tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHousewife's Choice Ch. 4

Housewife's Choice Ch. 4


One of the boys answered the door while the others made themselves respectable.

"It's Mike," shouted Peter, "He's finally got here."

Mike, the boy who had been camping walked into the room, "Hope you didn't start without me," he quipped.

"Well actually we did, it's all over with," said George, trying once more to sound amusing.

"What is?" Mike looked around the room and when he saw the equipment he gathered he had missed something interesting. Jean said, "Sit down Mike. Would you like a drink?"

Mike looked like he had drunk a few already. He accepted the drink and while Paul packed away his gear said, "So what did I miss then?"

"Well if you wasn't so fond of the alcohol and had come round earlier you'd know!" Paul fired into him.

Jean smiled but the atmosphere was a bit tense for the next few minutes. The two local boys took great pains to thank George and Jean for an enjoyable evening and made them promise they would all do it again. Paul whispered to George, "We are very trustworthy and discrete."

Making it obvious they didn't want the company of the third boy they said their goodnights and left.

"I'm sorry," said the boy when the others had gone, "I think I've made an ass of myself. I'll finish my drink and go." Looking at Jean he smiled and said, "I'd like to know what I missed though."

George, remembering the scene in the bedroom thought, "You missed the time of your life boy."

Jean beckoned her husband to go into the kitchen with her. "We could show him the video of what he missed," she said. "Unless you're tired and ready for bed – then we'll let him leave."

"Are you tired?" asked George, "Have you had enough?"

"I'll leave it to you," said Jean, "You decide. We can always "play it by ear" so to speak." With that she kissed her husband and whispered in his ear, "By the way – Thank you." Jean went back into the living room and sat across from Mike.

"You want to know what you missed?" said George. "Put that video in the player and see." George had shouted from the kitchen and stayed there while Mike, looking confused, switched on the TV set and started the VCR. Jean settled back and observed Mike. George watched quietly from the kitchen doorway.

The film progressed from Jean smiling into the camera to when she first exposed herself. When it got to where the boys took off their clothes Mike looked very envious and jealous. He hissed little comments under his breath. Jean was beginning to feel sexy again. Mike felt peeved that the boys had achieved what he hoped to have achieved a day ago.

Jean walked across to George standing in the doorway of the kitchen. "It's up to you darling," she said.

"I'm OK – Is your appetite not satisfied yet?" he asked metaphorically.

Looking him in the eye she said, "No– I'd like to taste something else."

George wasn't sure whether she meant that metaphorically or was being literal.

"Make the most of it then," he said. Jean smiled and walked back into the room, this time sitting next to Mike.

"Are you enjoying that?" she asked putting her arm around him.

"Jesus – yes – I wish I had come round earlier. I met a blonde girl in the pub and thought I could get off with her"

"You could have got off with me," said Jean, moving her hand to his crotch.

"Yeah? – I guess it's too late now," he said.

"Not necessarily," answered Jean, placing his hand inside her blouse and kissing his neck.

"But what about your hus…."

"Shhhh – It's OK – Don't worry about it," she re-assured him. "Watch the action." She undid a couple of buttons to make things easier for him.

George couldn't actually see, but as the film progressed Jean had unfastened Mike's fly and was playing gently with his cock. George felt an amazing sexual surge as he once again looked at his wife performing on the screen with the two young men. He took out his penis – and realised once more that he was as much turned on with the boys naked bodies as he was with his wife's exposure.

The alcohol intake of Mike began to have an effect – he forgot about George standing behind him. "Jean, I wanted to fuck you - why didn't you let me fuck you like that? Can I suck your tits?"

"Are you drunk?" asked Jean, laughing. "That last Scotch George gave you didn't go well with your pints of beer did it?" she said.

"I think you had better stay here with us tonight," she whispered in his ear. "Sleep in our bed this time – with us. Would you like that?"

George got very excited. His wife came over to him and took hold of his cock. "He's had a bit to drink and he will be quite happy to stay with us. He's not sure what's going on - he just want's sex. Shall we take him to bed with us?"

