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Housewife Hoe


"This floor is fucking filthy!!"

My nose is being rubbed in it. Literally.

Holding my hair tightly, Matthew - my husband - is showing me how useless I am. I cleaned the floor earlier this morning, but my two boys - Luke, who is 19 and Mark, who is 20 - came back from football and dragged mud all over it again. When Matthew saw it, he slapped me accross the face, knocking me to the floor. Now he is teaching me a lesson.

"Why won't you learn?" he yells at me. "You know what the rules are! Now, you get this fucking mess cleaned up, or else you're gonna end up with a lot more than a stinging face. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," I whimper. "I promise. The floor will be clean, and dinner ready by the time you and the boys get home tonight."

Matthew grunts and releases me. As quickly as I can, I scamper to collect the bucket and scrubbing brush. I get down on my hands and knees and start scrubbing the floor. If it's not sparkling clean, my husband will beat me. The hard floor hurts my knees, and my arms quickly become sore and tired from the hard work. The cleaning chemicals make me woozy because my head is down so close to the dirty floor.

Mark, my eldest son, enters the room and stands over me. He has something in his hand. My heart sinks when I realise what it is. I tense up, knowing what is coming.

"Hey dad, mom's not wearing her collar!"

"So put it on her, dumb-ass!"

Mark grabs me by my hair and pulls me up, onto my knees. He holds the collar under my nose.

"Dopey slut! What's this?" he booms, inches from my ear.

"It's, uh... It's my collar," I answer nervously.

"And why the fuck aren't you wearing it?" he demands.

"I'm so sorry, I forgot! Your father made me clean the floor when I got up this morning, and I forgot to put it on. I'm sorry, Mark!"

I try hard not to cry. He slaps me, and fastens my collar around my neck. "You know you're just a dirty bitch."

I guiltily nod in agreement. He stands, and I go back to scrubbing.

"We're leaving," father announces. The boys file past me towards the door. Mark pretends to "accidentally" knock my bucket over with his foot. Soapy water spills all over me and across the floor I just cleaned.

"Oh, whoops! Gee, sorry mom," he says sarcastically, without looking at me. His brother laughs at him as they walk out the door. My husband smirks.

"When that little slut daughter of yours gets back from work, you make sure she cleans herself up for us, before we get home. You too. I don't want to come back, and find you looking like you do now."

"Yes sir," I answer obediently as the door slams shut, leaving me all alone.

I spend the next several hours cleaning the house from head to toe. It will be filthy again by tomorrow, but the rules are the rules. My husband will be furious if anything isn't done. Really, I should be grateful. I am lucky to have him. Such a dirty, stupid slut like me would never be of any use to anyone in the real world. I know my place.

Finally, Tracey gets back from work. Tracey is my daughter. She turned eighteen just two months ago. I greet her at the door. She looks very pretty in her tight mini skirt, midriffe and high-heels.

"How much did you make today, sweetheart?"

"Only three hundred," she laments, taking the money out of her handbag.

"Only six tricks today? Did you stick your chest and your ass out like I showed you?"

"Yes, mommy. Business was just a little slow today, thats all."

"Okay, dear. Well, you give the money to me, and go get yourself cleaned up. You know how daddy hates to find sperm in your pussy that isn't his. Is it very messy today?"

"Yeah," my teenage daughter answers, lifting up her skirt to show me the sticky, wet crotch of her panties. "I didn't get enough time to scoop it out between the last three jobs. They were friends, and they took me one after the other. They said they didn't care. After the last guy finished, I had to rush to catch my bus."

"Thank heavens daddy had your tubes tied. Can you imagine how angry he would be if you ever got pregnant?"

"I got cum on the bus seat, too, and the driver told me off. He made me give him a blowjob."

"For free? Oh no, dear, don't tell daddy or he'll have a fit."

"I'm sorry, I didn't have any choice. He said he'd have to pay to get it cleaned."

"Nevermind. Just go and get ready. I have to start dinner."

I count the money and put it in my apron pocket. Tracey goes to the shower.

After a little while, Tracey comes into the kitchen wearing white high-heels, stockings, garter belt, split-crotch panties and a flimsy, lacy bra. Her blond hair is brushed, and up in pig tails. Her make-up makes her look like a little girl.

"Do I look okay?" she asks apprehensively.

"Lovely, darling. Did you clean out your vagina and your asshole? Come over here."

I have to make sure she's done a good job. I kneel down in front of her and stick my finger up into her vagina, take it out, look at it, smell it and taste it. Then I do the same for her ass. They're nice and clean, but some fine, silky hair has begun to come up.

