tagSci-Fi & FantasyHow An Angel Gets Her Wings

How An Angel Gets Her Wings

byNeco Apreal©

She had heard him. Her father's voice rang distinctly in her ears. It seems that one of his enemies had returned to this realm and he wasn't very happy with it. "I know I can count on you my dear daughter. Ishtar must be stopped! Go to the girl tonight and slay her. Then Ishtar shall return here where she belongs." Trinity had agreed to her father's bidding.

Late that evening, when the moon was at its highest point; Trinity snuck through the halls to Tearza's chambers. She crept through the door, making not a sound. She had decided to suffocate her. She took a pillow from the bed and placed it over top of Tearza's face. After a few seconds Tearza's eyes pop open, fear visibly showing. Suddenly, Tearza escapes from Trinity's grasp and lunges for her. Ishtar had awakened. She rips violently at Trinity's flesh, Tearza's body being splattered with the blood of the girl who had assaulted her but even still her soul cried out. She hated when Ishtar did this. She would use Tearza's body to her own desires and force Tearza to watch from inside being able to do nothing to stop her. It had happened many times before. Tearza had even resorted to suicide, but had been unsuccessful in the attempt.

Suddenly, Immozel appeared, he was the half-demon half-dragon who was to serve as Tearza's guardian. Upon seeing him, Ishtar flees immediately, knowing that he is much stronger than she is. Trinity cowers in the corner as Immozel turns his gaze to her. She flees in terror, never turning back to see if he is following. Tearza sits in the middle of the floor, covered in blood and sobbing heavily.

Immozel goes to her, kneeling beside of her. "Tearza," He gently touches her shoulder. "Don't cry. You are safe now. I am here." Tearza places her head upon his shoulder, sobbing quietly. He holds her, his claws gently stroking her back. "Shh… everything is alright. I am sorry I wasn't here to prevent this. I promise, I won't let her hurt you again."

"I… I don't know how much more of this I can take." Tearza sobs even harder now. "Why doesn't she just kill me and get it over with? I would rather die than live like this."

Immozel tilts her face to gaze into her eyes, using a claw to wipe away her tears. "She wants you to suffer. But I will not allow her to torment you any longer. I will protect you… and your heart."

"My heart?" Tearza looks away quickly. "There is nothing there to protect."

Immozel takes her by the chin, forcing her to look at him. "I can see your heart and it is beautiful. There is so much for me to protect from her… and I will. I swear it upon my immortal soul and that of my master."

"But why?" She looks up at him questioningly. "Why do you care? Should you not despise me? Am I not the opposite of what you yourself are?"

"Why should I despise you?"

"But why protect me from something that is like you? One of your own kind?"

"I am nothing like her. I am only half demon and that is by my master's choice, for the strength of our race."

"But I am nothing. I am a half-breed who can barely even remember her own name." Tearza looks down to the floor.

"Tearza, can you not see that you are a beautiful and noble maiden? You should treat yourself as such."

"But how can I when I am so weak as to allow my body to be taken from me… to be used to commit such horrid acts?"

"Tearza, Ishtar is strong. It is not your fault." Immozel curls his wing around her protectively, the tip touching her cheek. She buries her face against him, sobbing even more still. Immozel holds her, unable to think of anymore words of comfort.

"I want to be stronger. I want to be able to force her out of me. But I can't. I don't know how."

"Tearza, this may disgust you but," Tearza looks up at him intently, her fresh tears shimmering slightly in the moonlight. He holds out his forearm to her, his wrist facing up. "If you can drink just a single drop of my blood, it will force Ishtar into a deeper slumber within you, making it harder for her to emerge. You will be able to will her away… sometimes."

Tearza looks away for a moment, lost in thought. "Will it hurt you to do that?"

"A bit, but I care not. I would give anything, even my life, to protect you." Immozel places a claw at the center of his wrist.

Tearza shakes her head. "No, I will not do anything that will hurt you."

"It won't hurt me for long. Please let me do this for you."

"I… I can't." She looks to him, her teary eyes filled with sincerity. "I cannot do anything that will hurt you, not even for a moment."

Immozel presses his claw down, slicing the flesh open. "I am sorry but I must do this. I must help you." Tearza winces slightly then looks away. He caresses her face gently with one of his wings. "I am sorry. I promise that I won't do anything else to upset you, ever." He lets a few drops of blood pool into his hand then holds it out to her. Tearza looks to him, her eyes welling up with tears. She takes a deep breath pulling his palm to her mouth and drinking the blood slowly. When she is done, he pulls his palm away grips the wound upon his wrist. Tearza puts her head in her hands, shivering slightly as she feels his blood coursing through her. "Tearza, are you okay?"

