tagIncest/TabooHousesitting Ch. 10

Housesitting Ch. 10


Henry found Kirstin sitting on the edge of their parents' bed. "What are you doing in here?" he asked.

"Getting ready to fulfill a fantasy." Kirstin bounced on the bed. "It's a water bed. I've been fucked a lot, but never on a water bed. And look up." She pointed to the mirror mounted on the ceiling. "I think my mom and your dad are kinkier than we ever realized."

"Could be, but I'd rather not speculate on our parents' sex lives."

"Well, we know they have sex, but I guess you're right." Kirstin stood and shimmied out of her shorts. "So what do you think? Going to fuck me here, or what?"

"It's our parents' bed."

"That's the point. It's exciting to think about what might happen if we got caught, isn't it?" She lay down, spread-eagled. "Come on, big brother, this is your last chance to taste my pussy in this house, at least until our parents decide to have another weekend away."

Henry couldn't resist. He bent and licked her slit, enjoying the moans he brought from her. Kirstin squirmed as he tongue-fucked her opening. "Damn, Henry, why didn't you do that to me before?"

"A man has to keep some secrets."

He sucked her clit into his mouth. "Fuck, Henry!" Kirstin cried.

Eating pussy was something Henry had always loved, and he flattered himself that he was good at it. From his stepsister's reaction, he was right about his assessment of his abilities. She had one of the sweetest pussies he'd ever eaten, and he prolonged it, bringing her to the edge several times before he finally let her cum.

"Fuck, yes!" Kirstin shouted. "Oh, my god, Henry, that's the hardest I've cum yet! We're definitely going to keep doing this after this weekend. There's no way I can give up someone who eats me that well."

"Of course we're going to keep doing it," Henry said. "We'll just have to find somewhere else to do it. Like my apartment."

"I've never even seen your apartment."

"Maybe I'll take you over there tomorrow, if you don't have other plans."

"I was planning to fuck you. We were going to spend the weekend, remember? Just because Mom and your dad are coming home early doesn't mean we have to give up those plans."

"Sounds good to me."

Henry undid his jeans and took out his cock, then pulled his sister by her ankles to the edge of the bed and put her legs on his shoulders. Leaning forward, he thrust the full length of his cock into her pussy. "Fuck, that feels good!" Kirstin said. "I'm so fucking glad you caught me with that dildo last night!"

"So am I. I never would have found out how tight your cunt is otherwise." He slammed into her a few times. "Do you like that?"

"Hell, yeah!"

He fucked her harder, until both of them were sweating and moaning. "Oh, my god, that looks so fucking hot!" Kirstin exclaimed. She looked at the mirror on the ceiling. "I can see your cock sliding in and out of me, Henry. It's fucking unbelievable!"

"Glad you like the view." Henry looked down at where their bodies were joined. "Looks pretty damn hot from this angle, too."

"You're my new favorite fuck buddy," Kirstin said.

"Uh huh." Henry pounded into her. "You're my only fuck buddy."

"Really? Do you mind if I keep fucking other people?"

"You're my stepsister, not my girlfriend. I don't care what you do. In fact, it kind of turns me on to hear about it."

"Good, because it turns me on to talk about it. Like it's going to turn me on to talk about that big, thick cock of yours fucking my tight little pussy."

"Mmm, keep talking."

"Keep fucking!"

Henry did, thrusting in and out of her until both of them came at almost the same moment. Then he collapsed beside her. "How much time do we have till they get back?"

Kirstin checked the clock on the nightstand. "Only a couple hours. Long enough for you to fuck my ass again. I know you liked that."

"Yes, I did. Go get your plug and your lube."

Kirstin jumped off the bed, but hadn't made it out of the room yet when they heard the front door. "Hello, is anyone here?" Henry's father called.

"Fuck, they must have made good time getting back!" Kirstin said.

"Quick, get to your room and get dressed," Henry told her. "I'll keep them occupied."

He fastened his jeans and headed to the front door while Kirstin gathered her clothes and scurried to her room. In the front hall, Henry's father and Kirstin's mother stood next to a suitcase. "Looks kind of messy around here," Kirstin's mother said. "You didn't have any parties, did you?"

"Please," Henry said. "When do I have time to party? Kirstin's been here, and she had a couple friends over to do some homework for one of her college classes." Of course the house was a mess; he and Kirstin had been too busy fucking to clean.

"Kirstin was here all weekend?" his father said. "That's rare."

"I decided to spend some time getting to know my big brother." Kirstin entered the hallway. "Welcome home. Sorry about the mess; we'll clean up."

"No problem," her mother said.

"So wait, you guys actually spent time together?" Henry's father said. "And you got along?"

"We got along very, very well," Kirstin said.

"Glad to hear it," her mother said. "I'm going to bed; I'm really not feeling well. Henry, thank you for taking care of things around here."

"You're welcome." Henry just hoped she never found out just what he'd taken care of.

"Speaking of taking care, I'll come tuck you in," Henry's father said. He followed his wife down the hall to the master bedroom.

Henry and Kirstin looked at each other. "Ew, that's disgusting!" Kirstin said.

"Guess parents have sex too." Henry opened the door. "I'd better get going. Give me a call tomorrow when you're ready to come over."

Kirstin put her arms around him and gave him a passionate, tongue-filled kiss. "I'll definitely be ready to cum," she said, "See you then."

"Tease." Henry walked out the door to his car. Before he got in, he looked back at the door. Kirstin stood there, in plain sight, with her shirt up and her bare tits showing for anyone to see. Henry shook his head and got into his car. He'd pay her back for that the next day.

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