"You better go give it a quick shave. You know how daddy likes his girls nice and bald." My daughter goes back to the bathroom and shaves herself.

"Is this okay, mommy?" she asks when she returns, showing me her pussy.

"Yes dear, much better," I answer, running my fingers over her soft, smooth skin. Now, keep an eye on dinner for me while I go and get ready."

I hurry off to the shower, strip, and step under the hot, rushing water. I scrub and scrub, making sure that I am nice and clean for the men. I take special care to clean inside my pussy and my anus. Once, my son, Luke got shit on his dick after butt-fucking me, and he hit me so hard I cried. Then he made me lick my shit off his penis. I deserved that. Matthew always tells me and Tracey to clean ourselves properly before they use us. We must try harder to please them.

I shave my pussy and go to my room to get dressed. I put on the lingerie and high heels my husband has instructed me to wear, and put my apron back on. Then I sit down at the mirror to put on my make-up and fix my hair. Nice and slutty-looking, just the way Matthew and the boys like it.

The table is set, dinner is ready. Tracey and I have eaten already. We are not permitted to eat at the table with the men. Soon, I hear the car pull up outside. Doors slam and I hear my husband and the boys talking and laughing.

"They're here, Tracey," I tell my daughter, as I go to the door.

Tracey takes her place on the couch in the living room, in clear view of the table in the adjoining dining room where the men will be eating. I get ready to open the door to greet them. I tense up a little. This is always an anxious moment. If anything is not up to Matthew's standards, or if dinner is no good, then there will be trouble. I breifly check my make-up in the hallway mirror, then open the door.

"Hello sir, hello boys," I bow my head respectfully. "Dinner is on the table." I am careful not to look anyone in the eye.

They file past, loudly talking and laughing. They smell of sweat and grime. Matthew quickly looks over the house. Then he and the boys sit down at the table. He smells the food.

"Good girl," he grunts, and smacks my ass.

"Thakyou sir," I reply with the appropriate humility.

The boys wait for father to start eating, and then they tuck in as well, ravenous. I stand at my husband's side as the family eats. I fetch drinks and condiments as they command.

"Where's your daughter's fuck-money?" Matthew demands, between mouthfulls.

"Here sir," I quickly take the money out of my apron and give it to him.

He shuffles the notes, counting as he chews his food. Then he begins to growl; "Three Hundred? Where's the rest? If you're stealing from me, you bitch-"

I suddenly become very nervous. "No! I promise, Matthew, It's all there! You know I would never steal from you!"

Matthew gets up and calmly, menacingly walks towards his teenage girl. He waves the money in her face.

"Whats the matter? Is this all your dirty little ass can pull these days?"

"I'm sorry, daddy! I'm trying my hardest! I promise!" she pleads with him, voice all high and squeaky.

The boys watch in anticipation from the table. Matthew senses his admiring audience, and decides to set a good example for them.

"Well you're just gonna have to try a bit harder, aren't you?" he yells at her, and slaps her hard accross the face. She gasps and tears spring to her eyes.

"Spit on her, dad!" Luke jeers, getting into the spirit of it.

Mark and his brother laugh as their father grips Tracey's face, forcing her mouth open and tilting her head back. He laughs, then loudly snorts a big glob of mucus into his mouth. Then he hocks the disgusting, green lump right down his little girl's throat.

Tracey swallows, and Matthew wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. He unzips his pants and points his limp cock at her.

"Suck my cock, you useless fucking bitch," he orders, grabbing her pig tails and guiding her head into his sweaty crotch.

Tracey uses her tongue to take the cock in her mouth. She knows never to use her hands or to touch him unless instructed to do so. She is a good cocksucker. I've taught her everything I know about how to please men, especially her father, and she gets lots of experience. Quite soon, Matthew's dick is big and long and hard. Seeing my daughter with that big dick in her pretty mouth makes me feel very hot. I feel ashamed, but I breath heavily and I can feel my face and chest blushing. The boys notice.

Mark stands. He takes out his hard dick and starts stroking it. "You look like you could use some cock, momma!"

He has that almost murderous twinkle in his eye. I am afraid of my boys sometimes. They can be very imposing. Mesmerized by his stare, I involutarily take a small step back as he advances on me, not realizing that Luke has crept up behind me. I step backwards into him and give a start. He grips my shoulders firmly.

"On the floor, slut," he commands me. I dutifuly drop to my knees.

Mark rests one hand on my head, and uses the other to guide his prick into my mouth. Meanwhile, Luke has taken his dick out, and is stroking it, as he watches me suck his brother off. Mark's cock slides in and out of my mouth, fucking my face.