"Yes… I am fine." She closes her eyes tightly.

Immozel touches a claw to her cheek. "I'm sorry if I upset you. I… I tend to be forceful sometimes… and overprotective."

"It's ok." Tearza places her hand over top of his claw, nuzzling her face gently against it.

Immozel blinks, shaking slightly. "Tear…" He swallows hard trying to find his voice. "Tearza?"

She raises her eyes to him slowly, smiling faintly. "Yes?"

"You… you would show me affection? I am like the one who torments you."

Tearza shakes her head and smiles softly. "You are nothing like her." Immozel looks away, his cheeks flaring red. "She would never do for me that you just did."

After a few moments of silence, Tearza speaks again. "Can I tell you something?"


"Well I… I've never told anyone this before but… when people are in pain… I can sometimes feel it."

"You can?"

"It is almost as if their pain becomes my own."

"Do… do I cause you pain?"

"No, not exactly. It's more like… longing… like a dull ache."


"Loneliness I suppose. I am not really sure."

Immozel looks away from her. "I… I am rather lonely."

Tearza puts her hand on the side of his facing, turning it to meet her gaze. "I know that I am not as strong as you. But as you are here for me so shall I be for you." She lightly caresses the side of his face.

"Tearza I…" He unconsciously nuzzles her hand. "I…" He looks away, refusing to let her see his tears.

Tearza takes her hand away and looks down, fidgeting slightly. "It's ok. I understand. I guess that it was rather presumptuous of me. I am sorry if I have offended you."

Immozel looks back to her. "No Tearza," He tilts her face towards him. "I'm sorry. I was just… touched by your words. I am too proud sometimes. I was afraid to let you see me cry. You are the first, aside from my master, to ever show me kindness." He takes her hand in his and holds it to his face, his tears dripping upon it.

"I didn't want to make you cry. I just…"

"These are not sad tears."

"I know…" Tearza leans in and kisses his tears away. He shivers slightly, his wings shaking. She looks into his eyes, the lines of concern etched across her face. "Am I making you uncomfortable?"

"N…no. It felt… wonderful." Tearza smiles and lightly caresses his face. He nuzzles against her warm hand. She then leans in and kisses him gently, her lips barely meeting his for but a brief moment. Immozel's eyes widen as his cheeks blush bright crimson. Tearza pulls away, blushing herself, but never allowing her gaze to leave his own.

"Tearza?" He touches his lips, still feeling the softness of her own upon them.

Tearza smiles. "Yes?"

"I… I believe I may… may I protect you… forever?"

"If that is what you wish… but…"


"I cannot promise that I will not care for you."

"You… you would care for me?"

"Yes. How can I not?"

Immozel swallows hard, his eyes looking towards the ground. "I… I care for you as well."

Tearza tilts his chin, her gaze meeting his own. "The speak to me and not to the ground. I shall not look upon you in judgement."

He curls his wings about himself. "How can you not judge me… with these hideous wings?"

"They are not hideous." Tearza caresses one of his wings lightly. "They are beautiful. I had wings too, once."

Immozel shudders. "Tearza, could you… touch my wing again?" Tearza smiles and runs her hand slowly down one of his wings putting her other hand up to his face and caressing his cheek lightly. Immozel shivers yet again, biting his lip almost to the point of drawing blood, desperate to suppress the moan within his chest. Tearza caresses his other wing. He breathes a bit harder and moans softly. "My… my wings are… sensitive to… to touch."

"Could I ask a favor of you?" Immozel nods. "Anything."

Tearza looks down and takes a deep breath then looks back up meeting his eyes with her own. Immozel unfurls his wings. "Will you embrace me?"

Immozel blushes. "Gladly." He reaches out to her and pulls her into a tight yet loving embrace. Tearza nuzzles her head against him and lightly caresses the inside of his wings. He moans softly into her hair as her caresses her back. "I will stay by you, forever, and protect you."

