tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHouseKeeping Ch. 05

HouseKeeping Ch. 05


[This is the fifth chapter in the series HouseKeeping. It would be best if you could read first Chapters 1 through 4 so you can gain the benefit of knowing the backstory of Chapter 5 This chapter has a little more sex in it to please those who have been waiting for it. If you want a quick jerk-off story, this might work for you. But the story is still erotic as hell for those who enjoy erotic tension and voyeuristic pleasures. As always, please feel free to offer any feedback you want. And an author always values feedback from his readers.]


The next few minutes were filled with men coming up to Kelsey, congratulating her and offering to buy her drinks. Several women walked over to compliment her on how she handled the situation. Each time someone came up to her, Kelsey would turn only slightly on her stool, enough to let the other person look into her blouse and stare at her gorgeous boobs. After almost ten minutes of this, the pub quieted down. I looked at Kelsey and noticed her breathing heavily. I leaned in and spoke quietly in her ear.

"You are really beginning to get into this exhibitionist thing, aren't you?" She turned to me and I tried so hard to look up and not down, and I noticed her eyes sparkled like I had never seen before.

"I am so wet," was all she said.

An hour later, we finished up our meal. Men called out words of appreciation as I paid and we left the pub. After holding the car door for her to get in, I walked around to the driver's side. As I sat down and closed the car door, I could smell her arousal. I didn't say anything, but her glance in my direction told me that she could smell it, too.

"I apologize if I embarrassed you tonight. That was so childish of me. I can't believe I responded to her challenge like that." Her words were quiet and she looked down at her lap as she spoke.

"Honey, stop right there. She was making a play for me, and she was challenging you to stop her. You did just that, and you did it wonderfully. I loved it. And I loved you for doing it."

Even as I spoke, I realized that the evening had affected me more than I would have expected. Something about Kelsey standing up to another woman's attempt to take me away, almost as if she were staking her claim, moved me deeply.

"It was obvious you liked it. You were hard the entire time!" She laughed as she spoke.

"Well, I have not had six beautiful boobs thrust in my face for a long time. What's not to like?" I laughed in return.

"Oh, so you think their boobs were beautiful, do you?" She was laughing, but not totally in humor. I realized that I was about to walk into dangerous territory, and I knew that I needed to answer carefully.

"Honey, you need to listen to me carefully. Most boobs are beautiful - all shapes and sizes aside, most boobs are beautiful. I love it that your boobs are far more beautiful than most. But that had nothing to do with what happened tonight. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I am here with you right now. I don't care what she looked like, or what she offered, I ALWAYS leave with the one I came with. That is a matter or honor with me, and it is the only courteous way to address a lady." I paused long enough to see that I apparently said the right thing. Then I added, "Besides, I was afraid you would kick my ass if I went home with them."

"You bastard!" she almost shouted, and I felt her fist strike my shoulder. But I was glad that I also heard her laughing. After several minutes of silence, Kelsey spoke.

"So, you really don't mind missing out on those young girls?" Her question seemed to be offered in jest, but I suspected that there was more beneath the surface.

"Honey, why would I leave with a girl when I could leave with a woman?" The sincerity in my voice was obvious, at least to me. I paused for a few seconds to consider what I wanted to say, and then continued.

"Honey, tonight did affect me, but not just with an erection."

"Okay, that was the third time you called me honey. Do it again and you owe me a ring." Her words were accompanied with laughter again, but, again, I knew there was more beneath the surface.

"Why would I marry you when I can munch on those gorgeous nipples every Monday and Friday?" The comment slipped out of my mouth before I thought about it.

"Hey, buddy, remember the stripper rules. I can touch you but you can't touch me." She punched me in the arm again.

"Seriously, Kelsey, I want to say something. I hadn't realized that I was using 'honey' until you pointed it out. But right now I feel like using the word, and it feels right to me. I am not sure how much more I want to say right now, but I wanted to say that." I found myself squirming in my seat. She responded.

"So you FEEL like using the word and it FEELS like it's right. I am not sure how to take that, and definitely not sure what to say about it."

"Actually," I quietly returned, "I am not sure either." I let the conversation drop for a few minutes, until she interrupted the silence.

"Well, you might want to GET sure, because we are almost to your house. You might start with deciding if you are going to let me jump in my car and go home, or if you are going to invite me in for a drink." A little bit of that strength she had shown at the pub returned in her words, but they only echoed what was going through my head at the moment.

I paused for just a moment, and then responded.

"Honey, would you like to come in and have a drink with me? And I think I can find a snack, too, if you want."

She smiled at me and didn't need to say a word.

After I invited her in for a drink, there was silence in the car for the rest of the ride home. She didn't speak and I didn't speak. I didn't know what she was thinking about, but I sure as hell knew what I was thinking about!

Was I really getting involved with this woman? I asked myself. Was I falling in love with her? I hired her to be sexual entertainment, so am I falling in love with a sexual entertainer? A SEX WORKER? My thoughts just tumbled through my brain as I drove.

