tagIncest/TabooHow Can I Fuck My Daughter?

How Can I Fuck My Daughter?


Miguel, 42-year old husband to Melanie, and father to 18-year old Melissa, had recently developed a secret but blatant fetish for the taboo act of incest. He would never in his wildest dreams think of his daughter in such a forbidden way, but nonetheless, the idea of a father indulging himself in his own innocent teenage daughter more than excited his 8-inch cock. You could say he was first introduced to the fetish when he started getting hooked on internet chat, in particular the day he came across the incest room. At first it was curiosity, which soon turned to interest, which finally burst into full fascination.

Miguel was not the type to be attracted to such a sin. But then again, who does fit the type? Miguel was a wonderful provider for his wife and daughter, making over 85,000 a year as a purchasing agent for a Fortune 500 company. And Melanie also contributed financially as a marketing executive who spent much time on business trips. Miguel would upkeep the house while his wife was away. Like Melanie often remarked, he was a stellar husband. Two years prior, because of his generosity, he even took in his elderly 65-year old father, as any model son would do in order to keep him out of an elder home. At 6 foot tall, Miguel was a handsome Latino man - black wavy hair, brown eyes, and a fine chiseled body - perhaps the splitting image of Enrique Iglesias. And like the Mexican heartthrob singer, Miguel also chased after beautiful Caucasian women. His wife Melanie was no Anna Kournikova, but she came pretty close. Her slender thin body more then exemplified her beautiful hips, her perfect 36C white melon breasts, and her robust J-Lo ass. All topped off by big Angelina Jolie lips on one of the sexiest faces outlined by long blonde hair.

Their daughter Melissa inherited all their beauty and none of their flaws. Her skin was the perfect balance - a soft and inviting cocoa blend. Her hair was an elaborate dirty blonde, which at 18-years old now fell down to her beautiful round breasts. Like many Latin women, she was blessed with beautiful, broad, and large areolas. And her mother's robust ass also made its way down the hereditary ladder.

As sexy and delicious as Melissa was, her father Miguel never saw her in such light. But as every day passed, and his on-line incest infatuation intensified, so did his view of his daughter. He began noticing everything about her that before seemed so innocent. Now when she wore a white t-shirt with panties and no bra underneath, he didn't see his little girl, he saw a cock-teasing slut. When she would cuddle up to him while watching television and rest her smooth slender legs over him, he didn't see a daughter, he saw a flirting whore. When she jumped ever so slightly at him to deliver a hug, he didn't see a daughter being loving, but a sex toy bouncing her wonderful bouncy tits onto his chest. And when she wore short shorts around the house, and unknowingly revealed her pink shaven slit while sitting improperly, he didn't warn her, he just reluctantly stared with lustful delight.

Miguel's incest fetish soon became obsession. When Melissa would go out on dates, he would masturbate while thinking of his innocent daughter being fucked by some college hunk, wishing one day he would be able to enjoy the same benefit. As days went by, his defilement of her lead to his rummaging through the dirty hamper, hoping to find some of Melissa's soiled panties, where he could breath in her sexual odor, or perhaps get a taste of her sweet juices. And more frequently when he fucked his wife Melanie at night, he pretended his daughter was the one below him.

It soon came apparent that he had to do something to indulge his fantasy. He loved his daughter like no one else, but he had to discover a way to love her like no father should ever love his daughter. A father trying to bed his own daughter is the most difficult thing to do, and Miguel almost gave up his pondering until one day a viable solution presented itself. One Friday night, while Melanie was away on business for a couple of weeks, Melissa came in to Miguel's room to talk to her father.

"Daddy, I have to tell you something, and I don't know how to," she said pausing, trying to hold back a tear.

"Melissa, you have always been able to confide in me," he reminded his daughter. "Don't stop now."

As he reassured her, Miguel could not avoid eyeing his daughter, who was still wearing her cute and sexy high school uniform. The shiny black shoes, knee-high white socks, navy blue skirt, and low buttoned white blouse really enticed his manhood.

"Well...when I got home from school today...and tried to say hi to grandfather...he told me to sit on his lap," she stuttered. "I did as he said, thinking nothing of it until he started stroking me in an inappropriate way."

After some intense feelings of anger and betrayal, Miguel began feeling an unusual feeling of arousal. Had his 65-year old father, wrinkled and almost senile, really tried to take advantage of his own granddaughter?

