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House Party


Please note that this is a cuckold/bull story. If that is not your FANTASY, please do not read this. This story is a FANTASY. The people are not real. The situation is not real. It is a FANTASY.


The part of town that we were driving in was new to me. I was concerned about getting lost on all of the winding streets. I could only hope that the GPS had all of the streets in its system. Anne kept looking around at all of the houses and then turning to me.

"Are you sure that this is the right way?"

"Yep." Slight pause. "Well, I think so."

"You think so?" She looked around at the surroundings again. Nothing looked remotely familiar to her either.

"Well, its where the guy told me to go on the phone."

"O.K," she answered. I turned to look briefly at my wife. She looked awesome. Although she was wearing a coat because of the cool weather, I knew that underneath was a tight blue top and a short little jean skirt. Long black boots finished off the look perfectly. We had discussed stockings and garter, but in the end she wore just a tiny black thong underneath. I had helped her shave in the bath. My cock had grown hard looking at and touching her body, but she only smiled and told me that we didn't have time to play before we had to, well, go and play. Her long black hair fell seductively around her beautiful face.

She turned and saw me staring at her.

"What?" she asked.

"Nothing. You look, well, beautiful tonight."

She smiled and her whole face lit up.

"Are my eyes smoldering?" she asked. This was our private joke about her make-up. I loved when I could tell her that her eyes smoldered.

"OF course," I answered. "You're making me extremely horny."

"Good," she answered. "Now keep your eyes on the road."

We turned down yet another winding little sidestreet. It didn't look much different than the last one, but the GPS told us that we were arriving at our destination, and we saw that the street was filled with several parked cars.

"I think we found it," I said. Anne was staring out the window. She then turned to me.

"I'm pretty nervous," she said.

"Hey, we can leave any time you want. You do know that, right?"

"Yes." She smiled again. "But I'm still nervous."

"We don't have to go in if you don't want to."

Anne shook her head. "Oh no, I want to go."

"Ok, then we will go in and have a good time."

Anne grinned mischievously. "Oh, I plan to!"

I parked the car and we got out. We saw another couple getting out o their car nearby as well. The other woman was a tall, thin blonde. She was cute. The other guy - I assume her husband - with her seemed a bit nervous. They walked by us and we all said some quiet hellos. I thought I saw Anne and the other woman exchange a longer look and both smiled slightly at each other. We collected ourselves, put unnecessary items in the trunk, and headed towards the house that the guy I had been chatting with online had told me to go to.

I rang the doorbell. The door was opened by a rather large black man. He looked at me sternly, then shifted his gaze to Anne. He smiled and ushered us in.

"Can I take your coat?" he asked Anne.

"Thanks," she said, slipping it off. The man's eyes instantly locked on to her large breasts.

"Nice," he said, smiling.

"T-thanks, again," answered Anne, blushing a bit. But, she seemed to stand a bit straighter, causing her breasts to jut out even more prominently.

"We have drinks and food in the next room. Why don't you go in and make yourself comfortable?"

"Great," said Anne. "Is there a bathroom close by?"

"Yeah," answered the other guy. "I'm Tim by the way." He held out his large hand and pointed. "Third door down on the left."

Anne turned to me. "I'll be right back." She headed off to the bathroom and Tim turned to me.

"You guys haven't been to one of our parties before, have you?" As he was asking, Tim handed me Anne's coat.

"No," I answered. "But I've only heard great things about them!" I tried to lighten the mood a bit.

Tim adjusted his crotch and smiled. "Well, they certainly are great." I looked down at his crotch then back to his face. I simply stood there, awkwardly, for a bit.

"So here's the deal," he finally said after letting me suffer a bit. "The whole house is one big party. Everyone is in and out of the rooms having a great time."

"Sounds great to me," I said, thinking of all the erotic things that could be going on anywhere in the house. "So, uh, should I wait here for Anne or should I go check things out?"

"Oh," said Tim, looking slightly annoyed. "I guess you wouldn't know what to do." He went to a door close by and opened it. It led to a basement. A basement in Florida? I was surprised to say the least. "The coats are put down there, and um, that's where you guys hang out."

"Us guys?" I asked. Then I realized that he was talking about the husbands. "Um, sorry. I guess I'll head down there then."

"Great," said Tim, smiling again. "You'll have a good time. And don't worry about your wife," he said, pausing a bit. "She'll have an awesome time!"

