House Party


"So, what do you think?" She asked, trying to hide a deeper smile at the reaction on Danny's face as he looked up at her. He froze with his hands still on his trainers.

"!" Was all he could say as he looked her over with very wide, and very appreciative, eyes. "You look great Bec."

Giving him a small smile as if she was only just about pleased with what he had said, rather than positively beaming inside, Becca ran her hands down her flat stomach, which to the still goggling boyfriend seemed to emphasize the swelling of her large, heavy breasts.

"You sure it's not too much?" She asked, feigning uncertainty. She was well aware that how she looked was fine, and wouldn't have changed anyway, but Becca just wanted another compliment from him.

"Babe..." Danny began as he stood up and walked over to her, placing his hands on her waist as he looked down at her. "...You look fantastic."

Those words bought a smile to the beautiful girlfriend's face and she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned against him, staring up into his eyes.

"Have I told you that you're the best boyfriend ever?" She asked

"Hmm, yeah, but not for a while." He jokingly teased back

"Well you are." She replied honestly, running a hand down his cheek. "And I love you."

"I love you too." He replied sweetly, before his eyes took on a familiar look of intense hunger. "Though if you keep pressing against me like that you won't be wearing that dress for long." He added with a grin, and Becca felt her own eyes sparkle with the heat that was once more pulsing within her as she contemplated pulling the buttons off his shirt yet again.

"Well maybe when we get back..." She began, about to dig her fingernails into his neck, when suddenly she heard his phone ring. 'Perfect timing as always', she thought.

As he gave her an apologetic look, Becca gave him a mock-accepting one that he should have easily seen through and unwound her arms. "Tell your boyfriend Matt I said hello." She only half-joked in a lightly irritated tone

Danny didn't even comment on how she knew which of his friends was calling him -- he knew as well as she did that nine times out of ten when his phone rang it was Matt on the other end -- and so Becca's boyfriend just chuckled to himself lightly as he walked over to the side of the bed.

Becca tried her best to just ignore the conversation that sprung up and again went back to making sure that she was ready, before checking the bag that she would take with her and deciding against taking a was spring after all, and this was Shorehaven.

Fortunately for both her boyfriend and his friend, by the time that she had finished checking everything and had turned around Danny was leaning against the wall, stuffing his wallet into his jeans as he watched her warmly. That look softened the minor irritation that Becca had felt as if it had never been there, and once again she thought of ruining that shirt.

'Later', she said to herself as she bit her bottom lip and finally managed to pull her eyes up to look at her boyfriend's face, which was when she noticed the small, amused, yet equally turned-on smile on his face too, that definitely promised a lot 'later'.

"We better go." Becca finally said as she forced herself to turn towards the bedroom door and let out a deep breath as she tried to calm herself

"One sec" Danny called as Becca reached the top of the stairs and waited for him, only to eye him quizzically as he finally came out with his team jacket on.

"You're not going to wear that in this heat are you?" She asked, already knowing the answer he would give.

Sure enough, with a glance down at the 'lettered' jacket and a confused look, followed by a pleased smile, Danny gave her the same answer that he always did when she asked that question.

"Come on babe, you know I'd never go anywhere without this." He said as if stating the perfectly obvious. Which Becca supposed he was in a way, after all, he never did go anywhere without that thing. It must be another weird guy thing.

Rolling her eyes the beautiful brunette let her boyfriend's odd behaviour pass as the two of them made their way down the stairs and out of the house that he shared with four of his friends.

Rachel's house wasn't far from where Danny stayed and so the two of them decided to walk. The night was really quite beautiful in its gently fading light and fine warmth, and the full-of-life atmosphere that the entire university campus had -- especially on a Saturday night -- made the distance seem even less than what it was as they passed groups of students running around half-drunk or heading out to some club further downtown. The whole mood soon had Becca feeling that same, familiar excitement at a good night to come, a sensation that suddenly grew as she saw the large three-storey house that Rachel shared with some other of her friends.

The unfenced garden was already teeming with life and from the amount of people that Becca could see through the front windows as she and Danny made their way to the front door, there were even more people inside. That excitement buzzed brighter inside her and the beautiful brunette smiled broadly at her handsome boyfriend as they walked in.

