fine. No problem there."

"Then what's the problem?" Jack felt that everything was simple. If you just peeled away the layers of bullshit, you could uncover the problem and solve it.

"I don't know. Boredom, I guess. We just sort of fell into a routine. In her mind, that's a fate worse than death."

Jack nodded his head slightly and drained his mug. He made eye contact with the bartender and presented his empty beer flagon. In turn, the bartender held up two fingers and Jack nodded in affirmation.

His own mind was churning. He recalled a recent similar conversation with Emily. Although the exchange was brief, brought on by Emily's unusual request while they were making love, the gist of it was the same.

"I think these books they read do more harm than good."

"I hear ya. I picked up one of Kelly's. The main guy in the story was over six-foot tall, body-builder physique, hung like a stallion, and rich as snot."

"Sounds like me. Except for the rich part."

"Yeah, well, he was also gentle and sensitive, and completely unselfish in bed."

"Doesn't exist."

"That's my point. No man has all that."

"No. Although I'm pretty close." Jack stopped to chuckle at his own humor before continuing. "It's total bullshit."

"Try to tell them that."

"You'd have to combine several dudes to get close to that shit."

"I know. And on some level, I think Kelly realizes that, because get a load of this ... she suggested we should look into swinging."


"Wife-swapping and stuff like that."

"Really? Damn."

"I know."

"What did you say?"

Kevin shrugged. "There was nothing I could say, except that I'd think about it."

"Are you seriously considering it?"

Kevin shrugged and glanced up at the last inning of the game. After a couple of seconds, it was obvious he wasn't going to answer.

"What? You're just gonna go sleep with some strange couple you've never even met?"

Kevin's head dropped forward in defeat. He shook his head, "I don't know."


As Jack was climbing between the covers, he couldn't seem to get his mind off Kevin's dilemma. The last inning rally by the Yankee's got them off the heavy topic before Jack could give his two-cents worth. They never went back to it after that.

The thing that bothered him was that he didn't know how he felt about it, other than he couldn't imagine himself in a million years climbing into bed with a strange couple. But he wasn't put off by the thought as much as he thought he might be, either. In fact, he thought, the idea might have some merit.

For Kevin and Kelly, of course.

Emily slid across the king-sized bed to snuggle with Jack as he got settled.

"Did we win?"


"Glad I didn't go and watch, then."

"What did you do?"

"Watched T.V. Read some."

Jack's thoughts shot back to his earlier conversation with Kevin at the bar, but were soon interrupted by Emily's roaming hand. It had snaked down his bare chest and stomach and into his briefs.

"That book make you horny, Em?"

"Mmmm-hmmm." She wrapped her fingers around his thick meat, tugging and stroking it to life. It didn't take long for it to be fully erect in her palm.

Ordinarily, Jack would reciprocate by fingering her pussy to get her ready. He'd been drinking, and it was late. For men in the construction business, the workday started early. He was more than happy to indulge his horny wife, but he needed to do it in the least possible amount of time. Then Kevin's words rang in his ear "...gentle and sensitive, and completely unselfish in bed."

"What do you want?"

Emily lifted her head from Jack's chest to look up at him. "Are you asking me what I want you to do?"


A tiny smirk formed on Emily's face. "I want you to go down on me."

"Is that all?"


Emily removed her hand from Jack's underwear and rolled onto her back. A wicked smile had settled on her face that shone through the darkness. Jack caught a glimpse of it as he began his descent.

When he got to the end of her nightshirt, he noticed she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Expecting some action tonight, were you?"

She ran her fingers through Jack's coarse, thick locks. "Yes."

Jack mumbled to himself as he parted her thighs, "I should play hard to get every once in awhile."

The scent of her arousal assaulted his senses and sent his mind to reeling. Nothing smelled as sexy as a woman's pussy.

Jack stroked Emily's silky inner thighs and then slid one of his thumbs into her opening. "Damn, Em. You're fucking soaked."

Jack twisted his wrist so he could slide his beefy middle finger inside her. It glided in with complete ease, making his cock twitch with jealousy. It would be so easy for him to fuck her in her current condition. She'd already worked herself up to a sexual frenzy, practically. But, he'd agreed to do what she wanted. This time.

Emily moaned quietly as Jack finger-fucked her wet cunt. She liked to be fucked. Got off on it as much as he did.

"Use your tongue, Jack." Emily had never had trouble expressing herself in bed. It was one of the things that turned him on most about her.

