How Cara Learned to Stop Worrying


"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." I'm not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination, but this became my survival mantra when I could speak again. I think I had about ten seconds to recover from the most amazing orgasm of my life before the second one hit me. There was no come down. There was come, and then thank you, come again. Another first -- one orgasm during sex was notable; two orgasms during sex were unthinkable. I bit down on his shoulder through his shirt and growled, trying to cope with the nearly unbearable sensations in my clit. His palm, sweaty from exertion, slipped against the wall where he had braced himself. He gave in to my pulsating pussy, coming inside of me with a soft moan.

We separated and I slid down the wall until my butt hit the cold tiles of the floor. He was down on one knee in front of me, eyes closed in a sublime expression, catching his breath. I was numb for a few seconds.

"Oh my god," I finally offered. He opened his eyes, met my wide-eyed stare, and started to laugh. I clapped my hands over my mouth and giggled, stunned that I had just received the most mind-blowing fuck in my life from a practical stranger in the teacher's lounge of Evan's middle school. And you most definitely didn't use any protection. I stopped giggling. "Oh my god," I said in a much smaller voice. I stood up, grabbed my panties and shoved my legs into them. I felt his semen start to slip out of my pussy and down my inner thigh. Absurdly, this aroused me all over again. I yanked the panties up to prevent any more leakage, smoothed my dress over my bottom, and looked around wildly for my jacket and purse. Keiji was slowly redressing, not realizing my rapid switch in mood from well-fucked to just plain fucked. I had my hand on the doorknob before he realized I was about to bolt.

"Hey. Hey! Don't go," he said (his turn to plead, I guess), standing with his pants unzipped and shirt untucked. I turned back to him, completely confused by the mixed messages from my body and my mind.


He was perceptive and tried a joke to break the suddenly weird atmosphere. "I don't even know what the play is about. What am I going to tell Sachi?"

"Ask Hana," I blurted, my heart cramping at the thought of my son. How could I be so selfish? Why was this guy making me lose my mind? Even now the thought of seeing him again made a shiver run through my body, but guilt overrode me. I fled. This time, he didn't follow.

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