The party was already in full swing, with people everywhere holding paper cups filled with varying kinds of alcoholic drink, laughing, chatting, or doing...random...things, like trying to handstand against the wall while drinking through a straw, and Becca couldn't help but smile deeper as the whole party atmosphere suddenly washed over her. There were so many familiar faces, and, like at any of these kinds of parties, there were even more unfamiliar ones, and the house was packed full. It was exactly the kind of place that Rebecca Vaughn, the stunningly sexy brunette girlfriend of two years, wanted...well, almost exactly...

"Where's the music?" Danny suddenly asked as he turned to look at her with the same expression of confusion that Becca wore.

Shaking her head, the attractive brunette was about to say that she didn't know when suddenly a familiar female voice answered in a tone that was most unimpressed, "Max hasn't turned up yet."

Becca's smile returned full force as she let go of Danny's hand and wrapped her arms around Rachel, hugging her tightly as she said hello, before moving back again. Danny gave his usual nod and Rachel's smile was friendly in return but clearly preoccupied by her irritation at Max.

"He isn't here?" Becca asked as she took hold of Danny's and leaned against him.

Rachel raised the cup that she was holding to her lips and shook her head, her uniquely styled mostly pink and slightly purple hair only vaguely moving from all of the pins holding it in...whatever that pattern was that Rachel had managed to come up with. As always, though, it did suit her.

"He said he had to get a few things fixed with the system but that he 'definitely would be there before everyone else'..." Rachel answered, the sarcasm in her voice at the end clearly plain as she looked around at the packed house. "Still, nobody seems to care."

"They have beer and vodka" Danny chimed in with a grin, eyeing the cups that everyone carried as if he wished that he had one as well. "Most students will forgive anything so long as they have that."

This time Rachel's smile was a little more relaxed as she laughed gently, nodding at how true that was.

"It's a good job that we've got enough to supply a whole army then." Becca's friend replied as she pointed towards the kitchen "I didn't even know there was this much in the whole City!"

That brought a round of light smiles from all of them.

"I'll give Max a slap when I see him next." Becca said, trying to show some girly solidarity, which seemed to work as Rachel's smile lost the last of its irritation.

"That'll make two of us" Rachel replied in the tone of voice that only a woman who was talking about the guy she was seeing could have used.

Well, Max and Rachel weren't really together, they just had sex whenever they felt like it. But, the fact that neither had slept with anyone else since that had begun kind of made them least that's how Becca thought of them anyway.

"Alright, let's get some drinks!" Danny said abruptly and Becca and Rachel shared a very amused glance at Becca's boyfriend's obvious uncomfortable feeling at suddenly being the odd one out in that moment of 'girl power'.

"Drinks" The knockout brunette agreed as she tried not to smile too broadly, however as Danny cheered and began to walk down the hallway, Becca suddenly became aware of that jacket that he was wearing again. "Babe, are you going to wear that thing in here?"

The look of consternation on her boyfriend's face at what she was talking about would have made the gorgeous brunette laugh at any other time, except it only lasted a heartbeat as Danny caught on and looked down at his jacket before looking up at her

"Well, yeah." He answered finally, sounding confused about why she would ask...despite the warmth from the night and the fact that the house was packed full of people.

"Really?" She asked, raising an eyebrow at him before glancing over at Rachel who looked as perplexed by Danny's insistence as Becca was. Men were odd.

Their twin stares seemed to have no effect at first, however after a moment Danny finally; though he did so in a way that seemed to say that he was only removing his precious baby for her, and that probably only because he wanted that 'later' that she had promised.

"Everyone's put their coats in the front bedroom upstairs." Rachel said when the silent exchange was finally over; though she said it more to Becca than Danny, and adding another moment of 'girly solidarity' with, "Though I don't know why anyone brought them in this heat."

Sharing another amused 'men-are-odd' smile with Rachel, Becca walked over and took her boyfriend's hand before she left her friend and followed Danny up the stairs, squeezing passed the people crowding the staircase and the hallway above and down towards the room on the right side at the end of the hall.

