How Beautiful Are The Feet


"You okay, Maddy? All right, baby?"

Madeline nodded. "God yes. I'm more than okay."

"I just couldn't stop myself. I just had to fuck you. You looked too fucking cute."

Madeline blushed very slightly, not used to any sort of flattery from Gloria. "Do you always just see someone you want to fuck and just take her like that?"

Gloria thought for a minute, pondering the question. "Not always. Only when I just know it. Sometimes you just know it, you know?"

It was Madeline's turn to think. "Hmmmm. I guess so. I've never done that."

Five minutes later Gloria was in the shower, and Madeline was looking at her music again. The world resumed its course.


A week went by, and they didn't even talk about the incident, the fucking. Madeline relived it in her mind, but she always fantasized a lot, and masturbated a lot. Plus, they both went out with boys; during the week boys were scarce on campus. Young men were allowed, of course, but it's just that most of the young women got on with life. Some had boyfriends, and there were always boys skulking around, but life was busy. Gloria had field hockey every day, and Madeline had her music. Hours of practice, scales and exercises, plus the flute. Everyone was expected to have an instrument as well as a voice, and Madeline had chosen the flute. It was a chore, but one she didn't mind too much.

The next time Madeline painted her nails, and Gloria came in, the taller girl got out her video camera. "I've got to get this on film. You are a real expert. It is so fucking sexy."

Maddy let Gloria tape till she was finished. Then she packed up to go and do her voice exercises.

"Show me where you have to go and practice," Gloria said.

Madeline looked at her like she was from Mars. Voice exercises were like piano scales. A torture you had to survive, like sprints at field hockey practice Gloria had told her about. And the practice rooms were ridiculous.

"Are you nuts?" Madeline said.

Gloria looked at her. "No. I just want to see. I want to hear what you sound like. You sing in the chorus too, don't you?"

Madeline nodded. "All right, come on."

When they got there, Gloria was clearly surprised. "This is it? What's with the walls?" She plunked out a note on the piano.

"The walls, that's so the sound doesn't echo, carpet on the walls to kill it." Gloria ran her fingers over the nubbly carpet on the walls.

After she had sung a few exercises and scales, Gloria decided she wanted to sing the same scales. Madeline could hardly believe her ears. Gloria had a very good voice, clear and loud, just not terribly rich. She realized Gloria had been wanting to impress her.

"You never told me you could sing."

"Oh I used to sing a lot. Church choir. Is the chorus here volunteer, or do you have to be in the Music programme?"

Madeline shook her head. "No, anyone can join. You have to audition." She watched to see if that would put Gloria off.

"All right. I'm going to join. I don't have to sing a solo, do I?"

"No, only the girls in the programme have to have solos." Madeline didn't say she might not make it; it wasn't automatic.

"So when's your next rehearsal?"

"Next Tuesday night."

"All right." It was now Thursday. "You can help me practice a bit."

"Okay" Madeline smiled her bewitching half-smile. She was honestly amazed at her talented, intense friend, who seemed to do everything in her life this way: straight ahead, unblinking, intense. She really felt nothing was beyond her.

Except, perhaps, painting her toenails.

They were in their room, both of them with reading that had to get done. Gloria slammed her book shut. She got up, and asked Madeline if she could try some of her nail polish. Actually, "ask" is the wrong word. Gloria walked over and picked up a bottle of dark red nail polish and said "Mind if I try some?" She held it out for a second, hardly making eye contact with Madeline, walking across the room in sweatshirt and panties, her long muscular legs rippling, her bare feet thudding softly on the wood floor.

"Sure, go ahead." Madeline said, hardly paying attention. She didn't remember ever seeing Gloria with nail polish on. Once in a while Gloria did wear lipstick, a dusky red that made her lips look a little darker. And occasionally she would use a curling iron on her longish dark brown hair. She watched her room-mate out of the corner of her eye. Madeline had been painting her nails a couple of times a week for years. She never thought about it. She had always liked a little decoration. She had some exotic clothes. She dressed stylishly, and she had an outstanding collection of shoes.


Madeline looked up. Gloria was leaning forward, her knees bent, one hand holding the applicator brush, the other hand holding the bottle of nail polish. "Fuck!" she said again.

Madeline slowly placed her wooden ruler in the middle of her book and swung her legs off her bed. She walked over to Gloria. She shook her head. "I bet the last time you painted your toenails was when your Oma did it."

Gloria looked up, flushed with frustration. "Fuck it." She screwed the top back on and handed the bottle back to Madeline. Madeline put her book down and smirked at the mess Gloria had made of her toenails. Polish was smudged outside her nails on almost every toe, and rubbed into her skin where Gloria had obviously tried to correct her mistakes.

