tagInterracial LoveHousehold Sluts Ch. 02

Household Sluts Ch. 02


Surprise! I already had chapter 2 written and proofread, and chapter 3 is well underway. Now, where did we leave off? Oh, yeah…

Household Sluts

BY: JordonLynn

Chapter 2

I had done it.

Even with its commanding presence before my glazed eyes, I still couldn't believe I had actually done something I never would have imagined myself doing; I had sucked off a black cock. And, I had even swallowed every last dribble of the yummy cum my inexperienced mouth had made spew from the peehole of that first-ever black cock. And, I had not only enjoyed doing it, I was now solidly hooked on the taste of cum.

And, it hadn't been just any black cock I had so happily sucked off, mind you; it had been a big (and I do mean BIG) black man's cock. And, it hadn't been just any ol' black man's cock, either; it had been my mother's husband's cock, Victor's, my unknown stepfather's big black cock that I had sucked off.

That I had accomplished what I had previously thought should be a complete physical impossibility—that of successfully swallowing a full ten inches of hard black cock in what had been my first go at sucking off my stepfather, then avidly sucking the life out my first-ever black cock for roughly ten minutes, before it finally erupted, sending two incredibly hard jets of cum rocketing down my throat.. This, I have to admit, I was having more than a little trouble fathoming.

My mother, whose face was still close to mine, where she had been able to get a real good view of her daughter sucking off her first black cock, snickered. "Someone had themself a really good time."

"You can make that two someones, Emmy," Victor assured both of us.

I shifted my gaze from my stepfather's big, thick, no-longer-quite-as-threatening black cock to my mother's cherubic face. "Might just as well make that three someones," I said with a saucy wink. "You got off watching your daughter suck off your husband, didn't you, Mom?'

Mom smiled. "I'm not going to deny it." She reached back and patted her pussy. It was a very wet sound. "But, I'm not the only white-hoe here who got off having her mouth filled with Daddy's cum."

I rose up on all fours and looked down between my legs. A swath of bed sheet—maybe three feet long and at least a foot across—was completely saturated with my spending. "Did I do that?" I shook my head. "No way. No woman can cum that much."

"You did. I watched you do it." Mom gave me an affectionate peck on the forehead. "Jenny baby, when you let loose, I swear it was like a fire hose had gone off inside your cunt. You didn't cum in one, two, three spurts; it was more like a sustained gushing."

"Really? It really happened just like that?" I shook my head in wonderment. "I knew I was getting close, but I never actually felt myself cumming."

Mom chuckled. "It happens like that when you're too busy with a black cock… at least the first couple of times you suck one off."

"Wow!" I looked up at Mom. "Does this qualify me for white-hoe slut status?"

"You do more than just qualify, little girl," Victor commented. "Emmy, we have got to get our daughter signed to a long-term contract. This was Jenny's first time, and she puts ninety percent of the pros I work with to shame."

For the first time since I had gotten home, Mom's face darkened. "No way, Victor," she snapped. "Our daughter isn't getting singed to any contract, long or short term. One family member in the porn business is quite sufficient, thank you."

"Is that what our Daddy does for a living?" I asked Mom. "He's a porn actor?" Now his license plate, BLKSTUD, made perfect sense.

Mom nodded. "More than just being a porn actor, Jenny, Victor is one of the top porn stars in the game."

"One of the top stars!" Victor slapped Mom's ass. "Jenny, your stepdaddy is the king stud on the block, the Alpha male, the always dependable black cock that's in constant demand." He took his withered cock in his hand and waggled it in my face. "White, black, or yellow, once a porn bitch has gotten a sample of this big ol' black snake, she wants to work with me, and only with me, on a regular basis."

Mom winked. "Your stepfather tends to get a little full of himself sometimes."

"So it seems," I replied with a return wink. "But, it's got to be a lot of fun being full of him."

"Jenny baby, you have no idea how much fun being full of Daddy is. But, I think you'll find that out for yourself soon enough."

"And when is soon enough going to get here, Mom? How long do I have to suffer before I find out how much fun having more than mouth and throat stuffed with Daddy is?"

"All in due time, little girl," Victor promised. "All in due time." He released his cock and his head flopped back on the pillow. "Still and all," he sighed, "it's a crying shame we won't get to perform together under then lights, Jenny girl. With my professionalism and your natural gift for blackcock sucking, we could be the top interracial duo in the business." He lifted his head and playfully patted Mom's ass. "Hell, with my always-horny Emmy entwined into the erotic tableau, we would be an unmatchable threesome."

