tagIncest/TabooHouse Sitter Ch. 01

House Sitter Ch. 01


This is a follow-up to my last story, The Boy Next Door.

Rick and his parents are spending the summer touring Europe so I am house sitting for the family. My name is Adam. I am a retired widower living in Phoenix. As you know Phoenix gets very hot in the summer so I jumped at the opportunity to watch my son's house while he and his family traveled. Cutting the grass and caring for their Labrador, Max, is a small price to pay for enjoying their swimming pool and hot tub. Being two blocks from the golf course and a short drive to the ocean isn't bad either. What could go wrong?

Well I found out the first night. Being of a certain age, I tend to get up in the middle of the night to visit the bathroom. When I did so on that first night I was unaware that Max slept at the foot of the bed. As a result I tripped and ended up with a broken leg in a cast.

The neighbors saw the ambulance that night and were kind enough to send their daughters over the next day to see if they could help. Laila and her twin sister Larna are sweet young things. They told me they were twenty-one and home for the summer from college. It seems that due to the economy they weren't able to get summer jobs so they appreciated the opportunity to help me out. I offered to pay them but they refused to accept any money. I noticed they kept eyeing the swimming pool.

"You're welcome to use the pool and hot tub anytime you like. I'll show you how to use the filter and chlorine."

A broad smile broke across each face as they asked how they could help. I explained I needed the grass cut, the dog walked and needed help with grocery shopping and perhaps some assistance in preparing meals. I hobbled to the pool on my crutches and explained what I knew about the pool. Rick had cut the grass just before they left so it didn't need cutting for another week. Next they joined together to walk Max. Upon their return they asked if they could go swimming.

"Any time you want girls."

They rushed home. I was sitting on the patio with my leg elevated sipping an ice tea when they appeared in sarongs. They waved and whipped off their out garments exposing two lovely young women wearing string bikinis.

The sight of these two young black women took my breath away. Their 'coffee with cream' complexion stood in contrast to their pastel blue string bikinis. With long brown hair flowing back, their large breast burst out of the mini fabric that barely covered what I can only describe as magnificent mammeries. The cloth was unable to hid their erect nipples which strained against the fabric. Needless to say my cock was as hard as my plaster cast.

The bikinis revealed shaved or at least trimmed pussy hair. When they turned to enter the pool their awesome ass cheeks were enough for me to cum right then. I rubbed my cock through my pants as I watch there two beauties slip into the water.

Realizing they had forgotten to bring towels I hobbled into the house and 'crutched' my way to the pool, two towels wrapped around my neck. Laila and Larna smiled up from the pool as I approached. Laila said:

"Oh thank you we forgot....."

Larna finished, "Your so helpful.... But you shouldn't be walking around."

They both pushed themselves up out of the pool. Tits were flying everywhere. As the girls struggled to push their ample bosoms back in their holders they grabbed my arms and led me back to my lounge chair.

I noticed Larna's glance to the bulge and pre cum stain in my shorts. A smile appeared on her face as she nodded to Laila who gazed upon my crotch and smiled as well. Now you should know I have been know to need the help of that little blue pill. I didn't need it with these two.

"Here.... you rest........ What should we call you?"

"Oh Larna, Mr. Richards.... Of course"

"Rick calls me Grandpa or Pop, Adam anything will do."

The girls bright smiles lit up their big almond shaped eyes. Larna glanced at my bulge as she said, "Okay Pop.... You got it."

Laila said, " I like Grandpa.... Can we fix dinner for you tonight?"

"That would be fine but why don't you girls enjoy the pool some more."

They nodded and walked back to the pool as Laila said:

"We'll bring dinner over about 7:30 okay?"

I nodded and hobbled into the house. These girls were too much. I must have been a sight, sitting in the bathtub with my lower broken leg hanging over the edge. I stroked my cock as I recalled the bodies of those two brown sugar sweeties.


It was 7:25 and I was like a kid waiting for Christmas. I opened a bottle of red wine to let it breath as I heard a knock on the patio door.

"Hi Granddad... Ready for us?"

Laila said as she set the big salad bowl on the table. Larna brought in a shrimp pasta and bred. I poured the wine and we began to eat.

