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House Party


Another Saturday night house party at my best mates place. It was almost a ritual these days, we'd have a massive blow out once a month at his joint. He lived in a huge 2 story house, massive pool out the back, jacuzzi on the back patio, and a huge wrap around balcony that surrounded on side and the rear of the house, overlooking the pool.

These parties became almost legendary within our group of friends and their extended friends for been an amazing night, full of booze, music and debauchery. You see, it wasn't uncommon for people to start getting it on anywhere in the house, no matter who was around. You'd get people screwing in the pool, the jacuzzi, lounge room or one of the may bedrooms in the house.

I'd been there since about lunch time, drinking and generally enjoying an amazing time. I'd seen 2 girls getting it on in the jacuzzi, a chick I'd known for years get gang banged in the pool and a whole bunch of first timers to one of these parties getting their dicks sucks, pussies eaten out and making out throughout the house.

I was sitting with a friend of mine, Charlene, a French exchange student who had been here for a little under a year. Charlene was a petite girl, about 1.6m tall, long brunette hair, slim athletic body with long slender legs that ran up to a shapely ass and nice C cup boobs.

She was wearing a short, white skirt and tight blue top that accentuated her boobs and ass nicely. She'd heard about these parties and wanted to come to one.

At that moment, we were sitting on the outside lounge on the balcony, looking over the pool. She was snuggled up beside me, my arm wrapped around her slowly stroking up and down her side. Her gaze was glued to the scene below. In the jacuzzi, 2 petite girls were in a 69, moaning and writhing in pleasure, their full attention focused on each other.

As we watched, 2 dudes walked out from under the balcony and towards the girls. They slide up behind a girl each, and without warning, slide their hard cocks straight into their pussies, without breaking stride they began to slowly slide in and out, the moans of pleasure becoming more insistent and lustful.

I felt Charlene push into my harder, her hand coming to my chest, slowly tracing patterns onto my front, I leaned over her ear and whispered,

"Do you like what you're seeing?" slowly tracing my fingers down her side and over her ass.

"Oui" came the laboured reply, her body tensing slightly at my touch, eyes never leaving the scene below.

I pushed her head back slightly, planting soft kisses on her forehead, as she push up, her lips meeting mine, tongues intertwined in each others. I ran my hand up her body as we kissed and cupped her tit, gently massaging it through her top. She moaned louder into my mouth, almost in time with the moans from below. Her hand slide down to the front of my shorts, as she began to rub my semi erect cock through the fabric.

I could tell she was getting quite turned on, but know she'd never been to anything like this, done anything like this I didn't rush her, I decided to let her lead, for her to choose what she wanted to do, how she wanted to do it. She broke of the kiss, placing her head back down on my chest as she looked back down below. I let my hand wander back down her body, over her taught stomach and down her thigh, my finger hooking under the hem of her skirt and slowly pulling the skirt up towards her hips.

My hand slid down the front of her panties and over her smooth shaven pussy, this elicited a sudden intake of breath and her gripping my cock even harder through my shorts. I let my fingers slide over her clit, her body tensing and jolting as i she was been shocked by electricity. I slid two fingers into her pussy, Charlene now quietly moaning in pleasure as I slide in and out, thumb flicking over her clit occasionally.

Charlene's hand had worked itself past the waist band of my shorts and now had a firm grip around my cock, stroking it. I felt her move, raising her right leg giving me better access to her pussy. Charlene wasn't a very experienced girl, having only slept with 1 other person before coming to Aus. I knew she wouldn't last long under the attention of my fingers. I brought my other hand across in into the top of her top, gently tweaking a nipple between my fingers as I stepped up my assault on her soaking pussy.

I was rewarded a few moments later as her body tensed, her grip becoming vice like on my cock as she moaned out in pure ecstasy. She came, body quivering, panting and muttering french. I let up, allowing her to regain her composure as she resumed her stroking on my cock. She looked up ad me again, her hazel eyes gazing up at me and kissed me again,

"Do you want to go inside?" I asked, breaking off our kiss.

"Yes I would like that" she replied.

I stood up, picking Charlene up under her knees and arms, cradling her close to my body as I carried her through the house. People were partying it up hard inside, the music was pumping out form the stereo, please sitting around drinking, dancing and enjoying each other company, in the corner a girl was on her back on the table, her boyfriend pumping in and out of her ass like a man possessed, her hands pawing at her own tits, eyes closed lost in a sea of pleasure.

I carried her down the hall, as she sat up in my arms, kissing my neck. We wandered into a room down the back, kicking the door closed with my foot as I laid her down on the bed. She locker her legs around my hips, pulling me into her as we kissed hard. I pulled her top over her head unhooking her bra with one hand. Charlene pushed me over, rolling onto my back as she rolled on top, straddling me. I sat up, taking her tit into my mouth as I sucked on her nipple, my hand pulling her hair back behind her forcing her to push her chest forward thrusting her perfect tits closer to my face, I alternated my attention between each tit.

