tagNovels and NovellasHouston II Ch. 09-10

Houston II Ch. 09-10

byParis Waterman©

John & Argie – Different Partners

Chapters 9 & 10

After a time, the two women began alternating in sucking his member. First, Norma took a deep suck, and then Felicia would deep-throat him, pulling off as slowly as possible. The feel of two different mouths taking turns descending upon him struck John as magnificent, and he laughed as they paused between exchanges, and kissed one another hungrily.

After the kiss, Felicia licked the side of Norma's face, and then returned to him, devouring his cock all the way down to the base. Norma lowered her face to Felicia's cunt, and sucked her in rhythm with Felicia's mouth as it rose and fell upon John's rigid appendage.

Norma found Felicia's cunt sopping wet with her fluids. Moments later, moaning and rocking the bed, Felicia came, her mouth still full of John's cock. Her eyes were closed, and a look of contentment spread over her face, even with her mouth halfway down his shaft. With a mournful sigh, Norma deserted Felicia's pussy to return to John's balls, cupping them as she licked her way up his unbending shaft to Felicia's lips.

Suddenly, John shuddered, and his hips began to buck. Felicia moaned loudly.

Norma felt his cock throbbing wildly, and realized he was coming in Felicia's mouth. She heard Felicia noisily swallowing his ejaculate, and murmured, "Don't be so greedy!"

Acting as if she hadn't heard a word Norma said, Felicia swallowed twice more, and then rose up from his shimmering member, and handed it off to Norma as if it were a baton.

To Norma's surprise, John was still coming. A thick spurt splashed against Norma's face, and she promptly opened her mouth and took him in. His thick, salty cum squirted again, then again. It seemed as if he would never stop. She was forced to swallow, but took a second to sample his taste, finding him salty-sweet, and after he stopped coming, she held him in her hand as he softened, while Felicia licked the streak of cum from her cheek.

The two women kissed, licking each other's sperm covered tongues, and then they took turns sucking his cock until it was hard again.

Peering down at his new found hard-on, John croaked out, "You two are really terrific," and then started laughing. The two women laughed gleefully along with him, unabashedly admiring his glistening cock.

Felicia sat up and asked Norma, "You want to ride him first?"

Norma mounted him, centered his cock on her pussy, and eased down until he was fully inside her. John began fucking her even as Felicia mounted his face. Seconds later, Norma was literally bouncing like a pogo-stick upon his member, already enjoying repeated climaxes. Felicia rode his face, and alternated between sucking and pinching Norma's small tits whenever possible.

Eventually, the women switched places, but John wanted to take Felicia from behind. So, Felicia knelt and he got behind her, grabbing her hips and slamming his cock deep in her foam flecked pussy.

In turn, Felicia pushed Norma down, and the flat-chested slut squirmed about until she managed to present her spread-eagled cunt to Felicia's greedy mouth. Of course, Felicia went down on her as John continued to fuck her furiously.

Felicia, who was now cumming continuously from the pleasurable intensity of the cock rampaging inside her, managed to use her gifted tongue on Norma's clit and her dexterous fingers in her cunt. As a result, Norma came three times.

John, aware of what was transpiring between the two, suggested he change partners, and Norma, showing only light resistance, moved in to kneel before him.

Felicia, using the fingers of both hands, spread herself open for Norma's mouth and tongue. John permitted Norma two languid laps at Felicia's gaping cunt before slamming his steel-hard cock into her. Not surprisingly, Norma renewed her series of climaxes, but she never quit sucking greedily away at Felicia, biting and twisting her labia until Felicia's hips were bucking wildly against her face. And Norma, responding to both Felicia's actions and John's relentless fucking, went wild, shoving two fingers deep inside Felicia, mimicking John as he pounded her juice-drenched cunt.

Despite the battering of her nervous system with orgasm after orgasm, Norma remained highly attuned to the variances of his member as it caromed against her vaginal walls. She sensed it swelling to a greater thickness. (Later, she would claim it felt as if he had a fire hose up inside her.) Knowing what that indicated, she gasped to fill her lungs, and clenched him tightly with her vaginal muscles.

Despite her efforts, or perhaps because of them, he managed to wrench his member free of her clutches, and thrust himself even deeper, hitting her cervix and triggering a tremendous climax for the two of them.

Norma, when allowed a lucid second in which to consider her situation, thought she was being flooded with gallon after gallon of sperm. Ultimately, she was completely overwhelmed, and passed out with his cock still throbbing as it released his pent up load into her cunt.

