House Perks Ch. 02


"Thank you again, novio. Your cum is delicious, you know. I hope that you've regained your balance. You don't need to have vertigo right before a date. You also don't need to be too horny, which is another good reason that I'm glad I gave you some head. A Congressman with a boner on a lunch date would be embarrassed, I imagine. I would think I was flattering myself, if you hadn't already admitted to your attraction to me. I still find it puzzling, but I am not going to complain about good news," Angelica told him as he got dressed.

"Don't be so damn tough on yourself. What exactly do you think is unattractive about you?" Philip demanded.

"My age. I'm 38, for God's sake! You're 8 years my junior, so you should be chasing younger women," Vasquez explained.

"Well, as you could see earlier, your age is NOT an issue with me. I like women of many ages, not just teen girls. I don't have a midlife crisis. That's for people who have lived by other people's rules. I have lived by my own instead, so I don't feel threatened by time. I don't need to recapture the happiness of youth. I have that of my own age, which is enough for me. If I like a woman, it's because of her brains, beauty, and personality, not because of how many years since her birth. I have casual relationships a lot, but that doesn't make me shallow," he commented.

"That's true. You don't have to be monogamous to appreciate more than beauty and youth. So, what do you say to fucking me now? My pussy could use some real fucking right now. Screw the 'gentle lovemaking' thing. I'm just plain horny," Ms. Vasquez urged him.

Philip didn't reply verbally to her request, but he did grab the Congresswoman, remove her slacks quickly, and lift her legs high enough for him to enter her drenched cunt. The excited pair knew that they most likely wouldn't have much time to do this, but they were aroused enough for that not to be an issue.

Vasquez needed to grip the sides of the desk, if for no other reason than to keep from falling backward onto her lover's papers. The swiftly increasing pace of pleasure from his cock plundering her pussy provoked a dramatic reaction in her. Angelica started pushing back at Sundermann, allowing him to go deeper inside her cunt.

"Yes, fuck me, Philip! I need that!" she repeatedly shouted.

Naturally, Sundermann wasn't going to deny her what she wanted, since he wanted the same thing. He continued to ravish her harder, lasting much longer than her ex did. He didn't notice the time, however. Both he and his lovely colleague were too involved in a wild office tryst to keep track of that.

The minutes raced behind the couple, as Philip kept nailing Angelica. The intensity of their combined pleasure made it difficult to prevent cumming for much longer, however. The additional stimulus of the danger factor also affected both of them, making them hornier instead of more anxious. Obviously, both of them were exhibitionists on some level.

The fact that Philip had already cum once helped out, in fact, because there was going to be a surprising, though not exactly unpleasant, delay. Mrs. Jansen had remembered that she wanted to find a phone number, and this caused her to return to the office some 24 minutes after she had left it. She had just finished a quick deli lunch and expected the Congressman, her boss, to be off having lunch of his own with that Latina Congressional colleague of his.

She was no fool regarding most people and hints like the eager tone in Vasquez's voice earlier. She could tell that they were interested in more than political collaboration with each other.

She was therefore only half-shocked to hear the noises coming from the Congressman's office. She opened the door to the main room, finding what she already knew would be there: Philip Sundermann, her own Representative in Congress, was having rough, albeit missionary sex on his desk with the Distinguished Gentlewoman from New Mexico.

"Sir, um, I uh....well, I just came back to get a phone number. Do you mind if I stick around for a bit, though? I already know the two of you now. The damage is already done. I promise not to tell the tabloids. I just want to watch you fuck her. I'm kind of turned-on by it. My husband never fucks me anymore, regardless of how much I diet. Please?" Molly pleaded with her boss.

"Well, if hubby never fucks you anymore, then he has no right to expect you to sacrifice that much for his obsession with thin girls. Besides, if he isn't having an affair, I'd be very surprised. Neglecting a spouse in an exclusive marriage or relationship is like throwing that spouse's sacrifice back in his or her face. It's an insult and shows a lack of appreciation. The sort of people that do that are the same sort that cheat. Neither sex has the right to neglect a partner and expect celibacy from him or her. You signed up for monogamy, not abstinence. If your spouse cheats or deprives you, you are entitled to a little revenge," Philip said, before starting to enter Angelica again.

"Querida, if you feel that way, maybe you should give her that revenge yourself. I've never had a threesome, but the idea of you fucking your AA on the spot is making me wetter. That's why you cheated on your late wife, isn't it? She neglected you, so it was justified. Well, if it is justified here, too, why not do her a nice turn?" Vasquez spoke up, while fingering herself.

"You won't feel 'neglected' yourself?" Philip reacted with some shock.

"Not really. I might even cum from watching you and fingering myself. If not, you and Molly will owe me one, after you have fucked her like she deserves," Angelica replied with a "nasty" grin on her face.

"Well, I wouldn't mind that....," Mrs. Jansen acted hesitant, but intrigued.

"Then bend over, and let me fuck you quickly. I need to cum myself soon, and then we can make sure that both of you girls get off," Sundermann abruptly and decisively ordered his Congressional secretary.

"Yes, sir," Molly obeyed, with a secret rush of excitement at the idea of cuckolding her mean old man. He HAD been rather neglectful and spiteful lately. Maybe he deserved to have another man fuck his wife. Whatever the case, it was flattering and arousing to have an assertive, domineering man like her boss order her around.

"I just wish I had a condom with me. I guess I'll take the chance if you will," Philip told her, as his cock became completely stiff again and entered his AA's now accessible pussy.

