tagTransgender & CrossdressersHouse of Toys: The Boy Toy

House of Toys: The Boy Toy


The stage emitted an explosion of lights and noise as Elise belted out the end of her set with endearing enthusiasm. As the song ended and the lights began to dim, her small but passionate audience burst into applause. I was close enough to see Elise panting in the near darkness, totally exhausted, but with a satisfied smile plastered across her face. I was reminded of when I first met her back in primary school – her genuine eagerness and friendliness had captivated me back then just as it did now.

After she had changed back to her street clothes, we began the long drive out of LA, myself at the wheel. She chatted with me cheerfully for the first half of the trip, but soon her fatigue took over and she passed out, deep asleep. I was left to contemplate the direction my life had taken.

Elise had been my closest friend for as long as I can remember. We were thick as thieves all throughout school. I found her cheerful personality enchanting, and her easy, joyful smile was always the highlight of my day. Her bright blonde hair and open face contributed further to her shining personality. For her part, she seemed to find me reliable, an anchor to her airy disposition, but I never really could wrap my mind around why she would spend her time with someone like me.

Her dream ever since middle school was to be a pop star. She had an incredibly idealistic view of what that would entail and was particularly entranced by idols as they appeared in Japan. I of course supported her passion, but always thought it was a phase she would grow out of. That is, until she doubled down in college and took every singing or dancing class available, determined to make her dream a reality. She aspired to sing on a big stage in Hollywood, and sometimes the way she talked made me think it really might happen. My trajectory was much less interesting. I pursued studied business and accounting, following my father's advice to find a job that pays well and was reliable.

For all our efforts, though, we both found ourselves graduated in no time, unable to find any work in our fields. I was about 6 months into an unglamorous job washing dishes when Elise approached me with an offer: I would be her agent and help find her stage work. I was dubious at what someone like me could really do, but I figured my life could use a change and so started my new career as an amateur agent for an amateur pop star.

I had had middling success, finding Elise scattered performances in small, out of the way bars, but never anything beyond that. She had a small but passionate following, mostly younger children. Neither of us made much money from our efforts – most of her earnings were spent just getting to and setting up the shows – but it was enough for me just to see her light up every time she took the stage.

That brings us to now, 2 years later. Finally, last month, we broke into Hollywood. Elise was approached by a large production company, Phoenix Studios, with a trial offer. They're well known for launching the careers of breakout stars, so I, acting as her manager, excitedly signed Elise up for a one-month contract. It had gone incredibly well – Elise was the happiest I had seen her since we were much younger, loving every minute of her time on the stages of venues sprinkled across LA.

Tonight's was the last, so it was with mixed feelings that I drove my friend home. I was happy for her to be so close to her dream, but also incredibly nervous. Tomorrow we would be meeting with Simon Hawke, our contact with Phoenix, to discuss signing Elise up for something more permanent. From what I knew, they were happy with her performance so far, but my stomach still twisted in knots when I thought about how much hung on this meeting going well.

I glanced at Elise, dozing in the seat beside me. Her round face was so innocent, so precious, especially in sleep. I even thought I still saw a ghost of the grin she had worn all night. I set my jaw. There was no way tomorrow could be anything less than a success. This girl deserved so much more – I wouldn't take no for an answer from Hawke. It was my job as her agent – no, her friend – to protect this blazing star, to shelter its flame and guide it to something great.

The meeting started well enough. Hawke was a tall and muscular European man, intimidating with his straight-as-a-board posture, his bald head, and the dark shades he always seemed to wear. Luckily, he had taken a liking to Elise since they had first met a month ago and he was now gushing over her performances.

"Elise, dear, everyone has been raving about Honey*Star, but none more than I!" Honey*Star was Elise's stage name. At first I had thought it was a bit too cutesy, but she insisted she chose it because of the way I liked to compare her smile to honey, sweet and refreshing. I had warmed to it. "I think you definitely have the makings of a star!" Hawke continued.

Elise beamed, her face as bright as the sun. "Thank you, Simon! It's been a pleasure, and I couldn't have it done it without my fans!" She always gushed about her fans, both on and off stage, and I never could tell if it was an affectation for the audience or not. Even she probably didn't know at this point.

