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Housewife Transformation


The sweet smell of perfume filled the house. Carol always smelled up the house after a hot shower. Tonight was going to be different. She was dressing for a special event this evening. Tonight was the night she would finally become an adulteress wife.

God. She was nervous. She could hardly hold her hands steady enough as she tried to apply her makeup. Her husband Jim stepped into the bedroom to check on her. She knew he was starring at her ass while she leaned over facing the mirror.

"You look hot! Honey."

Carol kept stroking her eye lashes with the tiny brush until she finished her left eye then starred back at Jim in the mirror and saw that he was playing with his cock through his Dockers.

"Damn it, Jim. Stop playing with yourself before you get a stain on your pants."

Jim felt embarrassed forgetting that Carol could see his reflection in the mirror. He slid the dresser drawer open fetching his tiny digital camera. He was hoping he could get some good photos tonight. He didn't know if he'd ever get another opportunity after tonight.

Jim watched as Carol slipped into the black dress she picked out to wear this evening. It fit her body tight showing every single curve including her generously sized breasts. Those babies were some of Carol's best features and she knew it. The dress was designed with a low cut cleavage. Jim knew his client was going to love them when he saw them.

Everything Jim ever dreamed about was about to happen tonight. He and Carol had been married for eleven years. They had two wonderful little girls that were staying with Grandma for a couple weeks. It was summer vacation for them and playtime for Mom and Dad.

Jim just couldn't believe Carol agreed to going through with this tonight. After all these years of teasing him about the size of his four inch dick and how she was going to someday make him her little cuckold. It had been all talk for years. Just something to talk about during sex. Carol know it turned her husband on when she talked dirty to him while they were having sex.

It was sort of a little game for Carol. She'd make Jim beg to fuck her pussy and then she would decide if he was sincere enough and let him have it. She'd make him eat his own cum out of her pussy and pretend he was eating cum from another man. Would Carol make him eat her pussy tonight? Jim started getting nervous at the thought of being humiliated in front of a stranger.

Jim watched as Carol wiggled her feet into the pumps she was going to wear tonight. She carefully steadied herself by putting one hand on the tall dresser as she got her feet into the heels. Now she was taller than Jim. She looked over at him with a grin on her face.

"Come here little man." Jim smiled. That was her nickname for Jim. Not only was she taller once she was wearing her five inch pumps but it also referred to his little cock. When they went out dancing with their friends she would always refer to him as her little man. A private joke between husband and wife. Or should I say, cuckold and wife?

Jim walked toward his lovely wife encircling his arms to hold her tight. Carol hugged him back giving him a little peck on the cheek before pushing him playfully away.

"That's all your going to get tonight. I'm saving it for another man, baby."

Jim's little dick was rock solid hard pushing against those Dockers. Carol looked and smelled terrific. Carol started to prepare her little travel bag. She carefully folded a little red shear teddy that Jim bought her for her birthday and placed it inside the bag. A strawberry flavored tube of lubricant and her favorite vibrator just in case her lover wants to play.

Jim snapped his fingers. "Oh. Honey. I almost forgot. Don't forget these."

Jim reached out for a box of condoms from the top of the dresser and started to hand them to Carol.

"No......Baby..... Not tonight....." She pointed her finger at him and added. "You better hope those birth control pills I started taking last week took effect by now. I want to fuck this guy bareback tonight."

Jim couldn't believe what Carol just said. "But what if they don't work?"

Carol laughed. "You better hope they do baby otherwise your going to have some explaining to do to the girls when Mommy gives birth to a little black brother or sister in nine months."

Jim started to worry now. Was she just kidding? He never heard Carol talk like this. She can't be serious. She'd never let that happen. Jim was about to open his mouth to tell Carol she better pack those condoms when he thought that perhaps she was just playing this out and wanted to scare him into thinking she was going to fuck this black guy bareback. Jim decided to play along knowing fully well that she probably had condoms tucked away inside her purse.

"You going to fuck him bareback tonight, Honey?"

"You better believe I'm little man. I want to feel a real cock inside me tonight and don't want any rubber between my wet pussy and a nice big black cock."

Carol gave a devilish laugh after that sentence making Jim nervous but he went along with it as he watched her close that travel back. She looked back at her husband as she picked up the bag.

