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Many people have asked me where it all began, how I came to be where I am today. I have thought and thought and finally come to the conclusion that it is necessary to tell my story for others to learn by and to profit from my experience.

It all began with Meg. She was my first and probably the only one I really cared about, so what I did to her was probably unforgivable, but you be the judge of that, dear reader. We both worked in a company which made and sold medical instruments in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. I was her immediate boss and in charge of her training when she joined the company. She was young and bubbly at the time, married happily (or so it seemed) to John with two young twins, Adrian and Amanda.

I was married (actually still am, and to the same woman) and happily so, with my own two kids. The marriage still had its spark and the sex was satisfying if not good. Over the next year, I taught Meg all about the job and got very close to her. She would come over to our place and was good friends with my wife and nothing ever happened between us. This was the lowest point in her life. Her husband started cheating on her and she just couldn't get the courage to stop him. He started living with another woman while still married to her, because, as he put it, the sex sucked. He wanted more and eventually he walked out. He was forced to pay maintenance for the kids and with her part time job, she scraped by, what with her mortgage and the needs of her growing children.

I started getting closer and closer to her. Initially I did it with the best of intentions, to help her emotionally. One day, I decided, bugger it, I want more out of this and decided to cheat on my wife. From that day, I started making the conversations with Meg more personal and throwing in sexual innuendo. I started asking her about her sex life and her past experiences. Initially she refused but then she started telling me about her first love, a woman, who had seduced her and then dumped her. The second was a man, who was violent and hurt her. She left him pretty soon and then along came John. He had been the nicest sweetest men ever and he was not bad in bed but when she became pregnant for the second time, the sex and love stopped and he went on to another conquest. I told her all sorts of rubbish about how my wife couldn't satisfy me sexually and how I needed more than I was getting. I think she started getting the message but did not want to give me sex.

This went on for a few months while her marriage collapsed I moved in and played the sympathetic co-worker. During this time, I got her a weekend job at a bar as a waitress. John did not want the kids but would keep them whenever he got a chance which was every weekend now. She had them during the week. Finally I decided I had laid the ground well enough and now needed to move in for the kill.

One Sunday, she got home from her job around 6 PM and I was waiting for her at the door. She was surprised but took it in her stride. I had brought along a bottle of red wine into which I had injected by way of syringe some Spanish fly (illegal and very difficult to get). I watched her as she drank as I never did drink and we got to talking small talk. Finally, I realised that, the alcohol and the fly were taking effect as her speech got slurred and she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs.

I told her, "I want to fuck you. No love making, no commitments, no having sex, just fucking, of the animal kind. I will not leave my wife but I want more sex than she can give."

Her eyes appeared glazed over and she slurred her words while she said, "I am not that kind of woman!"

"And I am not that kind of man! But I must simply have you. Your body has enticed me and made me lust for you for a long time. Let me fuck you just the once and you can then decide where to go from there."

With that, I stood up, took her hand and led her to the bedroom. I kissed her deeply while I fondled her tits. Those were her really good features, they were huge, I am guessing maybe a DD or even E size. In a few seconds of kissing, I had managed to slip my hand under her blouse and onto her right breast which I quickly pulled out and began running and squeezing. I then proceeded to lick and suck her nipple while at the same time undoing the buttons of her blouse and the zip of her skirt. There was no resistance as I left her breast to undress her. The clothes, bra and panties were off pretty quick and she did move in the right ways to help.

The tits were huge with dark nipples and areolae and her pussy was shaven. She was a very desirable woman and I quickly had her on the bed on her back, with her legs apart and began attacking her cunt and clit with my tongue. Her moans and groans told me I was on the right path. I gave her orgasm after orgasm before standing up in front of her.

A word of confession here: while my cock is big by most standards I do not last very long during sex. I make up for this by the adept use of fingers, lips and tongue.

I undressed rather quickly, not giving her a chance to think and got my cock out an put it in her hand. Up to that point, she had her eyes closed and was moaning. When she held my cock, she suddenly opened her eyes and said, "Oh my gosh. That thing is huge. Can it fit in me?"

"If you lubricate it with your spit it might, but we will go slowly."

With that, I put it to her mouth and she started sucking on it. Man was she good at sucking cock. She was very adept at the use of her lips and tongue and soon I was groaning and moaning. This went on for a while and I decided enough was enough.

I pulled out of her mouth and stood in front of her. I pulled out a condom from my pants and put it on. Then I started rubbing her pussy with my cock till she was back moaning and groaning. When she started to say, "fuck me now" I put my cock at her entrance and with one quick push showed it all the way in to the balls. I had to put my hand on her mouth to prevent her from screaming and getting the neighbours alarmed.

