tagTransgender & CrossdressersHouse-Sitting Panty Lover Pt. 05

House-Sitting Panty Lover Pt. 05


"Princess has been left by Sophie and Megan 3miles from their cabin. They had set her up and left her on the road after she had got a great fucking in the car. She was wearing nothing but a red cum stained thong and red heels as they drove off, but they were kind enough to drop off some white micro shorts with a bunny tail, a tight bandeau top showing both cleavage and some under-boob and a pair of bunny ears. She was in quite a pickle. And, oh yeah, she's carrying a big purple dildo as well."

I was in complete shock standing on the side of the road. The sun was shining, and it was hot!

On the left of the road was a calm river with water sizzling by. To the right, a big forest where I could hide but what would that help.

Looking in the direction which the girls took off in, I could see nothing but a never-ending road. However, this was my only option.

Standing there, humiliated and defeated, wearing clothes which fabric wouldn't even cut it as a decent skirt, I truly regretted my choices this morning.

Why did I have to rush over to their house immediately after they left? If I had just waited 15minutes or so, I would have seen them get back and none of this would have happened.

I stamped the road in frustration, and I made both my new big tits and ass wobble. I grabbed my tits to stop them. As I did this, I couldn't help but to slowly caress my entire body down to my big butt.

Instantly, I once again got insanely horny. And in that second, I made up my mind. If I had been home in my bed all by myself, today's events would have been the most satisfying fantasy which I would have died to try. On that thought, I decided to commence my journey towards the girls' cabin.

I slowly started walking down the road and hoped that their cabin would be at the end of a road and not in the middle of a city. And that this road let directly to it of course.

After the first mile two cars had passed by without stopping or making contact to me in any way. "Hopefully it will continue like this." I said to myself.

But in that moment, I heard a car approaching from behind with the stereo blasting. The sizzling sound from the water completely disappeared and got replaced by Katy Perry's "I kissed a girl".

As they got nearer I concentrated on not reacting and just letting them drive by. This time though, my fortune had ended.

"WHAT IS THAT?!" I heard a girl scream.

The volume was lowered, and I could tell the car was speeding down.

"Hey you sexy thang!" The girl said as the car pulled over just in front of me.

It was three girls, roughly the same age as Megan and Sophie. They all had that teasing grin on their faces as Sophie and Megan had had all day.

"We are going to a party where you would fit in perfectly! Want to join us?" Asked a blonde girl with a thick deep-red lipstick, who was wearing nothing but a small pink top and skirt.

"I have somewhere to go. No thanks." I replied as I continued to walk.

"Please! It will be so much fun!" The two other girls said in choir as they sent me kisses.

Pretending not to hear them I kept on going, which didn't seem to make any difference to them.

"Why are you carrying a dildo? Do you do shows? I'll give you 200 bucks if you show us how you use it!" The blonde said.

200? I thought to myself. Hmm...

NO! I couldn't. Not now and definitely not right here. The public humiliation today had been in excess already. And the chance of them discovering my true gender was too big and I didn't even dare to imagine what would happen then!

"Come on sweetie! Show us how you deep throat this monster. Uhm and I would love to see your face as it fills your tight pussy." A redhead said as she licked her finger.

I had to get them off my back. And only one option came to my mind.

"Can't you please just leave me alone?! I'm not interested in sick lesbos like you. I love the big D and nothing else. So, fuck off with your hairy holes!" I shouted at them.

They were all shocked and just stared at me.

"Sorry we were just kidding. It's not that often you see people walking this road looking like you. And that dildo clearly signals you're up for everything! But have a nice walk bimbo!" The blonde said as they took off.

It was now clear to me what to do with the dildo. The clothes were bad enough on their own, but that purple monster made it ten times worse. I had to do it.

I pulled down my shorts and dragged my thong to the side leaving it on my left buttock. With the tip of the purple dildo barely touching my new pussy I could feel the soreness from Sophie's huge cock.

Gently I pushed it as far in as possible. The amazing feeling of getting "filled" yet again made every part of my body tickle and in that moment, I completely forgot the regrets from before. But that wouldn't last long.

I walked and walked, and my feet were starting to hurt like hell. I had walked at least a mile and a half, and I felt like I wasn't getting any closer.

A bit further down the road I could see it splitting in two. One way lead down towards a beach area with recreational houses and the ocean. The other seemed to lead to a city center.

I dreaded the thought of walking through the city like this. And they did say "the cabin", which could indicate it being near the water.

Before I got to the intersection, I had already decided to go for the road leading to the beach.

It was further away than I had first expected, and I decided to sit for a while as my feet were absolutely killing me.

I wanted to take a sit on the right side of the road in the ditch next to the water. But it wasn't easy getting my ass to the grass in these heels.

I bended my knees, but once again lost my balance. I fell awkwardly to ground directly on my butt. My voluptuous buttocks worked as cushions and the fall wasn't that bad.

I felt grateful my ass was this big as I could feel the purple monster in my ass got pushed a bit further up in the collision. I imagined how much it would have hurt had I been flat assed.

After sitting there relaxing for a few minutes I heard another car approaching. It sounded like a truck or something. I really couldn't cope with another incident as before, so I rolled over slid my whole body into the ditch to hide. In doing this my feet slipped, and I fell into the water.