All too soon, we entered my driveway and rolled into the garage. She sat there without saying anything while I tried to gather my thoughts.

I got out of the car and walked to her side, then opened the door. She rotated and swung her legs out of the car, pausing long enough for me to get a good view down her blouse. Then she slowly stood and paused again. Without intending to, I swept her into my arms and kissed her fiercely. And she responded in kind. I held her tightly, perhaps more so than I had held any other woman. And she merely moaned in pleasure as we kissed.

After what seemed like several hours but could only have been a few seconds, Kelsey broke the kiss.

"I already feel drunk and I haven't had that drink you promised.'

'Yes, well, uh..." I paused because I really didn't know what to say. Then I finished with, "Let's go inside."

I closed the car door behind her, and then opened the kitchen door in front of her. I chuckled at myself. "Treating her like a gentleman when my intentions were not that of a gentleman," I mused. She went straight to the liquor cabinet and began to pull out glasses and bottles.

"Hey, what's your hurry?" I didn't want to stop her, but she seemed to be in a rush.

"Well, you invited me in for a drink, and I was just getting things out for you." She looked me in the eyes, and then dropped her gaze to the floor.

"I invited you in for a drink so I could get you in the house." My words were husky with feelings that were barely under the surface.

"And then what were you intending?" Her eyes lifted to mine and then she looked away again.

"Just this." I stepped into her and kissed her again, but not as fiercely as before. She melted into my arms and we began to move our hands all over each other's bodies. I pushed her blouse off her shoulders and let it fall to her waste. This bared her beautiful breasts to my gaze and to may hands. I put both hands on her boobs and played gently as I kissed her. I squeezed them and pushed them together. I felt her nipples pushing hard against my palms, so I took them between my finger and thumb. Softly, I rolled them and twisted them, causing her to moan loudly. Then, without warning, I squeezed hard.

"Oh, shit" she gasped. I had suspected that her nipples were extremely sensitive, and this confirmed it. She pushed her boobs firmly against my hands, as if begging for more. So I obliged her invitation.

I mauled her breasts as my tongue did battle with hers. I disengaged her mouth long enough to nibble on her throat and then on her right ear. Then I moved my mouth back to hers, and our tongues did battle again.

After several minutes, we separated to get our breath back.

"Damn, woman, you are so exciting to me!" My words came out between gasps. My gaze traveled from her eyes to her boobs and back to her eyes. I just couldn't get enough of her body, and I grinned when I realized that I was only seeing and touching her breasts. But I was confident that the rest of her body would turn me on as much as her boobs and her lips turned me on. After all, I had spent a couple hours staring intently at the rest of her body so I already knew what it looked like, and I already knew that her body turned me on like no other body I had seen.

After a moment of gazing into each other's eyes, she turned back to the bottles and asked what I wanted to drink. I made it simple, asking for a spiced rum and Coke. She made two of them in large glasses and turned to me.

"Should we sit down?" and gestured toward the couch in the family room. I nodded, not sure I could control my breath enough to speak. We walked to few feet into the main room and sat down on the couch, all the while both of us very conscious that she had not fixed her blouse and covered herself. And she made it obvious that was her choice when she leaned back in the couch and subtly pushed her breasts forward, almost in invitation.

"Did you want anything other than this drink?" she asked slyly. I felt like a teenager in love, and didn't know what to say.

"Kelsey, the cool air outside makes me want to enjoy my hot tub. Would you care to join me?"

I waited, unsure how she would respond.

"Todd, this will change things a little between us. Are you sure this is what you want?" There was a look of uncertainty in her eyes as she looked at me.

Carefully, slowly, I reconsidered what I had already considered a dozen times before asking her. A little? "Yes, I am sure this is what I want," my voice sounding quite firm.

"Well, I don't have a swim suit with me," she grinned.

"I knew that," I grinned back.

"I don't know... I am really shy, you know." Her grin got a little wider.

"Yes, and I love that about you." My grin couldn't stretch any more.

Kelsey looked at me for a few seconds, her expression retreating to something inscrutable. Then she slowly stood up and unbuttoned the rest of her buttons and let the blouse fall to the floor. She removed her belt, and then unbuttoned and slid her slacks to her ankles. "Little help..." was all she said, and I immediately dropped to my knees to help her remove her shoes so she could step out of her slacks. She turned to face me, wearing only a tiny pair of panties that seemed to be mostly invisible lace. I could clearly see her closely trimmed bush and her fully swelled pussy lips. I couldn't help staring, and my mouth was open as if I was in a stupor.

"Am I going in alone?" Her eyes held the question for several seconds, then I finally snapped out of it. I stripped in record time. I paused at my shorts, then stuck both thumbs into the waistband and pulled them down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I stood to face her with my cock at half mast. Silently, I looked at her panties and then back to her eyes. She quietly peeled her panties to her ankles and then stepped out of them, matching my actions.