"You're hurting me! You're too big!" she moaned but I did not listen and began fucking her. For the first time I did not come quickly but managed a long slow and luxurious fuck. From pain, she slowly adjusted to my cock and began enjoying it. She had an orgasm during this period and then I could take it any more. I released all my pent up sperm and got off her.

I spent a little time whispering sweet nothings into her ear and then she got up, got dressed and went to get her dinner ready. I left an envelope containing $500 on her pillow, quickly dressed and left after expressing my thanks, etc. I managed to convince her that she shouldn't tell my wife.

The next day at work, she wouldn't look at me or talk to me except on work matters. I let it go. Just before the day was over, she rang me on the internal phone system saying, "I need to talk to you."

I said, "Anytime."

She came into my office and closed the door. She seemed pretty upset and said, "What was the money for? I am not that kind of person."

"Hey, I never said you were. I know John doesn't give you enough money, you work your fingers to the bone and the kids need stuff. I was just trying to help." This was actually the truth at the time but then times change.

When I said that, she broke down crying and threw herself in my arms. In between sobs she said, "I hated you for that, but I so needed the money for the kids and little things at home. I am not a whore but the money helped. So, in spite of every thing, thank you."

A little devil deep inside me stirred and I said, "There can be more if you want it!"

The look on her face I can not describe. There was some hatred for me but also interest in what I said. "What do you mean?"

I said very frankly, "Well you can turn professional! You know entertain men and get paid for it."

She looked at me with a strange look, got up and left.

For the whole week, we were just work colleagues, nothing more, nothing less. On Friday, just before closing, she came to my office and closed the door behind her. "Would you like to come over to my place for a cup of tea tomorrow. I need to talk."

I said I was flattered that she still considered me a friend and said I would be there.

The next day, I told my wife I needed to talk work with Meg and went over to her house. She was dressed all prim and proper and started off looking very cool and collected. Realizing that the situation was delicate, I did not speak but let her get everything off her chest.

She told me that, she had been offended by my gift of money and devastated by my suggestion she become a whore, but the money was needed and most welcome. For the first time, she did not have to scrimp on getting her kids little luxuries. Long thought and contemplation had brought her to the conclusion that I was right. This was easy money and good money and she would get good sex in return. She had decided to go professional but she did not want to work at a brothel. Could I help her get customers? I told her that I had never done this and I would love to help but she had to do things legally, pay taxes, etc and I got 50% of the takings and a freebie on and off.

She walked off to the bedroom and a few minutes later called out my name. I went in there and she was completely naked. "Let's seal the deal. Fuck me."

I knew I was onto a good thing and said, "I know you suck well and fuck wonderfully but how good are you at anal?"

"Nothing goes into my butt. John tried it once and I refused it forever."

"Well, my love. If you become professional some men want that. Some want double penetration, some want you to swallow and all sorts of things."

"Yuck! I thought it was only straight sex."

I looked her in the eyes and said, "You can back out now or you go all the way!"

After what suspiciously looked like too short a period she said, "What the hell, in for a penny, in for a pound!" (Did I mention she was English?)

So, I moved forward and handled her tits, rubbing her nipples and squeezing the boobs. Then I sucked and licked them to get her in the mood and quickly lay her back on the bed and attacked her pussy with my tongue. In a few seconds, she was wet and pretty soon she came. Her sucking on my cock was paradise but the main prize was the butt-hole which I wanted very much. She was practically a virgin in that area and I wanted to bust her cherry bum. I needed to be slow and easy so I got out some KY jelly, which very coincidentally, I had in my bag and lubricated her butt-hole and my cock. I rubbed the tip of the cock on the opening a few times and told her to relax her anal opening for me. The poor thing she was tense and could not. Tat was it! I could not wait.

I guided my cock to the opening and told her to relax and started to push. She tensed up and tried to push away. I grabbed her hip and pushed straight in. She wanted to scream but I give her credit for just crying in pain but not making a sound. There were real tears running down her cheeks as I began pulling out again. She groaned a sigh of relief which gave way to a muffled cry as I forced my way in again. It took a great deal of resolve for me not to come but I kept on fucking her arse until she finally got it and relaxed allowing me to fuck her properly. Like I said, I am not a man who goes long with my wife but with Meg I managed to go on for a fair amount of time.

All good things came to end and so did I. I came in her arse and pulled out while she lay in bed crying. I held her in my arms and said, "You can still back out."

"No, Goddamnit, I need the money. My kids need the money. Get me customers and I will show them a good time."

The next month was a flurry of activity. I organised a website, created a company, got myself and Meg registered with the tax authorities, and did all the legalities needed to keep it a legitimate business. The toughest part was keeping my wife from finding out. Anyway, everything was soon done and I soon had her customers coming in and paying a fortune to me of which I passed on 50%. I had to organise baby sitting for her when John couldn't have the kids but they were growing quickly and I sort of started making plans for them too.