Simon straightened. "Right, let's talk about the next steps. I want to start by saying that Phoenix would be happy to take you on full-time." He cut off Elise's delighted squeals with a raised hand. "But, as part of working with us you will need to agree to a change in your image." I caught Elise's confused face and stepped in.

"Mr. Hawke, sir, what exactly do you mean?" This wasn't what I wanted to hear, but it wasn't unreasonable for them to have their own sort of branding.

"Oh, nothing much, really. You see, Phoenix Studios, as the name suggests, has always been about hiring the hottest of talent, passionate stars that excite their audiences." He shifted in his seat and fixed calculating eyes on me. "Elise here is passionate enough, but she's missing a certain...heat." He caught my frown and chuckled. "What I mean is sex appeal. Our fans want fire, after all, which is as fierce as it is warm."

I groaned inwardly. Dammit! This was exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to avoid. Why did everyone in the acting business have to be so sleazy? I made to stand up, but Elise stopped me with a gentle hand on my shoulder.

"It's okay, Jamie, let's at least hear what he has to say." I reluctantly settled back in my seat, still on edge.

Hawke smiled graciously and continued. "Thank you, honey. I promise, I'm not asking anything unreasonable from you. We just need two small things." He leaned forward across the desk on his elbows, looking at Elise intently. "First, we need an outfit change. All performers at Phoenix adhere to a certain dress code to fit our fiery theme. We will of course provide a custom-made costume for you." He smiled faintly. I considered. That was reasonable enough and a small price to pay, really. It seemed like hope wasn't lost yet. He continued.

"The second ask is for you to take our month-long "From the Ashes" training course at our own Montgomery Building. It will help teach you how to act like a true pop star and fine-tune your mannerisms for maximum star potential."

He leaned back in his char. "There, you see? Just two small asks, nothing to worry about. What do you say?" Something about what he had said was bothering me, but I couldn't put a finger on it. Where had I heard the name Montgomery Building before? Before I could remember, Elise spoke up.

"Can I please see the costume?" She said it levelly, but I could tell she was barely restraining her enthusiasm, eager to see what kind of costume she might claim as her own. That was Elise for you, ever the excited, naïve little girl.

Hawke smiled again, even larger than before. "Of course! What do you think of these?" He passed each of us a small album of images. They were filled with both images of past Phoenix performers in their attire as well as concept art of what Elise might look like in her own costume. I had to admit, it was pretty damn sexy. The skirt was bit short and there was a ton of midriff exposed, but it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for a pop star. In fact, the outfit's "flame" theme was actually quite appealing.

Elise's eyes lit up. "This is gorgeous!" She turned to me. "What do you think, Jamie?" I admitted that yes, it was beautiful. She beamed and turned back to Hawke. "Simon, thank you so much for the generous offer. Those conditions are very reasonable, and I would love to become an official Phoenix star!" She practically shouted this last sentence, excitement taking over her.

Hawke clapped his hands approvingly. "Perfect! Then let me walk you over to our makeup artist. Then Jamie here and myself can iron out the details of the arrangement. He stood up, took her by the elbow, and walked her out of the room. I could hear Elise jabbering excitedly all the way down the hall.

While I awaited Hawke's return, I hurriedly pulled out my phone and began searching up on the Montgomery Building. Why did it give me such an uneasy feeling? Within only minutes, I had my answer. It was infamous across the Internet for being a sex den. I read horror story after horror story of young, bright-eyed stars disappearing there only to emerge months later, broken and addicted to sex. Apparently they took in young, fresh girls as "Toys" for their rich clients to make use of. My heart was hammering in my chest. I had to get Elise out of here, and fast.

Just as I stood up to leave, Hawke re-entered the room, the smile still across his face but now with a distinctly more predatory feel to it. He noticed what was on my phone screen and sneered.

"So, I guess you know what we're REALLY negotiating now, eh, Jamie?" He laughed to himself. I tried to push past him out of the room, but he caught me by the arm with a firm grip. "Not so fast now, boy, do you really want to give up this opportunity? It's just one month, then she will be set for life, her dreams realized. Sacrifices have to be made to get what we want, after all."