"You ready little man?"

Jim gulped as he followed his lovely wife out of the bedroom shutting off the light behind him.

They arrived at the high rise hotel parking the car inside the parking garage. Jim called his client on his cell phone letting him know they arrived. Jim finished talking to his client looking over at Carol who was slipping her wedding rings off her finger.

"Honey? What are you doing?"

Carol carefully tucked the rings inside a little compartment inside her purse and snapped it shut. She looked over at Jim saying. "

"Weren't you supposed to tell this guy that you were going to arrange something special tonight with a friend of your and not your wife?"

"Yes baby I did but......" "OK baby. I'm not your wife tonight. I'm just a whore your paying to have sex with your client."

That's all that was said as they exited the car heading toward the elevators. They got off on the main floor and followed the signs toward the lounge. That's where they were supposed to meet Jim's client. They entered the lounge. It was dark and took a moment for their eyes to adjust to the dimly lit club.

The place was sparingly filled with just a handful of people scattered around the bar and tables. Jim and Carol stood looking around and waited for someone to approach them. Neither of them knew what Jim's client looked like except that he was black and was supposed to be tall.

They nervously waited for a moment until a tall black well dressed man entered the lounge just behind the couple. He cautiously walked up to the couple and asked. "Are you Jim?"

Jim replied. Yes. I'm Jim and this is Carol."

"Glad to meet the both of you. I'm Tom Maynard. I'm sorry I was running late. I haven't had a chance to get us a table yet."

They did just that and ordered drinks. They actually sat in a booth with Carol seated on the opposite side of Tom. Jim and Tom carried most of the conversation about business for most of the first half hour. Than Tom's attention focused on Carol.

He complimented Carol on her appearance and thanked her for accompanying Jim on their business meeting tonight. He curious and asked Carol how she knew Jim and she replied that he was a long time business associate and friend. Jim's heart pounded when he sat listening to their conversation.

"I take it your single?"

"Actually I'm divorced. I was married for eleven years."

"Oh. Uh. Do you have any children?"

"Yes. Two little girls at home. They're spending a couple weeks with their Grandma."

Carol took pictures of them out of her wallet and showed Tom. "They look like their mother. Does the father see them?"

Carol glanced at Jim as she replied. "Yes. He comes around every so often. You know birthday's, Christmas, school plays and such."

Tom kept asking more questions. "You dating?"

"Not at the moment. Just been focusing on the girls right now."

The questions continued and got more intimate. It didn't take long before Jim was totally ignored. Tom finally asked Carol to dance and she said yes. Tom turned around and looked at Jim before standing up and said. "Excuse us please."

Jim smiled and watched Tom and Carol take the dance floor. Jim sat sipping on his drink watching his wife dance with this black guy. It was a slow dance and they seemed to be taking advantage of their time alone to talk and get better acquainted.

It wasn't until the fourth dance when Jim noticed how Carol was pushing her body against Tom's. Tom held her tight looking into her eyes as they talked blocking out everything around them. Jim noticed how Tom's hands were flirting with Carol's ass. His long fingers seemed to be teasing the top portion of her ass while they danced.

Although Carol was much taller than Jim in those pumps, she still had to look up into Tom's eyes while they danced. They finally walked back to the table. Jim held Carol's hand as he helped her into booth. This time she sat between Jim and Tom. They laughed about the exchange switching drinks around on the table.

Jim had a hard-on the whole time and finally had to excuse himself to go pee. Carol and Tom hardly noticed as Jim stood up looking for the men's room. Jim felt relieved as he took a pee. His cock was still hard as he thought about his wife out their with Tom. He took his time hoping they would get cozy.

He glanced at his watch a couple times watching the second hand moving around until someone else came into the men's room so he left. He casually walked back to the booth and from a distance he saw Tom kissing his wife. His heart dropped when he saw the way Carol was responding.

Jim bumped the table as he slipped into the booth. Tom cleared his throat right after breaking off the kiss with Carol.

"Jim. We're getting better acquainted and thought we would order one more drink before heading up to my suite."

