House Sitting


"Ohhh I wish I could see that pussy better!" I said out loud as I reached over to the night table and got a quick squirt of lotion from the bottle sitting by the vibrator. When I turned back she was moving toward the screen, soon sitting on the end of the bed her legs high in the air and her pussy much more visible. As I stroked and she stroked I got more and more turned on. I got a wild hair and picked up the vibrator, and sniffed it, smelling very fresh pussy on it.

"Oh yes!" I groaned as I stroked my dick in time with her moaning and plunging. "God I wish that was my dick stuffed inside you!" I said to the TV.

"Oh yes... Tell me how bad you want to fuck me!" the lady on TV moaned as if on cue. "Tell me how bad you want me to play with my tits!"

"OH yeah. Squeeze them!" I said as she moved her hand to her tit, leaning back against the pillows behind her back a bit farther. "Oh god. I'd love to squirt all over those hot tits and fuck that wet pussy!" I said just before she started shaking.

"OH YES!" she breathed lowly as her body trembled.

"FUCK!" I groaned as my dick erupted, spurting cum into the air and landing on my body. I lay back panting as the lady on the TV did the same. I had no idea where he got this site from, but it was really hot.

I tuned off the TV and headed into the bathroom for a quick shower, washing off my cum and the lotion before flopping into bed and turning off the lights for the night.


I was awakened early. The sun shining into the curtainless windows at that early hour eliminated the need for any alarm clock. I got up and walked to the windows and opened one of the French doors and walked outside. It was quite pleasant outside and I sat down in one of the lounge chairs on the deck and closed my eyes, not quite ready to get up to go to work yet. I hadn't been sitting too long when I heard some noise and opened my eyes. There as a young lady walking around the pool, fairly slim, although not overly tall, wearing a t-shirt and cut off shorts. She quickly made her way to the fence between the yards and pulled the skimmer net from the hooks and walked back to the pool. I assumed this was the pool girl. She was quite cute, maybe in her mid twenties, with short brown hair. She started to skim the pool, and kept looking around, as if inspecting or checking for something. I was almost surprised as she put the net down and then skimmed off her shirt and shorts, tossing them onto a chair, leaving her completely naked. I guessed the thought she was alone and no one could see her, which would be accurate if I hadn't been staying there. The only other place that might be able to see was the neighbors house to the left, which had a similar second story balcony that might see into the pool area, like I could see partly into theirs from my seat.

I watched her work around the pool her full tits wiggling and swinging tantalizingly as she worked. My dick grew more from the sight of her than from my normal morning woody, and I gently stroked it as she worked. After skimming it she walked out of sight, only to come back a few moments later and crouch down next to the edge of the pool. As she squatted to reach the water, her legs spread wide, giving me a great view of her pussy and trimmed bush. She stayed in that position while I stroked my dick and she read the little test strips she dunked into the vials she had drawn. God she was hot, I thought to myself as she looked around the yard again.

Without warning she sat down and lowered herself into the pool taking a few quick strokes until she was floating in the middle of the pool. She floated there, using one hand to keep herself afloat and the other to stroke up and down her naked body. I really wanted to stand up and see better, but I knew that would ruin the show.

I watched as she stopped stroking her body and swam to the side, sliding up and out of the water gracefully. She lay back, her legs dangling in the water and began to stroke her pussy. From where I was I could see her fingers disappearing into her pussy, and wished I could use the telescope standing on the deck to zoom in on those fingers. I stroked my dick as she pushed her fingers in and out of her pussy with one hand, and squeezed and pulled her tits with the other.

"UHhh" I grunted quietly as my dick spurted into the air, my cum landing on my stomach as she squeaked and shook in her own climax. I sat breathing heavily as we both came down from out mutual but separate climaxes. She got up and pulled her t-shirt and shorts on and then disappeared, never realizing that she had been watched and enjoyed.

I got up and took another shower before heading to the kitchen to see what I could find for breakfast. Some toast and milk was easy and quick, and provided what I needed before I headed to work for the day.


I came to my temporary home late in the afternoon and decided to take a swim. Unlike the pool girl, I knew who was in the house, and after thinking of her, I stripped off my clothes and dove into the pool complete naked.

I was quite enjoying being naked, floating in the water with my hardened dick sticking up like a periscope when I was shocked into reality by a female voice.