He pulled himself closer so he was inches from my face, whispering directly in my ear. "I see the way you look at her, you know. Can you imagine how disappointed she will be when she finds out she's not getting the dream job she thought she was? It will crush her – can you bear to do that to her?"

I felt a pang in my chest at the thought. It was true, seeing her reaction would be devastating after things had been looking so up. But that didn't mean I could back down here. I wasn't about to sell my best friend into sexual slavery, no matter the payoff.

I tried to break free, but Hawke's grip was iron tight. He pulled back and examined me calculatingly. I was helpless as he eyed me with uncomfortable scrutiny, from my cleanly-shaven face to my carefully buttoned shirt to my newly-ironed slacks. He paused for a moment then chuckled to himself again.

"Of course, we could always make a deal." I didn't understand what he meant, but his cruel smile told me it was nothing good. "You've been such a good agent to her, and such a good friend. Would you perhaps be willing to make the sacrifice instead?" I didn't know what he meant. Sacrifice? Me? Then, it hit me all at once. He wanted ME to take Elise's place at this sex mansion?

He released my arm and laughed coldly. "Of course, it's entirely your decision, Jamie. It makes no difference to us whether it's you or her. Or you can walk away and crush her dreams. What will it be?" I stood there, frozen in fear and confusion. This man was so intimidating that I hadn't said a single word since he re-entered the room, and his aura of control was palpable. Is that why I was actually considering the offer?

No, I told myself, it was because of Elise. She was so close to her dream, and I was determined that she would reach it, without losing her purity. But what would they do with a man at a sex mansion? I doubted it would be anything pleasant. Hawke, completely predatorial, was eyeing me hungrily. It didn't matter though. Whatever it was, I could bear it for a month if it was for Elise. I shuddered and spoke the answer I knew I had made long ago.

"I'll do it..." Hawke's smile widened and he guffawed. "If she doesn't find out!" I added hastily.

"Now that's up to you, boy, but I promise none of my men will speak to her about it." I wasn't sure I believed him, but wasn't in the position to demand anything else. "But I don't know. I really had my mind set on Honey*Star, after all. She would've been adored over at Montgomery. You'll have to convince me this new arrangement is favorable for me. What can you offer?" He continued to smile his cold smile and stared me directly in the eyes before glancing down.

My gaze was drawn to the unmistakable bulge growing in his slacks and my eyes widened in shock. I knew what he was insinuating. Right now? Here? It was incredible just how much authority this man had exerted over me in just five minutes.

Knowing that I had no choice, that this was for Elise, I lowered myself to my knees in front of Hawke with a gulp. His smirk grew but he otherwise made no motion to help me. My cheeks burning with embarrassment, I reached out to unbutton him. In moments, I had his slacks and boxers down to his ankles and his cock was before me.

I gulped at the sight of it. Just like the man himself, it was huge and intimidating, standing fully erect already at 8 or 9 inches. It was thick and obscene, veins running down its length and disappearing into a bush of thick pubic hair that covered two massive balls. Was I really doing this? I had never done anything with a man before, and only even been with women a few times. I reminded myself this wasn't about me; it was for Elise. It was just something I had to do for my friend, the girl for whom I'd do anything.

As I drew my face closer to Hawke's groin, its musky scent wafted over me. I trembled in horror, then hesitantly brought the tip of my tongue to the head. The dick twitched at the contact, and I had to force myself not to draw away. It tasted as sweaty as it smelled, and every part of my being was rejecting this act. Slowly, I began to lick around the upper area, letting myself overcome the wrongness of the situation.

I lightly tongued Hawke for several minutes, but it didn't seem to be getting anywhere. He hadn't spoken yet, but he was clearly getting bored. Not good. As much as this revolted me, I needed him not to rescind his offer. I decided it would be best if I could make him cum quickly and end this. Resigned, I at last took him into my mouth, swallowing a good 2 inches. Hawke groaned audibly.

Well, there was no going back now. I officially had a cock in my mouth. I was determined to get this over with, so I began taking in even more, running my tongue across the shaft in an attempt to emulate my ex-girlfriend from college. It seemed to do the trick, as Hawke began making a constant low moaning noise and I tasted the unmistakable wetness of precum. At least it was already almost over. Just suck it like a lollipop for a bit longer and be on my way.

