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"Admit it, big brother," I taunted with fully intended malice, "you like going down on our stepdaddy's big black cock, don't you? Never thought you'd ever really suck a dick, did you? And I don't mean one of those little white frat boy dicks Mom and I both know you've been sneaking peeks at in the locker room showers; I mean a real man's cock; a powerful black cock."

I grabbed a fist full of Denny's (my older brother's given name) wavy black hair, shoved his mouth down on another couple of inches of our stepfather's hard black cock and held him there until he stopped gagging. "Good thing Mom and I taught you how to suck real cock with her big black dildo last night;" I snickered. "Otherwise, sissy boy, you never would have been able to do as good as you have so far."

Denny now had five inches of Daddy's cock in his mouth and into his throat, but I wasn't about to back off until he had swallowed the whole thing. Maybe it was because Denny-boy wasn't getting into the spirit of white whore cocksucking; the lower half of Daddy's cock was almost bone dry. "Come on, sissy boy," I coached, "drool down on Daddy's cock, slobber all over it; show all of us how much you love servicing Daddy's far superior black cock with your faggy slut mouth. Prove you're worthy of being the third trashy white slut in Daddy's house."

Denny was whimpering like the untrained, faggoty white boy he still was, but fairly soon a slivery stream of saliva began running down Daddy's cock. A big, hard, black cock always looks so much sexier when it's glistening with spit. "Much better," I encouraged. "Mom and I do this at least twice each day, you know; Mom when he first wakes up with his morning hardon, then I get to blow him a second time while I'm taking my morning pee."

Mom is so fucking lucky; Daddy's first load of cum of the day is always so big, but the load I get to swallow while my hot piss is gushing into the toilet bowl is still a lot more than three of any white college boy's puny teaspoon spurts put together.

I shoved my brother's mouth down on another couple of inches of Daddy's now spit-slippery black cock and using his hair like a handle, I started bouncing his head up and down. "Mom and I both attack Daddy's big black cock when he gets home from working at the porn studio, too. One of us sucks his beautiful black cock… better make that we deepthroat his big beautiful black cock …while the other one licks and sucks his big balls and tongues his asshole." (Sucking first during this session is always best, because Daddy's big cock always tastes like pussy from the white whores he's been shoving his big cock into all day. It's a tasty treat Daddy never fails to bring home from work for Mom and I.) "Then, we switch places, Denny-boy. This way we alternate being the lucky one who gets to gobble down all of his hot, slimy goo."

Denny was only gagging occasionally as I fucked over two thirds of Daddy's big black cock with his salivating mouth. I was almost proud of him. Another three inches and he would be taking all of it. If my brother actually accomplished this physically demanding feat—deepthroating Daddy the very first time, then I would consider being impressed. Hell, it took me four attempts—with Mom's eager assistance—before I could make my bottom lip caress Daddy's cum-filled black balls.

Entwining the fingers of my other hand in Denny's hair so I had a firm grip, I forced his mouth down on another inch of black cock and sighed remorsefully. "This joyous white slut duty I'm helping your perform… Well, I guess we'll have start splitting it three ways now… providing you prove your worth tonight, sissy boy."

"Do it again, Jenny," Mom heatedly instructed from behind Denny, where she was spit-lubing his asshole preparatory to fucking him with her black strapon. "He's already taken eight inches… which is more than you took your first try, young lady. Make him take the rest."

"Momma!" I vehemently protested. "I… I don't think we need to reward him just for getting his faggoty mouth around a black cock. It's… it's just not fair."

I was nearly knocked clean over Denny when Daddy slapped my bare white ass—hard. "I decide what's fair around here, you ungrateful little slut," he snarled. He slapped my other asscheek—harder. "Now, make that faggot stepson of mine swallow that superior black cock. And I do mean all of it… all the way down to where he can lick my balls if I want him to." He slapped my now stinging ass several more times—even harder each time. "Do it, you blackcock-addicted white bitch!"

With all my strength, I obediently shoved my brother's mouth all the way down on Daddy's beautiful black ten inches. Denny instantly began choking and gagging, a torrent of spit and mucus spewed out of his nostrils. I held him there until he stopped snorting snot, then pulled his head up so that only the head of Daddy's cock was in his mouth. I allowed him to draw in several much needed breaths through his nostrils, then insisted in a hoarse voice, "You did it once, my faggoty-ass brother, you can sure as hell do it again."