"I, uh, hope so," I answered as I headed towards the door to the steps.

Tim looked down the hall. I followed his gaze and saw Anne heading back towards us.

"She's got a great set of tits," he said to me. "I can't wait to suck on them." He turned and smiled at me again. "Have a great time."

I didn't say anything. As I walked down the stairs, Tim closed the door. I didn't get to say anything to Anne when she got back. At the bottom of the stairs, I entered a large room. There were several couches and a large screen t.v. in one area. There was a bar in the corner that looked like it had a kitchenette in it. The whole set up was especially nice, and it must have cost a fortune to put this in a basement in the area. There were about 6 other guys in the basement. White guys. No women. I noticed that the big screen t.v. was on and a porno was playing. As I watched briefly, a white woman was getting fucked by a black guy with an enormous cock. I smiled - what other kind of porno would they have playing?

I walked over to the bar. There were beers, sodas and some wine. Typical bar set up. I cracked open a beer and surveyed the room again.

"First time?"

I turned. The guy next to me also had a beer in his hand. He was dressed similar to me. Khakis and a button down shirt. Nice looking guy I guess. I wondered briefly what his wife looked like.

"Um yeah," I said. "Is it that obvious?"

He smiled. "Well, you have a bit of that deer in the headlights look about you."

It was my turn to smile. "I guess I do." I put out my hand. "I'm Eric."

"Mike," he said, shaking my hand. "My wife's name is Beth."

"Anne." I answered. "So, um, you guys have been to these parties before?"

"Yeah," said Mike. "A few. Beth likes to come every few months. She tells me that she gets the itch."

"I see." I looked around the room again. Guys were either talking quietly or sitting on the couches watching t.v. "I wasn't quite expecting this."

"Oh, you mean the husbands down here?"

"Yes," I answered. "Although I guess I wasn't sure what to expect."

"Well," answered Mike, "it takes some adjusting to." He paused, then continued. "But I think it adds to the experience. You know, wondering what's going on upstairs."

I noticed that I could feel and hear the faint thumping of the stereo upstairs and also some faint muffled voices.

"How many people usually come to these parties?"

"Usually anywhere from 6 to 12 couples," said Mike. I looked around and saw that 1 or 2 new white guys had joined us in the basement. "I think there are usually around 15 to 20 black guys who come."


"They like us to stay down here, but we can go up and take a quick look if you like."

"Um, sure," I said.

Mike and I headed back up the stairs. When he opened the door, the music hit us loudly. It was also rather dark, compared to the bright basement. Only a few dim lamps were on that I could see. From the front hallway, we walked into the room that Tim had told us about when Anne and I first arrived. Although it was somewhat hard to see, I could make out about 4 women in the room with about 8 black guys. Two women were dancing very closely with their partners. One of the guys had a woman's skirt pulled up and he was fondling her ass as they danced. The other dancing couple were making out and I thought that the guy was rubbing the woman's breast. In the corner, one woman was sitting in a guy's lap. They were also making out. His hands were between her legs. The other woman was on her knees. I could only assume that she was sucking the guy's cock. None of the four looked like Anne. I couldn't decide if I was relieved or disappointed by this.

"Can I help you guys?" a voice said behind us. I turned and saw yet another large black guy.

"Oh, um hey Bo," said Mike. "This is, um Eric. He's never been to a party here and I just wanted him to take a quick look."

Bo looked at us for a few seconds. "O.k." he finally said. I could tell that he didn't really care. He just wanted to get back to the party and to the pussy.

"C'mon," said Mike. "Let's head back downstairs."

"O.k." I answered. We went back down and went back over to the bar. While we were upstairs my cock had gotten hard. I adjusted myself to get more comfortable. Mike saw and smiled.

"Quite a turn on, huh?"

"Um, yeah," I answered. I looked down, rather embarrassed.

"Hey don't worry about it. Made me horny as hell too!" he said. "See?" I could see his cock tenting his pants as well.

I looked around the room and again began watching some of the porn on the t.v. It made me even hornier. Several of the guys were on the couches watching t.v. They looked uncomfortable. Horny.

"So, um, its just a room full of horny white guys?" I asked Mike, wondering how long I could manage like this without exploding. The though of Anne fucking and sucking a big black cock kept flashing through my mind. This image, added to what I saw upstairs and the porn on t,v, was an equation for one horny and frustrated guy!