Nearly exhausted, John groaned, and pulled out of her. A huge glob of semen plopped from Norma's cunt onto her upper thigh.

Felicia, looking on, began cheering them. "Oh, did you ever come! Did you two ever come!"

No sooner had he pulled his wilted dick from Norma's pussy then Felicia stuck two hooked fingers into the gaping hole, and scooped out a messy string of John's load, and smeared it over Norma's chalk-white ass.

Dipping her fingers back into Norma again, Felicia fed the next glob to her extended tongue, licking daintily, while John grimaced in feigned disgust.

"Like my cum?" he asked, knowing the answer.

"Love it. Want some?"

"Feed me some," he said laughing as she quickly prepared to do so. And as he swallowed his own seed, Felicia leaned into Norma to rub her choice breasts over her friend's slimy rear-end.


During the ride to Milo's, his devilish hand and fingers never left Argie's bare thighs. By the time they reached his block, his fingers were wedged down the top of her panties. Her sexual entrance was moist, with a musky aroma.

As they entered his apartment, he told her, "Baby, you know we're going to fuck the shit out of each other . . ."

She laughed stridently, and said, "If we're not, I'll have to make a couple phone calls,"

Argie knew he would satisfy her, for he had never disappointed her before.

He added to her anticipation by grabbing her dress in front and ripping it open, then peeled most of it off her body.

"Christ, yes!" Argie shrieked happily, forgetting that the dress had cost her $290 at Bergdorf's.

Milo's mouth fastened to hers, and they exchanged a long, sloppy kiss, then he abruptly grabbed her, flung her over his shoulder, and carried her into the bedroom, only to drop her unceremoniously on the unmade bed.

"Whoopie!" Argie screeched happily, "I'm gonna get laid!"

A second later a snarling Milo was painfully tearing off her thonged underwear.

"Ouch! That hurt!" she complained, for it had hurt a good deal more than he had intended...

"I'll make it up to you," he said curtly, not meaning a word, and dropped to his knees, and buried his face in her pussy.

"Eat me! Eat me, baby!" Argie crowed, then shuddered, as he pulled back from her creamy snatch and blew gently into her slit.

"Do that again!" Argie barked happily, and when he repeated the action, she shivered and widened her legs even more for him.

Slowly, he lowered his mouth, tentatively nipping at a warm, wet, swollen fold.

Argie gasped, partly from the expected touch, partly from the built-up anticipation. She moaned loudly when he slowly drew both lips into his mouth and chewed them. He contented himself with sucking on them, slipping a finger into her and stretching her fold wide so that he could peer inside her coral portal.

Her hand went in search of his member, and on finding it, alternated gentle squeezes with a slow up and down movement. He rewarded her by seeking and locating her engorged clitoris, now marble-sized, and after spitting on it, circled it with the tip of his tongue, being careful not to touch it.

Her hand was moving up and down at a much faster pace, as she jerked him off.

Turning his face from her genitals, he groaned, "Squeeze the damn base. Squeeze hard or I'll be coming all over your hand!"

Argie gripped the base of his shaft, and squeezed with all her might.

"Use both hands!" he said, the urgency in his voice making her scramble to comply.

He waited patiently until the urge to spend passed him by. "Let go, now. It's okay. I'm not gonna cum," he said, and then sent his tongue into her cunt, while his pinky caressed the sides of her clit.

Argie released a long, deep moan, as he continued to eat her.

It wasn't long before Milo's face and chin were coated with Argie's creamy juices.

He spent the next few seconds paying homage to her clit, placing the flat of his tongue on it, and licking firmly.

Her hands came to rest on his head, her fingers curled in his hair, absently playing with it as she shivered with pleasure at his attentiveness to her special sexual organ. And when he plied his tongue rapidly back and forth across her throbbing clit . . .

"Oh, fuck, oh, fuck!" she moaned, "I'm going to come! I'm going to come! Lick me hard!"

Milo couldn't leave it at that, and kept licking and sucking on her hole, tongue fucking her, hard and fast.

"Lick me . . . Oh, I'm cuming!" she screamed and pulled his hair.

He ate her through another orgasm, then leaned back and looked at her. Her face was flushed with arousal, and had a very satisfied smile. Argie's hands relaxed their grip on his head, and gradually her legs relaxed. She smiled, and mouthed a silent 'Thank you.'

Milo knelt, and then stood up, his rigid member pulsing in front of her eyes. She stared at it, then smiled and said, "Oh, for me?"