With a feeling of primordial triumph I didn't understand at the time, I shoved my brother's head back down, fully impaling his mouth and throat on all ten hard inches of Daddy's big, beautiful black cock. All the way down so that his nose was buried in the thick black mat of Daddy's crinkly pubic hair and his bottom lip was mashed into Daddy's big, sweaty, black ball sac.

All in all, it was probably a good thing Denny's mouth and throat were filled to capacity with black cock, because it cut off his high pitch scream. Mom had chosen that exact moment to ram every bit of her strapon (molded from Daddy's big black cock) into her own son's virgin asshole.

Storyteller's aside:

Humph! It seems as if I started this one off in a rousing, slam-bam-gottcha-ma'am fashion. Oh, well, maybe, in some small way, it makes up for all those stories where I've made you wade through paragraph after paragraph of informative plot line and necessary character development before getting to the good stuff.

Although, now that I've gotten your undivided attention (hopefully) perhaps, before I continue on with this tawdry episode, this might be a good place to more descriptively introduced the main character and also gave you a little background on those other characters who are directly involved in all of this. You know, sort of let you know not so much what is going on (that, I would say, has already been fairly well established), but to fill you in on the whys, wherefores, and some of the particulars that led up to an older brother being turned into a slavish faggot slut for a black stepfather he was unaware he had.

For this particular story, I've chosen the name Jenny, or Jen for the main character. It has such a nice, innocent, unassuming, sort of vanilla-Midwestern flavor to it. Anyway, for Jen (me in first person) it all began about a month before the incident already set in motion took place.

For Mother, it had already been roughly seven months. However, I think I'll forgo putting you through a couple dozen pages of background plot line and character development and let Mother write her own damn story one of these days. Hearing the juicy, intimate details of a once ordinary, everyday white housewife and mother, who has gone blackcock slut whole-hog, is always much better when it's delivered in the first person. Wouldn't you agree?

Mom, Momma, is my mother and Daddy is… Well, Daddy is Daddy, and you're going to get to meet both of these characters, in intimate detail, in another couple of paragraphs, so I'll forego any further descriptions of them for the time being.

Denny (as you know, or should have already guessed) is my older brother, by two years. He is a sophomore in college, majoring in graphic arts. Freehand, Denny can sketch the most amazing and intricately detailed pictures and when he adds color to those pencil or ink sketches, they simply come alive.

There have been (and still are) times when I almost hate my intuitively creative, brother. About the only things I can draw—without the compulsory assistance of a straight edge and at least a protractor—is flies. My dubious "artistic" gift lays in the of words to paint pictures. This is why my major is in creative writing, with a minor in western American history.

I've decided I'm not going to give you any more about Denny. You're going to have to read on and discover my pain-in-the-ass sibling for yourself as this story unfolds.

So, jumping back to me: My name (as I've told you) is Jenny and I'm 20 years of age. I stand 5' 4" and weigh all of 110 pounds… that would be dripping wet. I have shoulder length blonde hair, robin's-egg blue eyes, a pouty mouth, and my measurements are 34C-26-35. Oh yes, and the fine hair that carpets my pussy mound is the color of late summer corn silk and it's as soft as the down on a baby chick… unless, of course, my pussy happens to be sopping wet, which has become its customary state of affairs ever since I discovered that I have a new—and very surprising—stepfather.

The cozy, Midwest conservative home first Denny, and then I, regrettably, yet anxiously, left for college was a far cry from the restructured household I, and two weeks later, Denny, returned to. But, this is skipping way ahead of my story, so allow me to regress a bit and fill you in on the radical changes that have taken place in life around our once normal, middle-of-the-road, white household.

It all began when I came home on summer break from my freshman year in college. I had left a couple of weeks early for college (I had wanted the extra time to get settled in, learn my way around campus and a new town before starting classes) and I hadn't been able to get home for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, either. I had then spent the entire Spring break retaking three finals I had over-studied for and, consequently, blown all to hell. I had really intended to stay the summer doing some much needed research, but Mom being recently divorced, and with no living relatives left except for me and Denny—who hadn't come home between his freshman and sophomore year and had already called the week before to say that he "might" not be able to spend more than a week or two at home this year, I decided that one of us really should spend a couple of months cheering Mom up.