The girls looked lovely. They wore tank tops, no bra...... Oh my.... Their lovely skin and their 'Hershey Kisses' nipples stood out against the white material. The tight pastel pink mini skirts showcased their well shaped legs. From the movement of their butt cheeks I guessed they each wore a thong or nothing under. Matching sandals completed the outfits.

"Do you always dress alike?"

"Not always..... just when we want to have fun..... With people we like." Larna added.

The meal and conversation was delightful. The girls talked about growing up twins and how they would fool their friends, teachers and tease boys. Their personalities were different but they were the splitting image of each other although I do believe Laila's boobs were slightly larger. I couldn't help looking at their tits. While I tied to just take quick glimpses they would catch me smiled. Larna jumped up from the table.

"I have an idea.... Let's get in the hot tub."

Laila grabbed the second bottle of wine I had opened and asked if I needed help to get to he tub. Shaking my head no I grabbed my crutches and followed the two brown beauties to the spa. Larna didn't hesitate to pull her tank top over her head and giggling Laila followed. Oh my god.... They were the most tantalizing tits I had ever seen....... And two set of em...... Oh my.... Just as quickly the girls pulled down their mini skirts they, as I had suspected, were each wearing a thong.

They jumped in and the spa's bubbles revealed the tops of their marvelous melons bouncing up and down. I was wearing shorts so I pulled off my shirt and sat on the edge of the tub dangling my cast bound leg over the side while my 'good' leg splashed in the water.. I poured another glass of wine for each of us. As the girls came toward me to clink glasses, four lovely tits brushed against my leg.

They rubbed their twin knockers against me and four hands began stroking the rise in my pants. Larna unzipped my fly saying,

"Hmm what do we have here."

Laila's fingers reached the underside of my cock and pulled it forward, freeing it to the night air. She bent forward and kissed the head with her full red lips. Her pink tongue flicked the underside and traced the eight inch length down to the base.

"Hay Sis don't be so greedy, let me have some of that big white cock."

Larna began cupping my balls. I felt her long pink nails lightly scraping my ball sack. Larna's lips replaced Laila's as she stood up and offered her big brown boob to my lips. My tongue circled her dark areolas and then flicked her hard nipple. I took her in my mouth and sucked. Laila's body shook as I slightly closing my teeth on her nipple each time I raised my head. Larna had quickened her cock sucking pace which I tried to replicate on Laila's breast.

"Slow down Larna you're gona make me cum..."

She slowed her pace and then stopped and stood before me. On one side I'm sucking Laila's tit and in front of me Larna is pressing my ridged rod between her magnificent mounds. As she squeezed her tits together she said:

"Pop, I'm gona give you the titie fuck of your life."

She began a slow rhythmic motion I can only describe as magical. Each time my knob appeared at the top of her cleavage her pink tongue flicked the tip sending a shiver through my body.

Not to be undone, Laila pulled her thong down and climbed standing on the edge of the tub just above my head. She bent her knees to squat before me. I was now looking at the most precious pussy, with a tuft of curly ebony hair topping two pout black outer lips. As I leaned forward my fingers opened the gates to her pink passion pit. My tongue licked around the gateway and then entered Laila's hot, wet holy of holiness. I licked and then sucked on her swollen clit. Nestling my nose against her hood I began to tongue fuck her. My face was covered with her juices as I reached around and slid my other hand up her butt crack. Finding her rosebud my finger slowly pressed against her hiney hole and slid in.

"Oh yes Pop.. Oh that feels so good.... Fill all my holes."

Laila began to move to the rhythm of my tongue and fingering which matched the beat of Larna's tit fuck. The pace was furious and I knew I was about to explode.

"Oh Larna I'm cumming..... I'm cumming...... Your Grandpas cumming."

As I spoke Laila grabbed my head and pulled me so tight I could hardly breath.

"Oh yes..... Me too.. god Sis I'm cumming...... I'm cum....."

Laila stepped down giving me a deep tongue kiss.

"Oh thank you Pop that was wonderful."

Larna licked my cum from her lips. Laila reached down and whisked a finger full of my juice from her sister's tit.

"You taste good Pop... Don't you agree Larna?"

Smiling, she nodded.

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