tagNovels and NovellasHouston II Ch. 02

Houston II Ch. 02

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 2.

Fucking Felicia

They walked together, hip to hip, right up to a large oak tree hidden in a little sunlit glade. They were quite certain no prying eyes would see them. He moved close to her and she placed her hands around his neck meeting his eyes.

"Hello, Felicia," he whispered huskily.

"Hello, John," she murmured softly, then kissed his neck with a sweep of her tongue, bringing his blood to a boil.

He pulled her body into contact with his, feeling along the lines of her body with his busy hands. He took note of the soft breasts against his hard chest; and her pubic bone to his hardening cock. They began to kiss, slowly and gently at first. With a sweep of his tongue, he explored her entire mouth; then resting his tongue at the entrance of her open mouth, he felt her tongue envelope his.

They went on like this for a time, taking turns seeking out the various nooks and crannies in one another's mouth.

'He can certainly kiss,' Felicia thought, running her tongue along his cheek all the way down to his chin. She licked the tiny ridge under his lower lip, feeling the pull of the rough texture that was his shadowy stubble. Their tongues met again, darted around one another, slowing down, then speeding up. His tongue sought out a gold filling in her mouth; left her, only to return; moved over her lips from side to side, savoring their moist pliancy. He moaned, left her lips to nibble her ear.

Their bodies pressed into one another, seeking out the radiant center of their genitals. They began to move against each other, Felicia could not refrain from moaning slightly.

He found himself growing violent, and shoved her hard against the oak's thick trunk; sliding his hand between her neck and the tree. His thumb pressed into the hot flesh of her throat. Their eyes locked, and her bow-shaped lips parted in a half gasp, half moan. Her cheeks were flushed; not from the cold air, but from the steaming heat pulsing from her cunt.

Moving his thumb from her throat, John lightly caressed the flush of her cheek; and Felicia bit her lower lip. Then the hand belonging to the thumb, left her face to slip under her blouse and brushed almost casually over an erect nipple; then slowly circled the pebbled aureole.

Felicia whimpered with pleasure. He buried his face in her throat, nuzzling and licking as their bodies tightly twined. He curled his fingers inside her blouse, pulled hard, popping two or three buttons. He moaned lustily, and with a sweep of his head, pillowed his head between her bra-cupped breasts. A moment later he took as much of her left breast into his mouth as he could. It was Felicia's turn to moan as he nibbled and sucked at her while she struggled to unfasten her bra strap and free her twins for him to feast on. The second he stopped suckling, she sought his mouth out, humping up at him and opening herself to his eager lips.

They moved their hips in sync, his cock grinding into first one upper thigh, then the other. Felicia sighed, feeling his hard cock through her clothing; delighted, almost alarmed by his hardness; her wetness, and the power of their mutual desire.

"Oh, yes!" Felicia groaned, and reached out to stroke the outline of his erection through his slacks. He bit the rim of her ear when she gave him a firm squeeze. They both moaned as she rubbed herself against his thigh while searching for his mouth. She sent her tongue deep into his mouth, licking his teeth and gums until his tongue rolled over hers, and then they took turns flicking out at one another.

"Time to fuck," John rasped, after tearing his mouth from hers.

Laughing lewdly, she said, "Good idea, what's your name again?"

"John," he said seriously; hoisting her skirt up around her waist. She busied herself unbuckling his belt and lowering his zipper. His hand met hers, brought his sex out, slapping it gently against the palm of her left hand. His slacks surrendered to gravity and dropped to his calves.

Felicia licked her lips in appreciation as she took in his erection, tight up against the white cotton material, seeing the wet spot against the shorts. His cock slipped out of the shorts and she smiled on seeing a drop of pre-cum quivering on its glistening tip.

Following her gaze, he said, "Are you as wet for me as I am for you?"

"I'm soaked," Felicia croaked, already giddy with lust. "Put it inside me . . . now!"

Pulling her underwear to one side, he held himself with one hand as he glimpsed the shiny dark brown, pubic hair surrounding her pussy gleaming in the afternoon sunlight. He felt his knees buckle; and he grew dizzy with wanting her.

"A rubber! You have to use a rubber!" Felicia moaned.

John hauled his slacks up, dug into the pocket on the left side, and produced a Trojan condom. Placing it between his teeth he ripped it open and handed it to her.