The mistake I made was in not calling and telling Mom that I would be home for the summer.

Another aside:

Hmmm… It might be a good idea if I also took a moment and explained why my mother was divorced. It happened shortly after I got to college, and let me tell you, I was floored. But, after Mom explained things to me, I understood completely. It seems my birth father had a "little" problem neither I nor my brother Denny were even aware of. The "problem" was with his zipper; apparently, he couldn't keep it closed. A fresh piece of ass came anywhere near him and down went his zipper and out came his dick.

Mom knew all about this habitual "wardrobe malfunction" of dad's (from what she told me, he never made any secret out of being a compulsive horn-dog), but she never said a word (not even a peep) about dad's philandering to my brother or I. Only after Denny (who is two years older than me) and I were safely off to college did she lower the boom on her husband of 20+ years. He came home from work one night to find all of his clothes scattered across the front yard, along with any of his personal belongings that Mom didn't want. About the only personal belonging she kept was his Remington 1100. With that 12ga pump shotgun loaded with 00 buck and leveled right at his "malfunctioning" crotch, she told him, in no uncertain terms, to never darken the doorway with his despicable presence… "EVER AGAIN!"

Now, Mom is not an imposing woman—5' 5" and a fluffy, even-tempered 155 pounds, but she is no one to fuck with when she's finally gotten her dander up. Dad might have been loose in his sexual judgment, but he was no dummy; he knew that if he took even half a step toward her, Mom would blow away everything south of his belt buckle. For likely the first time in his worthless adult life, Dad smartly piled all of his stuff in the back of his pickup and got the hell out Dodge. Mom filed for divorce the next morning.

Okay, that kindda takes care of why Mom got divorced. Now, back to the day I got home from college; the day my whole world got turned upside down. And you're going to have to be the judge as to whether the radical alterations I blindly stumbled into were for the better… or for the worst.

When I pulled up in front of the house late that afternoon, Mom's station wagon was in the driveway, but along side it was parked a midnight-black Lincoln Escalade. I figured Mom had company—one of her lady friends from church, most likely—until I got a look at the glossy SUV's license plate: BLKSTUD.

"BLKSTUD?" Who the hell could my plain-Jane mother possibly know who would have the obscene license plate BLKSTUD? I was definitely going to find out and, if Mom and dad getting divorced had been enough to floor me, when I discovered who BLKSTUD was and what he was to my straight-laced mother… Well, it damned near knocked me out.

Mom and her mysterious "company" weren't in the living room, nor were they in the kitchen, or out in the backyard. I heard some noises coming from the down the hall and headed that way. Half way down the hall, I recognized what the noises coming from the open door of Mom's bedroom were and they stopped me dead in my tracks. Huffing and puffing, the familiar slap of naked flesh on naked flesh; the telltale sounds of sex. And not just quickie afternoon sex, mind you, but hot and sweaty animal sex, with all of its accompanying heated moaning and groaning, labored snuffling, snorting, and panting.

Were Mom and dad back together and getting it on in there? It was, you'll have to agree, the natural leap for a daughter to make. Then, I recalled the obscenely descriptive license plate. Not on a bet could it be dad giving Mom that good fucking, not with his little white dick. I had seen it—once—when I was in high school, urgently busting into the bathroom at the wrong time and catching dad peeing. It was the first dick I had seen (in the flesh, anyway), but I remember thinking at the time, "Is that all there is to a guy's dick?" Hell, my middle finger was not only longer, but almost as big around.

Curiosity got the better of me; I had to see who was fucking my mother… from the raw animal sounds my mother was making, fucking her the way a woman deserves to be fucked; hot and heavy.

I tiptoed to the door and peeked around the jam, but I was hardly prepared for the unimaginable sight that greeted my sneaky peek. Mom was astraddle a tall, lean man, whose face and upper torso her body was blocking from my view, but what I could see of him—one arm and a shoulder, a pair of wiry legs—he was a slender (you could almost say skinny) man, who had THE BIGGEST dick I had ever seen. By the end of my freshman year, I had been eyeball to peehole with enough dicks to know truly big when I saw it and, while this man would be considered to have a slender frame, where size counted most, he was… BIG!