"Are you sure Melissa? Your grandfather loves you dearly, are you sure he meant to handle you in such a way?"

"Daddy, I don't know," Melissa replied in a confused tone. "I mean, maybe he didn't mean anything by it but I really felt uncomfortable."

In trying to find something responsible to say, Miguel begin concocting his devious plan that would facilitate his now long incestuous obsession. He figured if he could somehow hang on to these incestuous talks with his daughter, somehow, someway, he could slowly railroad her into what he had been dreaming for months.

"Melissa, maybe you misunderstood your grandfather's intentions. Why don't you go sit with him and let me see if he tries anything?"

Melissa looked up at her father with sorrow filled eyes. She did not want to do as he said but she also knew her father always knew best. Miguel followed her daughter as she exited his room, mesmerized by her bouncy walk that caused her skirt to bounce up just enough to reveal a sliver of the white cotton panties underneath. Miguel stopped at the edge of his father's room, as Melissa went in to talk to her grandfather.

"Grandpa, you awake?" she asked, budging him as he sat in his chair dead asleep. "Grandpa!"

Miguel watched from afar as his daughter attempted to wake her grandfather.

"Oh, what, oh Melissa, it's you. How is my favorite granddaughter," he flirted as he grabbed her arms pulling her towards him. As he pulled her closer, he grabbed her by the face and innocently planted the usual grandpa kiss right on her lips.

Miguel watched without blinking, not really knowing what he had in mind. He started feeling guilty about making his daughter go into her grandfather's room, knowing she felt uncomfortable. His conscious started getting the better of him when all of a sudden he surrendered to lust. The slight white cotton panty peek he got earlier was now in full view. As Melissa bent over to kiss her grandfather, her skirt rose up exposing her gratuitous round ass leaking out the side of her tight panties. Before Miguel knew it, Melissa was sitting on her grandfather's lap, as she so often did. But this time it looked inappropriate, with her grandfather's hand stroking Melissa's smooth silky legs. Miguel decided to put an end to it by knocking on the door, and startling his old man.

A couple days passed and nothing had really been done or agreed upon about what was going on. Melanie was still away on business, and Miguel thought the whole pervert grandfather fiasco had disappeared. On one hand it was a good thing as his daughter was not being touched inappropriately anymore, but on the other hand, Miguel's incestuous obsession had wanted to see more of his daughter and her grandfather involved in a sinful scenario. But Melissa soon came to her father, once again complaining about her grandfather's inappropriateness. Melissa really loved her grandfather, almost as much as she loved her dad, and you could see the hurt in her eyes.

"Daddy, he tried to touch me between my legs. He kissed me on my neck. I kinda let him for a while, but mostly because I was shocked, afraid, and unable to move," she sobbed on her father's shoulder. "He also called me Leti."

"Leti is what your grandfather used to call your grandmother when she was alive. Her middle name was Leticia." As Miguel hugged his daughter he began explaining what he thought might be happening. "Grandfather is getting really old Melissa, sometimes he does not know where he is. If he calls you Leti, or touches you in such a way, it is because he thinks you are grandmother."

"It's so weird daddy. Why does he have to be like that?" Melissa asked empathically.

"Its not his fault honey, he loves you very much, as much as you love him, and he would never hurt you. In fact, you are doing him a tremendous favor. When he thinks you are grandmother, it is like he is young again, and I am certain that during that time he is as happy as can be."

"Really?" Melissa asked with a confused tone.

"Yes Melissa, I mean I know it is weird for a grandfather, or a father for that matter to touch his granddaughter or daughter in such a way, but he does not mean any harm. To him, you are his wife. I mean how many times have we told you, you look just like your grandmother did?"

Melissa's tears slowly subsided. She wiped away her tears with her hands. Her father grabbed some tissues and helped her.

"So what do we do then?" she asked of her father.

Looking straight into his daughter's eyes, he began to drift into a dreamland. His cock grew as he imagined his daughter being ravished by her grandfather, his own father. His obsession was with fucking Melissa himself, but maybe somehow this would start the ball rolling towards realizing his infatuation. Oh how he would love to spy on his own father touching, kissing, and maybe even fucking Melissa.