She lay down on her back, opened her legs, and guided his hot shaft between the splayed flaps of her pussy.

Argie's clit throbbed, and her juices oozed from her steamy slit, serving as a natural lubricant for his pulsating, divining rod. She wrapped her legs around him, deftly tucking him deeper.

She kissed him, softly, lingeringly, sensually. When it ended, she asked in a husky, wanton tone, "You really gonna fuck my brains out?"

"Correction, lover, we're gonna fuck our brains out."

They were laughing when Argie reached between them to fondle his balls.

He moaned happily.

"Mmmmm," she sighed contentedly, "I can tell when I hold your balls like this that we're gonna come forever." She reached out and took a small hand mirror from the bedside table and maneuvered it until she could see his cock as it penetrated her.

"Eewwe, this is wild, baby," she cackled lewdly.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

She giggled. "Watchin' your wet, shiny cock sliding in and out of my pussy."

"You are, are you?" he said, and drove into her with a force she hadn't reckoned on. It knocked the wind out of her, made her gasp for air, as he repeated the thrust again and again.

"Whoa! Hold it a fucking minute," she cried, "Time fucking out!"

"What's the matter?"

"You're killing me with that battering ram, that's what," she said defensively, although her confidence was returning along with her breath.

"I thought you were fucking around with me, using the mirror and all."

"No, I wasn't, honest. I wanted to see you doing the old in and out, that's all. Honest to God."

"All right, take a good look, then," and he resumed a more leisurely pace. Argie took another look in the mirror, and then dropped the mirror lightly to the floor, tightened her legs around Milo's waist and started to fuck him back.

"Yeah!" he growled, as her fingers clenched the cheeks of his ass.

"Oh, baby, yes!" he growled again, as her finger toyed with the entrance to his anus.

"You know how much I love it when you squeeze my ass cheeks together like that!"

Argie giggled happily, reveling in the feel of his cock as it surged into her tightness.

"Stick it in! C'mon, shove that finger up my ass!" he cried out obscenely.

She pushed, and his anus opened for her digit.

"Christ! I love it, baby," he groaned happily. "Deeper, push it deeper, Argie!"

He began to suck on her right nipple. Argie felt herself soaring toward a mighty orgasm. She wasn't sure which feeling was better, his cock in her cunt, or his teeth mauling her nipple. Both were exhilarating.

She tried fitting another finger into his ass, and he responded by groaning loudly and burying his face in the doughy softness of her tits, and then licking and nipping his way up one peak, and down the other. The fact that he took turns biting and crunching each swollen nipple drove her level of arousal to even greater heights.

Argie's nipples hadn't been worried this much since her second child was nursing on her. She even felt as if she were squirting milk into his mouth.

And all the while, his cock continued to fuck her, slower than usual, but no one was counting the individual strokes being applied.

Eventually, he released her breasts, and rolled onto his side. They fucked this way for a time, comfortable with one another and enjoying the varied sensations fornicating this way afforded. They entered into another long, sensual kiss that ended when Argie began to shudder as her climax approached.

"You must be liking this baby, cause you're starting to shake."

"Uh, uh, uh." She huffed, unable to form a discernable word.

"Your moanin's making me hotter, baby," he groaned, and increased his tempo.

Argie paid him no heed, as she was unable to contain the sounds and she went with the flow, enjoying the beginnings of her orgasm.

"I can feel your pussy grabbin' at me, Argie," he grunted. And then he yelled, "Cum with me baby!" and turned on his afterburners, pumping furiously for several moments, sending her over the edge so that they came together in a last, violent fury of activity, and then lay gasping and panting for several minutes.

Argie was the first to speak.

"God, I needed that."

"I guess I needed it too," he agreed.

Milo got up, made them both a stiff drink, and brought them back to the bed, and handed one to Argie.

"I better not get drunk," she said laughing.

"Why not?"

"The kids, that's why, silly," she said, but thought him stupid not to realize this simple fact.

"Yeah, the kids," he said absently running his hand over her thigh.

She trembled at his touch.

"Ummm, wanna shift your leg a little, Argie?'

She obliged him.

"Yeah, that's it," he said.

"You know, you were really tight today."

"Gee thanks, you make it sound like I'm just one big gaping hole down there."

"No, no. I don't mean anything of the kind. I meant what I said. You were kinda tight today . . . ." he paused, thought about a better choice of words and said, "I mean my dick had problems getting in there, you know? The friction was there today, wasn't there last time, okay?"

