tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHousework In A Quiet House

Housework In A Quiet House


A nice quiet Sunday morning with no kids in the house and you are sleeping. You were out late with your friend last night since it was the first Saturday you got off work in a while. A boys night out was in order and I stayed in and watched movies. I was sound asleep when you got home and you decided not to wake me. It had been a busy week for me and you thought that a full night’s sleep would do me some good.

I woke up rested with you sound asleep next to me. Honestly a little disappointed that you hadn’t woken me up in your usual way though I did feel very good. I watch you sleep for a few moments and consider waking you up but decide to return the favor. It is not everyday that the house is nice and quiet for you to rest. As I watch you, I wonder what kind of trouble you caused while you were out last night and can’t wait to hear about it. I decide to leave the room before I have to wake you as I start to get wet just imagining your evening.

I get up and start on a million chores around the house, very quietly of course. I read the Sunday paper, start laundry, sweep the house, and continue on this type of path. I periodically think that I hear you stir as I try hard not to wake you, or am I really trying to? I finally loose myself into the items that I want to accomplish today knowing that once you wake, that my focus will shift quickly.

You are lying in bed, enjoying a nice restful sleep when you start to stir. You do your best to turn over and go back to sleep in the quiet room when you look at the clock and start to wonder where I am. You listen closely and notice that the house is very quiet. Maybe I am not home, you think. You hear a slight sound, however, and you are not quite sure what it is but you are sure it is me working very hard to let you sleep. You know me so well that you know how bad it is killing me to not disturb you. The thoughts of your evening and how you know I will react when you share your adventures with me start to harden your cock. You close your eyes and see the very pretty brunette that was flirting endlessly with you and her hard nipples as they pressed against her tiny top. The fact that you told her what we would be interested in and although she was not able to come home with you last night, she gave you her number for us to call her later.

You finally get out of bed and decide to go see where I am. As quiet as the house is, you know that we are home alone so you don’t bother to dress. You know that you will distract me quickly by leaving the room naked, with a fully erect cock. You open the bedroom door, and I am on my hands and knees mopping the main bathroom floor. You walk past me groggily and I turn to see that you are heading toward the kitchen for a drink. Your naked ass headed away from me as I watch. I decide that you are just up for a moment, so I will just continue with my task. You briefly think that maybe I am interested in finishing my jobs when you leave the kitchen and head back to the bedroom. Looking down the hallway, you notice that I am on my hands and knees mopping the floor in a mini dress without any panties at all.

When was the last time that I wanted to be left alone? You think to yourself. You decide to toy with me and act as if you hadn’t noticed me. You walk up behind me looking half asleep and start to walk back into the bedroom. You watch me tense up as you near me, knowing that I am dying to turn and put your cock in my mouth. It is funny that both of us are trying to let the other accomplish something else while we both want one another so badly. It is quiet behind me and so I get back on track and finish my mopping. I back up and feel something behind me. Assuming it is the dog, I turn to tell him to move out of the way. When I do so, I am greeted by that nice erect cock of yours right in my face.

Without even a second thought, I lean forward and slide it right in my mouth. You look down at me and smile and I know that you were watching me as my ass hung out of my skirt. I am sweaty and not made up since I have been doing housework all morning but you don’t even notice. The feel of my nice warm mouth is wonderful and after your night of teasing with the brunette, it doesn’t take long for you to cum right in my mouth. I greedily take every bit of your cum and swallow it, not even allowing any to escape.

You take my hand and help me off the floor leading me to the master bathroom. You turn on the shower and step inside, pulling me in with you. You start to run your hands all over my body with the water cascading down me. The feel of your hands is so wonderful. You watch my nipples become very hard the more you touch me.

You slide your fingers across my swollen clit, feeling the reaction of my body as you do so. You know how badly I want you to just start to finger fuck me but you won’t. Your ability to make me cum even more so by slowly working up to it is something I adore even when I am so wet I can barely stand it. My pussy is aching for your touch and the look on my face tells you how long I have been restraining myself not to wake you. Realizing this makes you decide to plunge your fingers in my pussy so I can finally cum. You take down the shower head and use it to dance across my clit as you press me against the wall and fuck me with your fingers.

It doesn’t take long for me to cum and you feel my pussy grab your fingers as I do so. It throbs right against you and makes you want to stroke your cock hard and fast but you can’t with your hands full. Even though I start to cum, you don’t stop and you feel me quickly begin to cum a second time. You can feel the wet slippery cum slide down your fingers to your hand and you can smell a nice wet pussy right at your fingertips. You reach up and turn off the water and then reach up to kiss me nice and deep. You feel me tense up at the feel of you so close and feel me reach down to grab your cock. I know you are nice and hard for me and I have to stroke it.

You pull back and watch me stroke your cock for a few minutes as we stand in the shower. The water is off and while we haven’t dried off, the heat in the room is evaporating the water off our bodies. You step out of the shower and skip the towel completing, taking my hand and leading me to the bedroom. You stand me next to the bed and bend me over slowly sliding your cock in my pussy from behind. I let out a moan of relief as I feel you enter me nice and deep. You feel my pussy tighten up around you and my body react to your nice slow deep strokes. I am moaning as you fuck me like this and begging you not to stop because somehow I sense you plan to.

As I suspected, you pull your cock out and I back up trying to get you not to. You spank my ass nice and hard and then reach down to feel my pussy get even wetter from it. You then put your cock, nice and wet, right on my ass and slide the head right in. At first, I tense up but you feel me back up a bit and relax inviting you to continue to ass fuck me. You slide your cock farther in my ass and hear me moan very satisfied. You know that this is exactly what I want this afternoon. Before long, you are completely buried in my tight ass with your balls right up against me. You put your hands on my hips to steady yourself as you start to slide in and out of my tight ass, more passion with each stroke.

I start to tell you not to stop and that I want you to cum deep in my ass and that request is all it takes. Your balls slamming against my clit, you grab my hips even tighter and start to release your next cum load. You feel my ass tighten, knowing that I am cumming right with you and that the knowledge of your orgasm is what has set me off.

We both stop to catch our breath and fall onto the bed. The fan blowing across our bodies and the air filled with the smell of nice hard fuck. You take my hand and put it on your chest where I can feel your heart beat fast and hard in your chest. We are both winded and breathing deeply to catch up on oxygen. Slowly we both begin to return to regular breathing and are not so hot and sweaty. I snuggle up next to you and enjoy the feel of your body right next to me, holding me tight.

I prop myself up on my elbow and kiss your lips. I look right at you and say “So, baby, why is it you didn’t wake me up last night and tell me ALL about your evening out.” You laugh knowing where this is going to lead. You look at me and start to explain watching my reaction and waiting for the next explosion of cum. You think about the phone number the brunette gave you last night and wonder if she is available today. A quick phone call will be made before long, you are sure.

C K & L

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