Tearza smiles and kisses him softly, running her tongue lightly upon his lips as she continues to lovingly caress the inside of his wings. Immozel returns the kiss, taking her tongue into his mouth as he greets it with his own, shuddering with pleasure. Tearza explores the inside of his mouth, running her tongue along his fangs as she continues to stroke his wings and his back. Immozel breaks the kiss gently. "Careful… I don't want you to cut yourself on my fangs." He shudders again and moans softly at the sensation of her hands upon his wings.

"I'll be careful." She reassures him as she caresses the inside of his wings and begins to lightly kiss his neck.

Immozel moans softly, his body shivering in silent pleasure. "T…Tearza, are you… are you sure… you want this?"

"Yes." Tearza smiles softly at him. "I want to make the aching inside of you go away. I… I don't ever want you to feel lonely again."

Immozel places her hand over his demon heart, holding it gently. "You already have. I offer myself to you, Tearza. Though I am partly demon… and hideous… I offer myself to you."

"You are anything but hideous."

"I am hideous." He gestures to his body, covered mostly in thick, golden scales.

Tearza touches his face softly. "You are beautiful. Inside and out."

Immozel nuzzles his face against her hand. "I… I love you Tearza."

Tearza smiles, her cheeks damp with tears. "And I love you Immozel."

He leans down to softly kiss her tears away and smiles. "Thank you."

"No, thank you… for letting me love you." Tearza smiles.

Immozel kisses her soft, silky palm. Tearza runs her hands down his wings again as he trails delicate, loving kisses along her palm, across the back of her hand, and down each finger, shivering slightly at her touch. Tearza trembles a bit as she kisses a path up her arm, his tongue lightly caressing the flesh of her inner elbow. She runs just her fingertips along his wings, barely grazing them. A soft moan of pleasure escapes his lips as she runs her hands along his body, gently caressing the thick, golden scales. He trembles slightly as he intertwines his fingers within her hair. She presses her body close to his as he wraps his wings around the both of them. She shivers slightly, her breasts heaving against him, as he runs a claw lightly down her back. Immozel gazes at her lovingly. "May I… touch you?"


Immozel swallows hard as he reaches down slowly, enveloping one of her soft, milky breasts within his hand. He squeezes gently, his claws raking it slightly. She trembles, her nipples hardening to his caress. He leans down and tenderly kisses her breast. "You… you are so lovely."

Tearza blushes slightly. "As are you, my love." She runs her palms slowly down the inside of his wings, then runs just her fingertips back up them. Immozel takes her nipple into his mouth, his fangs closing gently around it. She winces with pleasure and lightly kisses his neck then rakes her nails softly down his wings. Immozel opens his mouth, a long, shuddering moan of ecstasy upon his lips, then closes his mouth around her other nipple. His tail lashes behind him as his hands wander down her body. She trembles, her breath becoming more and more hushed and rapid, as she runs her hands around his body and gently caresses his tail. She kisses his neck and shoulders for a moment, then trails her tongue along the edge of one of his wings. Immozel shivers. "By the gods, Tearza!" He clutches to her. "More… please… by the gods, more." She continues to lightly kiss and trace paths upon his wings with her tongue while caressing them softly at the same time. Immozel moans with pleasure, completely caught up in the sensation of her lips, tongue and fingers upon his wings. Tearza kisses his chest and abdomen as she traces her fingernails up and down his wings. He leans back, arching his neck and moaning softly. She kisses up his abdomen, chest, and throat to find his mouth meeting him in a passionate kiss. He returns the kiss as he runs his hands down her back and lightly caresses her soft, supple butt. She presses her body against his, wrapping her arms and legs around him.

"Tearza, I… I want to make love to you." Immozel gazes at her, his eyes full of love as he pants softly.

"I want to make love to you too," She kisses him tenderly. "More than anything."

He pulls her close, his breathing slow and husky. "I'm afraid that I might hurt you."

"I'm not afraid." She smiles softly up at him. "I know that you would never intentionally hurt me. I trust you… I love you… I want you."

"I want you too."

"Then take me… I give myself to you with everything that I am."

"My love," He stands. "Close your eyes." Tearza closes her eyes as he turns his back to her. Rustling feels the room, and the sound of a slow, thick de-sheathing. "You can look now." Tearza opens her eyes and Immozel turns to her, his member now de-sheathed from within him and a long-stemmed white rose in his hand. "I did not want to come to you without bearing a gift, my love." He hands the rose to her. She smiles, tears daunting her eyes. She puts it to her face to smell it.

"Thank you. It is beautiful. No one has ever given me a gift before."

