tagErotic CouplingsHouston II Ch. 05

Houston II Ch. 05

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 5.

Coughlin's Learning Curve

"I think it time you got out of those clothes, Argie," Doctor Coughlin said smoothly. But Argie was still locked away in the never-never land of orgiastic bliss and didn't hear a word he said. So, as she was still basking in the afterglow of her orgasm, he quickly removed her sweater and grinned when he saw she wore a translucent bra. His eyes widened when her perfectly rounded globes bounced and jiggled upon release, and her little pink nipples stood up proud and erect, begging for his attention. He took hold of her skirt, which was bunched around her waist, and tugged at it until she had to lean forward, allowing him to pull it over her head and off.

Argie was only vaguely aware that she was being undressed; that someone was lying down with her on the couch. The doctor snaked his arm around her, and gently pulled her soft flesh against his. She scooted back against him, feeling safe and warm in his strong embrace. Abruptly she realized where she was and whom she was with, and her sexual hunger returned full-strength.

"Doctor . . . that was fantastic!" she said, already breathing heavily again.

"Easy now," he said. "Want me to lick you some more?"

"Are you going to fuck me?" she asked in a tiny voice.

"Of course, but remember, this is a lesson in touching; in getting to know one another. It's not a fast roll in the sack, Argie, we're making love. We're . . . I'm showing you how to deal with a patient who is not currently capable of showing a good deal of passion, or even demonstrating affection. You see how I've turned you on?"

"Brother, have you ever turned me on," she said, then giggled.

"Get ready, I'm about to turn you on even more," he said.

"I can't wait . . ." she exclaimed as his finger slid easily inside her, causing her to moan, "Oh, doctor!"

Another finger followed the first, and Argie was humping back at them while gnawing at the thumb of her left hand with her teeth. Coughlin steered his tongue to her clit, gave it a strident lick and Argie shrieked out her joy.


Coughlin spent ten seconds; ten long, lingering seconds, sucking on the tiny protuberance that had emerged from under its protective hood before backing away to observe her reaction.

Argie's nostrils flared as she inhaled his smell, unconsciously labeling it as a mix of musk, sweat and sex that she would remember for years afterward.

He leaned close to Argie and whispered softly in her ear, "You're beautiful Argie, absolutely beautiful." He cupped both her breasts, and fondled them gently. He laughed delightedly as her nipples shot out stiff and hard in his palms. Then he returned to eating her out.

"Aaaaaggghh!" Argie shrieked, as she thrashed her pelvis with uncontrollable joy, striving to compel his fingers deeper and his mouth tighter. But the doctor, extremely knowledgeable in this area, withdrew his fingers a little and took his mouth away from her drooling sex. Her hips settled back down, and she wailed forlornly at losing contact with him.

Coughlin spent a minute stroking her flanks, delving into the cleft of her ass, making her moan anew at his touches there. Then he stopped and waited patiently before taking her to the next level.

When Argie calmed slightly, Coughlin kissed her on the lips, then kissed each eye in turn and whispered into her ear, "Concentrate on me . . . and my cock."

"I am, Doctor, I am," she moaned. "And your tongue and soft hands, and fingers . . . Oh . . . Oh . . . OHHHHH!"

Argie shifted position and lay back on the leather couch with one leg strewn lewdly over the back, and the other with her toes barely touching the floor. With her cunt fully exposed to his viewing pleasure, he knelt beside her and gazed at her sexual portal for a moment, admiring its puffy state of development while the juices flowing freely from her inner self. Then he began anew. Starting with her left thigh, he licked upward from the top of her knee, the length of her cunt to her clit, which he sucked briefly. And then he repeated the process on her left leg. When he reached her cunt this time, he plunged his tongue into her as far as it would go, then began fucking her with it and at the same time, his right hand reached up and grasped a nipple and toyed with it.

Argie moaned with pleasure, nearly overwhelmed by it all. 'How did he ever learn all this?' she wondered briefly, then forgot she ever thought of it as she surrendered herself to the cataclysmic beginnings of a fantastic orgasm that had rushed up on her.

She vaguely remembered his taking both her hands and entwining his fingers with them, and then placing them on her breasts, generating a new sensation to go with the others. Then everything blurred. His mouth had fastened upon her clit and she was coming again -- coming, coming!