Her moans got louder as she squirmed in my lap. She stood up, turning away as she bent forwards, legs crossed, pulling her skirt and panties down giving me a perfect view of her bronzed ass and legs. She turned back, biting her lower lip as she grabbed my shorts and slid them off, my cock springing up and sitting on my stomach. Charlene crawled back up onto the bed, straddling me, as she reached behind and grabbed my cock.

She gave me a few hard, long pulls before guiding the tip of my cock to her pussy "base moi" fuck me she whispered,

"Due basie moi" (fuck me hard).

I placed my hand on her hips and in one hard thrust, buried my cock deep inside of her.

"OUI" she exclaimed, as I began to fuck in and out of her tight French pussy.

Moans of pleasure escaped her lips as we built up a rhythm, her hand resting on my chest to hold her upright, her other reaching down between us to rub at her clit. Suddenly I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as she screamed out,

"I'm cumming" As she fell forward.

I clamped my arms around her waist as I pistoned into and out of her, feeling her body shake and tremble as I slowed her through her orgasm. I looked over her shoulder to see 2 girls standing at the door, hands rubbing each other's pussies, pawing at each other tits, fully engrossed in what they were watching.

"We've got admirers" i said as I lifted her off me, turning her around as I scooted to the edge of the bed.

She either didn't notice or didn't care, as she knelt on either side of my legs and sunk back down onto my raging hard cock. She rocked herself back and forward, bringing herself up until just the tip of my cock was inside her and then slamming herself back down my full length. She did this over and over, moaning, and gasping as she did. I reached up and fondled her tits, kissing her shoulders, her neck.

We sat there, fucking each other for what felt like hours. I glanced over occasionally to our admires, who were now totally engrossed in themselves to notice what we were doing. I'd noticed that they had found a purple dildo and one of the girls was intent on slamming it into and out of the other.

Charlene laid her head back onto my shoulder as she turned her head and whispered

"Encule-Moi, s'il vous plait..." (fuck my ass, please she pleaded).

I lifted her off my cock, slightly, positioning my hard thick cock at the entrance to her ass. She sat back slowly and in one deliberate, slow movement she pushed herself back onto my cock, taking me in one go. She sat there, panting, not moving, letting herself get used to my cock.

"So full" she gasped as she slowly began to rise and fall on my cock.

"Mmmmm, this feels amazing" she said as I reached around her and started to fuck her pussy with my fingers, plunging into and out of her in time with her rise and fall on my cock.

I could see her reflection in the mirror at the base of the bed, her eyes we closed, her brunette hair flowing around her beautiful face, a look of ecstasy on her face. She leaned back on my chest, me still buried in her ass as she rocked back and forth, me bucking my hips to trust into her as deep as I could.

Sounds of pleasure escaped her lips as I had an idea. I beckoned to the girls at the door to come over. They sauntered over toward me, standing beside the bed. I reached up to them, withdrawing the dildo from the girls. They seemed to know what i was about to do as they sat on the desk beside us, their fingers going back to each other. I brought the dildo to Charlene's mouth, and without opening her eyes she took it in, running her tongue around the dildo as she slowly sucked it. I pulled it out, trailing it down her body, around each of her tits, her nipples, over her navel and onto her pussy. This brought a sharp inhale as she turned to me as said "do it".

I reversed my grip on the dildo and, as I paused my fucking of her ass, slide the dildo into her pussy, Charlene screaming in joy as her ass became even tighter with the invasion of the dildo in her pussy and my cock in her ass. I built into a rhythm, pushing my cock in her ass as I pulled the dildo out of her pussy, then alternating.

The feeling was exquisite, as she panted, gasped and yelled phrases in french I'd never had the chance to learn. I managed to hook my free arm around her arms and behind her back, pinning her arms and forcing her to push her chest high once more. I built up a furious pace, could feel my release near.

"I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum" she started to chant.

I focus my attention on bringing her another earth shattering orgasm I nibbled and kissed her neck, building up a furious pace with my cock and the dildo. One of the girls had an idea, and as she crawled over the bed and began to suck on one of Charlene's nipples. This proved too much and she suddenly tensed up ass clamping onto my cock as she screamed out as she came. The vice like grip on my cock was too much and with one final thrust I buried myself as deep as I could, feeling jet after jet of cum shoot into her ass. The girl sucking on her boob suddenly cried out as she came, her friends face planted firmly on her busy form behind. I kept thrusting, determine to make this feeling last as long as possible.

I felt Charlene's weight collapse onto me, her energy completely spent. I looked over at the girls, mouthing thank you as they smiled and withdrew from the room, closing the door behind them, but not before the girl sucking her nipple reached down and withdrew the dildo from her pussy, give her clit a quick flick with her tongue. I felt Charlene's body jump at this contact. I rolled onto my side, gently rolling Charlene with me, cock still buried into her ass "Merci" she mumbled, turning her head to kiss me tenderly once more "Thank you" she said, as she snuggled back into me, wrapping arms around her as she fell asleep in my arms.

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