I realised that I needed some form of insurance, so I kept detailed records of Meg's trysts but that was not enough. One day, I organised for her to meet two 'customers' in a hotel room where I had set up recording cameras and I got lovely streaming videos of that occasion. These two were actually professionals whom I hired for that occasion.

This went on for about a year and then the inevitable happened- she wanted out. I told her flatly that I had too much at stake, the company, my marriage, my kids, etc, etc. And then I showed her the video. She watched in horror as she saw the movie of her sucking a customer's cock, getting fucked in the pussy, the arse and getting double penetrated. I told her that she could quit if she found me others willing to do the job. She thought about it and said that she probably could convince other housewives, soccer mums and bored friends of hers who needed the money to go with me. I told her that the first new woman she got me, I would cut my commission to 40% for Meg alone and then give her 10% of the earnings of each new woman she got working for me.

Soon she introduced Chloe to me. She was a single mother of two little kids whose husband had recently died and she desperately needed money. I 'sampled the wares', so to speak with the two of them, then and there and decided Chloe was good enough. After her came Kirsten and then Madge and soon I had fifteen girls working for me. Meg was earning a lot of money off them and hardly turning tricks any more. During this time her kids were growing too rapidly and I had designs on them.

This was when I really did the dirty on Meg. I introduced her to heroin. She took to it like a duck to water and soon was hooked. In a few months she would have done anything for the H. I started charging her for it and in this way got her back to working for me. She was after all my first. I had a sentimental desire to keep her. All the other girls were tied down due to their needs or my collection of pictures and movies of them, which I threatened and blackmailed them with.

The first thing in my plans was to get rid of John. He still remained in the kids' lives and he had a new family with his new wife. I got his address and one night, very very coincidentally, he and his entire family were murdered in a home invasion gone bad. Through a series of complex legal manoeuvres, involving forged wills, I managed to get everything he owned put in Meg and the children's names. Now came their turn. I waited till the children turned eighteen and Meg was thoroughly hooked. One day I told her that in case she died there was no one to look after the kids, and then convinced her to make me the sole beneficiary of her will and the kids' guardian, till their 25th birthday. Poor Meg! She signed her death sentence with her own hands in a daze induced by a potent combination of alcohol, heroin and ecstasy.

On Adrian and Amanda's eighteenth birthday, I told Meg she had to entertain a special guest in a hotel room and had a fetish for a woman who was masked. I told the kids that I would take Adrian out somewhere special and Amanda could go out to town with her friends. I took Adrian to the hotel room where meg was waiting, masked. Just outside the room, I got him to put on his mask and told him he could fuck the whore inside but he must not say a word. I had organised to watch the whole thing and to have it video-taped in a way that I could not be seen or identified.

That was a night to remember. He walked in and saw a naked, masked woman on the bed, beckoning him. He approached her and she undressed him and fondled his cock, then sucked on it. He was moaning and groaning in ecstasy while she sucked him. Then she pulled off all of his clothes and then lay down with her legs in the air and asked him to eat her out. His inexperience showed and she guided him to suck at her pussy. I could see the shock in his face when he recognised the voice but he did not say a word.

He had a decent sized cock and he did use it well when she guided him into her pussy. Watching the son fuck his mother and taping it was one of the most erotic scenes of my life. I was visibly aroused but I let it happen and enjoyed every moment of it.

When it was over, I left but made sure a copy of the tape was at the scene.

The most terrible thing happened then and I can swear I had nothing to do with it. Mother and son must have seen what they had done and felt so ashamed they killed themselves with an overdose of pure heroin. The police called it a double suicide and left it at that.

I was now left as the sole heir of all of Meg's fortune and Amanda's guardian. I proceeded to introduce her to heroin to dull the pain of losing her family. It took only two weeks to get her hooked and then I decided it was time to introduce her to her mother's profession.

One night I got her to watch a pron movie with me promising her heroin if she saw it all. When the movie was over, I asked her if she had done any of that. She insisted she was pure and a virgin. I refused to believe her and demanded to examine her pussy to see if she was telling the truth. She was! Her cherry was intact but not for long.

I showed her the pictures of her mother fucking her clients and her mother fucking her brother and told her that this is how her mother brought her up and since she owned nothing and I was her guardian she should join her mother's profession. It did not take her long to accept particularly since she needed the heroin too badly. I organised for her to get her cherry popped on video for an internet porn site and then got her to turn tricks. She gives me freebies all the time.

Today, I have fifty girls working for me making me a lot of money. My wife has accepted the business but does not realise that I get a lot of sex on the side. She loves the money and the stuff that goes with it. I am now running a successful internet escort service, a pron site and get a cut from drugs that I supply my girls. All in all I am very happy.

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