Jean's voice sounded very matter of fact, not wanting to sound too eager, George muttered an OK. Does Jean know how I fantasise about the boys' thought George? To lie in bed naked with Jean and a boy would be great. Even better to watch his slim well toned body and stiff cock having sex with his wife. And maybe – just maybe…

"We'll wait here while you get ready for bed and use the bathroom. I'll bring him up shortly." George nodded his head agreeing with Jeans' seduction plan. As he started to climb the staircase he looked back to see his wife lift her left breast from her bra for the boy to suck her nipple.

George used the bathroom then lay on the bed in his underwear waiting for the others. He heard them climb the stairs and expected one of them to come into the bedroom whilst the other used the bathroom. Instead he heard the shower turn on and Jean speak to the boy, "Let's get you clean and refreshed shall we?" A minute later she walked into the bedroom, her skirt had gone and her blouse was fully unfastened.

"I'll have a shower too – I'll just get a couple of towels." With that she walked out and George heard her re-enter the bathroom. She was going to have a shower with the boy, he told himself. He heard the unmistakable sound of someone urinating as the door was firmly closed. The pictures in his head gave him "butterflies" in his stomach and almost made him ejaculate without touching his cock. He could have been annoyed at being shut out but instead found the situation most erotic.

Most of the sounds were drowned out by the noise of running water and George let his imagination run riot. Twenty minutes later Jean led the boy back into the bedroom. They were both naked and the boy let himself be guided around like he was helpless. George noticed that the boy's cock was flaccid – his wife had made the boy shoot his load – he could only imagine how.

Jean, following George's gaze said, "Young boy's recover quickly don't they? Then last much longer the second time."

George agreed with what she was saying but wondered how she knew that. She led the boy to the bed and suggested that he should lay down on the top and not get under the covers – "Because it's such a warm night," she explained.

She lay down also so that the boy was in between her and George. The boy was strangely silent and George wondered why – he looks content though, George thought. What did go on in the bathroom?

Jean rested on one elbow facing Mike and run her hand along the length of his body brushing his still soft cock on every downward journey. She occasionally bent her head to lick and nibble his nipples and kiss his belly. Then she reached over the boy and put her hand inside her husband's briefs. George had to move nearer to the boy and their bodies touched.

"Take off your underwear George," said Jean. He struggled out of his underpants while Jean held his penis then she very slowly pulled the foreskin right back then released it. It was a slow wank. George's member stood proudly like a small tree trunk. Jean leaned further across the boy's torso resting her breasts on his body; She smiled to herself when she saw he had started to watch the movement of her hand on her husband's cock. She smiled even more when she saw that his soft penis, lying on his belly, was beginning to grow. George was turned on when he saw the boy looking at his cock – and by the touch of his body.

Jean, still holding her husband's penis kissed Mike, then pulling George's cock to make him move even closer she suddenly released it making it fall on the boy's hip. Mike, feeling the contact of George's penis jumped. Jean gently restrained his movements and he quickly relaxed again. George stayed still – he made no attempt to remove his cock from the boy's hip.

Stroking the boy's body Jean finally let her fingers curl around Mike's cock. It rose to the occasion. She then moved up the bed slightly so her breasts were in kissing distance of his face. She told the boy what a lovely body he had and how well proportioned he was. She said how she liked the fact he had shaved off most of his body hair and how nice his balls and cock looked without it. "George likes it too," she said. " He likes to admire your cock and look at your naked body." All the time she moved his foreskin slowly up and down, just like she had done for George.

"Did you like watching me play with my husband's cock?" she asked. "I can almost touch both at the same time." She let her fingers travel across the boy's belly until she felt George's penis resting on the boy's hip. Placing her hand on top of his cock she pressed it down and began to do rolling actions on the boys' body. "Does that feel nice?" she whispered to the boy. "Can you feel George's hot cock on your belly?"

The boy whimpered but didn't move. Jean noticed that his cock was now very hard. So he didn't dislike it that much she thought! "Will you let him hold your cock?" she whispered in Mike's ear.

"I'm not gay!" the boy almost yelped.

