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“Do you have the Hotel number, the Emergency number, and the Security system office number?”

“Check, check and check, Mrs. Spector.”

She turned and handed me the keys to the house. “The refrigerator is well-stocked, so you can heat up or cook whatever you wish. But whatever you use, you clean it and put it away. Leave everything as it looks right now, and absolutely…”

“No overnight guests; visitors only.” I repeated the words with her. (Hell, she’d only told me five times since I got here!) “Yes Mrs. Spector, I completely understand. Your house will be in good hands this weekend.”

“Just so my wife understands that we’ll be late for our flight if we don’t leave right now! Ready, darling?” Dr. Spector called from the front door, loaded down with tote bags and matching Pullman suitcases.

“In a minute, dear,” she said brightly, then turned to me with a colder look in her eyes. “You’re a very smart girl, Samantha, but it’s not good to be too smart. Now, just follow the house rules, and I’ll make certain my neighbors enlist your services. A young college girl like yourself deserves every chance at success. You’d go further with me as a friend, rather than an enemy. I do hope you “completely understand” that.”

What the fuck was that about?! Could I help it if her old man had a taste for chocolate?

Fighting back every urge to cut her off at the knees, I gritted my teeth hard and nodded my head. Man, I hated doing that! But judging by that stern glare Mrs. Spector gave me, I realized that even though her husband gave me the job, I’d have to go through her to keep it. Finally, they were ready, and at 5:30pm exactly, they pulled out of the driveway and headed to the airport. One of the biggest three day weekends of the semester, and there I was on my very first job as a house-sitter.

My mother always said one never truly respects anything until they have to get off their ass and work for it. For this reason, since my freshman year, whatever hours I had during the summer and in between classes, I was working to make sure I had some extra money to get my school supplies and a little bit of college student fun with my friends. The tasks set before me had ranged from easy (dormitory front desk-watch) to downright disgusting (bussing cafeteria trays)! Fortunately, in my junior year, my luck changed for the better. An ill timed headache got me an appointment with our campus doctor, and a well-placed smile and glance of my big brown lovelies got me a job for Columbus Day weekend. (I never trade on my looks, but I had enough firm and tasty curves to be considered a hot piece. Guess the doc really liked what he saw!)

Since they were leaving Thursday evening and would return on Tuesday, I would have the run of the place for four days! And boy, did they ever have a place! It had a duplex setting with a huge picture window in the living room, plush carpet everywhere, a downstairs rec room with a big-screen tv, full bar and a backyard pool. We’re talking heaven on earth, here! And for the weekend, it would be all mine!

Thursday afternoon, I flew out of my last class for the day. The docs were heading out of town that night and needed to go over the house rules once more. It was a short drive from campus, which meant it was still way too far to walk, so I asked my guy-friend Glenn if he could give me a ride over. His face curled into a wicked grin, but whatever wiseass crack he was thinking of, mercifully, he kept it to himself. We reached the house at 4:30pm, and for some reason, he gave me a delicious kiss on the mouth. “For later”, he said.

“For what? You know I have to work…”

“You’ll see. It’s a surprise.” Then he winked and blew me a kiss as he drove off. Doctor Spencer helped me with my duffel and gave me a big smile as I came inside. But his wife gave me a high-nose once-over like a Queen bee inspecting one of the workers. Man, it was a good thing I wore my shorts and tank top hidden underneath my long-sleeve blouse and ankle-length skirt! I knew once they left, I could walk around the house any way I wanted, and this weekend, I fully intended to wear as little clothing as possible!

As soon as they left, I ran downstairs, kicked off my shoes and wiggled my toes in the lush carpet. Instantly I felt better and bolder, so I went to the bar and poured myself a shot glass of Stoli Vodka. It burned my throat as I downed it in one gulp, but slowly, the warming sensation spread all over my body. Taking a deep breath, I let loose with a howl of joy, threw off my blouse and skirt and began to do cartwheels all over the den.

Suddenly, my joyful stupor was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Hmph! It figures. All those brains between them, and they still forgot something.” Throwing my skirt and blouse back on, I went to answer the door. But instead of the docs, my guy-friend, Glenn, whizzed past me and slammed the door shut.

“Whew! About time! I thought they’d never leave! How many more house rules did they give you, anyway?”

“Glenn!” I shouted, “What are you doing here?!”

“That’s okay, you don’t have to thank me. You didn’t think I’d leave you all alone this weekend, did you?” Before I could stop him, Glenn bounded upstairs and gave the whole first level of the house a complete going-over. “Hmm, let’s see now…living room, bedrooms, kitchen, backyard pool…” He stopped to give me another kiss and smacked his lips. “And judging from the taste of your lip gloss, fully stocked bar! Am I right? Tell me I’m right!” he shouted, lifting me into the air and swinging me around in his arms.