Coughlin stroked his thick penis; one of his overly zealous lovers had once measured his circumference with a tape measure, and had amazed the both of them, pronouncing him to be seven inches around.

He glanced at Argie, saw that she would soon be ready to continue, placed a pillow under her behind; knelt between her legs on the couch, and then placed each leg in turn upon his broad shoulders. He smiled and leaned forward to place a lingering kiss on her sopping thin crop of pubic hair.

She moaned, and placed a finger in her mouth. Her eyes were closed, but her pelvic muscles had already begun twitching. He licked her folds twice, then parted them with two fingers from his left hand, exposing her coral colored inner flesh.

Instinctively, Argie's hips began moving in a bucking motion, and as she became aware of her surroundings, discovered she was humping her very wet cunt against the doctor's face, soaking the area around his mouth. His mouth felt so wonderfully good on her and she felt another orgasm approaching. As she prepared to let loose an anticipatory guttural scream of pleasure, she heard him say, "I'm going to enter you now."

Argie closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on his hands and fingers gliding over her sweat streaked skin. She had a vague recollection of his taking her to the very brink of ecstasy and beyond only a few short minutes ago; and that they had yet to screw one another.

"Feel the heat building up inside you?" he asked.

She was silent for a moment, as she tried to fathom the meaning behind his question, and then gave up, replying, "Are you kidding?"

A moment later, a soft, low moan escaped her lips, and her eyes fluttered shut as she trembled with mounting desire. Coughlin took the opportunity to whisper to her over the sound of the soft, rhythmic music playing in the background, "Notice every sensation you feel from now on," and he began to hum along with the music as his fingers walked along the lips of her labia, teasing her even more. Then he had two fingers churning away inside her, causing Argie to lunge up in a futile attempt to force them deeper, but anticipating her move he was already pulling them out and she whimpered sadly at the loss.

Argie felt as though she was almost there . . . had been on the edge several times since last coming and couldn't fathom his reason for not letting her come and then come again. In the back of her mind she heard his words again, ""Notice every sensation you feel from now on . . ." she nodded her head in a vague sort of understanding. She began to feel feverish from wanting him inside her.

Doctor Coughlin chose that moment to thrust his hips forward, squashing the blunt head of his member between her slickened, swollen labia. Argie groaned and quickly pushed back against him to hasten the entry of his steel-like shaft inside her.

"Slowly, now," he said, warning her against being overly aggressive in humping back at him. He fed only the head of his cock into her.

Argie was going crazy wanting him firmly embedded inside her and moaned loudly at him, urging him to "Fuck me! Please, fuck me now!"

Still he waited, counting to twenty and only then did he slide slowly into her. Argie was coming again.

She stopped breathing, and unbeknownst to her, the doctor began counting again, this time to see how long she could manage before passing out, or coughing air back into her lungs. It was a favorite game of his by which he measured his control over women.

He eased into her, inch by inch. Her vaginal muscles clenched him as if to tug him into her at a faster rate which he was willing to provide her. Coughlin smiled at this, pleased that she had such muscle control. He knew that in a short time she would learn how to use them to achieve even better results.

Finally, he was buried to the hilt in her grasping succulence. She moaned with satisfaction, shuddering from the mini-climax that was still in progress. In her rather hazy-minded state, Argie realized that she was having a number of climaxes, each one slightly different from the one preceding it, all of them wonderful. Still, she sensed that a mighty orgasm still lay ahead; one that she would not reach until he wanted her to.

"Argie, can you hear me?" He asked.

"Um, uh-huh."

"I'm going to demonstrate the beneficial effects of motion; that is, when I, or even you move faster, a greater amount of friction is generated. I know that we're in the middle of a lovely fuck, but still, this is what you must be keenly aware of when working with your patient.

"Huh?" she replied, obviously disoriented by the tumultuous pleasures bombarding her senses. Coughlin chucked, pulled his cock back until only the tip remained in her cunt.

Argie moaned at the loss.

"Please pay attention!" he said, trying not to make it sound as if he were scolding her. Then he slammed back into her, heard the air whoosh from her lungs and realized he had forgotten to keep count on her breathing and mentally chided himself, 'Getting old, I guess,' he thought, then began a series of rapid thrusting, virtually hammering his member into her with each and every thrust.

"Oh, God!" "Oh, God!" "Oh, God!"