"No one thought you were darling," Jean quietly told him. "But you can still enjoy looking and having people touch you. It's Ok for men to admire each other – just as it is for girls to kiss and be affectionate." Then, moving close to his ear she whispered, "We came up here to be naughty and give each other pleasure. No one else is going to know what we do." She kissed him on the lips to stop further protest then took hold of her husband's hand placing it on Mike's cock. She waited for the boy to try and struggle free – but he didn't.

Jean waited and watched for a while then again whispered in the boy's ear. "There – isn't that nice? Why don't you hold George's for him? You must wonder what it feels like to hold someone else's dick. I'd like to watch you play with each other."

"I'm not gay or bisexual! I've never done this before!" repeated the boy.

"We'll just play with each other before I let you fuck me," whispered Jean. "Give each other pleasure. That is - if you want too?"

She saw the boy's hand move down to his hip and find George's cock. He hesitated then slowly stroked it for a few seconds. Then when it twitched he curled his fingers around it and gently moved the foreskin.

Jean kissed him on the cheek; "There's a good boy. It's OK, no one will know."

Watching each of them pull the others cock, Jean put her fingers between her legs and rubbed herself. She looked at the contented expression on George's face as he caressed the young firm penis. Having an idea she moved down the bed and positioned her mouth over Mike's cock.

"Wank him in my mouth," she instructed her husband. She covered his purple helmet with her mouth and George moved his hand faster. She sucked hard for a few minutes then stopped when he was about to lose control. Moving back up to his ear she whispered to him, "If you like the same things we do you can visit us often – we can have some good times. Are you enjoying yourself at the moment?"

"Yes," answered the boy simply.

"I want to see your cock in George's mouth," she whispered. "I want you to let him suck you? Will you?"

The boy didn't answer for quite a while, then almost inaudibly hissed, "OK, I will!"

Jean slid back down to the boy's penis and licked the bulbous end. Turning her head sideways on she beckoned George.

"Kiss me," she said.

As her husband positioned himself lower down on the bed and was about to make contact with his lips Jean lifted the hard cock of the boy and rested it in the corner of her mouth. Now as George kissed her he had also to kiss the boys dick. Jean looked her husband straight in the eye as she pushed her tongue forward opening George's mouth and as his lips parted she moved the penis into his mouth. George didn't resist – he closed his mouth round the boy's cock and sucked moving his head up and down at the same time. Jean was again the watcher.

She moved up to the boys' face and whispered to him.

"Did you know that was George sucking you and not me? Look down and watch him. Is he going to make you come? Watch him suck you." The boy grunted and whimpered.

"Go on. It's OK. Let it come. Shoot it in his mouth." Jean was becoming frantic with excitement. George closed his throat and waited for the hot liquid to fill his mouth. He too was very, very excited. As the boy opened his mouth slightly Jean gently put her nipple in his mouth.

"Suck on it my darling – bite it." The boy went over the edge. He yelped as his spunk shot into George's mouth. George, letting it escape from the side of his mouth used his tongue to gather up the last drops from the tiny slit. Wanting his own relief he moved back up the bed and taking his own cock in his hand he pressed it against the boys' softening dick and furiously made himself ejaculate on him. Jean leant on one elbow and watched with her hand between her legs.

Lying back on the bed, they all quietly and quickly drifted off to sleep. Jean was hoping that she – and the boy – would wake at least once before morning. George, his sexual urge for the moment satisfied, couldn't believe what his wife had encouraged him to do. He couldn't believe the things she had said - how she had manipulated the situation. She had become wanton, depraved and reckless. George felt a little scared. She wasn't even intoxicated, he told himself! She had done it all while stone cold sober! He wondered whether it was all getting out of control.

The shaking of the bed awoke George from his slumbers. He had slept well but the activity that was going on next to him was a little too much to sleep through. Opening his eyes he caught sight of his wife looking down on him. She was sitting up astride the boy moving around as though she was riding a horse. George realised the boys cock was inside her and she was bucking and grinding down on the boy, her tits swinging in the air. Nothing was said. She smiled at her husband then closed her eyes to concentrate the pleasure. George lay there watching until several minutes later he heard her cry out – then bucking and grinding faster and harder she reached her climax. Collapsing down beside the boy with a sigh the room once again became still and silent until eventually all fell asleep.