Luke unties my apron, and takes it off. Underneath I am wearing a pink bodice and matching lace panties. "Finger yourself," he orders.

Obediently, I stick my hand into panties and start rubbing my clit. I get juicier and juicier, and start dipping my fingers deep into my dripping hole. I am feeling very hot and flushed now. Luke kneels down behind me and reaches his hands around to squeeze my breasts. He roughly kneads then in his strong hands, turning me on even more as he pinches and tweaks my nipples.

I can hear my daughter whimpering and sobbing, and I take a peek at her. With one hand, Matthew is holding her hair very tightly, giving her pain. He is rocking her head back and forth on his big, juicy dick. With the other hand, he is squeezing and slapping her teenage titties. After seeing this, I close my eyes and start really sucking Mark good. I moan and make noises of lusty gratitude. Luke fingers my asshole, and I rock my hips in time.

Luke is getting impatient. He grabs my head and tries to pull it over to his cock. Mark tries to pull me back onto his dick. They are wrestling each other for my mouth. Mark gets angry; "Hey, asshole!! What are you fucking doing?"

"I want to fuck her face!!" Luke argues back.

"Fuck you! She's sucking me! Wait your fucking turn!"

Matthew's voice yells angrily at them from the living room. "Hey!! Cut it out!" The boys stop arguing, and look at their father. "Get the bitch down on all fours and pick a fucking end! Fuck! Do I have to do everything for you?"

Mark huffs, and pushes me down into a doggy position. He kneels down in front of me and shoves his cock back into my mouth. "There. Happy now, asshole?" he asks his brother with exaggerated annoyance.

Luke puts his hands on my butt cheeks and gives them a good squeeze. He pulls the crotch of my panties aside and, starts rubbing his hard cock across my slit. He applies extra pressure when he rubs it over my clit, and I moan into Mark's groin. Now Luke pushes his prick into my hot, sopping cunt, and begins to fuck me.

"You like that, don't you, bitch?" he asks, rhetorically.

"Mmmm, mmmph," I do my best to express my agreement.

Luke starts slapping my ass. "I said, you like that, don't you, you dirty bitch?" he asks louder.

I take my mouth off Mark's dick, a big string of saliva and pre-semen stretching from my lips to his shiny knob.

I wail, "Yes, I love it! I love your cock in my puss-mmph!"

My last words are cut off as Mark pulls my head back down onto his hard-on. His pubic hair really stinks. He hasn't showered all day, and his balls are all sweaty and smelly. The smell stifles my breathing a little, and I cough around his dick, and through my nose.

"What's wrong, mom?" he laughs. "Don't you like how my balls smell? I guess you had better give them a clean, then!"

He takes my head off his prick, and lifts it up, exposing his hairy scrotum to me. I reach out my tongue and lick the smelly, grimey sweat. It tastes salty and foul. I suck one of his testicals into my mouth and suck it like a lolly, sucking all the juices off it. I keep sucking and licking all of his dirty scrotum, down underneath it between his legs, his pubic hair above his cock, everywhere. My mouth tastes all yucky, all filled with dirty scrotum sweat. Mark slides his cock back into my mouth, and I suck it eagerly and diligently.

Soon, Mark starts grunting. He takes his cock out, strokes it, and says, "Ready for some cum, momma?"

"Ooh yes! Give me cum, please!"

"Want this cum in your mouth, momma? You wanna eat this cum?"

"Yes! Yes! I really want it!" I open my mouth and try to wrap my lips around his dick, but Luke grabs my collar, and holds me back.

Mark points his dick at me and strokes it faster. "Here you go, mom. A nice big helping of cum, all for you."

He points his dick downwards, and squirts big, thick wads of hot sperm all over the floor, right in front of me. I desperately try to bend down and lick it up, but Luke is holding my collar too strongly. He fucks my pussy, and I whimper pathetically, looking at that big, yummy puddle of jizz right there under my nose.

"How badly do you want it?" Luke teases.

I strain on my collar and try to stretch my tongue out to reach it, all in vain.

"Really badly!! I really want it! Uhhng," I moan.

"Are you a stupid, dirty little shitbag?"

"Yes! I'm your dirty, filthy, slutty little shit-hole!! Please!"

"I think you need to cum first, don't you?" Luke suggests, and smacks me. He fucks me nice and hard, and his balls bang into my swollen clit with each stroke. "I think you'd better give us a big, gushing orgasm, before we let you eat that jizz. Don't you think so?"