"Put it on, I'm so excited I'm liable to tear it, and I've only one other."

With a dexterity that John could only admire, Felicia capped his cock with the protective device, and spreading her knees, centered him on her cunt hole.

Using one hand to brace them against the tree trunk, he rammed his cock into her, and heard a satisfied groan from her.

He found her cunt tight, and marveled at it, thinking, 'She's had a donkey in there, no, a pony, but still . . .'

The dead leaves crackled beneath his feet as he began to fuck.

"Ugh," was the only sound Felicia made for the next several minutes. John fucked her with a precision that bordered on cruelty. Her rump ground against the tree's rough bark until she began to bleed from the harsh grating. Unmindful of that area, she concentrated on drawing his pleasure tool into her body, and reveled in the rapture that his heavily veined prick brought to the overly sensitive walls of her cunt.

For his part, John was also reveling in the sensations emanating from the raging heat of her sex. He couldn't help but moan as Felicia used her muscles to grip, and then release him, only to repeat the process over and over, while she milked him toward what would be a tumultuous orgasm.

Gripping her hips, he pumped into her until his thighs began to cramp. Then pulled away from her. She cried out sharply at the sudden loss, then smiled wickedly as he tossed his jacket on the damp moss at the base of the old oak, and steered her into a kneeling position, then dropped to his knees behind her. With one deep stroke, he was buried in her. They both moaned with satisfaction.

Felicia sensed his condom-covered cock leaving definite impressions on the softer parts of her vaginal walls.

"Nobody's gonna die from this, right?" she asked, surprising him with the remark.

"Maybe some lichen in the moss under your knees," he said, and they both laughed at his clever comeback.

Felicia began to come. With every thrust, the mutability of her world grew more remote. This was what she always sought . . . day and night, night and day, sexual oblivion.

They continued their fuck. A rain of sweat pelted the greenery beneath her, but she failed to notice; being filled to completeness from the furious fucking. A completeness that would soon fade away, leaving the constant craving for more that tortured her soul.

Her eyes grew distant as the sensation swelled and burst inside her. "Slap me," she called out.

"What?" he panted, not sure he'd heard right.

"Slap me, slap me hard!"

Without slowing the motion of his pistoning hips, he obliged her, with a fairly light, open-handed crack across her cheek.

"Yes, like that . . . again!"

This time he struck her harder. He felt her shudder under him, sensed that she about to come. He paused between thrusts, but she failed to notice, as she was busy bucking and writhing against him, making up for any lack of movement on his part.

John granted her one more slap. A bit harder than the others, causing her to both grunt and groan. Now he felt himself about to come, and took hold of her shoulders. He paused long enough to take a deep breath, then began pounding himself into her; using his free hand to first grip, and then squeeze her hardened, resilient nipple.

He bawled out her name as he emptied himself into her; filling the condom with his life giving seed. And he absorbed the commingled essence of her smell, their sounds, and his pulsing prick to his memory book of fine fucks.

Felicia could feel his warm breath on her hair; and the constant, unrelenting, but savored pain in her nipple as he continued to manipulate it; twisting, pulling, and stretching it to a grotesque length. Perhaps a minute later, she cried out, and came again the moment his hand slipped between her legs, found her stiffened clitoris and rubbed it hard.

Moments later, he clambered off her inert form, and on seeing it, kissed her bleeding ass. He helped her to stand up. She was somewhat shaky at first, but gradually stabilized her equilibrium. Then they hugged tightly, and kissed passionately for several minutes.

"Will you come to my place?" she asked softly.

"I'd like to, but . . ." His mind filled with all the work he had ahead of him that afternoon, not to mention, he would be screwing Argie later. She would be looking for it.

"You can tie me up," she said hopefully.

He couldn't resist the offer, and his cock gave her his answer before his mouth formed the words.

"Oh, John, you're going to love this."


Meanwhile, Milo Cappelli waited patiently at a local restaurant for Argie to arrive. He spied her rushing down the sidewalk, and placed a small package, wrapped with a tiny pink bow in his lap.

She arrived at the entrance of the restaurant looking harried and out of breath. She wore a frilly white blouse through which Milo could see the suggestion of a lacy brassiere. A long loop of pearls hung between her breasts. On spotting him sitting in a corner booth, Argie beamed her most vibrant smile in his direction, which he returned in kind. She waved to him as she moved across the room to join him. She sat down and apologized for being tardy.