But, that wasn't the most startling aspect of Mom's afternoon fuckathon, with a strange man; the man underneath her was… B_L_A_C_K!

And my much smaller mother wasn't just impaled on his big BLACK dick, Mom was riding that huge black mamba for all she was worth. "I'm gonna make you cum, Daddy," I heard her croak hoarsely. "I'm gonna make your big ol' nasty cock shoot about a gallon of hot Nigger jizz inside me."

"Cock instead of penis? Hot Nigger jizz?" This kind of gutter tramp-filth… coming out of "my mother's" mouth! My mother, a normally placid woman who, even when she had been her absolute maddest at my natural father, had never uttered anything harsher than, "Damnit, Joe!" No way!

But then, the truly impressive black "cock" she was slamming her gaping pussy up and down on would elicit a string of vile verbiage from just about any woman. It didn't matter that the cock Mom was fucking herself silly on happened to be black—it could have been chartreuse or purple for all I (and clearly Mom, too) cared—I knew that there was no way in Hell I would've been able to remain silent if a cock that great had been storming up inside of me.

I had to see her get him (BLKSTUD) off. I knew she had to have already cum several times herself; her big BLACK STUD's crotch was sopping wet with her copious spendings, slivery strands of woman cum were dangling from his big black balls, dripping into the widening cum puddle on the white sheet between his skinny black legs.

"My big ol' cock is nasty?" I heard the man chuckle. "Emmy…" {My mother's given name is Emma. No one, not even my lame-brained, indiscriminately philandering father, had ever dared call her Emmy.} "Emmy, it's you who's the nasty one here. You're a nasty white hoe who digs big black cock. Hell, you're nastier than them skinny white bitches I fuck for a living."

"Damn… right… I… am," my mother panted. "But, I give you what all them white bitches can't deliver; I give my big ol' nasty Daddy honest lovin'."

"White bitches he fucked for a living?" Who in the hell was this BLACK STUD? For one thing, given this lewd and racist fuck-talk exchange between he and mother, the man's voice had not exactly been the voice I had expected to hear. It was a deep, rich baritone, with the expected black street inflection, but there was also an educated tongue in my mother's man's foul mouth. This last fact, taken alone, should have told me something about the man my mother was fucking more than he was fucking her, but I had no idea what that elusive something could be.

And my mother, almost subserviently calling her black lover Daddy, instead of by his given name or an affectionate pet name? This was not the modestly proper, homespun mother I had known all my life. And her saying she gave her "Daddy" "honest lovin'"? There was more going on here than a simple afternoon fuck between two vastly different people. One hell of a lot more.

I couldn't even venture a guess at what could possibly be going on between the two of them, but whatever the premise their kinky sex game was based on, Mom was definitely into it, and in a highly heated manner. She was pounding her gushy pussy down on her lover's great cock harder and with more determination than any guy had ever fucked his dick into me. I was afraid she was going to injure herself inside. But, she had evidently been fucking this man long enough that she was entirely comfortable taking all of it—I judged about 10 full inches—with every ferocious down slam of her relentlessly plunging pelvis.

"Come on, Daddy," my mother urged her man, "bust a big sloppy nut inside your nasty white hoe. I wanna feel your big black cock hosing down my nasty white cunt with those hard jets of scalding jizz." She slammed down on him… hard. Her body went stiff, her fleshy asscheeks tightened up and more cunt juice gushed out around the wrist-thick black cock imbedded deep inside her over stuffed cunt as she came. But, she never once slowed her intense fucking. "Do it, Daddy, flood my horny pink cunt with your potent Nigger sperm… shoot it all the way up into my belly."

The man pinned beneath my mother grabbed her ample hips in his two big black hands. It was about to happen; Mother was about to get her wish. I had to see it and unconsciously stepped into the doorway just as he pulled her down. At the same instant BLKSTUD thrust up with his own hips. I saw his black balls suck up into his scrotom and then he growled like some triumphant African gorilla.

I didn't have to feel it for myself, my mother's body—quivering like the released string on fully drawn bow—more than told me that her man… BIG BLACK STUD DADDY …was blasting jet after powerful jet of scalding jizz into her, flooding her thirsty cunt with more potent Nigger sperm than three white guys combined had ever pumped into me.

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