Madeline knew exactly what to say. "Giving up, are you?"

Gloria's eyes locked onto Madeline's for a brief, intense second. Madeline possessed her own intensity, deep and ironic.

"Let me show you," she said. "You'll pick it up fast enough, just like everything else you do." She looked down at Gloria sitting there, thrusting her lower lip out. "Or do you not want to bother?"

Madeline knew she had the hook into Gloria. She just wondered how deep.

"Hmmm. Okay. Just be careful. I'm ticklish as hell. I'm likely to kill you if I kick you."

Madeline raised her eyebrows, nodded and went back to her dresser.

"All right, just lay your legs flat. Let me take this mess off first." She pulled a cotton ball from its bag, wetted it with nail polish remover and grabbed Gloria's left foot, rubbing her big toe firmly. Right away Gloria's foot jerked.

"Shit!" Madeline said. She looked down at Gloria, trying to figure how to do this. "All right. You're going to break my jaw. Move down, stick your feet between the bars." Their beds were old, with bars at the head and foot. She waited while Gloria moved herself down and slid her feet between the bars at the foot of the bed. "No, spread them further apart, just so I don't get them both at once, just in case." Gloria moved her right foot out, and placed it between a different set of bars, so that her feet were now about two feet apart.

Madeline was very methodical. She reached down and picked up one of Gloria's field hockey sticks, and laid it across the athletic girl's ankles. Gloria stared back down, half quizzical, half intent, not quite sure what was going on, but not wanting to confess to any fear. "Hold onto the bars above your head, if you feel the need to kick, Glo. Sort of transfer the energy." She had begun calling her Glo almost as soon as Gloria started calling her Maddy. "I don't want a cut lip." Gloria reached up and grabbed the bars above her head. She adjusted her pillows so she could see exactly what Madeline was doing.

"What's with the field hockey stick?" Gloria said.

"Oh just consider it an early warning system. Try to keep your feet still. I'm going to lean on the stick just to keep your feet down. Now, are you holding on?"

She started to remove more nail polish. Gloria twitched. Then she jerked, flopping the hockey stick to the ground. Madeline stood up and shook her head. "Come on, Gloria! Keep still for fuck sake!"

"Sorry! Geeze! Fuck I can't help it."

"Maybe this isn't such a good idea. You've managed fine without painted nails so far." Maddy thought she would set the hook a little deeper.

"Go ahead. Try again. I can do this."

"All right. Let me do just one more thing. Safety first." Madeline picked up the field hockey stick and laid it back across Gloria's shins. She reached down into Gloria's bag and pulled out the skipping rope Gloria used to train. She looked up at the taller girl's hard body laid out, her hands gripping the bars at the head of the bed, her muscles completely tense. Madeline shook her head. "You really do need to get a grip. Look at your toes!" Then like a military nurse she moved to the head of the bed, quickly wrapped the skipping rope tightly around Gloria's wrists and the bars at the head of the bed. Gloria looked at her skeptically.

"What do you think you're doing?" But she stayed in position, the field hockey stick still balanced across her ankles where they stuck through the bars at the end of the bed.

"Do you want your nails done or not? You are such a wuss. Such a wimp. Honestly."

Madeline moved, still the sergeant major, the clinical nurse, the Nurse Rachet, to the foot of the bed. She looked around the room quickly, then went to her dresser and pulled out a pair of pantyhose. Without hesitation she tied Gloria's ankles to the field hockey stick, and the stick to the bars at the foot of the bed.

"What the fuck-?" Gloria said.

"Now you'll have to keep still."

Carefully, methodically, Madeline removed the flawed polish from Gloria's toes. The taller athletic girl jerked violently, but she was tightly held in place. Madeline looked up and smiled. "See?" she said. Gloria from time to time thrashed her head back and forth, or pursed her lips strongly, but basically endured the torment. Then began the more delicate process of applying the paint. Slowly, carefully, Madeline did each of Gloria's toes. "Are you watching?" she demanded, looking up like some drill sergeant. "Next time you've got to do this yourself."

"Oh fuck the next time. I don't think I can stand it!"

"Hmmm," Madeline said, casually, as if she didn't care. "Just not your thing, huh? Not one of those life skills you need, huh? That's okay. It's not for everyone. You can probably sail through life just fine without the ability to paint your toenails."

She knew exactly how to press Gloria's buttons.

"Fuck that," Gloria said. "Finish it. You'll see. You're not fucking Picasso. It's not so hard."