"Fugetaboutit," he chirped, delighted to have her sweet, delectable presence sitting beside him.

The waiter hurried to their table, and Milo ordered for her, "Almond chicken salad for the lady," then turning to Argie, he asked, "Which dressing do you prefer?"

"Um, the vinaigrette, please," she replied, turning her eyes up to look at the server.

"Very good, ma'am, "he said and moved off to place her order. Milo had ordered just before she arrived.

"I really am sorry about being late," she said, talking fast. "I had this confrontational thing with my husband . . ."

"You told him about me?" he said, stunned by the news.

"Yes, but . . ."

"I can't believe I'm hearing this. You were the one wanted to keep it quiet."

"That's true, but . . ."

"Why am I still sitting here?" he asked aloud and made to get up.

"No, no, don't. Listen to me. Please hear me out."

Taking a deep breath, Milo sighed, shook his shoulders as if to release the sudden tension and looked into her eyes.

"I'm listening, but tell me first, is he coming here to shoot me?"

His comment stunned Argie. It hadn't occurred to her that John would be jealous about her affair, not with all his screwing around.

She took a moment to reply. "I . . . I don't think so. He went off to work same as any other day."

"So you don't know if he followed you?"

"Why would he . . .?

"To get at me, to break my neck, or shoot me, that's why."

"Oh . . ."

She bit her thumb, and said, "He's not the type. Really. He took it well. I made him listen to me. I told him I was sick and tired of his fucking around. Then I dropped my bombshell on him. We wound up talking and talking and talking. He listened and I listened. We went to bed, screwed like rabbits. Believe me; we haven't screwed like that in ages. He told me how sorry he was and that he was going to see his shrink about joining Sex Addicts Anonymous.

"So you're telling me I don't have to keep looking over my shoulder, huh."

"Yes, yes, that's right."

They were silent as the server approached with her salad and his hamburger.

Argie, suddenly famished, picked up her fork and dug into the leafy salad.

'Mmm, good, I like it when . . ."

He interrupted her. "I have a present for you," he said.

"Really!" She was totally surprised, and said, "You shouldn't have!"

Milo handed her the box with a tight smile on his face. It had been ages since Argie had gotten any type of present other than the usual ones for holidays and birthdays, and she was enormously pleased. Putting down her utensils, she gravely accepted it from his extended hand.

"I'd like you to open it here, and read the instructions."

Argie removed the wrapping paper carefully, as if to use it again, she opened the box and read the note. "Oh!" she gasped as her eyes widened. She looked up at him, licked her lips and nodded. She got to her feet, never breaking eye contact with him, picked up her purse, and said, "I'll be right back."

Milo devoured his burger in the five minutes before Argie returned to their booth. He watched her moving across the room, taking small, mincing steps.

She reached the booth and slid in beside him wearing an uncomfortable look.

"Okay, now what?" she asked. The solemn expression on her face unmistakable.

"Finish your salad."

Argie resumed eating, and after several mouthfuls, Milo spoke softly to her.

"Show me your purse, please."

Argie reached out, picked up her purse, opened the clasp and handed it across her body to his outstretched hand.

"Thank you," he said as he observed the red lace panties with black bows inside the purse. He took out the small package and opened it. The ben-wa balls were gone.

"How do they feel?" he asked genially.

"They're very distracting, to say the least," she told him and calmly resumed eating her salad. "I feel like they are going to fall out and roll across the floor. I have to keep myself clenched so the damn things won't fall out. When I do that, they rub against each other and the walls of my . . . vagina. It's like some form of constant, low intensity electricity."

"I should hope they're distracting," he said, "and more. They might prove to be very stimulating as well. We'll find out as we walk after lunch."

"Walk! You expect me to walk outside in public with those . . ."

"Ben-wa balls . . ." he added for her.

"Ben-wa balls up my twat?" she hissed angrily.

"Yeah, I do," he said firmly and she decided to shut up for the moment and worked on her salad, although she had lost her appetite for food.

"Tell me something, R. G."

"What now?"

"Are you excited?"

"No more than I was coming into this place to meet you."