"Why not? It's not like she's gotten a lot of sex lately. I doubt that she has any STDs to worry about. Just don't forget that you still owe me a fuck and I will collect, honey. I'm just doing this poor girl a favor," Vasquez told her new boyfriend, with only half-serious assertiveness. Maybe the lady can be shown that women from lower-class backgrounds weren't so bad, after all, she thought.

"Thank you! Both of you!" Molly shouted with evident happiness, as Philip shoved his cock into her pussy. The fact that it was dripping with Angelica's juices didn't phase Mrs. Jansen. She didn't care about the circumstances of her current screw, the first she had in over a year. She was just happy to get laid at last. Her boss was right: she had married with the assumption that her sex life wouldn't change very much. Perhaps that had been naïve, but she never counted on being without sex for a whole year of marriage.

Angelica soon gushed from watching her new lover fuck his secretary as roughly as he had fucked her. That startled her, since she wasn't fully aware of a voyeuristic side to her sexuality before. She just thought that she was a typical straight girl, albeit more open to experimentation. She was glad that she had cum this way, however, since she had feared that Philip and Molly would get the wrong idea of what she meant earlier and suggest a bisexual, girl-on-girl, encounter with her. Vasquez was very liberal these days about sex, but she knew that she had no interest in women. She was a purely heterosexual woman.

What she had actually meant was that Molly should make it up to her by fucking her son, Jose. Angelica wanted him to get fucked now and then, as she got a strange thrill from listening to him screw various women. Perhaps it was the raw, brutal sex that he tended to have with women. Rough sex tended to be a turn-on that he seemed to inherit from her. That was why she hadn't grounded him after catching him in bed with a geeky girl who was supposed to tutor him in geography, like her mother had once grounded her brother for a similar incident.

She was also in a way proud that her son was such a stud. Maybe she would ask anyway. She didn't mind sharing Philip's cock, but Jose might distract Molly now and then, thus keeping her from getting any silly ideas of marriage to her lover.

"Ah, damn!" Philip grunted as he thrust once again into Mrs. Jansen's cunt and came in her.

He kept pounding her for a while, stunning the woman with his enduring hard-on. He wanted to cum one more time, before he finished for a while. He DID owe Angelica some more of his seed, after all.

As for Molly, she now climaxed herself, making it clear that she loved this rather unplanned romp. She had been willing to simply watch, but this beat that for certain. She just hoped that Angelica wouldn't turn jealous and try to get her to stop. She had no plans to end her affair with Philip now that she had started one. Of course, she knew that a man like Sundermann wasn't going to become exclusive with her, but that wasn't the issue. She just wanted to have her needs satisfied by him.

While she thought about this, Philip started fucking Angelica again. He was pretty sure that this was his last erection for the day, and he wasn't going to deprive his lover of it. She had been very nice to both him and his AA, so she deserved a proper reward. He felt Mrs. Jansen's eyes watching them as he rammed his cock into Ms. Vasquez, and took some satisfaction from the fact that she seemed not only aroused, but happy for them. He also liked the fact that she was staring at his ass a bit. He just hoped that she enjoyed the view that he was giving her of it.

As Sundermann fucked Angelica again, he became extremely turned-on by the realization that his cock now had two women's juices on it, which were going into the first woman straight from the second. Something about that appealed to him on an atavistic level, as an act of primal sensuality. The fact that it was bareback didn't hurt his excitement, either.

This knowledge made it too much for him to hold back anymore, so he warned Angelica, "I'm cumming NOW, baby! It's gonna be a big fucking load!"

Just as he told her, a remarkably large load of his seed poured into his new girlfriend, pleasing both of them in the process. This made it quite clear that Philip produced a lot of cum, and that Angelica had probably drained the last of it out of him this time.

Philip pulled out of Angelica's pussy and kissed her aggressively on her lips, after which Molly surprised him by planting a kiss on his. Angelica winked at him, as if she wanted to clarify that it was fine with her. Apparently, both women wanted to keep fucking him on a fairly regular basis. He could live with that situation.

As they got dressed for what was apparently going to be a 3-way date, Angelica stunned both of them by saying, "Say, Mrs. Jansen, I have an idea for you. What do you think of younger men?"

"How much younger? I am older than Philip, and I just fucked him. Are you trying to set me up with a boyfriend?" she demanded.

"No, no. I think that you already have a boyfriend, and he is the same man as mine. I was thinking of a young fuckbuddy. My son, Jose, likes to fuck around, and I want you to enjoy him, too. I can't, because I'm his mother and incest would be too weird for me. However, you could, and it would add some fun to hear Jose fucking you right after you are done and my turn with Philip has begun. How does that sound?" the Congresswoman proposed.

"Sure, if it is okay with Philip and Jose. Wow, two new sex partners! I started out today with none!" Molly reacted.

"Fine with me. I'm not the kind of jackass who wants two girls all to himself. Two girls, yes. All to myself, hell no! So, I have two girlfriends, don't I?" Philip declared.

"Duh, sir. I'm not opposed to casual sex, as my agreement with the Congresswoman shows, but I had a bit of a minor crush on you, anyway. Now that we are fucking, I would enjoy completely acting out that crush, by being one of your girlfriends, if that is cool with you," Mrs. Jansen commented.

"Works for me," Philip agreed.

"And me. I can't wait to tell Jose that he is getting an older woman this time. It will be nice, too, that you're not likely to get pregnant," Angelica giggled.

"Yes, actually, that part is very nice for me. And for our new boyfriend, I think," Molly laughed, as they got into Philip's car and headed to a nice formal restaurant.

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