The bedroom was not overly large, though it was far from small, but the big, comfy looking pine double bed in the centre made what space was left seem less than what was actually there, an effect added to by the large stack of coats that were piled on the sofa by the door; that sat under part of a window that looked down on the front garden and took up almost the entire wall, seeming larger due to its wide ledge that was broad enough to sit on. The rest of the room was just like any other generic bedroom; bedside tables, wardrobe with mirror, a bookcase against one wall, and a spiral-designed circular rug on the floor.

Danny added his coat to the pile, at least after he had wrapped Becca's bag in it, before the pair turned to head back down to the party, squeezing passed everyone as they went. As they reached the bottom of the stairs, the loving couple turned to head down the hallway towards the kitchen before promptly deciding to head via the lounge when they saw how many people had jammed into the narrow passage.

"Danny-boy!!" A deep male voice boomed, and was quickly followed by more male voices hollering excitedly, as the pair entered the room.

Becca had no need to see who it was before a guy that was about the size of any two other people in the room stepped in front of her and Danny wearing the same type of coat that her boyfriend had just left upstairs.

"Boulder!!" Becca's boyfriend roared before instantly giving his friend one of those 'man hugs' that guys didn't class as a 'normal hugs' because they involved lots of back slapping.

The two laughed and grinned as they always did when they saw each other before Aaron 'Boulder' Biggins looked over at her.

"Hey Bec, how you doing?" He asked good-naturedly and Becca smiled as she replied.

"I'm good, Boulder, thanks." She answered, receiving a nod before any further conversation was broken off as the rest of Danny's team showed up and more roars and back slapping began.

Despite the fact that they had all seen each other the day before, the beautiful brunette couldn't help but smile at the friendly family-type atmosphere, a smile that deepened after the 'man love' had ended and Danny wrapped his strong arm around her almost bare shoulders in a way that felt so good.

Which was the moment when the group of testosterone-fed guys noticed that their team mate's girlfriend was there also, wearing a dress that showed off her smooth legs, emphasized her voluptuous curves, and displayed her swelling 34D breasts and deep cleavage. Their immediate grins and ogling eyes were even less of a surprise to the hot girlfriend than who had made the shout in the first place.

"Hey Bec" More than one said simply as they grinned and took her in with their eyes.

Most of the rest either nodded and ogled her or just plain undressed her with their eyes, none of which Danny made any fuss about, largely because it made him feel good to know that he had her and they didn't, and they were just guys being guys. Two others, however, did say a little more.

"Hey Bec. Nice dress." A guy called Marcus said as he gave her his best winning smile, which, Becca had to admit, would have been breathtaking if she hadn't already been spoken for.

"Bec" Sean Danton, a very good-looking brown-blonde-haired guy chimed in suavely as he leaned on another of the guy's shoulders and openly let his eyes trail over her body with a very clear interest. "Looking good as always."

For the most part, the gorgeous brunette simply nodded, smiled, and said hello back, taking the way the guys acted around her as normal -- after all, she'd been with Danny two years now, and he'd known these guys longer -- and even let herself enjoy all of the attention, after all, she was human and none of these guys were bad looking. However with the last two, Becca couldn't help but blush just slightly from the way that they looked at her; as if Danny wasn't there at all and she was about to let her dress slip from her shoulders to the floor. And so, smiling slightly, the voluptuous girlfriend leaned closer to her boyfriend and turned to focus her attention on the other guys. At least, that's what she intended until Danny said something that got her attention.

"What's up with your face Danton?" Danny laughed as he looked from his friend to the rest of the group in amusement.

"Huh? What?" Sean replied, seemingly confused; which amused the other guys no end, yet Becca could see something in his if he were only pretending to be so lost in thought at that moment. Her boyfriend's friend's next words confirmed her suspicions. "Oh, I was just amazed at your girlfriend. That dress. Damn but you look good Bec!"

The unexpectedness of the compliment, not only from her boyfriend's friend, but also that he had said it right in front of Danny, made Becca's heart suddenly miss a beat and for a moment the stunning brunette didn't know what to say. Instead of replying she just looked up at her boyfriend, expecting him to say something, however all Danny could do was grin like an idiot, still amused at his friend's expression as if his team mate hadn't just blatantly been eyeing her up in front of him and then had the balls to not only compliment her, but quite obviously show how much he meant it too!