His words are pushing me to a climax. My boys have so much conrtol over me, they can even tell me when to cum. I can't help myself. My hips buck and my knees almost give way beneath me. It swiftly builds up, and them slams me like a brick in the head. Wailing and moaning like a retard, I cum all over Luke's cock and down my thighs. I keep wriggling and squirming for about ten minutes as the orgasm ripples back and forth over my body. Oh god that feels good.

My son releases his grip on my collar, and I immediately plunge my face into Mark's cum, lapping it up like a dog. It gets all over my cheeks and my chin. I lick and lick the floor until it's all clean.

"Oh, thankyou! Mmmm..." I wipe the cum from my face and suck my fingers clean.

Watching me eat sperm off the floor gets Luke really hot. He grunts and ejaculates deep into my drooling cunt. I can feel some of it dripping down my thigh. He takes his dick out of me and stands up.

"Get up," he orders, giving my ass a good smack.

Obediently, I stand. Luke takes me by the arm and leads me to the pantry door, then shoves me up against the hard, flat surface. He pulls my panties down, and makes me step out of them. Then he kicks my legs wide open and pushes down on my back, so that my face and tits are pressed up againts the door, but my ass is sticking out for him. He spits into his hand, and strokes his cock with it, making it all wet and slippery.

I look over towards my daughter. Her daddy has her in his lap now, lifting her knees high and wide, fucking her hard and fast. She moans and gasps. She has told me before, that of all the people she fucks, her daddy has the biggest cock of all. I can vouch for that. Matthew does have a very big dick. Tracey says that no-one can make her cum like her daddy can.

Her face is very red now, and her nipples are rock hard. She sounds like she is getting ready to cum. I watch her getting fucked by her father's big cock, moaning and squealing, and I play with my clit. Mark Is standing in front of them, jerking off. He wants to fuck Tracey, but he knows not to interfere when his father is having her.

"Ooh daddy! Daddy!! Oh, Fuck! Ooohh!!!" She squirms in his lap and orgasms intensely.

I watch, and I masturbate. Luke rubs the head of his prick over my asshole, spitting on it and rubbing it in. Now he puts both hands around my waist, and slowly sinks his throbbing cock into my tight little asshole. I moan and close my eyes as he pushes it all the way in. He fucks my ass, pulling me back onto himself as he pushes into me.

I open my eyes again, and watch Tracey while my son fucks me analy. Matthew has his little girl on all fours, on the floor now, fucking her from behind. Mark tries to move in and put his dick in Tracey's mouth, but his father growls at him, and he backs off. He watches his father fuck his sister, and he masturbates.

Tracey is really lost in it now. Her daddy is really giving her a good pounding, and she is sounding like she is going to cum again. She looks very small and helpless underneath her daddy, especially with that big cock driving in and out of her. Her moans of pleasure sound high and delicate, next to her father's big, loud, deep grunts and growls. He hammers her so hard that she is really being jolted around, and her arms give way. She drops her head to the floor, and her tits press against the ground.

Mark loses it, and creams all over the floor. Tracey is too far gone to even notice, but I see Matthew smirking. I see the cum on the floor and my mouth waters. I would love to go lick it up, but Luke has me pinned. He rams my butthole while i finger myself, dripping pussy-juice on the floor, and eating the cum that Luke squirted in there earlier.

Tracey is cumming again. Just listening to her cum makes me cum too. I moan and pant.

"Ooh fuck!!" I say. "Yeah baby, fuck mommy. Fuck me in my dirty ass!!"

I cum harder than before, gushing my juices all over my clean floor. Luke has his hands on my shoulders now, ramming it home. Watching me cum, and hearing the sounds of Tracey cumming, he shoots another big, hot load of cream into my ass. I can feel it, all warm and gooey in my bowels.

Matthew is still fucking Tracey. Everyone else has cum. Now we all watch, as he gets ready to pump his little daughter full of sperm. I can't help but finger myself while I listen to Tracey moaning and whimpering underneath her father.

"Oh, Ooh!! Uuhhn!! Oh god, please, daddy! No! I can't..."

He ruthlessly fucks her harder and harder. He is really hurting her now, bashing his pelvis against her ass with each mighty thrust.

Slap - Slap - Slap - Slap - Slap!!!!

Unrelenting, as his little girl begins to sob, Matthew grabs her hair and pulls her head back towards him, forcing her up onto her arms again. He smacks her ass over and over, making it go bright red. He holds her head up by her hair with one hand, and stuffs a finger in her mouth with the other, ordering her to suck it. As she obediently sucks his finger, her cries become muffled.

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