"I am sorry that it is so trivial."

"It is not trivial, it's beautiful."

"Such a rose pales when compared to one so fair as you." He pulls her close to him, gazing into her eyes. "You are the fairest flower within this land." He slides her gown down a bit, over her shoulder, as she trails the rose along his wings. "I love you so." He shivers as he kisses her shoulder, the pushes her dress further still causing it to fall from her, pooling in the floor around her feet. "You are so beautiful." He leans in and takes her nipples into his hands and mouth. She moans, laying the rose gently to the side as she caresses his wings then trails her tongue along his shoulder then over his wings, lightly kissing and licking them. He shivers, lifting her into his arms, his mouth, tongue and teeth still caressing her nipples. Her hand trails slowly down his chest and abdomen finding his member, she caresses it softly, barely touching it. He bites her nipple gently, his member jerking at her touch. His hands wander down her back and across her hips then down to her inner thighs where he caresses them gently with his claws. Her thighs tremble as she lightly kisses his wings, her fingertips barely massaging his member. Immozel shudders, his claws trailing up her thighs, a single claw slowing circling around the lips of her flower. He continues to suck upon her nipples as his free hand lightly pinches the other. Tearza places her hand around his shaft and begins to stroke it gently as her free hand searches out his tail once more lightly caressing it with her fingertips. She trails her tongue along the veins of his wings, stopping to kiss on occasion. His tail coils around her hand as he pushes a single claw inside of her with all the gentleness he can. She winces slightly, her body tensing the releasing after adjusting to his touch. She strokes his member faster now, her hand moving fluidly upon his shaft, as she trails her tongue along his wings, her hot breath upon them. His body tenses, he touch driving him mad with pleasure, as he moves his finger inside of her, softly stroking the inner walls of her flower. She moans loudly, shivering violently as she kisses her way up to his mouth, her lips almost touching his own. "Please… take me now." She kisses him deeply, her tongue hungrily seeking out his own. He gazes deeply into her eyes, his lips and tongue caressing hers.

He slides his finger from inside of her bringing the head of his member to the opening of her slit. "Are you ready, love?" "Y…yes." Immozel pulls her close, wrapping his wings around her as he gently thrusts into her. He grinds his hips against her, his thrusting becoming more rhythmic, his hot, raspy breath upon her neck. Tearza moans loudly, the tightness of her opening would be unbearable were it not for her increasing wetness. Her whole body trembles, rippling with pleasure, as she runs her nails down his back. He grinds against her faster; his body shuddering in ecstasy as his tail wraps itself around her, stroking the soft flesh of her hips lovingly. He caresses her flower, pacing himself in time with the thrusts of his hips, as his mouth find hers in a passionate kiss. She thrusts her hips against his, burying his member deep inside of her now yielding opening. Her body trembles as the kiss stifles her moans, her nails digging into the scales upon his back. His pace grows ever faster as his tail runs itself against her flower, swirling around it and caressing it eagerly. She breaks the kiss with a gasp for air as her orgasm rocks her entire body sending violent tremors throughout every muscle of her being covering his embedded shaft and tail with her hot, sticky juices. She thrusts her hips even more forcefully against his as his tail lashes against her flower, his body exploding with ecstasy as his orgasm overcomes him, filling her eager opening with his seed. Tearza collapses against him, her entire body trembles as she pants for air; her skin hot and damp against his. Immozel holds her close, his wings trembling slightly.

"Are you alright, my love?"

"I'm…I'm fine…" Tearza replies, her voice quivering. Immozel's lips touch hers in a tender kiss.

"I love you so, Tearza. Never again shall I let anything harm you. I swear. I shall protect you from everything."

"I know." Tearza replies, gazing lovingly into his eyes. "And I love you as well, Immozel." Immozel holds her head to his chest. She sighs, never having felt so safe and content before this moment. "Will you sat with me here tonight?"

"No, not tonight." Immozel smiles. "Tonight and Forevermore. My master has given me to you now."

"But I have given myself to you." She smiles.

"Then I shall be yours and you shall be mine." Immozel smiles. "I will be with you every night, and day, from now on."

Tearza kisses him softly. "I must sleep now love… I am a bit exhausted."

"Will you sleep in my arms?"

"There is no place that I would rather be."

Immozel reclines against the wall, cradling her in his arms, fanning his wings to keep her cool. He gently strokes the two scars upon her back. "Is this where your wings once were?"

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