I paused to marvel. Before me stood one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. True, hers was no twenty-something body. But it was trim and slender, with a firm tummy and flared hips. Her ass was tight and her legs showed her devotion to jogging. This, I thought, was a woman to treasure.

My thoughts must have shown on my face because she smiled with embarrassment and looked at the floor again.

"No," I spoke quietly. "Never feel sheepish or reluctant around me. Yours is the most beautiful and sexy body I have ever seen. I desire you so much." I stopped before I said too much, but my heart clearly wanted to go on. Instead of continuing, I stepped forward and placed my arms gently around her. The urgency of ten minutes ago was gone, replaced by a strong desire to just be near her, wrapped around her, holding her.

We stood that way, silent, for a few moments, and then I turned and led her to my hot tub.

We stepped into the tub, sank up to our chins in the hot water, and both of us gave a sigh. I kept the tub at about 101 degrees, and it was a nice contrast to the cool 72 degrees of the evening air. We settled into the preformed seats and relaxed in the heated water. Several minutes went by as we both looked at the stars and the quarter moon above us. This is about as romantic as you can get, I sighed to myself. Then I felt her hand close around my cock. Immediately my cock responded, getting longer and harder. And she obviously noticed it.

"Ooh, that feels great. Somebody likes me." Her words were almost dreamy.

"Somebody more than likes you, sweet lady," I responded, and then regretted the implications of my words. We sat in silence for a few more minutes. Then Kelsey's hand began to slowly and gently stroke me.

"Is this allowed in your hot tub?" Her question was soft and tentative and intimate.

"Only if you want me to get really turned on," I quietly moaned quietly into her ear.

"So, what are you like when you are really turned on?"

"I am not sure what you mean, Kelsy."

"Well, I have seen you when you are really excited, and my lips are still bruised from that. I was just wondering what else might get bruised when you get really turned on." I could hear a smile in her voice.

"Oh, , well, we will just have to see." My smile matched hers, and I gently kissed her ear as I spoke, nuzzling my face into her soft hair.

We sat in silence for a few more minutes, and then her slow strokes increased a little in tempo. I reached down and slid my fingers down her flat stomach and through her pubic hair. She moaned, and I went lower. Her vaginal lips were clearly engorged, and she was so slick that my middle finger easily slipped inside. I was greeted with the hottest and wettest pussy I had ever felt.

"Damn, someone is excited to be here!" My comment was underscored by a soft moan. She settled a little lower in her preformed fiberglass seat, opening her legs for me. It was my turn to moan, indicating my excitement at touching her for the first time.

"Yes, she is," she said quietly as she moaned again.

It took only a minute for her to respond to my touch. After constantly moaning her pleasure, she quickly stood up and turned around, sitting in my lap while facing me. My cock sat at full attention, poking up between her legs and nestled between her slick pussy lips. She slowly rocked back and forth, stroking my hard cock with her pussy lips instead of her hand. This was my absolute favorite activity, even eclipsing actual penetration. Feeling her wet lips caressing my dick was going to take me over the edge quickly, and I told her so.

"Well, we are just going to have to move gently. We wouldn't want to waste your first load in the water, would we?" First load? Her words excited me more than I thought was possible.

But in spite of her words, she accelerated her movements, taking me to the absolute edge of orgasm. Then she stopped moving and gently kissed me. Our tongues danced for a few minutes.

"I need more." Her simple statement was followed by standing up and turning away from me. Her hands rested on the side of the hot tub, and she turned her head to look at me in clear invitation. Her swollen pussy lips beckoned me, and I stood up behind her.

My cock seemed to aim itself, and I pushed forward. As I entered her, the moan she uttered was no longer quiet. Not quite a shout, she was loud enough to attract the neighbors' attention, but I didn't care. I shoved my dick as deeply as it would go, only coming to a stop when it encountered her cervix. I pulled back and then pressed all the way in again.

"Don't tease me, Todd. FUCK ME!" She almost shouted the words, and I got busy. I enjoyed pounding her for several minutes until I felt her body shudder. The noises she made were not words/ nor were they quiet. The sensation of her pussy squeezing my cock was awesome and indescribable. I responded to her orgasm with my own orgasm. I came and came, filling her pussy with my cum until it spilled out of her and into my hot tub. I was sure I came more than I had ever cum before. I kept pounding her until I felt her spasms diminish, and then I pulled out. Spent, I sat down hard in my seat. She sat down next to me, but a little more gently.

"Oh, honey, that was incredible. I came harder than I have ever come before. And I can't believe how much cum you shot into me. I felt every jet as it left your cock. I am afraid that we might have polluted your hot tub.

I grinned and commented, "That is what the pump and filter system is for." I pulled her to me and held her for several minutes. We sat silently as we watched the stars and the half moon in the black sky.

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