"So put so K-Y jelly on it next time."

"Think I will," he said. She both felt and heard his belly grumble as he reached across her to the bed stand table and retrieved the ever present tube of lubricant.

Argie noted that he was getting hard again and felt a surge of pride in the fact that she was able to stir him to arousal so quickly.

'Not every woman is capable of doing that,' she thought, watching his apply a liberal amount of the K-Y to his now prominent erection.

He mounted her, and she spread her thighs apart.

"Mmmm, feel me in there, Argie?"

"Like how could I not feel your big dick in me, baby?"

He laughed happily, and said, "That's my girl."

He began to fuck, and she matched his pace, heaving her pelvis up to meet his every thrust.

In another minute, both were covered with a shiny sheen of perspiration.

"Like this, baby?"

"Oh, yeah," she replied.

"I think . . . I can go for a little longer at this rate," he offered.

"Yeah . . ." she huffed, "try it . . . see how long . . . 'cause it feels terrific."

"Whew!" he panted, showing the exertion was wearing him down. "Clamp those legs around me . . ."

Seconds later, he apologized, and said, "Gotta slow down a bit . . . sorry, baby."

"No problem, sweetie. We're working off those excess calories, ain't we?"

"You bet . . . ugh! . . . we are."

Milo's dick slipped from her pussy, and as he made to replace it, he commented, "Oh, look at you!"


"Your pussy's creamin' baby. Really, I ain't kiddin'."

"Not news to me, sweetie, I've been coming for a couple minutes now."

"Not big time though," he gasped, and resumed fucking her.

"Where the hell have you been?" she asked, savoring the sensations bombarding her nervous system.

"Right there with you each and every time baby," he responded.

"Oh, so this time we're going for the jackpot, 'eh?" she quipped.

"Trying . . ." he huffed again, as he hammered a fusillade of thrusts into her that took her breath away.

Needing some rest, he suggested changing their position.

"I'm game for anything," Argie chirped, and Milo promptly put them in position for a doggy-style fuck.

"I kinda like this way," Argie said, and giggled happily.

"Me too," Milo said agreeing with her even as his prick slid back into her frothy center.

"OH, YEAH!" Argie yelped contentedly. "That feels extra good, baby!"

"Did I hit the spot?"

The first time, not the second . . ."

"How's . . ."

"Oh, my God!"

". . . this?"

"Jesus! "

". . . and this?"

"Coming! I'm coming!"

"DAMN! Hold on . . . wait up for me baby!" he cried out, as she began bucking wildly in the throes of a huge orgasm.

But Argie's gyrations proved too much for him and he either pulled, or flopped out of her because she was jerking and twisting so wildly.

Norma groaned as she began to come down from the clouds.

"She's waking," Felicia cried out happily. "Let's see how long it takes to make her come again." She took Norma's limp hand and drew the middle finger into her mouth.

Norma let out an audible sigh, as if still in the middle of a highly erotic dream, and moaned even louder as the tip of Felicia's tongue flicked across her strawberry shaped nipple.

John decided to join in the seduction and picked up Norma's right foot, held it in front of his face as if admiring its beauty, and then sucked the big toe into his mouth.

"Oh!" Norma sighed again, somewhat taken aback by the concerted assault on her senses by not one, but both of the others.

Felicia abandoned the succulent nipple, and moved deftly to Norma's stomach, darting her tongue in and out of her belly button. As soon as Norma squealed with delight, Felicia changed tactics and left a wet coat of saliva across her belly. John chimed in, spitting several times between her breasts and ultimately blending his saliva with that of Felicia's.

Norma started to giggle, for she felt this whole scene to be a little bizarre. But the two lovers put the giggles to rest by taking turns kissing her feverishly. Norma welcomed their mouths alternating with hers and kept her mouth open, delighting in the slightly different texture and movement between Felicia and John.

Felicia mashed her mouth against hers, and Norma's head lolled left, then right, dreamily returning the kiss before Felicia abruptly tore her lips away.

"Please . . . don't stop!" Norma moaned.

"We're not going to stop," John answered for Felicia, "It's just going to get even better; we haven't even really started yet."

Felicia's wet lips slid against Norma's again, and their mouths opened in unison.

Norma spread her legs as John's fingertip found her tiny clit. She moaned into Felicia's mouth as his finger slipped familiarly back into her slit, and began masturbating her once again, using his acquired skill and sensitivity.

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