"Not gonna happen, stud," Mom retorted. "You got me to suck your cock and fuck on camera once, and that is the one and only time I'm ever going to do it." She grabbed hold of Victor's flaccid cock. "And Jenny isn't going to do even that much." She squeezed his cock as hard as she could, "You reading' me, Black Stud?"

"Ow!" Victor yelped and firmly, but gently, managed to force Mom to release the death grip she had on his injured pride. His head hit the pillow again. "Still, you have to admit, our Jenny gives one hell of a mean blowjob. Best I've had since… well, at least since that superb blowjob you gave me this morning, Babykins."

Pride had welled up in me while I had been successfully sucking Victor off, but the growing lump in my throat was even more prideful. I might not have given my stepfather the most professional head he had ever gotten, but I had clearly given Daddy the best armature blowjob any respectful daughter ever could.

Mom smiled. "I send Daddy off to work with a good blowjob; it helps him last longer on camera." She leaned over and nuzzled her husband's limp cock. "Not that Daddy needs any help holding back, professional porn stars have to provide what's known as the money shot on cue, and Daddy's the absolute best when comes to busting a big juicy nut on his horny white-hoes…at the exact right moment."

Mom lovingly kissed her husband's cock, then lifted it and kissed both of his depleted balls. "I guess being one of Daddy's horny white-hoes now includes you, too." She blew me a kiss. "Welcome home, Jenny."

I felt more than welcome, mostly, I think, because I had been so well-cummed by my new stepfather, with not just my mother's blessing, but with her motherly assistance as well. It was so nice to be back home, with loving family.. one that was now racially mixed. Talk about expanding one's horizons? Mine had done triple back flips in a little over one hour.

However, even though I was becoming down right comfortable with this new concept of being a loving family and all, there was a little problem I had that needed seeing to. I had climaxed once already—mere minutes ago, explosively and more than I had ever cum before, but I was hornier now than I had gotten watching Mom fuck herself on Victor's big black cock. And something had to be done about this rapidly mutating condition… and done about it desperately soon.

I carefully weighed the options open to me in solving my not-so-little problem. I could masturbate right here, right now. After what had gone on in the last hour or so, I had no right to be ashamed of having my mother and stepfather seeing me get myself off. Mom, and, definitely Daddy, wouldn't be offended watching me finger-fuck myself on their bed. It would probably make them just as fucking horny as I had gotten watching them fuck.

Okay, that was one solution, but it would only be a quick fix. Unless, of course, watching me plunge two or three of my stiff fingers in and out of my already wet cunt until I blew my cookies, which—given the super-aroused state I was in—would only take a very few minutes, if that long, got them so worked up that the three of us wound up all tangled in a knot of white on black on white bodies, helping one another get off. And there was no telling what other sorts of nasty sex games an unmatchable threesome like ours could come up with.

This was a far better solution, with very stimulating long term possibilities. There was only one modification I want to make to the whole idea; I didn't want to resort to masturbating with my fingers, I wanted my stepfather to plumb the very depths of horny pink cunt with his big, beautiful, powerful black cock. Mom had been enjoying Victor's cock for nearly seven months, and now that I had been officially wel-cummed home—a novice white-hoe, but a willing slut in good standing, I wanted my turn with Daddy's massive black cock. Fair was fair, right?

Still on all fours, I took Victor's flaccid cock in both hands and licked the cum residue from the crown, then I bent my head down and sideways so I could kitty-lap his dangling balls. Here was another first for me. Before, with high school boys, then with college guys, I had never delved any deeper into their crotches then having their dicks in my mouth. But then, sucking on a five or six inch white boy dick is a whole lot different than going down on a real man's black cock, so this is what was compelling me to boldly, and respectfully, want so badly to lap and lick and mouth, and then slavishly suck on my new Daddy's big black balls.

Disappointingly, it was Victor who informed me that, "You're wasting your time down there, little girl."

"Wanna bet," I mentally countered. This gimmick had worked wonders for me in the past, never failing to get a college guy's depleted motor back up and running so he could take care of my needs. With boys, this had been a grudgingly preformed procedure, but sucking Daddy's black cock back to life would be a labor—if not born out of love—then in undeniable admiration.