His mouth lowered to her hot center. He swiped his tongue along her deliciously hot, wet folds as he continued pumping his finger into her.

Emily sucked a sharp breath into her lungs. It was music to Jack's ears. He adored the sound of her arousal. So much so, he was sure he could get off just on that. Almost, anyway.

His head dipped for another taste. He was teasing her. He'd given up on the idea of a quick fuck and decided that as long as he was down there, he might as well make it worth the loss of sleep.

She emphatically moaned as his tongue swirled around her slick flesh. She was wound tight; already teetering on the edge of release. Jack slowed his fingers to a gentle massage as his tongue worked circles around her swollen clitoris. Emily's hips rocked in rhythm with his tongue in a lustful display. It drove Jack to the edge of control. He fought his urge to just fuck her right then.

"Yes, yes. Ohhhh."

Emily was in rare form; writhing around and groaning like a cat in heat. She slid her hands underneath her hips and spread her butt cheeks.

"Please, Jack."

He knew what she wanted. It was the same unusual request she'd made the last time they were in bed.

Jack removed his finger from her pussy and positioned it at the puckered opening of her anus. He swirled it around a few times, using her own juices for lubrication, then he applied pressure.

There was resistance to the intrusion, which he was expecting, but once he got past the tight outer ring, his digit invaded her hot channel with some ease.

Jack had never really gotten into anal. And up until a week ago, neither had Emily. Must be those books she's been reading. But he had no issues with fingering her in the heat of the moment. If it turns her on, I'm game. He just didn't want to invest the energy to take it further.

He turned his attention to her clit and went to work in earnest on it, hardening his tongue and flicking it hard across the distended nub.

Emily arched her back, panting and groaning; spewing half sentences beneath her heavy breathing. "Yes, fuck me."

Jack suspected she was fantasizing about another man fucking her ass but he didn't care. In a moment she was going to come. Hard. And when she did, he'd be on her in a flash to give her one vicious fucking.

In fact, if he was perfectly honest about it, the visual image of his wife being fucked by another man turned him on. But that was a thought he kept well suppressed. Except at times like this.

"Oh, baby, I'm close. Yes."

Her lewd whispers drove him to increase the rhythm. His own imagination was riddled with outrageously obscene images. Of fantasies unrealized; wild, lurid scenes that could only exist in his mind.

Emily's hips lifted from the mattress as she wailed her release.

Jack didn't hesitate. He swiftly clamored into position and drove his steel cock into the slick hole that was now quaking in orgasm. He held her thighs still as he fucked her with a frenzied rhythm. It was a scourging fuck; hard and fast, with one goal in mind.

Emily's body had inched up the sheets until the top of her head was tapping the headboard with every stroke. Jack didn't seem to notice, his eyes black and glazed over in wild desire.

A few minutes later, he could feel it building. All the muscles in his body tensed. He managed to slap his hips into her for three long strokes as waves of cum shot through his rod. "Fuck. Yes."

All the tension released at once. Jack loosened his grip on her thighs and let his weight come to rest on top of her. He panted and huffed into the mattress next to her shoulder.

A few silent minutes passed. Jack's breathing resumed to normal. He moved off of Emily and onto the mattress next to her, pulling her body against his in a spooning position.

His hand made its way up her nightshirt until it was on her bare breast. He liked to fall asleep like that. It comforted him.

"Jack?" Emily whispered.


"Are you okay with, you know..." She slid her hand over her hip and patted her butt cheek. "...That sort of stuff?"

Jack shrugged. "To an extent. I'm curious where this is coming from all of a sudden."

Emily took a moment to think about her answer. "Different places. Books, mostly."

"How far do these books go?"

Emily turned her face slightly into her pillow as she answered in a meek voice, "All the way."

Jack sighed. "You really think you'd like that? My dick is a hell of a lot bigger than my finger, Em."

"I know. What we're doing is fine. If you're okay with it?"

"I'm good. Is this part of some bigger fantasy you have?"

Emily shrugged but remained silent.

"Multiple guys?" Jack's flaccid dick twitched at the thought.

"Sometimes. But, you're always one of them."

Jack suddenly remembered his earlier conversation with Kevin at the bar. He wasn't in the habit of discussing his friend's problems with his wife, but this was too coincidental to pass up.

And his dick was beginning to stiffen for some odd reason.

"That's so weird we're talking about this. Kelly is trying to talk Kevin into wife swapping."

"For real?"


"She brought it up out of the blue?"