"Daddy, Earth to daddy?!" Melissa called out to her father, snapping her fingers to release him from his trance.

"Sorry sweetie, I don't know where my mind drifts off to. I guess I am just concerned over you and your grandfather. I hate that you are going through this, and I hate that your grandfather is really losing his mind. After your grandmother passed away, he has not been the same. It is like he is just waiting to die, in order to be with her. The only thing keeping him alive, or making his life pleasurable is when he imagines you are his wife. I would never ask you to continue to let him think you are grandmother."

As Miguel spoke those last words, his heart stopped, his face probably flush red at the thought of even bringing up that idea. But he had to do it. Perhaps his lower head was thinking for him. He thought perhaps his daughter would slap him, or call her mother. But she didn't.

"Will it help him daddy?" she asked.

Miguel almost fell of his seat. If his cock had only been mildly hard, it was rock hard now. He did not even know what to say. He did not like deceiving his own daughter for his own sick enjoyment. But it was too late. Miguel had come too far.

"Just let him flirt with you Melissa, interact with him, answer him when he calls you Leti. You don't have to do anything you don't want. But hugging him, kissing him, letting him hold you will do him a world of good. I know you love your grandfather very much, and I know he would love to relive his old days one final time before he really loses it."

Miguel looked at his daughter as a look of contemplation conquered her face. He knew if she was even thinking about what he had just proposed, it stemmed from her complete love for her grandfather, and wanting to make him happy. Miguel's eyes slowly dropped from her eyes to her breasts. They seemed to always call to him. Either Melissa was wearing smaller bras or her breasts were still growing, as they were practically busting out the top of her blouse, almost showing a bit of her broad nipples. He placed his hand on her bare knee when she interrupted him.

"What if he goes to far daddy," she asked with a shaken voice.

"I can keep an eye on you sweetie, like I did the other time. If he gets too aggressive just let me know and I'll walk in and stop it, just like before."

Melissa got up and kissed her father as she departed to her room. Miguel was able to hide his hard-on from her, but he wondered what would transpire. Would his daughter pretend to be her grandfather's wife? Would she let him kiss her, play with her, molest her? If she did, he felt certain it would only be a matter of time before he would also get a turn.

Four days passed, and Miguel had almost given up hope. His wife Melanie was almost due back from her trip, and it seemed his only way of getting to his teenage daughter was about to disappear. Melissa seemed like she wanted to help her grandfather, but she had avoided his room for the past four days. Maybe she had decided against the whole sickening idea.

"Daddy?" she tapped her father on the shoulder as he leaned over looking into the fridge.

"Oh, hey sweetie. How was school today?" he asked, once again eliciting a raging hard-on as he usually did when seeing his daughter in her school uniform - that and the fact that he had not had his wife for the last past week.

"School was fine daddy...I think I am ready to see grandpa."

As she said that to Miguel, he saw a look in her eye he had never seen before. That is all she said, but he knew from the look in her eye that she was about to do what they had briefly talked about.

They took the familiar walk down the hall towards his room. Melissa led the way, dressed as cute as can be like the perfect schoolgirl, with her father following her trail. Melissa knocked on the door and slipped inside her grandfather's room when he did not answer. Miguel stayed back, looking through the crack left by the slightly open door.

Melissa sat on the edge of her grandfather's bed. He was reading a book so intensely while laying on his back that he didn't even notice her enter.

"Grandpa...grandpa it's me," she said in a nervous voice.

"Leti, my beautiful Leti," the old man responded as he lay his book down.

He tried to sit up, but Melissa placed her arms on his chest as to urge him to remain laying down, or maybe in an attempt to stop him from trying something. Miguel watched without blinking, getting extremely excited.

"Leti I've missed you so much. Where have you been," the old man said as he reached his arms up as if asking for a hug.

"I've been busy, but now I am here," Melissa said, feeling awkward about not calling him grandfather, as she always did.

Melissa leaned down into his arms and placed her head on his chest as his arms enveloped her. Miguel could see his daughter's scared his face as his father's arms began rubbing her back. They lay in that embrace for a while, Melissa's legs still off the bed and both her feet on the floor. Slowly, her grandfather's hands disappeared - one slipping under her blouse onto her back, the other under her skirt toward her ass. Melissa's discomfort was obvious to Miguel even from afar. She slowly sat up to get away from her grandfather's advances.