Flopping Daddy's limp cock into my mouth, I went at it with a vengeance. I became demonic; sucking like an out-of-control vacuum cleaner, slobbering copiously and whirling my tongue around the head like a ceiling fan, fisting the spit-slick shaft till my arms ached. And, I accomplished absolutely nothing; not matter what I did, how hard I tried, Daddy's cock would not grow hard in my mouth, it hadn't even thickened. I could barely detect his pulse rate against my tongue; it wasn't the surging throb I had gotten so used to, so quickly.

Victor craned his head up and looked down at me. "Like I said, Jenny, you're wasting an awful lot of truly superb effort trying to make something you want to happen, that just isn't going to happen."

Frustrated at not being able to get Daddy's "always dependable" motor up and purring like the powerful engine that was under the hood of his Escalade, I angrily yanked my mouth off his cock. "Why not, Daddy?"

"Jenny girl," he answered tenderly, "you watched me blast a pretty big load into your mother and the load I dumped in your belly wasn't a bad one either, but you add those to the blowjob my Emmy sent me off with this morning, plus the six loads I pumped into the three porn bitches I worked with today and… Well, Daddy's spirit is willing, but his flesh is all but petered out."

"Whew!" my mother loudly exhaled. "That has got to be the longest speech I've heard you make since I've known about you, or been with you.. on or off camera." The smile she sent my way was more of a disbelieving smirk. Imagine, having to explain to a young woman, who had already admitted that she was no stranger to a man's penis, something she should already know. "Even Alpha male porn stars need recharging every now and again. They aren't super human."

Victor slapped Mom's ass." I'll show you super human."

Mom wrapped a hand around mine, which were still wrapped around her husband's useless cock. "Baby," she said, smiling sweetly at Victor, "there ain't nothin' at all human about what you pack in your boxers."

I laughed and Mom giggled and in a couple of seconds we were all three laughing. "I promise, little girl," Victor finally said, "any traces of sperm left in Daddy's jewels are now building blocks for the massive load of cum your mom, or you, are going to get after a couple of hours of necessary recharging."

I kissed the wilted tip of his cock. "I'm going to hold you to that promise, Daddy."

Victor popped Mother on the ass again, not very hard this time. "Emmy, we got us a winner for a daughter."

My stepfather had slapped Mom's ass more than several times since I had been home and I couldn't help wondering how red her fleshy white asscheeks were becoming. I was also wondering, since I had stated that I wouldn't mind an occasional playful paddling, when Daddy would get around to spanking his adoring, blackcock-sucking, slut-hoe stepdaughter's white ass.

"Hey, Emmy, I've got an idea; while my motor's building up a good head of steam, why don't you do her? The way she so badly wants to be done, Baby."

Mom's eyes sort of went glassy. "What a simply marvelous suggestion." Her warm smile quickly became a leering Cheshire grin. "Leave it to the Alpha male porn star to come up with a hot and nasty idea."

I blinked, and I gulped. "Is our Alpha male Daddy suggesting what I think he's suggested?"

Mom nodded, spun around and leaned over the side of the bed. I had licked her pussy and a little bird told me that she would be more than happy to return the favor, which would turn into a hot and juicy Sapphic sixty-nine… guaranteed. But, I didn't think she would be into…

I didn't have to finish that suggestively kinky thought; Mom coming back up with a big, black, extremely realistic-looking dildo clutched in one hand and a black leather harness contraption dangling from her other hand pretty much answered just about any sort of lesbian direction my imagination could have conjured up.

"Jenny," she chirped, "I thought about doing this while you were servicing Daddy, but I decided I would rather watch my daughter suck off her first black cock. Seeing how you can gush like a fire hydrant, while Daddy was pumping your mouth full of cum, was an unexpected bonus. Seems more than being able to suck off a big black cock is an ingrained trait in this family."

She set about assembling the strapon. "I've done this with several of the porn starlets Daddy has worked with, and had them do me just as good in return… with Daddy watching, of course." Slipping the dildo into the opening in the harness, she secured it firmly in place. Wouldn't want my mother's phallic substitute falling off at a pivotal moment, would we? "But, ever since I found out how much pleasure one of these babies can bring to a woman when there isn't a real cock available to make her happy, I've secretly wanted to do this with one very special woman."