Madeline just pursed her lips and nodded, finishing the job. "There, now doesn't that look pretty?" A row of little red toes, lined up like Monopoly houses. With a flourish Madeline put the cap back on the nail polish and smiled. She picked up her book and took the ruler out that marked her page, took it back to her bed and started to read.

"Hey!" Gloria said.

Madeline slowly moved her head and looked over. Wordlessly, she got up and went over to stand above her room-mate, whom she had left still strung out between the two ends of the bed. "Just let it dry, Glo. Don't be so impatient." Then she turned and lifted the ruler, and smacked the top of Gloria's bare thigh hard. Much harder than was necessary for a playful tap. Gloria's leg jerked in surprise, stung.

"Hey, you bitch! What was that for?"

Madeline looked at her, lifted the ruler and smacked her thigh again. "Bitch, am I?"

Again, Gloria jerked and tried to twist away, protecting her thigh. "You fucking bitch. You just wait!"

"Oh really?" Madeline said. She lifted the ruler again and brought it down right on Gloria's mound, tightly encased in her functional cotton panties.

"Fuck!" Gloria whispered hoarsely. "What the fuck are you doing?"

Madeline said nothing, but with a slight smirk, kept up a constant, firm tapping on Gloria's mound as she watched the other girl twitch and writhe. "Be quiet. Don't be such a whiner. I thought you were a tough girl." Madeline was a witch, she knew. She knew exactly what she was doing.

Under her breath, Gloria said, "you just wait, you fucking fucking bitch. You just fucking wait." But she kept her body stiller now, not wanting to show Madeline how the smacks with the ruler stung.

Madeline suddenly stopped. She looked up and down Gloria's body. Under her t-shirt, Gloria's nipples were standing up like little gumdrops. "Your nipples are hard, you nasty girl." Then she brought the end of the ruler down on Gloria's right nipple through her t-shirt, then the left nipple, then the right, and so on. She didn't stop once but kept it up continually as Gloria jerked and writhed and twisted to get away. When Madeline finally stopped, she folded her arms and looked down at her room-mate, her face completely flushed, breathing hard, spewing fire practically. "Hmmmmm," she said. "I thought you would have been able to endure more than that."

Gloria said nothing, just gritted her teeth. "Fuck you, you little bitch. I am going to get you. Get you so bad."

"Oh really?" Madeline then reached out with her fingers and pinched Gloria's nipple through her t-shirt, pulled and twisted, staring straight into Gloria's eyes as Gloria lay as still as she could, trying not to register any reaction. Madeline nodded. She moved her fingers to the other nipple. Pinched. Twisted. Tugged. The only sound was a muffled grunt from Gloria's throat. "That's better," Madeline said. She took the ruler, and trailed it down Gloria's stomach, down to the elastic of her panties, then down over her mound to where her room-mate's puffy pussy lips were clearly evident now in her tight panties. She slid the ruler down Gloria's cleft, then back up, several times. Gloria still said nothing, just whimpered. Then Madeline began a slow, steady tapping, right over the top of Gloria's slit, right where Gloria's clit was. Gloria's face was very flushed now. Madeline stopped tapping and just pushed the ruler against Gloria's pussy lips now. Pushing into the soft flesh, swollen now. "Your cunt is swollen, Gloria. It's wet. You're such a slut."

"Fuck you, Maddy. You are going to pay for this so bad!!"

Madeline said nothing, but went quickly back to her dresser and got a pair of nail scissors. She cut away Gloria's panties, revealing the athletic girl's trimmed mound, her swollen pussy lips, a glistening line of wetness evident right down the middle of the nest of hair. She leaned over, inhaled, then blew on the other girl's wet pussy. Gloria writhed. She moaned. "Fuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkk," she whispered, almost to herself this time. Madeline lifted her room-mate's t-shirt, looked at her hard nipples, then lowered her mouth and took Gloria's right nipple in her teeth, closed it firmly and tugged. She bit it till Gloria cried out. She flicked it with her tongue as she pulled it. Then the other nipple. Gloria was now whimpering. Thrashing her head. Looking down at what Madeline was doing, helpless and whimpering.

When Madeline moved her head away, she let the nipple slip from her mouth with a plop, and patted her own palm with the ruler. She tapped both Gloria's nipples with the ruler, gently but firmly, not as hard as before. Gradually she increased the force, looking at Gloria's face as she did so. The bound girl just looked back up, intense, enduring. Her hips were writhing now, lifting and shifting with each smack.

"You want it harder, don't you, Glo?"

Gloria's eyes widened and she said nothing, just breathed very hard. "Fuck you Maddy. You're going to pay."