“Glenn, you crazy thing! Put me down! What are you doing?”

“I thought I was helping you enjoy your weekend. Now point me to the stereo, and let’s get this party jumping!” He leaned in to kiss me again, but I dodged him this time and made him put me back on my feet.

“Now wait a minute, blonde boy! You know I can’t have anyone else stay here! I’m not allowed to have…”

“…”No overnight guests, only visitors”. Yeah, yeah, so you told me half a dozen times already! Come on, Bru! (short for brunette, his own special nickname for me)I’m a visitor, and I just want to visit my friend. Fair enough?” So that’s what that grin meant earlier. Once I told Glenn about this place, fantasies galore must have danced through his head! But if he stayed, I stood a good chance of ruining a really sweet setup, not to mention I’d be in more trouble before he would! Still, I was allowed a guest, and I really missed those sparkling blue eyes and devious smile of his. So I promised myself to stick with the rules and make sure he didn’t stay too long.

Four apple martinis later, Beyonce & Jay-Z blared from one end of the den while Glenn and I shook our totally bombed asses on the other end. My skirt and blouse were now crumpled up on the sofa. Meantime, Glenn had removed his shoes and opened up his button-down shirt revealing four cans of a pretty impressive six-pack! With less clothing restraining us, we bounced all around the room, kissing and laughing, and giving each other lap-dances. We were having so much fun, it was hours before I realized the den lights were glowing more than usual, which meant it must’ve been real dark outside.

“You know it’s way past time you got your ass home,” I slurred.

“Yeah, time to go to bed, all right,” and he peeled off his shirt.

“Hey! You can’t do that here!”

“Well, what do you want me to do? You don’t want me driving drunk, do you? “

“You can’t stay here.” I said firmly, trying to forget how hot he looked.

“Tell you what. Show me those beautiful tits of yours, and I’ll go home.”


“Just one for the road, you little sexy. Toss your top for me, and I’ll get going.”

I must have been really juiced by then, because that actually sounded like a fair deal. “You promise?”

“Scout’s honor,” he said with a mock salute. Sighing, I reached underneath my top, unhooked my bra and drew it out through the sleeves. Still tipsy, I began to touch myself through the shirt front, thoroughly welcoming the feeling of my unrestrained breasts bouncing free under my palms.

“Enjoying yourself?” I heard Glenn sneer, realizing at once I’d forgotten he was in the room.

“Actually, yes. I am.” I said proudly, making him snicker. “Take that back, buster, or the deal’s off!”

My threat worked; now I had his full attention. Hesitating for just a moment, I curled my fingers around the hem of my shirt, and pulled it right up to my chin. Once my breasts and belly were fully exposed, I could feel my nipples harden with the sudden exposure to the night air. “There,” I said, “Now you keep your promise.”

“Oh, you bet I will, baby!” Suddenly, he lunged for me, grabbing me around the waist and gulping one of my nipples into his mouth.

“Glenn, what are you doing?!” I shrieked.

“What am I doing?” he mumbled before releasing my nipple. “Bru, do you know how long I’ve dreamed about getting your fine ass all to myself?”

“Damn it! You promised if I showed you my tits, you’d go home!”

“Oh no! I promised you I’d get going, and I intend to keep my promise!”

“You’ll have to catch me first! “ I pulled off my shirt completely, threw it at him and ran for the stairs. But he was hot on my heels, and by the time I’d reached the second landing, he’d grabbed me around my waist again from behind. This time, he’d managed to get my wrists behind my back in a firm grip while his other hand roamed all over my breasts, lifting them so he could cover them with bites and kisses. Knowing this was my weakness, and feeling as good as I was, I soon realized that no way were we going to leave this house without a good and proper fucking. Besides, I sure didn’t want to let all those rooms go to waste following the damn rules all weekend!

Smiling to myself, I began to enjoy the movements of his hand across my body. He must have realized this, and he released my hands to zero in on the zipper to my shorts. As he pulled the zipper down, his hot tongue pressed against my ear while his hands slid across my hips and belly. Still amazed at how wonderful I felt, I heard myself sigh as his fingers came to rest on my waist. “Still want me to get going?” he whispered.

“No…” I moaned, ”I want you to keep going…and don’t you dare stop.”

“Mmmm, yeah! That’s my girl!” Quickly, he pushed his hands down the sides of my shorts, yanking them down to the floor, along with my panties.