"Hello!" I heard a sweet voice say.

I quickly dropped below water and treaded water looking for the voice, finally locating a nice looking woman, about thirty or so, standing in a tiger striped bikini on the edge of the pool. She was well built, a nice set of maybe D size tits and slim hips, her long blond hair in a pony tail that looked like it went well down her back.

"Um.. Hello!" I replied as I treaded water, wondering how I was going to get out of the pool and to my clothes without showing her everything.

"Hi' I'm Amy, Jan's neighbor to the back. Our pool is out of service for a while and Jan invited me to use theirs any time I wanted."

"Oh, um sure." I said, still trying to figure out how to extricate myself.

"And you are?"

"Oh sorry... I'm Mike. I'm staying here for a few days while they're gone."

"Oh yeah... She told me a hot guy might be staying for a few days. Good to meet you." She said as she walked around the pool to the diving board. Before I could really say anything more, she walked out on the board and gracefully dove off, gliding under the water and coming up a few feet from me. "Ohhhhh the water is perfect today!" she said with a grin.

"Yes, it is. I think I should warn you... I mean."

"Let me guess, you didn't think anyone would be around and you don't have a suit on?" She finished with a grin and a twinkle in her eye.

"well, yeah." I admitted sheepishly.

"Oh. That's no problem!" she said before she took a few strong swimming strokes to the shallow end of the pool. She stepped up on the stairs until she was standing with the water about thigh level and turned to face me. "I prefer no suit anyway!" she said a she reached behind her and popped the clasp of her top and quickly pulled it off, letting her large tits swing free. Her hands quickly went to her bottoms and she pushed them down and stepped out of them, tossing them aside on the side of the pool. Her body was firm and well toned without a single tan line on it. Her blond bush was trimmed into a small triangle pointing down to her pussy lips, which she quickly reached between her legs and stroked once before diving back into the water. She glided under the water and came up next to me, her well tanned tits and now hard nipples easily visible in the clear water. "That is so much better." She said with a grin. "When I saw you in here I was hoping you wouldn't mind if I took my suit off."

"No, I don't mind at all." I said, trying not to stare at her tits as she floated up, the two mounds making little islands only inches from me.

"That's good. I love to be naked, only problem is it makes me really horny."


"Uh huh. Looked like it did you too. I saw your dick sticking up like a flagpole."

"Um... how long were you there?"

"Long enough to make sure I didn't startle you too badly, and long enough to think that it would be fun to get fucked by that dick."

"What about your husband?" I asked, seeing the ring on her finger.

"Oh he won't mind. He's out of town for a few days." She said with a grin. "Now. I love to swim, but I really love to fuck!" she said dropping from her floating position to tread water directly in front of me. She took a big breath and sunk under water.

I had no idea what she was up to until I felt a warm mouth replace the feeling of water around my dick. I felt her head bob several times up and down my dick before she released it and popped up to the surface again.

"Oh yeah. Great dick." She said taking a few big breaths before disappearing again.

I couldn't help but groan as my dick grew bigger with her attentions and the situation. Three times she went under and sucked my dick.

"Ok... now that I got it all primed, how about a good fuck now?"

"You are direct aren't you?" I asked.

"Hell, at our age you have to be if you want any fun." She said with a grin. "Come on!" she said as she stroked over to the stairs.

She climbed the stairs and stood bent over with the water just below pussy level and just lapping at her nipples as I swam over behind her.

I rolled onto my back and lifted my face between her bent legs, licking her spread pussy several times before I pulled myself up under her farther. She lifted her chest a bit and then lowered her hanging tits to my face, allowing me to suck each nipple in turn, rolling and tugging them with my mouth.

"Ohhh I like that too." She said quietly as I worked her large tits. "But I know a much more comfortable way to do this!"

"Ok. Lead on!" I said, releasing her nipple from my mouth.

She climbed from the water and waited for me to join her. She led me to one of the chairs on the patio and flipped the back so it was all the way down. She helped me lay down with my legs hanging off the end and then stood over me, lowering her tits to my face as she straddled the chair. "Oh yes. Much better!" She cooed as she reached between her legs and began to rub my dick around her wet lips. "Ohhhhhhh" she moaned as she pushed her wet pussy down my shaft, her hot tunnel enveloping me with its silky wetness. "This is perfect." She moaned as she began to stroke her pussy up and down my shaft while I sucked and squeezed her tits.