That took him back a notch; he hadn't expected her to not like his present.

Argie realized she might have pushed back a little harder than she'd wanted to and tried to make amends. "You really expect me to wear these damn things out in the street?"

"Why, yeah, I do."

She thought for a moment and a solution came to her. "All right, there's a movie theatre around the corner. Let's go there."

"Argie, that's a dirty movie theatre," he said, wanting to warn her.

She reached over and gave his thigh a hard squeeze. "I know exactly what it is. Let's go, okay?"


Ten minutes later, they are standing in front of a ticket booth, while Milo nervously fumbled several bills from his wallet, handed them to the 80-year-old crone in the booth.

"Feature's started three minutes ago," the old woman told them without even looking at them. She handing the tickets over and they walked through the door only to have the old woman call after them, "Forgot your change, young fella."

After retrieving his money, Milo escorted Argie into the darkened theatre, and found them seats in an empty row at the back of the theatre. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw that only four others were seated in front of them.

On the screen before them, a blonde was taking turns licking two huge cocks; one black, one white. Argie's eyes were riveted to the screen. The short wall with the ben-wa balls had excited her, thoroughly lubricating her and leaving her with powerful yearning to be touched between the legs.

Leaning her head on Milo's shoulder, she whispered, "Not much of a plot is there?"

He laughed, cupped her left breast and said, "It's the sub-plots that get ya in these films."

On the screen, the blonde's head was bobbing up and down on the white cock; then trailing a long glob of saliva, her mouth descended upon the thicker and longer black one.

Milo ran his hand along Argie's thigh, and found it hot, moist and electric. Her hand sought out his hardness in turn, squeezing him gently. His hand continued its journey, meandering downward until entwined in her pubic hair. Argie moaned softly, widened her thighs, granting him free access to her wet, throbbing flesh.

She couldn't help but moan as she stared at the screen and watched wide-eyed as the two men prepared a double penetration of the willing blonde.

When Milo's fingers lightly pinched her labia causing them to rub against each other, she was unable to contain herself, and moaned loudly; then bit the fingers that she'd quickly shoved into her mouth. The fact that everyone in the theatre must have heard her cry out, dulled the intense pain; and when Milo's middle finger began its probe inside her, nudging the stainless steel ben-wa balls around, she was filled with pleasure and all pain vanished.

Then, two things happened almost simultaneously. First, Argie felt an orgasm closing in on her. Second, a man, alerted by her moans; has decided to join them, and moved stealthily into their row, taking a seat one removed from Argie.

Neither Argie, nor Milo was looking at the screen which had a close up of the black cock slithering into the blonde's wide open ass. Terrified by the stranger's presence, Argie clutched at Milo's thigh, and hissed at him, "There's a guy next to me with his dick out!"

Rather than take immediate action, Milo decided to wait and see what the stranger would do next. To relieve Argie of the frightened tension he caressed her clit, causing her hands to clench both armrests tightly.

Despite her fear, Argie was even closer to coming. Milo added a second finger, and his thumb skimmed over her clitoris. With a sharp, knee jerk reaction, her hips shot up and she came hard. It wasn't a gigantic climax, but it took her to the next level sexually. That and the fact that the stranger had not touched her eased her fears to some extent.

From the corner of her eye, Argie glanced over at the stranger and was appalled to see he was jerking himself off.

On the screen, a third man had joined the festivities; apparently he had been watching them from a closet.

The Black man's huge phallus spewed a load that totally covered the blonde's ass; the white cock, still lodged in her cunt, was obviously coming as well. The newcomer, wasted little time jerking himself off, and blasted his ejaculate into the blonde's face; causing a long strand of globular semen to hang from her chin to her left breast.

Convinced the stranger was harmless; Milo pushed his luck, and told Argie, "Give me the balls back . . . right now."

Argie's head snapped around to face him. She was no longer interested or fearful of the stranger. Milo now had her undivided attention. "What?" she whispered, nervously.

"Take 'em out, NOW!"

The last word sounded like a shout to her ears, although Milo had only raised his voice a little.

With a quiet whimper that only the two of them could possibly hear, Argie forced herself to lean forward against the seat in front of her; hoisted her ass up, and allowed Milo to slip his hand between her legs, then, "Plop . . . click," the two moist, warm balls fell into his hand.

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