"Leti, you little devil you. You're wearing that little schoolgirl outfit that turns me on so much."

Melissa's face turned extremely red. She could not believe her grandfather had spoken to her in such a sexual way. But as she looked into his eyes, she could see a genuine love there. And a sense of calmness overcame her as her love for her grandfather set in. This time she did not pull away when he pulled her down to him. The old man's wrinkled hands enveloped Melissa's young, beautiful face. His tongue escaped his mouth and searched for hers. Melissa closed her eyes, and let her mouth be invaded by her grandfather's tongue. By this time Miguel had already unzipped his pants and was grabbing at his crotch through his boxers. When he pulled down his boxers to tug at his cock, a stream of pre-cum had already beaten him to it. His pants dropped to his ankles, and he wrapped his hand around his cock ready to relieve himself as his daughter and father enjoyed a sloppy incestuous kiss.

Miguel heard a soft but distinct moan escape Melanie's open mouth as her grandfather began kissing her neck. Her eyes were closed shut, indulging herself in the blissful moment - while her grandfather quickly worked her blouse's buttons and her bra. The old man's tongue slid up and down Melissa's smooth neck. Her big round breasts finally escaped their confines. Succumbing to gravity, her delicious white mounds dropped down to land on her grandfather's old hairy chest. By this time grandfather had pulled Melissa's legs up on the bed. With her breasts sagging down, he slowly pulled her up higher, till her huge nipple filled his hungry mouth. Miguel pounded on his cock as his daughter arched her back, eyes still shut, mouth open with excitement, and grandfather sucking on her breasts like a nursing newborn.

"Leti, please do that thing I love," grandfather gasped.

It appeared Melissa did not fully understand what that "thing" was until grandpa began fumbling with his zipper. By this time Melissa was in a complete state of bliss. Although she was without blouse, she still had on her shoes, socks, and skirt. She made her way down her grandfather's body, removing his fumbling hand and unzipping his pants herself. Her beautiful round globes were in plain view for both men too see. Miguel's incest fantasy was becoming reality slowly but surely. He had lusted for months, and for the first time since his daughter was a tiny girl he saw her breasts in all their bare glory. He pulled on his cock faster, as Melanie finally unleashed her grandfather's semi-hard cock.

Like a professional slut, Melissa put her hand around the base of her grandfather's cock. Still a bit limp because of its old age, the tip of the 7-inch cock swaggered a bit to and fro, as if teasing Melissa's mouth. Her eyes ogled as if never before having seen a cock of such enormous size. Miguel could not stop stroking his, as he felt it would soon be his cock that would be inside his daughter's pretty little mouth. Grandfather sat up a bit, enjoying the view of Melissa sucking his cock, while her eyes looked up to meet his in a moment of full intoxicating pleasure. Miguel as well almost drooled at the mouth as he watched his young pretty girl take a cock deep inside her mouth.

"Oh honey yes," grandfather moaned. He brushed away Melissa's pretty blonde hair to get a perfect view of her mouth making his now fully hard cock disappear. His eyes grew wider as Melissa's head disappeared, and sunk towards his balls, where she enveloped them both inside her mouth like a greedy little squirrel. Grandpa had never remembered his wife Leti perform such a titillating move - but if felt so insatiable that he did not give it a second thought.

Melissa returned to her grandfather's shaft, working her mouth up and down its length, her tongue wrapping itself around the bulbous head when she neared the top. Her right hand masterfully worked the bottom of the shaft, while her left hand began milking his balls.

Grandpa looked up towards the ceiling as he felt a surge begin to build. His voyeur son also neared his climax. Grandpa reached it first, and Miguel watched with intensity as his little girl's mouth began to fill with her grandfather's seed. It seemed like an eternity as gobs of hot cum filled her mouth, until slowly it began to leak out the sides. Soon, when Melissa's mouth was full she had no choice but to open it, dropping much of it back on her grandfather's still spurting cock. Trying to catch her breath, she was interrupted by a continuous stream of cum still shooting from her grandfather's cock. Miguel finally reached the beginning of the most intense climax he ever had as his daughters face was now covered with hot white cum. His little girl never looked more adorable than she did that very moment. With cum all over her face, entangled in her hair, and leaking out of her panting mouth.

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