"Oh yes. That's it. Suck them." She said as she rode up and down my dick, my hips humping up to meet her strokes. "I can feel you growing fatter. Cum in my hot pussy... Make me explode with you!" she groaned as she rode me. I reached down with one hand and found her exposed clit, rubbing it with the back of my fingers as she stroked up and down my shaft. "OH YES!" she squeaked as she rode both my dick and fingers, my mouth sucking one nipple and my other hand squeezing the other.

"UHHHH YES.... OH YES Now CUM NOW!" she pleaded breathlessly as she rode me, her body beginning to tremble. Her urging and coaxing combined with her pussy practically vibrating around my dick pushed me over the brink and my body jerked, pumping a huge shot of cum into her pussy.

"YES!" she hissed as her whole body shook, her pussy slamming down and grinding against my fingers and dick while my body jerked and spurted more cum into her.

After what felt like an hour, she moved her knees onto the chair, keeping me buried in her pussy, and lifting her chest so her nipples were just out of reach of my face. "Damn you are good. I wouldn't mind fucking your brains out all night!" she growled as she dipped her chest to tease my lips with her nipples, pulling them away teasingly each time I tried to lick or suck one.

"I'm not sure if that's a good idea."

"Why not? Jan isn't home, you have the place to yourself."

"I'm not sure it's a good idea, I mean it's not my house."

"Trust me, Jan would get a kick out of knowing that you got laid in her bed."

"How did you know I was sleeping in her bed."

"Oh I got my ways... now how about we go get a shower and then I'll cook you some good food, and if you get horny, since we'll be naked, you can just stick your dick in me any time you want. The more you tease me and the more I tease you, the bigger the next one will be!"

"What do I have to lose?" I asked.

"good!" she said climbing off me and unleashing a flood of cum from her pussy. "Oh what nice load! God I love getting filled with cum!" she said with a grin as she held out a hand to help me up.

I let her lead, and she took me into the house and up the stairs as if she exactly where she were going. "Been up here before?" I asked her.

"Oh yeah. I've been up here with Jan quite a few times." She said as she led me to the shower stall.

"I take it as more than neighbors?" I asked, wondering aloud if Jan and she went both ways.

"Of course silly!" she said as she adjusted the water and pulled me into the warm spray. "I told you we were best friends. Does that bother you?"

Surprisingly it didn't. "No." I said simply.

"Good." She said as she pulled my face to hers, kissing me deeply, her tongue sticking deep inside my mouth, searching out my tongue. Without breaking the kiss she found the liquid soap and squirted some over both our bodies. I felt her hands rubbing the slick liquid around on me, and I quickly reciprocated, quickly getting both of us lathered up. She wiggled her body around against mine, grinding her tits into my body and rubbing her soapy thighs against my quickly growing dick. "ohhhh nice." She murmured as she slid a hand down between us. "I'm glad to see you're easy to get turned back on!"

"I take it you're already turned back on?"

"Oh sweety! I'm never not turned on. You can take me as many ways and times as you want and I won't tell you to stop!" she said as he pulled my hand down to between her legs. "I just love to get off and the more times you can make that happen, the happier I am!"

"Oh?" I asked as I slipped a finger along her set slit while she stepped her legs apart.

"Oh yeah. Tongues, fingers, dicks, toys... anything you feel like trying!" she said, her voice going up several octaves as I slipped a finger into her wet pussy. "Oh yeah... do it, make me cum again!" she panted as I stroked my finger in and out of her pussy, rubbing the palm of my hand on her mound and exposed clit. "Oh god! Oh god oh god!" she squeaked as her body trembled in my arms. She pulled herself tight to me and ground her tits into my chest. "OHHHHHH YES!" she squealed as her body jerked several times convulsively. "Ohhhhhhh" she groaned as the tenseness drained from her body, replaced with a satisfied wiggle against mine.

"You sure did come quickly." I said somewhat surprises.

"That's because you did a good job." She said grinning, pulling us under the water to rinse. She undid the tie in her hair and let the water rinse the chlorine from it, flowing down to the middle of her back."Now how about some dinner?" she asked after her hair was well rinsed.