"Fuck! My shoes... Damn my shoes... And my shorts are getting soaked!" I whined to myself.

At least the water was just above my waist and not further.

I decided to stay in it until the truck had passed.

As it got closer I could see it wasn't a car, but a van.

A short second later I realized it wasn't just any van. It was Cindy's and her friends'...

"Shit. I hope they didn't see me..." I mumbled.

I took a rash decision and slid all the way into the water, such that only my head was above the surface. I kept my hands on the edge to not slide all the way in.

My heart was pounding. They closed in.

"Please just drive by. Please just drive by." I whispered to myself.

"What's happening? Now I'm talking to myself as well?" I said out loud.

To my worst fear I could hear the van slowing down as they drove by just next to me.

I could hear car doors open and girls talking.

"I think I saw it rolling down over here." A girl said. It wasn't Cindy though.

I took a deep breath and dropped my head into the water. I kept my finger tips on the edge, but the rest of me was under the surface. I struggled a bit as my huge tits were pulling me to the surface.

I stayed down there for what felt like several minutes.

My body was aching and praying for air. I couldn't hold my breath any more. I pulled my head above the water and took a deep breath.

To my surprise and relief, I could see no one.

I slowly pulled myself up a bit further and to my delight I could see the car turning down the road towards the city.

My heart was still pounding in my chest and I could see my breasts moving up and down in a rapid motion.

Damn they looked good. So big, so perfectly round. And now soaked in water only covered by a tiny white bandeau top which was now completely transparent due to the water.

"If they weren't that big I could probably see my nipples through it." I thought to myself.

As the van got out of sight, I dragged myself out of the water and got up on my heels again.

My feet were still hurting but a lot less than before. And then it suddenly hit. Why the h''' didn't I just take them off and walk barefooted on the grass?

I bent down and took them off. It felt amazing. Besides that I loved how my boobs jiggled with my every move and especially when bending down.

As I stood there, I once again admired my body. Thin waist, huge tits and a Kardashian butt. I caressed my entire body.

Starting with a slap on each buttock. Grabbing myself a handful of that nice ass. Damn I got so horny. I moved my hands over my wide hips, circling my flat stomach and lastly grabbing my tits. I groped them, wiggled them, lifted them and it all felt amazing.

I looked down at myself and suddenly recalled something else. I slowly moved my hands from my stomach down the front of my body and between my legs and I felt... Nothing.

Nothing except my flat front. It was something I hadn't really fantasized about before, but it felt amazing. And it had felt so ever since Sophie gave me my real pussy and clit at the mall.

I massaged it and looked down. I saw the wet shorts giving me a camel toe. I felt like a real girl.

Even more so, after noticing that the wet white micro shorts were getting transparent as well, and that I now could see my sexy red thong.

I was enjoying myself and cherishing the moment.

"Hahahahahaha!" I suddenly heard from behind. I looked back saw two girls bursting out of the forest on the other side of the road.

It was Cindy and one her girls.

I quickly held one arm up to cover my exposed nipples and the other stayed between my legs to cover my camel toe. And then. I just froze.

"So, what do we have here?" The other girl said with a smirk on her face.

"This is my friend from the mall I talked about Zoe. I invited her to my van, gave her my thong, she licked me and then she stole my dress and took off!" Cindy replied.

I just now noticed that Cindy was wearing one of the other girl's dress. It was a loose black dress with pink polka dots. I remember thinking "I want one of those" when I saw it the first time.

"What a bad girl she is!" Zoe said.

"But she's not just a bad girl. She's also very bad at hiding!" Zoe continued as she approached me.

She lifted her hand to my head and quickly lifted my hands to cover my face, as I thought she was about to hit me.

But she didn't. She pulled of my bunny ears and said.

"When you're hiding in the water, it's not a good idea to have long pointy ears sticking above the surface!"

They both started laughing and I just stared at the bunny ears feeling insanely stupid.

"You're coming with us honey. We are on our way to the final pledge event in the sorority. There are 20 girls waiting. All hoping to be joining us." Zoe said.

It was weird how Cindy suddenly was less controlling and dominating with this Zoe girl near.

"And you are pledging with them!" Cindy broke in with a grin.

"No way! I would never degrade myself that way!" I instinctively shouted back at her.

But the girls just gave me the elevator look and immediately I reckoned how hollow that must have sounded.

"Oh, you will. Cause every year a girl is joining with honor and that girl gets to go to the house-mother alumni event in the evening. To your information, that's where your friends Meghan and Regina are." Zoe said in a mocking tone.

"Regina is not my friend!" Was all I could think of as a reply.

"Maybe not. But it's the only way you will get back to them. I'll give you two options. You can come pledge at our sorority or we can drive you to the bad neighborhood of the city and leave you there on your own. Good luck finding your way back in that attire. " Zoe said in a mean tone.

I shivered. Not from the cold of being wet. But from once again finding myself in a hopeless pickle.

I could see the van approaching. Cindy must've called the rest.

"So. What is your decision princess?" Zoe said.

I was just standing there, in wet, see through slut-wear and a red thong. What choice do have?

"I choose to..." I stuttered.

To be continued.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/09/19


Please do more of this series I lovw it so much

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by youaresexy4404/16/19


I am so glade you are doing more of this story this is one of the best ones i read and i love the story so far

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