Morning came and George awoke to find himself alone in the bed. He went downstairs to find his wife sat with a coffee in the kitchen.

"Would you like some breakfast?" she said. "There is only us – our guest left very early."

George nodded and poured himself a coffee. He wondered if the boy had fled with fright of Jean's insatiable sexual appetite. He wondered also what was going through his wife's head this morning.

Old habits are hard to break. George and Jean, being the sort of couple they were didn't discuss such things in detail - not in the cold light of day.

Throughout the next couple of days George, without actually saying so, made it clear he wanted to avoid any contact with their new acquaintances. He had decided it would be a good idea if they cooled things down a little. Although he enjoyed Jean showing herself to other men – and yes, under the right circumstances enjoyed watching her have sex with others – he felt she was out of control. He had to get his head around this – it was like she was a different woman. We have to slow down – not get carried away – he reasoned to himself. When he played the scenes over again in his mind he still found it hard to believe the things she said – the things she had done.

Jean acted quite normally, although she was a little disappointed that they hadn't invited the boys' round. She had really expected them to be "eager beavers" almost beating the door down to get in. Unknown to her, George had spoken to them – while the couple had been out Paul had collected his gear. George had left a note saying he thought it best if they had some time on their own. He wanted a return to normality.

The sixth morning after the adventure with the boys found Jean feeling somewhat restless. George had to go into town but she declined the suggestion they should both go saying she would have a shower and reminded him that even though it was a holiday cottage, someone still had to take time out to do some housework. George thought that that was quite a reasonable comment and happily left the house on his own to travel into town.

Working very hard, Jean soon straightened the house and completed all the necessary chores. Undressing and stepping into the shower she bathed, then drying herself she looked at the clock. It was nearly time for the postman to call – she would have to listen out for him. Not that she really needed to answer the door – mostly he put it through the letter- box like a postman should. Just every now and then she met him coming down the path and had a few words with him – just to be sociable. Sometimes she'd noticed him giving her a very lustful look – like when she had forgotten to fasten her shirt properly or let her dressing gown come slightly apart – accidentally of course.

To day she would probably have a chat to him – if she were dressed in time. She selected a lilac coloured bra and panties – very shear - the purple-red ring of her aureole and hard nipples was easily visible through the silky cloth. First she put on the bra, then a white suspender belt contrasting nicely with the lilac – then slowly rolled the stockings up her legs. She was too slow – the postman could be heard walking up the gravel driveway.

"I'll throw one of George's shirts around me and have a quick word with him," she said, talking to herself. "Haven't time to put my panties on." She reached the door just as the postman was turning to leave.

"Oh, hello! Thought I heard someone. It's very warm again isn't it? I've just had a refreshing shower – I was getting dressed."

The postman looked at Jean with open mouth and was lost for words. She was decent – but, well - not decent. The shirt was unfastened and held together in the middle by her left hand. Because she was bunching it up it made the top and bottom separate slightly. The postman could see a line of bare flesh right down her front broken only by the strip of lilac material joining the cups of her bra. His gaze from knee up showed stocking tops and a little white flesh slightly visible through the slit – the hem of the shirt was just above mid-thigh. How was it possible to show so much and yet – not really show anything.

They exchanged a few comments and as Jean talked she observed the lustful expression on his face. This morning it was particularly lustful. His eyes darted from her head to her toes while he spoke. "So where's your hubby this morning?" he asked.

"He's gone into town – he'll be a while yet," she answered. Jean made no attempt to go back into the house and was happy to stay and chat. The postman carried on enjoying the sight wondering if the housewife was hinting at something. His leering and lustful looks became quite blatant and he was well aware that Jean knew where his eyes kept drifting. She was deciding whether to pick up the letters from the small porch-way table, where the postman had deposited them. To open them she would have to use both hands – her shirt would come open and he would see that she wasn't wearing any knickers.

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