Hawke had other ideas, though. His large hands suddenly gripped the back of my skull tightly, preventing me from pulling away. He was much too strong to resist and I was totally at his mercy. Slowly but forcibly, he pushed my head further down his member, until it was tickling the back of my throat. I coughed and gagged around the intruder in my mouth, powerless to stop him.

Before long, he began fucking my face vigorously, jackhammering my throat along the length of his cock. My face was red from shame and exhaustion and my eyes were watering from the force of it, but all I could do was hang on for the ride. I thought bitterly at how I must have looked to an outsider, fresh-out-of-college businessman now a mess of sweat and precum as he slobbered on this powerful man's penis.

That in turn made me think of Elise. What if she were to walk in now? It would be humiliating, and she would no doubt call the whole thing off, despite how miserable losing the contract would make her. She wouldn't be able to understand that this small sacrifice, no matter how horrible it was, would be worth it in the end. I couldn't let that happen. Determined to end this quickly, I began working my tongue in earnest, running it across the veins sliding through my mouth. Though Hawke was mercifully not forcing himself any deeper, I still covered most of his length, gagging every time its tip brushed my throat.

I was quickly rewarded as I felt the dick tighten and throb. Before I knew it, a spurt of cum shot directly into my throat. Hawke pulled himself out of my mouth and I began coughing and spluttering, but he wasn't done with me yet. He held my face out in front of him and released another three shots across it. It splattered across my cheeks, my nose, my eyes, and even a little in my hair. My body shivered as I felt the semen slowly trickle down my face. The load was huge and I was a mess.

Hawke panted for just a moment, then pulled his pants back on and stood in front of me, as composed as ever. "I see, that is an attractive offer, Jamie. I think this arrangement will benefit us both." A sense of relief mixed with the disgust I was feeling. At least I got what I needed. "Now, let's talk business."

We went over the contract for the next twenty minutes, my face still covered in cum. There were no surprises: everything was as I expected, even the month-long servitude I would be enacting at the Montgomery House as a "Toy." Before long I had signed and I stood up to leave wordlessly. Hawke called out to me as I left the room.

"Pleasure doing business with you, my man. I look forward to seeing you at Montgomery next week." I didn't need to turn around to envision his evil smile. My cheeks burned. "Oh, and one more thing," I turned reluctantly, just in time to catch a small rag he tossed my way. "Clean yourself up before you go. You're a mess."

I met up with Elise a short while later. She was still with the costume designer and fully decked out in hew new outfit. She was absolutely stunning, the pure joy on her face only contributed to her radiance. I gasped in astonishment despite myself.

She beamed at me. "Well, how do I look? It's lovely, isn't it? Anyway, how did it go? Any problems?" I considered the innocent, expectant face before me and knew I could never hurt this angel. The taste of cum still sour in my mouth, I put on a fake smile.

"No problems on my end."

I stood on the driveway to Montgomery House, marveling at the structure before me. "House" really undersold it – it definitely deserved the "mansion" moniker. It was a huge building that had obviously been part of L's old money. Secluded from the city by a small forest, it had its own complex of sports courts, pools, and parks.

Even as I stood, people surged past me from both directions. Everyone had the look of importance and affluence, from what looked like big-shot movie producers to more humbly-dressed but no less arrogant wealthy businessmen. No one gave me a second glance as they brushed past me, lost in their own worlds of business – or pleasure?

It had been exactly one week since I signed the fateful deal with Hawke. I had used that time to arrange for my month-long absence. In truth, it wasn't very difficult. I told my family I was taking a needed vacation with friends, and my few friends I was staying with family. Elise seemed troubled at the suddenness of the announcement, but she bought the excuse and wished me good luck.

That led to me standing on my porch this morning, a nervous wreck. Without a single possession except the clothes on my back, as Hawke had instructed, I waited anxiously for my ride to Montgomery to arrive. It still hadn't totally sunk in that I wouldn't be back to my house for a month, that my life was on hold for such a long period of time. I had sold myself into – let's be honest – sexual slavery and nothing would be the same again for some time.

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