“Yes!” I cried aloud, not just from finally being buck naked in this marvelous house, but being buck naked in the arms of my handsome, hard and horny friend! Who would have thought that this would be the weekend my blonde-boy would be under my spell? Wasting no time, I turned around and kissed him hard. In a flash, I unzipped his jeans, rammed my palms down to his ass cheeks and gave them a squeeze. When I felt his cock twitch and pulse against my oh-so-ready pussy, I slid my hands around his body until one hand was cupping his balls while the other massaged and stroked his cock as it lengthened and grew further down his leg. I heard him moan “Ohhh, that’s so good!” Suddenly, he kissed me again and muttered “Oh shit! Wait, please!” Then he pulled away to take off his jeans completely.

“Wait up now. You said I was the one who had to get going, remember?” he said breathlessly, throwing his jeans to the side.

“Okay, so what am I supposed to do?”

“Well, you have the easy part. All you have to do…is keep coming.” I watched him as he sat down on the stair I was standing on. His face was perfectly in line with my dripping cunt and the next thing I knew, his hands were on my ass, and his face was right in front of my warm muff, lapping away at my clit and slit. There I was, unable to go forward or backward. All I could do was stand there absorbing and enjoying every sensation of his lips, his tongue, sucking me, licking me all over…

The first wave caught me by surprise, but then the vibrations pushed me right over the edge and I found myself screaming and gasping “Oh shit!” over and over. It felt that incredible! I grabbed the stair railing, and Glenn held on to me so I wouldn’t fall. As the last tremors from my first orgasm with my blonde boy-toy finally faded, my head drooped and I was greeted with the sight of Glenn’s face, still between my legs, wearing a big smile.

“I believe I’ve kept my promise.” He grinned.

Catching my breath, I asked, “So what happens now? I’ll get going and you keep coming?”

“Good idea!” Turning me around, he held my arms, then bent at the waist, taking me with him as our hands both fell on the top stair. Then he pulled himself up with the banister leaving me with my hands on the stair and my ass high in the air! I barely had time to register what was happening when suddenly I felt his fingers on my warm, wet pussy again, then his tongue, then…holy shit! My anus was getting wet! But how?! Was it his fingers or his tongue? Since he was making me feel so damn good, did I really want to know?

“Oooh, you shit!” I moaned. “You little freak! What are you doing to me?”

I tried to match the sensations to tell what was where, but soon, his fingers came to surround my clit, and then, I felt his hard cock press against my hot opening and with one strong push, he’d thrust himself all the way inside me.

I groaned deeply as my pussy stretched to receive his long, hard cock. I could tell right away he’d been circumcised, but what he lacked in thickness, he more than made up for it in length! In my ear, he whispered, “Move with me.” Then he bent his left knee and held me as I did the same. It’s a good thing I like his horny ass! I thought to myself. Now, not only did we have more leverage; with my ass where it was, my back arched, and his cock right on target, I was completely at his mercy as he thrust deeper and deeper inside me. I couldn’t move anywhere except with the motions of his hips. Each dip and roll had me on the verge of either moaning from terror or gasping with pleasure. His shaft seemed to rub against every inch of my tight opening, teasing me one moment, and tearing into me the next. I wished I had something to grab onto. The carpet was plush, but not enough for a tight grip. All it did was scratch at my already overripe nipples the more Glenn pushed into me. His hands clutched at my hips, throwing them onto his penis, making my poor little clit bang into his sac again and again.

“Ah Glenn! Oh fuck, that is good! That is so good! Aaahhh, shit, yes! YES!” Screaming as I came, I buried my face in the carpet on the top stair. As my pussy gushed and shuddered, I could feel Glenn’s cock tense and gush inside me. His fingers dug into my sides, then flattened against my skin as his own orgasm roared through his body. “Sami! Oooohh FUCK! Sami…ooohhh yeah, Sami, yeah….” I heard him sigh as he slid his arm underneath me, and slowly, walked us up the stairs. As we collapsed, I felt moisture on my thigh and wondered if the cum stains would show on the carpet. Giggling for a moment, I looked up and saw the streetlights were on down the street.

“Hey, the lights are on.”

“Hmmm, so they are. Want to go see them?”

“Go outside?’

“No. I mean, go to the window.”

“We can’t. We’re naked!”

“We sure are, aren’t we? Come on, Sam! This neighborhood’s deader than Elvis! Besides, where else can we get this naked in front of a window this big?”

“I know another place where we can get naked…” I said in a sultry voice while licking my way down his chest. “Why don’t you just lie back and let me show you?”

To Be Continued…

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