The waitress came and brought them their last drinks. Jim couldn't help noticed that Tom's hand was now resting on Carol's thigh. Her dress was hiked up a few inches exposing lots of tanned skin. Carol took the first sip of her drink then placed her hand down on top of Tom's on her thigh. She appeared to be squeezing his hand then Jim noticed she was actually rubbing it. Perhaps as encouragement to go further?

"Carol tells me your going to stick around this evening. I happen to have a suite with two bedrooms with a television so you won't get too bored Jim."

Jim nervously replied. "Oh...Uh...Yeah...That's fine Tom. I'll be fine."

A few minutes later they were all boarding the elevator together on their way up to Tom's suite. Tom kept his arm around Carol the whole time. Even when they walked down the hallway together. Tom slid his card into the door lock. Jim looked around admiring it's huge size. Like an apartment.

Carol excused herself to change the moment they entered the suite. Just as soon as the bathroom door closed when Tom whispered to Jim.

"Listen. Buddy. I want you to do me a favor and take some pictures tonight. I already asked Carol and she said she didn't mind having you stick around while......you know....."

Jim smiled shyly...Not wanting to seem too eager but obliged to take pictures. "Yeah. Sure. I never watched another couple make love before."

Tom laughed but kept his voice down low as he replied. "She's already wet and ready for it Jim. I fingered her pussy when you went to the bathroom and that bitch is tight. Can't wait to feel that tight pussy around my cock tonight Jim."

Jim hesitantly replied. "Yeah. She looks tight. Bet she hasn't fucked in a while."

Tom chuckled. "She told me her old man had a small cock and she was looking forward to experiencing a real man tonight."

They stopped their conversation as soon as they heard the bathroom door open. Out walked Carol wearing that shear red teddy. She strutted directly over toward Tom spinning around putting everything on display for Tom eyes.

Carol held out her hands to Tom pulling him up out of his chair. He immediately stood next to Carol so Jim could snap a few pictures. Carol then told Tom to set back down. She danced around in front of Tom spinning around a couple more times before sitting on his lap.

Carol's hard nipples were clearly visible thought the thin material of her teddy. So was the white thong she wore that evening under her dress. Jim saw the wet spot in between her legs. He figured that's why she decided to keep the thong on so Jim could see how excited she was with Tom.

She looked like an exotic dancer tonight acting in a way that Jim never seen. She sat directly on Tom's lap opening her legs letting Tom feel her wet pussy through her thin white thong. Tom's hands were roaming all around Carol's body and what drove Jim to the edge is when he saw Tom's huge black hands cup Carol's big white breasts in his hands.

He kept kneading those huge babies like a man working in pizza dough. Carol made it easier for Tom lowering the shoulder straps one at a time so Tom could play with her naked breasts. Carol eased herself off Tom's lap and turned around like a stripper and pressed her boobs into Tom's face.

He gave each one a nice big wet kiss taking his time to lick each nipple making Carol moan with pleasure. She knew that Jim was watching her every move and really put on a show for both Jim and Tom. Carol milked it for all she could then stood back up bending over allowing those massive breasts to hang down close to Tom's face.

Jim could hear the heavy breathing coming from Tom now as Carol skillfully teased Tom slowly moving her way down to unzip his pants. Tom raised his hips far enough for Carol to open his belt and take out his big black cock. Jim's eyes widened when he saw the size of Tom's monster size black cock.

Carol had Tom's pants wife open now as she bent down taking Tom's cock in her dainty white hands. She stroked Tom's cock getting him harder every second until Tom's cock was fully erect. Carol kissed the head then took the shaft into her wet mouth wrapping her fingers of her left hand around the base of his cock.

Jim clicked the camera getting as many shots as he could. His little cock pressed tight against his Dockers now as he watched his wife grip that black shaft. He could studied her fingers where her wedding rings would normally be knowing that in Tom's mind she was his white whore tonight. Carol kept sucking Tom's cock then backed off allowing Tom to stand up letting his pants drop to the floor.

Jim kept clicking the camera as Carol circled her hands around Tom's meaty black ass while she tried to take more cock down her throat. The room filled with sucking wet sounds. Carol looked like an expert sucking Tom's big black cock. Why doesn't she do that for me Jim thought.

