How Can I Fuck My Daughter?


Miguel leaned against the wall, trying to catch his breath after cumming all over his hand, boxers, and the wall. Grandfather with his old age instantly fell back to the bed. After only a few seconds, he practically fell into a satisfying sleep. Melissa, after being released by her controlling blissful state, looked around and was a bit surprised at what she had just committed. She was almost in shock to see her blouse off and her breasts fully exposed. She grabbed at her huge nipples, trying to comfort their soreness caused by her grandfather's sucking. She looked at her grandfather's limp cock, full with cum, realizing she too was covered with it. She wiped her face a bit and pulled her hair back. Grabbing her blouse she put it against her bare tits and headed towards the door. She walked hurriedly towards her room, not even noticing her father leaning against the wall with his pants around his ankles, and his limp cock also dripping with cum.

Miguel saw his little slut girl disappear to her room. He pulled his pants back up, thinking it would only be a matter of time before Melissa would soon be sucking his cock instead of her grandfather's. He continued to lean against the wall, exhausted from the experience but excited about what the future held. Somehow he had coerced her into making herself available to her own grandfather, and now felt it would be easier to make the transition to him. Miguel was still unable to fathom how he had accomplished the sinful series of events that just unfolded before his eyes. Looking from the outside in, it seemed unbelievable that Miguel could accomplish the whole ordeal on his own. Before he left for his room he peered into his father's room. Grandpa raised his head a bit to give his son a wink of the eye. And Miguel reciprocated, acknowledging their collaboration.

Melanie would soon be back from her business trip so Miguel had to lay a bit low for a while. But as he went into his room to take a nap, he could think of nothing more than how it would feel to fuck his little girl like he had been dreaming of for such a long time now.

To be continued: Be on the lookout for the next installment coming soon.

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by Anonymous01/15/18

Great writing, looking forward to the next installment

Fantastic story, hope there’s another installment!

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