Mom smiled. "No other woman could ever be more special to me then you, Jenny."

It looked to me that properly fitting the harness and dildo in place could be an intricate process and I watched closely, so I wouldn't need more then a motherly helpful hand when it came my turn to don my mother's personal strapon. First, she buckled one strap of the harness in place just above her right hipbone, then other strap came above her left hip. When she had these two straps in place and aligned, she reached back and down between her legs for the third strap. Once she had this third strap snapped in where it belonged, she retightened the hip straps, then fucked her hips back and forth to make double sure the rigging was all nice and snug.

"So, how does your mother look with a big black cock jutting out of her pussy?" She proudly wrapped her hand around the dildo and stroked it like it was the real thing. "It was custom molded from Daddy's cock, a gel and silicone core with a New-Skin covering; same length, same girth, same wrinkles and knurls in the exact same places. Same feel. Identical sized peehole." She bounced the lifelike replica in her hand. "It has the exact same heft and the more you handle it, the warmer it becomes. The balls are a little too hard, but, otherwise, it's so fucking unbelievably realistic you can almost believe it is the real thing."

It had been a captivating experience watching Mom transform herself from my mother into a black-cocked shemale. I wasn't sure I was ready for what would be coming at me, but I was damned if I was going to hurt Mom's feelings. "Emmy…" (One more first for me; I had never dared call my mother by her given name, let alone Daddy's pet name for her.) "you are, without a single, solitary doubt, the sexiest mother with a big black cock, that I have ever seen."

"Like you've seen that many big-cocked shemales," Mom snorted.

"You'd be surprised what's out there on the Net these days,' I teased.

"Bet me! Where do you think I ordered this baby from? Sears?" Mom lifted the realistic dildo up. "If only you could bust a big sloppy nut like Daddy can, I probably wouldn't need him in my life, let alone in my bed."

I snickered. It was along the same lines as the 'Lonely Lady's Lament' I had so often spoken to my own dildo—a cheery-red gel dildo, not as realistic, nor anywhere near the impressive proportions of my mother's.

"Ah, Emmy, Babykins" Victor interjected, " I'm thinking this hot and nasty idea I came up with isn't such a good one after all."

"Hush, Alpha male, you're supposed to recharging your batteries, remember? Besides, this is going to be between me and Jenny. You got to welcome her into our new household your way, now I get the privilege of doing it in another." She looked at her husband of nearly seven months. "And what are getting all jealous about? You've seen me with porn bitches, you even got one episode on tape. Anyway, I had Kong before I met you in person, and I'm damned glad I did; taking your big cock in my pussy, totally unprepared for what it would be like, would have been entirely too much, too soon." She smiled down at me. "And our daughter deserves to at least know what it feels like having this much cock inside her before you're ready to give her the real magillah."

It was time for the impartial daughter to step in. "Mom, why don't you scoot over here closer, so a horny, white-hoe daughter can orally worship her Mommy's big, beautiful black cock?"

Victor conceded defeat with a wave of his black hand. "You two have at it. I'll just lay here and watch the show. Who knows, if it's a good enough performance, with a little luck, my magillah will be up and ready to give Jenny the real thing… before it's our daughter's turn to fuck her mother's pussy with that pretender to the throne."

Well, that settled any lingering doubts I might have had; Mom had allowed me to licked the cum from her husband's cock…and from her pussy, then had helped me go all the way down on my stepfather's big cock. Now, she going to fuck me with her custom-molded dildo, and, hopefully sooner than later, she was going sit by while Daddy fucked the shit out of her… their daughter with his big black cock. Duh! Like any one of us on the bed doubted that it was bound to happen in just this manner… all in due time?

The amazingly realistic-feeling head of Mom's dildo made contact with my lips and my mouth automatically opened. And in went her big black cock. The dildo was sort of cool and clammy in my mouth, but Mom had said that the more it was "handled", the warmer it became. So, that's exactly what I did. I found it more difficult going down on Mom's black "cock", but only because no matter how much New-Skin was intended to feel like real skin, there was still a tacky dryness to the dildo,. So totally unlike Daddy's real cock, all slippery/slimy with man-cum and Mom's cunt juice, that I would have much preferred to be sucking on. I had to work up several mouthfuls of saliva and slobber my way down onto it.

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