Carol backed off again and stood back a couple feet away from Tom lowering that wet thong she wore exposing her wet pussy now for Tom to see. Tom took it all in as Carol toyed with him. She coaxed him to his feet helping him take off the rest of his clothes before getting down on her knees again to suck on that black shaft. She even tilted her head so she could take each one of Tom's huge balls into her wet mouth sucking and biting on each ball inside that hanging sack.

Jim kept taking pictures capturing every moment as he watched Carol sucking on Tom. Carol finally stood up taking Tom by the hand leading him over to the bed. She playfully pushed Tom down on the bed and straddled his big body getting herself into a sixty-nine position. She didn't waste a second cramming Tom's black cock down her throat. Tom got busy licking her pussy making slurping wet sounds as he enjoyed the taste of Carol's pussy.

Jim kept walking from one side of the bed to the other taking pictures of both Carol sucking cock and Tom licking her pussy. Tom was really working that pussy spreading it apart digging his thick tongue deep down inside. Slurp after slurp coming from both ends is all Jim heard from the couple.

Tom had other ideas and flipped Carol over spreading her legs as far apart as he could. He lowered his face right smack into Carol's pussy pushing his tongue inside her slit as far as he could making her moan with delight. Carol was helping Tom by spreading her wet pussy open for him bucking her hips up into his face smearing all her wet pussy juice on his cheeks.

Tom couldn't hold out any longer and climbed onto the bed and positioned himself above Carol. She took hold of that thick shaft helping to guide Tom between her wet pussy lips. Tom wanted to be gentle with Carol but she placed her hands on Tom's ass cheeks pushing him deep inside her pussy with one swift move. Jim saw Tom's ball sack pressing up against Carol's ass cheeks and knew Tom was fully impaled inside his wife.

Tom seemed to be enjoying the moment of being fully impaled inside Carol's tight pussy until he started to withdrawal only to plunge forward again and again. Carol's legs were spread wide one moment than she placed her legs up over Tom's shoulders allowing this black man full access to her womb.

That's when it hit Jim. Tom was fucking his wife bareback! Just like Carol said she was going to do. No protection except the birth control pills Carol recently started taking. Jim couldn't remember but he figured Tom and Carol must have been screwing for thirty minutes or so when Tom started to get fancy.

Carol got on her back lifting one of her legs while Tom fucked her from behind. Tom seemed to be posing for Jim allowing him to get some good shots. Jim counted three orgasms from Carol but Tom hadn't cum yet. Carol whispered to Tom that she had to pee so he helped her up out of the bed.

She strutted to the bathroom as Tom winked at Jim. Tom leaned against the sink waiting for Carol to finish and grabbed hold of her as soon as she opened the bathroom door making her giggle like a young school girl. Tom was going to fuck her standing up next to the counter. Carol raised a leg allowing Tom better access to her wet pussy.

They fucked standing up while Jim took more pictures. Tom finally picked up Carol placing her on the counter like she was a doll spreading her white thighs and fucking her right there next to the sink. Carol wrapped her arms around Tom's neck kissing him as they fucked. Her ass shook back and forth with each hard thrust of Tom's cock making Carol exhale each and every time. Tom made her cum again and carried her over to the bed laying down and allowing her to position herself above his legs.

Jim knew for sure that Tom wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer and he was right. Carol bounced up and down on Tom's cock another five minutes or so when he let out a loud grunt and groaned out loud. Jim heard Carol say she could feel it and at that moment Tom half grunted and yelled out. "Oh...Shit....I forgot.........."

Tom jerked his big cock out of Carol and shot the last stream of seed onto her ass. It was a powerful looking spurt and Jim could only imagine what the previous spurts of seed looked like that Tome shot into his wife.

Tom watched as Carol reached around taking hold of Tom's still rock hard cock. She smeared the cum on the head of Tom's cock then inserted his cock back inside her wet cum filled pussy. Jim thought. Doesn't she know that she is pushing Tom's seed further into her pussy?

She rocked herself up and down a few times while kissing Tom until his cock finally deflated and fell out followed by the wet sounds of that cum escaping from Carol's well stretched pussy lips. Carol kissed Tom again whispering something in Tom's ear shortly after they broke their kiss. Tom smiled and Carol eased herself off the bed grabbing her thong at the same time. She looked over at Jim as she put on the thong and said.

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