She shrieked and shuddered, as her climax -- a rapid succession of them, actually -- each increasing in its intensity as they flowed over her like a gigantic tsunami.

Gradually, Coughlin slowed his pace, and in a matter-of-fact tone told her, "I would point out that one benefit of your having your legs on my shoulders is that I have easy access to your . . . clit."

That said, he caressed the fleshy hood of her throbbing clit, eliciting an even greater climax than the ones preceding it.

Argie's eyes rolled back in her head, and her mouth opened wide, but no sound came out. Blinding lights flashed in her head and her lithe body convulsed in another fireworks-like series of orgasms, while Argie grabbed desperately at Doctor Coughlin, her muscles strained to their limits, trying to get him to stop for a moment, to give her a chance to breathe, a chance to think and then she let herself go, too tired to fight it or him any longer.

She passed out.

Coughlin made sure she was breathing properly, and then gave her several minutes to revive herself, which she did.

"Excellent," he said, as her eyes opened. He remained fully embedded in her, and she found that comforting, she knew she would be sore from his excessive pounding later, and throughout the following day.

A fleeting thought passed through her mind, 'No fuckee for John tomorrow . . . or for Milo either,' she told herself, concluding the thought.

The doctor's voice reached her once again. "How did you like your multiple orgasms?"

"They were . . . lovely," she said, sounding exhausted, which she very definitely was, at the moment.

"Shall we continue then?"

"You're not finished with me?" she asked incredulously.

"No, I have learned to control my orgasms. In fact, I can do this for hours on end."

"Oh, shit!" Argie exclaimed, "Well, I can't!"

He laughed as he lowered her legs from his shoulders and positioned her on her hands and knees.

"Not my ass, please not my ass!" Argie pleaded nervously.

"Not to worry, my love," he said, kneeling behind her. He tapped her ass with his member, and then sent it quickly back into the depths of her cunt.

"OH, DAMN!" she swore, and then moaned happily, as a bevy of pleasing sensations soared through her nervous system.

He reached around her to locate her clitoris again and agilely plied it with his soft, experienced fingers.

She moaned.

He thrust.

She groaned.

He thrust faster, and was soon banging against her cervix with a regularity she found excruciatingly pleasant.

Unable to contain herself, Argie screamed out in pleasure, her head drooped and her long, silky hair fanned out over the cushions.

Coughlin, still lodged firmly with her, began to torment her clit with his thumb.

"Yeah, MORE!" she gasped, as the sweat from their bodies caused her to slip a little and Coughlin was almost displaced from her cunt.

Recovering, he slammed into her harder, faster and Argie's climaxes began anew. Coughlin noted that her nerves were frayed and her emotions almost worn out, and decided to finish them both off. He flexed his buttocks harder than before; savagely pounding into her. Grunting and sweating profusely, he reveled in the feel of their wet flesh slapping against each other.

"Do you want me to come inside you?" He asked in a voice strained from the effort of his fucking.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she answered, delighting in the feel of his bloated balls slapping heavily at her ass.

He held off, waiting for her next climax to arrive. When it did, with her cunt twitching and pulsing around his pistoning cock, he groaned into her ear: "Here we come!"

The words caused her eyes to fly open, and her mouth opened to emit a silent scream of pleasure. He slammed into her one last time and she felt his molten sperm rocketing into the condom he wore to protect them both. Argie sensed several exquisite seconds of marvelous bliss and then collapsed in an unconscious state as this mighty orgasm completely overwhelmed her. A moment or two later, Coughlin's member reluctantly slipped from her gaping slit with an obscene, wet smacking sound . . . and her juices quickly followed, seeping from her opening and onto her right thigh and then the couch. Coughlin fell forward to, also exhausted. He eased himself down onto the floor with the beautiful woman he had just made love too.

Argie was reviving and gasping for breath. Her body was trembling from the ordeal. Coughlin lay against her naked body, spoon-fashion, and stroked her soft skin tenderly.

When she could finally speak, Argie rasped, "That was amazing, Doctor."

"I'm glad you liked it," he whispered. "You are a wonderful student. So, do you approve of my sexual surrogate techniques?"

She turned her head back slightly, and gazed at him. She giggled softly. "I can hardly wait for our next session."

"Nor can I," he said and then they both laughed.

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