"Sure what did you have in mind?"

"I don't know, let's see what they left you to eat." She said turning the water off. "Do you want to dry off or just run around the house naked and wet?"

"We should probably dry off, but I get the feeling you've run around naked and wet before." I said as she pulled me out of the shower toward the door.

"Uh huh... lot's more fun to be wet." She giggled as she pulled me down the stairs and into the kitchen. "So let's see what we have to eat!" she said as she moved around the kitchen taking every opportunity to bend over and push her bare pussy out at me. "Do you like pasta?"

"Sure, whatever you'd like to make." I answered simply.

"Ohhhh I know what to make then." She said with a grin.

I sat for a while in a stool at the kitchen counter, watching her work. She had browned some chicken breast and had it heating in a white sauce while she had fetuchini cooking, and was busy tearing lettuce for a salad. I had to admit that watching her tits sway and wiggle as she moved had kept my dick hard, along with her periodic trips by to give it a quick suck. I decided it was time for me to get into the act, and I got out of my stool while she was bent over in the refrigerator looking for something. I stepped behind her and put my hands on her hips so I didn't startle her and pressed my rigid cock against her exposed pussy.

"You want a piece of sausage with dinner?" I asked her as I pressed into her wet tunnel.

"Ohhh I can always handle that piece." She said wiggling her ass around as I slid in. When I had hit all the way in I drew slowly out, allowing my head to pop clear of her pussy.

"Well, maybe you can have more later." I said stepping back.

"Ohhhhh yes. Tease me! I love it!" she giggled as she moved back to the counter..

"Well, maybe I should then." I said stepping behind her and wrapping my arms around her and hefting her big tits, rolling and squeezing her nipples. She pushed against my dick and rocked her firm ass back and forth. "You like that huh?" I asked her quietly.

"Uh huh." She said with a giggle.

I lowered myself down and then stood up again, driving my dick up between her legs and out the front so it was rubbing on her exposed clit.

"Ohhhh that's nice, but you missed."

"Did I?" I asked as I pumped my hips a few times, running the top of my dick along her clit.

She put down the tomato she was getting ready to slice and held onto the counter. "I take that back, you most certainly didn't miss!"

"Good." I said, pulling away from her and leaving her untouched again.

"Ohhhh nuts." She said "that was feeling really good."

"Well, if you're a naughty girl, maybe I'll do it some more."

"Oh I can be naughty!" she said stepping over to where I was sitting down in a chair at the table. She bent over and pushed her tits into my face and bounced them against my face.

I reached up and grabbed both of them, sucking first one nipple and then the other, giving it a gentle nibble before I let them go.

"Ohhhh yes. You are bad!" she said as she moved to the stove to turn off the timer that was beeping. I left her alone while she drained the pasta and made two plates of food, chicken alfredo over fettuccini and green salad. "What kind of dressing do you like?"

"Ranch if you have it."

"got it!" she said as she brought two plates over. "Now about dinner..." she said as she set the plates down and stepped across me. She aimed my hard dick at her pussy and settled on me slowly. "Hmmmmm hot sausage too. Now. You get to feed me and I'll feed you and we'll see who cums first."

"Sounds like fun." I said as I reached for a fork and twisted some pasta on. I held it up for her and she took a bite, chewing with a grin as she draped a piece of pasta across her tits.

"Here you go stud!" she said, pushing her tits toward me. I ate the piece of pasta off her tits, making sure to suck each nipple on the way.

"oh yes. Too bad I can't do that with all of it." She said as she made a fork of food to feed me.

We played like that for nearly half an hour, teasing each other and feeding each other until it was all gone.

"Dish time!" she said as she got up and put everything on the counter. "Wanna play another game?"

"Sure, what's the game?"

"You stand behind me and put your hot dick in my pussy, and we'll see if my wiggling ass gets you off before your hands get me off."

"No contest." I said with a grin as I stepped behind her. She lifted a leg allowing me to slide up into her and then put it down again, trapping me inside her.

"We'll see." She said as she wiggled her ass, moving my dick around inside her.

"Ohhhhh that is nice." I said as I moved one hand to her clit and the other to play with both of her tits while I kissed her neck and ear.

"Oh god. You are really good at this game." She said as she tried to wash the dishes while we teased each other.

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