"Its something isn't it?" answered Mike. I noticed that he was rubbing his crotch. Did he even realize that I saw? Did he care?

"I didn't know how I was gonna make it the first time," he continued.

"No kidding," I said, laughing a bit.

He smiled. "Well, there is always R & R."

"R & R?" I asked, not sure what he was referring to.

"The release room," answered Mike. "Its what we," he gestured to the other white guys in the room, "named it."

"W-what is it?" I asked.

"C'mon. I'll show you." We walked to the far side of the basement. For the first time I noticed a door in the wall.

Mike opened the door. Inside was another room. It was very dimly lit. We walked in and Mike closed the door. I looked around and noticed a couch, futon and table. On the table were some boxes of tissues, some towels, tubes and what looked to be some condom packets. Mike turned to me.

"First, what happens in R&R stays in R&R."

I smiled. "I think I've heard that somewhere before."

"I'm serious," he replied. "We are all extremely horny. Sometimes you just have to take care of it. We set this room up so that we could do it, um, undisturbed."

I looked at the stuff in the room. "So, guys take turns coming in here and jacking off?"

"Jack off, meditate, do whatever they need to do." He was less than specific. I thought for a moment and then looked back at the table and the futon.

"So, um, more than one guy --" He cut me off.

"Like I said, what happens in here stays in here. This whole night is about having fun. A good time. For your wife and for you. This room can be a part of it. However you want to use it. O.k?"

"Sure," I answered. I still wasn't quite sure what else the room was good for other than jacking off, but we went out and back to the bar. I didn't see any new faces in the room, and I assumed that the full 'group' was there for the evening. I could hear the music still thumping above. Not much else. I could only imagine.

"Eric," said Mike, standing next to another guy, "this is Bill. Bill, Eric." I shook Bill's hand and we said out hellos. He was a pretty non-descript guy. Again, dressed in similar nice pants and a button down. Its like we had uniforms. Team "Our wives are fucked by black men!" Mike and Bill chatted for a bit while I nursed my beer. Obviously, this wasn't what you would call a "normal" party, and thus it seemed, at least to me, that all these guys down here really didn't know what to say or do while we waited.

"So," said Bill, "how long have you been in the lifestyle?" I paused for a bit.

"You mean swinging?" I asked in response. "Anne and I have been involved for about 5 years or so."

"Oh," said Bill. "I meant the cuck lifestyle."

"The what?" I asked. I think that I knew what he was talking about, but was taken by suprise by how forthright he was.

"You know, cuck. Cuckold. Letting another man fuck your wife while you watch or," he looked around, "stay in the basement with a bunch of other cuckold husbands."

"C'mon Bill," said Mike, smiling. " Ease up on the questions. Its his first time here." I knew that Mike was just trying to make be fell better, but I didn't really mind the questioning., I'd never really spoken to other men who felt the same why that I did. About watching wives fucking other guys.

"It's ok, " I answered. "I, um, I don't know how long Anne and I have been, um, talking abouth doing something like this, but, ah, this is our first time, you know..."

"Having her get fucked by some big black cock?" asked Bill.


"Pretty wild, isn' it?"


"Well," said Bill, "These parties are definitely the way to start." Mike nodded.

"You can say that again."

I was a bit confused. "What do you mean?" I asked the other two guys. At that moment, I noticed a woman coming down the steps. She had oh a short dress, long brown hair. SHe had a nice set of tits, but nothing that could compare to Anne's.

"Watch," said Bill." And you'll see a bit of what I mean. The lady who had come into the basement looked a bit tired, but had a huge smile on her face. She went over to one of the guys I hadn't talked to and tapped him on the shoulder, interrupting his watching the porn on T.V. He smiled as she sat next to him. Well, more like laid down next to him. Her little dress rode up and I could see her naked pussy and ass. Her pussy was all ref and looked very wet. The guy instantly put his head between her legs and, I had to assume, began liking her. She began moaning and moving her hips up and down. I realized that she was talking tot eh guy as well. I couldn't really hear what she way saying though.

Mike must have noticed that I was trying to listen." She's telling him about the big black cock that just fucked her."

"Oh. Um. Ok." I said. My cock was rock hard again. I couldn't help but think about it being me licking that woman's gooey cum-filled pussy. I glanced over at Mike and Bill. Both were staring at the action and both were rubbing their own hard cocks.

