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Housemates Play


You have been in Brisbane a few weeks. Everything is working out well, your housemates are relatively ok, and, and so far everyone is doing their share of cooking and housework. It is the weekend and it is only you and the older guy there, your two friends have returned home for a party. You want to get some extra studying done so you stay behind. Waking up on Saturday morning, however, you find yourself a little horny and having the house so quiet, and with his room all the way up the other end, it might be an opportunity to release some sexual frustration. The walls are quite thin in the house so you have barely masturbated since moving down and now you ache for a good hard orgasm. You feel your nipples stiffen at the thought as you open up your laptop to look for a little online help.

Then your bladder calls and you jump out of bed reluctantly and head to the bathroom. Without thinking you push open the door, and there he is, naked, his eyes closed, his hand on his big thick cock, which must be at least eight inches long and thick, he is grunting as he wanks over the basin. His torso is bare and his six pack and broad chest are evident, as he strokes it the muscles of his arms contract, and you can see he works out, without being overly muscly. Quickly you come to your senses and back out of the bathroom, but as you do you turn and bump into the wall, and you hear him stop, and you can feel his eyes on you.

"Shit, Clair...." he says, but you are already moving quickly back to your room.

You sit on the edge of your bed in silence. Your cheeks flush with embarrassment, but you feel your panties are damp, and your nipples are stiff with excitement. He seems like a nice guy and you do have some kind of attraction to him. What to do now? You are busting for the toilet now, so you wait a good 20 minutes and return to the bathroom, you knock gently and push the door open again, a flutter in your heart, but he is not there, and you quickly relieve yourself.

Back in your room you try to study, but your mind keeps going back to his body and cock, and his hot grunting noises. You listen to see if he is moving around the house, but nothing. In the afternoon you leave your room and find the house empty. You bite your lower lip and you sneak into his room. As you are looking around you notice just under his bed, a set of handcuffs, and some leather straps. You are more than curious.

Just as you pick up the soft leather restraints he walks into the room.

"Claire? What are you doing? I can explain that..." he trails off.

You are still in your panties and open shirt with only a couple of buttons done up and you have been caught, but you sense he is more embarrassed than you are. You decide to take advantage of this situation.

"What were you doing in the bathroom this morning?" you ask confidently, walking toward him with the leather straps and hand cuffs. "Were you being bad? Why do you have these things in your room?" He starts to answer but you cut him off as he stammers "How do these work," you ask holding the straps up and when he does not answer you tell him to get on the bed. He moves slowly over to the bed and you push him in the chest until he is laid out on his back. You straddle his chest.

"Clair, please" he stammers, but you are in control,

"What's wrong? Is it normally you in charge of these," you ask mockingly. He is muscly and strong but you feel you have all the power now as you tie the restraint to one wrist then thread it through his bed head and tie up his other wrist.

"Did you cum this morning in the sink you dirty boy?" you lean in and kiss him on the lips ever so softly. You push his t shirt up his body and begin nibbling on his erect perfect nipples, your breasts, without a bra on brush against his abdomen and you know he can see down your open shirt. You slowly grind your pussy against his firm thigh. Your long hair fans out over his body as you kiss your way down his chest. You pull his shorts away from him, then his underwear. He looks slightly embarrassed by his big fat erection before you, the tip of his cock covered in pre cum. You slap his cock with the back of your hand, and grip his shaft hard, feeling his firmness, but also inflicting some pain. "Do you hurt the girls when you tie them up," you ask playfully. You cup his balls and squeeze, and he throws his head back, not sure if that is pleasure or pain. You stand. "I'll be right back big boy." You purr and head to your room for some supplies.

You return with a candle and a lighter, your short leather whip and some lube. First you light the candle, as the wax drips off it you move the candle over his body, the hot wax spills on his chest and flat abdomen,

"Agghhh" he calls out but you know the wax quickly cools and will leave no lasting damage. You blow out the candle, and straddle him. You rub your pussy along his cock which is resting erect against his belly. You teasingly remove your shirt and your amazing breasts spill free. You play with them in front of him and use his cock as a sex toy, grinding it against your hungry clit. You feel yourself nearing orgasm but you want to play some more so you move off him, taking the lube you drip it over the candle, you spread his legs and rub the end of the candle against his tight asshole. He squirms to begin with but sensing that he may enjoy it he relaxes and the one inch thick candle enters his ass as he moans. You move it back and forth and then leave it resting there inside him.

Next you take up your little whip, you trace it down his hot hard body, then flick it across his cock, and his balls, and his thighs, and he is squirming as red welts develop on his body. He has suffered enough and your pussy is literally dripping juices. You have fantasised about this and you are still so horny from the events of the morning. You climb on top of him, squatting over his face, you feel his tongue licking and lapping at you. He is good, he hits a spot on your clit, and you moan and he hits it again and again building a perfect rhythm. You lean back and slowly wank his cock and rub your pussy in his face. You move away from his face and lean in and kiss him hard on his lips so you can taste yourself. You release his shackles and hold his cock and mount him. He plays with your breasts and pinches your nipples gently as you bite his neck and push down on his cock. He is big, and hard and you forget all about him and just seek your own pleasure, and you ride him and fuck him and grind your clit on his pubic bone, and you cum hard. He flips you over and holds you on the edge of the bed and from behind he fucks you fully and so satisfying until he blows a big load of cum on your back. You collapse on the bed, and he collapses next to you. You smile and giggle at the mutual knowledge that you both got off on that.

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