"You want it harder, don't you Glo?"

Then Gloria nodded. She hissed. "Yessssssss. Do it." Almost a whisper. Hard and intent.

Madeline did smack harder. Until Gloria's breasts were red with the smacking.

Then she stopped. Gloria's face was completely flushed, her chest rising and falling, almost heaving. Slowly Madeline bent over, looking at the reddish skin around Gloria's nipple, the hard point reddened also, and standing up hard and firm. She stuck her tongue out delicately and flicked the nipple with the tip, then circled it, the slowly, softly sucked the nipple in her mouth, rolling her tongue around and around it.

"Oh fuccckkkkkkkkkk! Fuckkkkkkkkkkk!" Gloria hissed the words out and writhed, humping the air with her hips as the smaller softer girl licked and toyed with her nipple. "Come on, Maddy, come on! I need to cum. Make me cum. I can't stand it! Come on! Fuck meeeeeeeee!"

Madeline just raised her eyebrows and moved her mouth to the other nipple, whereupon Gloria's response intensified.

But Madeline was far from finished. She proceeded now with scientific attention to the rest of Gloria's nerve endings. People were always underestimating Madeline, her still waters ran very deep. Slowly, bit by bit, she reduced Gloria to a complete zombie, a trembling slab of flesh. She spread Gloria's cuntlips apart with her fingers, toyed with her clit with the tip of her tongue. She slid her fingers inside Gloria's cunt. Two fingers, then three, then four, just slowly, slowly pushing, kneading, feeling inside. Then slipping a finger into her soaking ass, her athletic room-mate's body jerking and spasming.

"Oh fuck Maddy please! Plllllllleeeeeeeeeeeassse! Fuck me. Make me cum. Make me make me make fuck me fuck me make me cummmmmmmmmmm!!"

But Madeline didn't alter her rhythm at all. She toyed with Gloria like she was experimenting with some laboratory animal.

"Fuck I'm going to get you. I'm going to get you bad. Fuck you so bad. You just wait you little bitch. You fucking bitch!!!!!!" She breathed harder, sweat dripping from her temples. "Plllleeease Maddy pleeaaaaase... please... fuck I'll do anything. Pleasssse!"

Gloria alternated between curses and pleas, humiliating herself, begging, needing to cum. Madeline toyed with her. Smacked her with the ruler, then used her silky tongue on Gloria's labia, sucking softly, gently on her clit then letting it go. Then smacking her breasts. Then smacking her mound, right over Gloria's aching, swollen clit.

Then she stopped. Gloria had gotten quiet. Her body kept heaving and writhing. Madeline looked at Gloria's face. Tears were streaming from Gloria's eyes. Eyes closed. Biting her lip. Sobbing quietly for a few seconds. Then growling. Madeline smiled. She seemed content now. She slipped two fingers inside her athletic room-mate's cunt, and started a slow massage deep inside the velvety canal, and placed her small thumb at the base of Gloria's clit. Her blue thumbnail was a dark contrast to the swollen purple-pink of Gloria's glistening pussy. Madeline pressed and circled her clit steadily now, massaging inside with her fingertips. The sheet under Gloria's pussy was soaked, a wide circle of pussy juice, the air like a sauna. Slowly, slowly she saw Gloria lifting higher and higher, her mound shifting up and down as Madeline circled the swollen bud of her clit. All Gloria's muscles tensed. Madeline gripped her tighter with her fingers in the other girl's cunt and with her thumb on her clit.

The larger girl's muscles all bunched up: her calves, her strong thighs, her incredible stomach, all the bulges and little pouches of muscle. Then it happened. Gloria shattered. She bucked wildly. The bed moved. Madeline didn't stop, and neither did Gloria: Gloria's hips lifted and bucked, then did it again, then again. The only sound was the sound of Gloria's strange, strangled hoarse breath as Madeline drove her and kept driving her. Gloria's head thrashed from side to side, her eyes screwed shut.

Finally, Madeline did stop. She removed her fingers, almost aching, from Gloria's cunt. Even thirty seconds after the fingers were removed, Gloria was still spasming, saying nothing. Madeline knew she had gone way too far, but that didn't matter. She had enjoyed it thoroughly. She slipped her fingers into her own slit, flicking her clit beside Gloria's bed as the athletic girl watched, and came hard, leaning on the bed. Once she was finished, she smiled at Gloria, who lay there still speechless, her eyes wide and zombie-like, tears wetting her pillow, glistening on her cheeks and temple. Then Madeline undid Gloria's wrists and ankles, leaving her there, completely spent. She returned to her own bed, opening her book and resumed reading.

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