"They've been having problems. The 'D' word has come up."

"Divorce? Really? Oh, shit. Why?"

Jack shrugged. "Who knows. He said they haven't had sex in months. She wants to spice things up, I guess."

"You know that's not what I'm suggesting, right?"

"I know, Em. You're allowed to have your fantasies. As long as I'm involved." He squeezed her breast possessively as he pressed his semi-hard organ against her back.

After a few moments of silence, Emily spoke up. "We should have them over. Maybe they just need to interact with other couples more."

"I think that's what she has in mind."

Emily elbowed Jack. "That's not what I meant. I think we could be a good role model for them. Don't you?"

Jack rolled his eyes. The conversation had stretched beyond his interest level and he was having some difficulty staying awake. "If you say so."

If Emily replied, he didn't hear it.



Two: The Party




Jack emerged from the bedroom doorway, "What?!"

"I've been calling you for the last five minutes."

"I was in the bathroom. Jeez! What do you want?"

"Come get your work boots off the floor and bring me that pile of dirty glasses you're collecting on that table next to your chair."

You had to call me all the way in here for this? "It's only Kevin and Kelly. They've been here before."

"I don't care. Are you going to argue with me on this?"

Jack sighed and rolled his eyes. No, of course not, DEAR.

The snarky comments rattled around in his head but he wisely kept them to himself. He hadn't survived a decade of marriage by accident. He knew when to pick his fights.

"Do you think you can finish straightening up while I get ready?"

Jack looked around the room. What is there to 'straighten'? He shrugged and nodded, "Sure."

Emily huffed at him just before ducking into the master bedroom. "Jack, I mean it."

What is her problem? He lifted the remote control and plopped down in his recliner. He was still surfing the guide for sporting events when the doorbell rang.

Emily hadn't re-emerged from the back so Jack pulled himself up to answer the door.

"Hey, guys. Come on in."

Kevin held up two bottles wrapped in paper bags. "Where should I put these?"

"In the kitchen." Jack leaned over and hugged Kelly, pecking her on the cheek, "How ya doin'?"

Drifting from her hair was a subtle mix of lavender and vanilla. It struck Jack as somewhat odd. As she moved past him, he regarded her with amusement. She looks hot tonight.

She was wearing a wraparound mini skirt, which wasn't unusual for Kelly. She was undoubtedly aware of her fantastic legs because she flaunted them at every opportunity. Emily had even commented on them. Appreciatively, as I recall. That was the other thing that Jack liked about Emily; She wasn't the type of woman who was jealous of the way other women looked.

But there was something else about the way Kelly looked. Something beyond just the way she was dressed. Jack couldn't put his finger on it.

Emily surfaced from the bedroom and made her way across the living room, snatching up the crumpled throw and tossing it over the back of the recliner as she walked. She rolled her eyes briefly in disgust before planting a warm and welcoming expression on her face.

"Kelly, hi. Good to see you." Emily embraced Kelly in the foyer. "Come in. Would you like something to drink?"

"I think Kevin is getting it."

Emily nodded and looked over at Jack. He was still somewhat in shock over his own wife's appearance.

Although it was commonplace for Kelly to wear short shorts and skirts, it was not a usual practice for Emily. Especially not around the house. But there she was, donning a short skirt so tight it should be illegal, along with a bra that lifted her ample breasts and created a barely visible line of cleavage above her v-neck blouse. Damn, Em. What the fuck?

"Jack. Jack!"

It dawned on him that Emily was talking to him, "Huh?"

"Can you get me a glass of wine?"

"Yeah, sure."

Bemused, and quite frankly a bit aroused, he joined Kevin in the kitchen.

"Is there something going on here?"

Kevin finished twisting the corkscrew and looked over at Jack. "What do you mean?"

Jack nodded toward the living room, prompting Kevin to stretch his neck to peer over the passthrough bar at the women. After a few moments of studying them, he shook his head and shrugged, frowning in curiosity at Jack. "What?"

"You're kidding me, right?"

Kevin looked over the counter again. Kelly was situating herself on the sofa as Emily bent over to retrieve the remote. Her blouse fell open to reveal a black lace, push-up demi bra supporting two perfectly round orbs.

Kevin quickly peeled his eyes away and back to Jack.

Jack snorted, "Em doesn't even dress like that on New Year's Eve."

Kevin shifted his body so he was facing away from the living room. "Sometimes women just feel like dressing up, I guess. What are you complaining about?"

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