"She does look good." Danny said as if it were just the most perfectly normal thing to say after his friend had had his eyes all over his girlfriend and had told him, and everyone else, about it. "But if you'd stayed in that daze any longer Boulder would have tackled you from behind and you'd have been on the floor before you realized it." He added with a grin, and the other guys, especially Boulder, broke out in a jeering laugh to which Danny couldn't help but add more banter too. "We'll have to watch him guys, don't want to be losing a game because Sean-y hear loses himself in a daydream on the field."

The guys broke out in a roaring laugh at that, once more slapping each other on the back as they made fun of their friend. Becca meanwhile noticed that none of the words made any impact on Danny's friend at all, rather he seemed to pay none of the other guys any mind at all as his slightly alcohol-glazed eyes remained fixed on Becca in a way that had the hot girlfriend once more feeling as if Sean could see through her dress at the black lace underwear that hinted at her sexy body. Despite herself, the beautiful brunette girlfriend found it hard to look away.

That was why she noticed her boyfriend's friend say something in response to Danny that the other guys seemed to miss.

"I know someone I'd 'tackle from behind'." Sean said so softly that Becca hardly made out the words before he lifted his cup to his lips and drank deeply.

His words once more made Becca's heart skip a beat as her mind reeled, wondering if she had just heard what she had thought, before a momentary thought popped in her mind. Sean had spoken softly, and the only reason Becca had heard it was because she had been paying attention to him...but if she heard it, had Danny...?

Glancing up at her boyfriend again, the stunning brunette noticed that the only thing on her boyfriend's face was a grin, which he certainly wouldn't have had if he'd heard what his friend had just said about his girlfriend. Though, thinking about it again, Becca thought, considering how Danny had reacted to what Sean had just said before, he'd probably have just laughed again. Laughed. At another guy saying that he wanted to 'tackle' his girlfriend 'from behind'...

As Becca turned confusedly from her boyfriend, she caught Sean's eyes rising from her legs, blatantly staring at her swelling breasts and deep cleavage, before grinning 'triumphantly' at her as his eyes returned to her face. He had to be drunk; that was the only way to explain it, she thought. And so as the jokes from the other guys cooled down, Becca decided to join in -- after all, Danny had been calm about what his friend had said, hadn't he?

"If you like the dress so much you can wear it if you want?" She said amusedly as she hugged Danny closer.

That caused an even greater round of laughter, especially from Danny.

"She got you there Sean-y" Becca's boyfriend laughed before he grinned down at her.

Becca smiled back up at him before she turned to see the red rise in her boyfriend's friend's cheeks as it was his turn to be a little embarrassed now. Still, his eyes seemed to watch her approvingly as he nodded to her for a well-scored point before he quickly cut short her victory.

"If you're gonna take it off in front of me, I'll wear it." He challenged jokingly and the laughter of the group quickly changed to half of the guys turning to look at her for an ogling-response and the other half punching Sean's arm for admitting that he'd wear a dress. Danny was one of those latter.

For her part though, Becca didn't know what to say at first, as her boyfriend's team mate's tone was clearly honest as well as joking, especially as the way he watched her, so admiring and appreciatively, seemed to say that he really would do whatever she suggested to see her slip her dress from her slender shoulders. Once more the hot girlfriend felt her heart beat a little irregularly and once again she glanced up at Danny who still had no reaction other than amusement at how his friend was speaking to his girlfriend.

This time though, at least Becca didn't blush.

"I think you're dreaming Sean" She joked, brushing his words off, and then added amusedly, "Though by the sounds of it I think you should be on the cheerleading squad rather than the football team."

Once more the group erupted in a round of laughter and for the first time her boyfriend's friend pulled his eyes away from her as the other guys began making fun of him and pretended to dress him in a cheerleader's outfit. Danny joined in and all Becca could do was laugh as Sean tried to fend them all off, until Danny finally slapped him on the shoulder and said that they needed a drink, and so the two of them left the group while most of them, including Sean, were too lost in their fooling around to notice. At least, Sean hadn't seem to notice, yet as Becca turned to glance over her shoulder as she and Danny made their way through to the kitchen, she once more caught her boyfriend's team mate's eyes upon her, though this time they were following the sway of her barely-covered ass as she walked away, until he noticed her looking, and then he gave her one last smile before he turned back to the others and tried to turn the jokes around on them.

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