The woman was moaning rather loudly now and then with a few really load gasps, she seemed to collapse into the couch. Obviously, she just had a huge orgasm. After that, some light conversation started up between some of the guys again. The lucky guy on the couch sat up, his face all wet and sticky, and began helping the woman, who I assumed was his wife, get to her feet. The guy pulled her dress down as she tried to straighten her hair a bit. She gave the guy a quick peck on the cheek and I thought I heard her say, "Thanks honey, see you later." Before she turned and walked to the stairs. After she was gone, I looked back at the guy and saw that he had his hand down his pants and was rubbing his cock. He eventually took his hand out and went straight tot he R&R room. I didn't blame him.

I wondered what Anne was up to?

----------------------------------[as told to Eric by Anne]--------------------------------------------

Anne saw Eric head down some steps and then the door closed behind him. Well, Tim closed it. He turned when he saw Anne and smiled.

"Welcome back," said Tim, eyeing the gorgeous brunette.

"Thanks," answered Anne. She couldn't help but feel like Tim was undressing her with his eyes.

"Ready to go party?"

" I think so," said Anne. She pointed down to the door where Eric had gone. "Is it down there?"

Tim laughed. "Oh no. That's where all the husbands go to wait."

"Oh, OK," Anne was a bit nervous about being separated from Eric.

"Hey," said Tim. He obviously could sense Anne's nerves." Relax and have a good time. That's what you're here for, isn't it?"

"Well, um yes."

"Don't worry," said Tim, "You don't have to do anything, or anyone, you don't want to. If someone tries to mess with you, they'll answer to me."

Anne felt better after having the reassuring words. She smiled at HTim and seemed to relax a bit. "Thanks".

"No problem. Can I get a hug?"

"Sure," said Anne. She hugged the big black man and felt a huge bulge pressing into her belly. Anne was startled and stepped back. "Oh."

"Something wrong?" said Tim smiling? He brushed his hand across the front of his trousers, his bug cock twitching.

"Um, no," mumbled Anne. She was sure that she was blushing furiously, and was glad it was dark in the front hallway. "It's, um, just, uh..."

"Yes?" Tim still smiled.

"Is that all you?" blurted out Anne. She was getting wet. Really wet. She and Eric had talked about her fucking a big black guy with a big cock, but she never realized how big it could be.

"Oh, yeah," answered Tim. "Wanna see?" Anne could only nod her head. Tim unzipped his pants and pulled them and his underwear down. His huge cock flopped out -- Anne could see he wasn't hard yet and was already bigger than Eric when her husband was fully erect. And Tim' cock was much, much thicker. Anne could only stare, wide-eyed. Tim stepped forward and hugged Anne again. She could feel his big cock between them. Tim began caressing Anne's ass. Soon one hand was on a breast and he leaned over and kissed her neck lightly.

"MMMMM," moaned Anne. She was so hot that she thought that she was going to explode. She began grinding her pussy in Tim' leg.

He knew that she was ready to go.

"Let's take this party upstairs," said Tim in Anne's ear. As she backed up and tried to calm down, he pulled his pants back up, then put his arm around her. Tim also grabbed Anne's hand and placed it on his cock. Anne reflexively grabbed it, again marveling at its enormous size. She rubbed her hand across his pants.

"Nice," said Tim. AS they got to the stairs, he let Anne go first. As she walked up, Tim put his hands on her delectable ass. He lifted her skirt up, exposing her little black thing. Tim put a finger on her hot pussy. He felt how wet Anne was. How excited she was for black cock.

"Oooooohhhh," gasped Anne. She was close to cumming and nothing had happened yet. What kind of magic could this guy do on her?

At the top of the stairs, Anne saw a hallway with a number of rooms. Some of the doors were open, while others were closed. As Anne and Tim walked by the closed doors, she hears moans and screams. Raw, powerful sex. In the rooms with the doors open, Anne saw movement of people. She couldn't tell who or how many, but she heard the sounds of sex - the slapping of flesh on flesh, sucking, moaning. It was all overwhelming Anne. She couldn't remember ever being so horny before. The two got tot he end of the hallway and Anne saw that the last room was empty. Before they went in, Tim stopped her.

" Like I said downstairs, you don't have to do anything or anyone that yout don't want to. That includes me."

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